Marshall County Church Listing

(often shared by all denominations)

A log building built in 1837 was used for a church and school by the James Parks family. It stood about 1 and 4 miles east of Bourbon (on what was later known as the Leesburg Rd)

In 1839 a burying ground was laid out because of the death of James Parks. The church erected at the corner of the graveyard was called Shiloh Presbyterian.

In 1841 a Methodist minister came to Bourbon and organized meetings at Sprouts School House, #3, east of town (where the brick school house #9 was later located) and another at the John Greer home 4 mile west of Bourbon called Lycurgus Mission. John Greer preached here in 1841.

In 1848 a log school house/public meeting place was built in the woods about 4 mile west of the Center and Main crossing, near the J.O. Parks home. Abandoned in 1854.


1. FOSTER CHAPEL - Methodist Episcopal; built in 1880. Sandridge Cemetery is on the north side of the road near the church. The area around the church and cemetery was known as the Sandridge community. It is currently being used by a Mennonite congregation. {8th Rd. bet. Chestnut & Cedar}

2. JERUSALEM - Evangelical; dedicated 21 Sept 1879. Later known as the Bourbon Albright United Methodist Church then the Cornerstone Baptist Church. Crossroads Baptist in 2005. {NE corner of E. 9B Rd. & Cedar}

3. ST PAUL'S - Church of Christ; built in 1850 as Vernon Public Meeting House; officially organized, 12 August 1867 as the German St. Paul's Evangelical Congregation. The orig inal church was located on the SE corner of 9B Rd. & State Rd. 331 (aka Johnson's corners). The new church was dedicated 12 February 1893 and stands one mile east of the old site. In 1934 the congregation merged with the Presbyterians to become the United Church of Christ. The building is now called the Bourbon Chapel and serves a Mennonite congregation. {SW corner of 9B Rd. & Cedar}

4. COUNTRY CHURCH - nondenominational; first services held 14 February 1965; built on the site of the first St. Paul's Church. {SE corner of State Rd. 331 & E. 9B Rd.}

5. FAIRVIEW - United Brethren; aka MUDPIKE CHURCH {NE corner of State Rd. 331 & 8th Rd.}

6. BRICK CHAPEL - United Brethren; building was the former Dist. #13 Pershing School until around 1886. When a wood structure was built to replace the old brick building, it became known as the U.B. Chapel or the White Church. The church closed after W.W. I and many of the members transfered to Fairview U. B. The property eventually reverted to the Becknell family who were the original owners, the church razed and is now part of a farm field {west side of Fir Rd.; NW corner of junction with 8A Rd.}

7. TIPPECANOE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST - ordained 8 July 1876 as Tippecanoe Church of Regular Baptists, members of the Mississinewa Association. In August, 1881, the church joined the Mt. Salem Association. In 1897 the present building was begun on "a half acre of land purchased from Sister Jane Plummer." {NW corner of 10th Rd. & Gumwood}

8. MT. PLEASANT - Church of the Brethren; aka Yellow River Church, Dunkard and German Baptist. The church was rebuilt and dedicated in April, 1931. In August, 1988, the congregation celebrated its 140th anniversary. The 150th was celebrated in 1998. {south side of 10th Rd. bet. Gumwood & Fir}


1. CATHOLIC - dedicated on 7 October 1877. St. Michael's Church in Plymouth ran an "excursion train" from Plymouth at half fare for the occasion. A parade formed from the depot and proceeded south through town to the site of the church near the old school building. {exact site and duration unknown}

2. PRESBYTERIAN - the successor of Shiloh Church, this congregation was organized in 1861 but the brick building was not built until 1878 and remodeled in 1913. (One source says the brick structure was razed and a new church built in 1913) On June 2, 1963, the congregation merged with the congregation of St. Paul's to become the First United Church of Christ.{407 N. Main St.}

3. METHODIST EPISCOPAL - founded in 1841; (First United Methodist) services held in the home of John Greer, 4 miles west of Bourbon, and was called the Lycurgus Mission. The village of Lycurgus was farther west and not started until some years later. By 1854 meetings were held in Bourbon in a school house. The cornerstone for a new church was laid in August, 1883 and the church dedicated in 1884. The old frame church was sold for $100 and converted into a barn. {204 N. Washington St.}

4. UNITED BRETHREN / TERRACE LAWN UNITED METHODIST - Evangelical; organized in 1849 and first met in the log schoolhouse & public meeting place (built in 1848 about 4 mile west of the present intersection of Center & Main streets near the home J.O. Parks, surveyor). The schoolhouse was abandoned in 1854. A white frame building was built in 1860. This building was destroyed by fire. The brick church built in 1866 was dynamited in 1890 before a temperance meeting was to take place there but was not greatly damaged. Major remodeling took place in 1916 and again in 1949. Later razed, an apartment building now stands on the site. {SE corner of Main & Sunset}

5. UNITED PENTECOSTAL - Organized in 1925 as the Apostolic Church; major remodeling took place in 1977. {NW corner of Bourbon & North}

6. BOURBON BIBLE - organized in 1950 with the first services held in the Bourbon Town Hall. The church was completed in 1986. The building now houses an Amish Mennonite congregation and a new Bourbon Bible Church was built along the U.S. 30 bypass near Cedar Rd. The new church features a huge diorama of David & Goliath that can be seen from the highway through large windows that dominate that side of the building. {NW corner of 12th Rd and Cedar Rd.

7. CLAY STREET AMISH MENNONITE - purchased from the Bourbon Bible Church in abt. 1986 a major remodeling took place in 2003. {SW corner of Clay & Washington}


1. UNKNOWN - appears as a church on the map of Center Township in the 1908 County Atlas only. {N side of 7A Rd. east of Jarrah}

2. WALNUT GROVE - German Reformed; established ca. 1880. When sold in 1924, the property belonged to the Methodist Protestants. {SE corner of the junction of Plymouth-Goshen Rd., 7B & N. Linden}

3. JACOBY - German Reformed & Lutheran - built ca. 1860. The land was sold by John and Elizabeth Jacoby for one cent with the stipulation that a school be erected there along with a church and burial ground. He reserved the right to bury his family along the west line. The remainder of the cemetery was for the use of the "whole neighborhood" regardless of their religion except "self-murderers shall not be buried on said grave yard". {W side of King Rd., bet. 8A & 9th Roads}

4. MT. OLIVE - Methodist Protestant; established around 1880. Sold in 1924 to a threshing association for storage of their machinery. {N. Iris Rd. at the NW corner of junction with E. 8C Rd.}

5. INWOOD - Methodist Episcopal; (now United Methodist) the church was built in 1870. {SW corner of 11B & Hawthorn roads}

6. INWOOD CHURCH OF GOD - dates of existence unknown; active in 1912. Wood framed building, rundown but still standing in 1996. {N side of Lincoln Highway in Inwood just W of the junction with 11th Rd. East}

Word of mouth from older residents of Inwood indicates that there may have been as many as three churches in Inwood at one time. The location of only two is known. The third church may have referred to Salem(?).

7. SALEM - Methodist Episcopal; built ca. 1845 as Union meeting house; mysteriously burned 1874. Originally built for the use of all religions, a lawsuit was pending at the time of the fire because Methodists, who had gained control of the church, would not allow other denominations to meet there.{12B Rd. at Ironwood}

8. RICHLAND CHAPEL - Methodist Episcopal {NE corner of King & E. 11th Rd.}

9. ANTIOCH - Church of God; built in 1849 and razed in 1920. {NW corner of Michigan Rd. & 14th, W of railroad}


1. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN - met in a remodeled dwelling house in 1915 until the new church was built in 1921. {SW corner of Garro & Water Street} {SE corner of Michigan & Baker Streets, 1952}

2. CHURCH OF GOD - erected in 1896, red brick; later met in the former EUB church on Pearl Street. {NE corner of Garro & Water Streets} {604 Pearl Street}

3. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH - organized in 1900, church built 1906; aka Disciples of Christ or Campbellites. {NE corner of Garro & Walnut Streets}{NW corner Pennsylvania Ave. & Liberty St. in the old Morris Mansion, 1968}

4. ST. JOHN'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN - built in 1869 {SW corner of Center & Adams Streets}

5. ST. PAUL'S REFORMED - built in 1886 {NE corner of Adams & Plum Streets}

6. FIRST EVANGELICAL-REFORMED or FEDERATED CHURCH - 1920; resulted from a merger between St. John's and St. Paul's churches. {SW corner of Center & Adams Streets}

7. FIRST UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST - 1958 signifying the merger of the Evangelical-Reformed and the Congregational Christian churches on the national level. {SW corner of Center & Adams Streets}

8. METHODIST EPISCOPAL/FIRST UNITED METHODIST - first church building erected in Plymouth in 1851. A new red brick structure was built in 1867 on the corner of Center & Laporte Streets and the current building on Michigan Street in 1915. {near the center of the 300 block of N. Center St. on the west side} {SW corner of Center & LaPorte Streets} {400 N. Michigan Street}

9. ST. MICHAEL'S CATHOLIC - frame building dedicated in 1863 built on the SE corner of Center and Monroe Streets. Cornerstone for the present church was laid in 1910. {SW corner of Center & Monroe Streets}

10. ST. THOMAS' EPISCOPAL - white frame church built in 1861 on N. Center St.; later moved to the rear of the lot and was used as a parish house. Present church of Indiana Limestone was consecrated in 1909. {NE corner of Adams & Center Streets}

11. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN - frame church built in 1853 was destroyed by fire in 1886. In 1888 the new brick church was dedicated. {NW corner of Adams & Walnut Streets}

12. EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN / TRINITY UNITED METHODIST - first built in 1874 on the Sherwood farm, near the Wilderness School; later moved to Plymouth on Pearl Street. A new brick church was dedicated in 1895 on So. Michigan St. & yet another in 1927 two block nearer to the business district. {SW corner of Nutmeg & 11B Roads}{SE corner of S. Michigan St. & Webster Ave.}{NE corner of S. Michigan & Williams Streets}

13. WESLEYAN METHODIST - organized in 1843 near Plymouth and in Plymouth in 1895 and for 30 years met in a frame building at 600 Pearl St. until they acquired the church on S. Michigan Street in 1927 vacated by the United Brethren. {SE corner of S. Michigan St. & Webster Ave.}

14. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY - FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST - first met in Burkett Hall before purchasing and remodeling the Gilmore home in 1919. {425 S. Michigan Street}

15. CALVARY LUTHERAN - Evangelical; organized in 1934 and church built and dedicated in 1942.{1314 N. Michigan Street}


1. UNION - served all denominations, built on the north edge of Bremen, west of the cemetery in 1852 by a group of German Lutherans. Appears on the 1872 and 1880 maps but only the cemetery remains on the 1908 map. {on the current Bremen Cemetery grounds}

2. CATHOLIC CHURCH - appears on the 1880 map only and was west of the town of Bremen on the east side of Fir Road a little north of the Plymouth- Goshen Trail. {E side of St. Rd. 331, N of 106}

3. YELLOW RIVER CHURCH - Church of the Brethren; organized in 1866 from the core congregation in Bourbon. Building was moved to Bremen and rebuilt on the corner of Sherman & Montgomery Streets. {SW corner of St. Rd. 331 and 3rd Road}

4. EBENEZER - Evangelical; the original church of logs was built one mile to the east in Kosciusko Co. in 1847 but burned in 1875. The new church was built on the county line in 1876 and services were held in German until 1887. Now County Line Assembly of God {SW corner of E. 4B Rd. & County Line Rd.}

5. NORTH UNION - United Brethren; (aka Muncy Church?)

6. RIVERSIDE - United Brethren - {NE corner of E. 5th & Filbert Roads}

7. UNKNOWN NAME OR DENOMINATION - appears on 1908 map only. {East side of Gumwood Rd., North of E. 5B Rd. (short road bet. Grape & Gumwood)}

8. UNKNOWN NAME OR DENOMINATION - appears on 1922 map only. {SE corner of E. 3A Rd. & E. Lakeshore Drive, Lake of the Woods}

NOTE: In 1843 trustee were elected for the Lutheran & Presbyterian congregations of German Township. The name of the church these trustees served is not clear at this time.


1. ST. PAUL'S - Lutheran; began in Union Church, built 2nd church in Bremen on the corner of Washington & North Streets in 1859 and the present church was built in 1875. {214 E. South Street}

2. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN - dedicated in 1913, the results of a merger between two congregations; one church on the SE corner of 331 and 3rd Rd., the other in a school house on Gumwood near 5B Rd. (Yellow River Church) {403 S. Montgomery Street}

3. GERMAN EVANGELICAL IMMANUEL / FIRST UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST - small frame church on the corner of Montgomery & Bike Streets, built in 1859. The cornerstone for a new church was laid in 1882. Fire destroyed the "Little Red Brick Church" in 1923; a new church was built & dedicated in 1924. {323 S. Center Street}

4. SALEM UNITED METHODIST - first church built in 1868 on the Plymouth-Goshen Trail (U.S. 6 in Bremen, now 106) and a new church was built on the same site in 1900. Service on Sunday morning were in German and in English on Sunday evening until 1913.

5. GRACE UNITED METHODIST - formerly UNITED BRETHREN - built in 1878 on the NW corner of Mill & Montgomery Street by the Brethren congregation that met in the Union Church near the Bremen Cemetery. {323 N. Montgomery Street}

6. SALEM - UNITED METHODIST - formerly E.U.B. - 1st church was built in 1849 one mile NW of Bremen. The second church was built in 1858 and the present building in 1900. {302 W. Plymouth Street}

7. ST. DOMINIC'S - Catholic - little is known about the early history of the church as the Catholic families in Bremen were administered as a mission by pastors who traveled many miles to serve the parish. {212 N. Maryland Street}

8. FIRST BAPTIST - purchased a church in 1944 that sat on the site of the present parking lot across from the Post Office in Bremen. In 1960, services were first held in their new church. {414 E. Lincoln Street}

9. APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN CHURCH - first founded in St. Joseph Co., 4 miles north of Bremen; erected the present church in 1924. {124 N. Baltimore Street}

10. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD - congregation met first in a remodeled house on the SE corner of Water & Montgomery Streets in 1954. The current building was in use about ten years later. {631 E. Plymouth Street}

11. BREMEN MISSIONARY CHURCH - founded in 1931 in a small building at the site of the present tabernacle which was dedicated in 1936. {204 N. Marshall Street}

12. CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL - no record of where this church was located. E.J. Thompson was elected trustee to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of J.J. Wright, dated 3 November 1880.


1. PISGAH MEETING HOUSE - Church of God Adventist (first called the Christian Church); organized ca. 1846; used as a school: members of this church built the Antioch Church in 1849. {SE corner of W. 14th & Muckshaw Roads}

2. WOLF CREEK METHODIST EPISCOPAL - (Trustees elected in 1888 was the only record found) {N side of W. 14A Rd. bet. Nutmeg & Muckshaw Roads}

3. GILEAD METHODIST EPISCOPAL - (Trustees elected 1866-1939 were the only records found) {W side of Maple Road bet. W. 18th & W. 18B Roads}

4. JORDAN BAPTIST - built in 1849; destroyed by fire in 1958 and rebuilt in 1959. {S side of W. 19th Road bet. Maple & Linden Roads}

5. SANTA ANNA - Methodist; early church services were held in the area schools named Santa Anna which was the nickname of Uriah Warren, the schools first director, who was lame and wore a wide brimmed hat, resembling the General & President of Mexico. The church was built in 1914 after East Washington Church burned (near by in Union Twp.) {SW corner of Nutmeg and W. 20A Roads}

6. HOPEWELL - Presbyterian; in Sec. 34 (NE corner of SE quarter) on the 1872 map; simply called "Old Church" on the 1880 map. {SW corner of Linden & W. 20B Roads}

7. UNKNOWN NAME OR DENOMINATION - appears on 1876 map only. (Could have been Hopewell Church placed in the wrong section.) {SW corner of Maple & W. 20B Roads}


1. INDIANA CHAPEL - United Missionary, built in 1914 as a Mennonite Brethren in Christ church. Early records are sparce. The congregation began meeting at the Egar school in Union Twp., St. Joseph Co. around 1896. {SW corner of Juniper and Tyler Roads}

2. MT. ZION (later known as COUNTY LINE BRETHREN) - the original frame church stood on U.S. 31 2 miles north of LaPaz for nearly three-quarters of a century before being destroyed by the Palm Sunday tornado of 1965. A new brick church was then built on the St. Joseph County side of the line. (See Pittsburg Church below) {E side of Michigan Road, S of Co. Line Rd.}

3. ??PITTSBURG CHURCH - United Brethren. Only records found are election of Trustees dated 1903, 1904, 1909 and 1911. However, one of these meetings was held at the "Mt. Zion Society of United Brethren in Christ on the Plymouth circuit-St. Joseph Conference". The church at this location appears on the 1908 & 1922 maps and is about a mile east of the Pittsburg school. {SE corner of N. King and E. 1st Roads}

4. SHILOH - (aka UNION CHURCH, 1876 & 1880 maps) - Wesleyan, property purchased in 1868. In 1922 the old church was torn down and a new building erected which is still part of the present enlarged structure. (NW corner of N. King and E. 4B Rd.}

5. NORTH SALEM - Advent & other denominations - By-laws adopted, 1881. Trustees were to be 2 Advents, 1 Wesleyan, 1 Dunkard and 1 non-professor. "No standing on the seats will be allowed nor Chewing of tobacco or spiting of umbeer in said house nor smoking of tobacco nor any other indecent Conduct will be allowed." Advents had control of the "house" for the 1st fifteen days of the month and other denomination had control for the last fifteen days. Later known as the North Salem Church of God, Abrahamic Faith. {S side of 4th Rd., W of Michigan Road}

6. FAIRMOUNT - Evangelical United Brethren. Few records found, appears on the 1908 and 1922 maps. {W side of Michigan Rd. opposite Fairmount Cemetery}


1. UNITED BRETHREN - originally used as a creamery. {Corner of Cortland & Washington Streets}

2. WESLEYAN METHODIST - Constitution & Articles of Association written in 1880. Later used as "Lion's Den". {Corner of Walnut & Vandalia Streets}

3. LUTHERAN - Dedicated 1893. Originally an old school house, later known as CHURCH OF GOD. {Corner of Walnut & Main Streets}

4. CHURCH OF GOD - new church built 1972. {601 S. Michigan}

5. PENTECOSTAL APOSTOLIC - moved to Albert's Community Hall in 1967 after holding services in the old Union Church. {322 Vandalia Street}

6. UNION CHURCH - formed in 1886 as a community effort. In 1857 it became the Calvary Baptist Church.

7. CALVARY BAPTIST - new church built in 1960. {Corner of Cortland & Albert Streets}


1. CENTER CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN - Dunkard, organized ca. 1877. The church celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1977 as the WAYSIDE CHAPEL. {N side of U.S. 6, E of Quince Road}

2. TEEGARDEN EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN - began as Teegarden Christian Union Church which was dedicated in 1894. The cornerstone for the new Teegarden E.U.B. Church was laid in 1912. The church currently serves a United Methodist congregation. {N Queen Road, Teegarden}

3. UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST - organized in 1858 southeast of Tyner. The original portion of the present church was built in 1875 and has gone through a couple of major renovation and building programs, after one in 1915 a rededication ceremony took place. {N end of French Street, Tyner}

4. BARBER EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN - built in 1878, appears on maps of 1880, 1908 & 1922 but closed its doors in 1923. N side of W. 2A Road, bet. Tamarack & Sage Roads}

5. BLISSVILLE - United Brethren - appears on maps of 1880, 1908 and 1922 {NE corner of Plymouth-LaPorte & Spruce Trails}

6. IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH - Swedish Evangelical; built in 1882, the church has seen several additions and remodeling. Services were in Swedish until the mid 1930's. W side of N. Union Road, bet. W. 6B and W. 7th Roads}

NOTE: an election notice dated 1903 refers to Pleasant Chapel, Tyner Circuit - location unknown.


1. METHODIST EPISCOPAL - organized ca. 1860 {4503 French Street}

2. CHURCH OF GOD - organized ca. 1870 at Morris school house {no current addess listed}

3. PILGRIM HOLINESS CHRISTIAN CHURCH {Walnut & Allen Streets, 1908 & 1922}


1. UNION CHURCH - Wesleyan Methodist {NE corner of St. Rd. 331 & E. 15th Road}

2. SUMMIT CHAPEL - Methodist Episcopal, organized in 1877 in the school house across the road to the north. The church building was erected in 1891 and is currently a private residence. {SW corner of St. Rd. 10 & Birch Road}


1. TIPPECANOE METHODIST PROTESTANT - organized in 1878, met in Vantreese school house No. 7 (a new No. 7 school house was built in 1878 on the Smith farm). The church in Tippecanoe was dedicated in 1886 and called originally Tippecanoe Chapel. It was remodeled in 1915.


3. TIPPECANOE COMMUNITY CHURCH - independent; began services in 1953 in the church building purchased from the Methodist Conference. In 1986 they began construction of their new church. {2920 E. 18B Road}

4. DUNKARD CHURCH - dedicated in July, 1900, location unknown. The only church building that appears on the 1908 map of Tippecanoe in on the NW corner of Center & Range Line (U.S. 331) Streets


1. NAME UNKNOWN - Evangelical; appears on the 1876 & 1880 maps only. Very early church, dates are unknown; building eventually moved to Burr Oak and became the old "Red Star" store. {SE corner of W. 15th & S. Thorn Roads}

2. ZION - German Reformed; congregation organized in 1866 meeting in Romick's (Romigs or Kaleys) schoolhouse; church built in 1872, dedicated in 1873. {W side of Upas Road, bet. W. 19B & W. 20th Roads}

3. EMMANUEL aka ALBRIGHT - Evangelical; erected 1872. The church was torn down in 1899 and rebuilt in Culver. {N side of W. 20A Road, bet. S. Union & S. Tulip Roads}

4. WASHINGTON EVANGELICAL - dedicated 1892; disbanded in 1937. {NW corner of W. 20th & S. Queen Roads}

5. EAST WASHINGTON - Methodist Protestant; built in 1886; destroyed by fire in 1914 {SW corner of W. 20th & S. Peach Roads}

6. MAXENKUCKEE CHRISTIAN - known as a "New Light" church in early years. One souce indicates the church was built in 1888. {N side of W. 18B Road, bet. S. Queen & S. Queen jog}

7. POPLAR GROVE - Methodist Episcopal; 1st church sat W. of the cemetery in 1886. The edifice of this church was built before the Civil War. The land where the present church stands was deeded to the trustees in 1891. {S side of St. Rd. 10, bet. S. Pear & S. Pine Roads}

8. HIBBARD EVANGELICAL UNION CHURCH aka BEULAH CHAPEL - Evangelical United Brethren; cement block building; dedicated in 1913. Congregation united with the Emmanuel Church in 1967. {E. side of Redwood Road, N. of W. 15B Road}

9. BURR OAK CHURCH OF GOD - Abrahamic Faith; dedicated in 1900, destroyed by a lightning strike in 1908 and a new church dedicated in 1908 at the same site. {W side of St. Rd. 17 in Burr Oak}

10. MAXINKUCKEE METHODIST - questioned as to whether always Methodist Protestant or if Methodist Episcopal minister served the congregation at one time; organized prior to 1854. New edifice built in 1914. {NE corner of Queen & W. 18B Roads}

11. RUTLAND ST. PAUL'S EVANGELICAL - dedicated 1896; church disbanded in 1936. {E side of Pear Road, near intersection with W. 16th Road}

12. BURR OAK UNITED BRETHREN - organized in 1877; first white frame church burned in 1914 and was replaced by one faced with cement blocks. Congregation united with the Emmanuel Church in 1967. {E. side of St. Rd. 17 in Burr Oak}

NOTES: BURR OAK - on the 1908 plat of Burr Oak, a third church is shown on the map on the NW corner of State Road 17 and W. 15th Road. Name and denomination is not known at this time.

13. NORTH UNION M.E. CHURCH - served early Union Twp. Families and was located about 2 " miles NW of Culver just over the line into Starke County. It was a wood frame building erected around 1887 and destroyed when struck by lightning in 1917.

14. MORMON - The Story of Marshall County by Harris Norris, dated 1923, states that there was a Mormon Church is Hibbard. No further information found.


1. GRACE REFORMED - Marmont Charge of the Reformed Church, organized in 1885, church built in 1890; closely tied to Zion Church. Early members were largely German & Swiss immigrants. {corner of Plymouth & Cass Streets}

2. MARMONT METHODIST - Methodist Episcopal; first white frame church built in 1868 and rebuilt in 1898-99 of brick. {SW corner of Main & Washington Streets}

3. EMMANUEL - Evangelical; built in 1899 using materials from the old Albright Church . A brick veneer church was built in 1924 and is now the Emmanuel United Methodist Church. {401 S. Main Street}

4. CHRISTIAN CHURCH - "New Lights". The congregation dispersed and the building was converted into a private residence. {on Lake St. a short distance north of Lake Shore Drive}

5. CATHOLIC CHURCH - built in 1897; struck by lightning and burned in 1905. The property was sold and is now a private home. {NE corner of Lakeview Street & Lake Shore Drive}

6. AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL - small frame building known as Rollins Chapel. Began as a mission; became a church in 1917. {in Harding Court, bet. Lake Shore Drive and Washington Street}


1. BETHEL - Methodist Episcopal; organized in 1860; church built in 1871 was a plain wooden frame structure. In 1905-6 the wood church was sold and a new cement block church was erected on the same site. {E side of Gumwood Road, S. of E. 14th Road}

2. UNION CHURCH - appears only on 1908 map and only record found was of trustees elected in 1903. {W. side of S. Fir Road, bet. E. 18th & E. 19th Roads}

3. WALNUT CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN - church built in 1883 was 60' x 40' with two double-doored entrances on the west side, one for males & one for females. In 1913, the old church was moved a few rods south of its foundation and a new brick church built. This church burned in 1944 and the present structure dedicated in 1945. {SE corner of E. 19th Road & S. Gumwood Road}

4. WALNUT METHODIST PROTESTANT - appears on 1908 map only. Records exist for trustees elected for the the years 1891 and 1902 {E. of Walnut on the S. side of E. 20C Road}


1. ARGOS METHODIST EPISCOPAL - early records state that the first church was built on the farm of Abel C. Hickman which appears to have been in Green Township. This church appears on no maps possibly because ca. 1872 is the earliest plat map we have found. The first church built at Michigan & Williams street was erected in 1864. SW. corner of Michigan & Williams Streets}

2. ARGOS UNITED METHODIST - the congregation from the old church above held their last service there and their first service in the new church in 1972. {W side in the 500 block if N. Michigan Street}

3. FIRST CHRISTIAN aka CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN - sometimes called a "New Light" church; organized in 1856; brick church dedicated in 1874 on the corner of E. Williams & S. Maple Streets. A new church was built in 1969 on old school property purchased five years earlier. {SW corner of Williams & Maple Streets}

4. CHURCH OF GOD - record of trustees elected in 1908 & 1937 were only records found.

5. WESLEYAN METHODIST - clipping dated 1965 states ground was broken for a new church in 1945 and dedicated in December of that year. This is probably part of the current United Methodist congregation.


1. SWEDISH EVANGELICAL IMMANUEL LUTHERAN - organized in 1876; small church built in 1882 and an addition added in 1898. In 1936 it was moved back from the road and additions have been made since. Services were conducted in Swedish until the mid 1930's. {one mile N. of Donaldson on Union Road}

2. UNITED BRETHREN CHAPEL - see DONALDSON CHURCHES {SW corner of W. 8th & S. Tulip Roads}

3. PRETTY LAKE UNITED BRETHREN - now TRINITY UNITED METHODIST - congregation organized in 1853; church built in 1868 by Evangelicals and sold to the United Brethren Church in 1881. In 1947, with the merger of these two denominations, the church became the Pretty Lake Evangelical United Brethren Church. Trinity was added to the name when the Pretty Lake and Trinity E.U.B. churches merged. {NE corner of S. Redwood Road & St. Rd. 17}

4. UNION CHURCH - German Dunkard; organized in 1858; church built in 1871(another source says 1869). The church was referred to as Knisley Church by the early congregation honoring Elder John Knisley who donated the land the church was built on. It was an active church for 62 years. It was idle but kept in good repair for 15 years and rededicated in 1945 with newly installed electric lights. {NW corner of W. 10 B Road & St. Rd. 17}

5. SALEM CHURCH - mentioned only a a church seeded by the Union Church on the Marshall Co. side of the Marshall-Starke County Line. Exact location unknown. Congregation disbanded and the building was razed.

6. SLIGO - Evangelical; appears on maps in 1908 & 1922; no other records found. {NW corner of St Rd. 17 at the E. intersection with W. 12th Rd.}

7. TRINITY EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHRE N - early congregations met in the Grube & Fertig schools until Trinity church was built in 1881. In 1967 on Easter Sunday, the congregation met in this church for the last time; many of the members transferring to the Pretty Lake church. {NE corner of W. 12th & Queen Roads}

8. TWIN LAKES CHURCH - aka LANDMARK CHURCH; German Reformed 1901 trustees elected; no other records found. {NW corner of W. 13th & S. Peach Roads}

9. CHI-CHI-PE OUTI-PE - Indian name for the Catholic Chapel near Twin Lakes. Exact location unknown. Hewed log building "on the North Bank of one of the Twin Lakes". A marker was placed near a foundation at what was believed to be the sight of the chapel.


1. EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH, organized in 1897, the church stood on the County Line between Starke and Marshall Counties 2 miles east of Grovertown. This Swedish Mission Church moved to a wood frame church one mile N. of Donaldson and the congregation moved the church into Donaldson in 1916. This church merged with the Evangelical United Brethren in 1968 and a new church was built in 1974. {SE corner of Union Road & U.S. 30}

2. EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN - organized in an old school house (Sherland School) that stood 4 mile E. of Donaldson; building in 1889 was moved into Donaldson & located a short distance S. of the railroad tracks. The new church was built in 1902 on Lots 1 and 2 of Johnson's Continued Addition, Donaldson. In 1975 the combined congregation (Covenant & United Brethren) walked from the old church to their new church about two blocks away. {SE corner of Union Road & U.S. 30}

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