Mount Pleasant Church of the Brethren
Membership List

The names herein were put together from various sources found in the office of the Mt. Pleasant Church of the Brethren, formerly known as the Yellow River Church of the Brethren. The accuracy of the records cannot be verified as each pastor of the church had a different method of record keeping. All of the persons listed did in fact attend the church at some time. Most, perhaps all, were members.

The earliest record at the church starts with a ledger in 1921. Names of the members in 1921 are listed and sorted by first letter in the front of the ledger. For the next 45 years names were added to the list as members were baptized or “lettered” to the church. Deaths and departures are also noted.

**Five books of membership transfers were issued by church clerks for departing members.
**Letters of transfer to the church
**Two notebooks using letter sized membership cards. These were divided into Active members, Residential Inactive Members, Non Residential Inactive Members, and Deceased members.
**A box of notecards for membership since 1994.

Compiled 2006

Surname First Name Maiden Name
Able Bruce
Able Sandy
Adams Floyd
Adams Georgia Ann Sellers
Alderfer Betty Swihart
Allen Karen Bules
Ames Helen Rettinger
Ames Robert
Anderson Carl
Anderson Eddie
Anderson Kathryn
Anderson Maud Rettinger
Anderson Noah
Ans Karla Miller
Archer Alice Ebey
Archer J. Douglas
Arnold Elizabeth Price
Barnhart Dale
Barnhart Jerry
Barnhart Elsie, Mrs. Dale
Barnhart Nancy Morlock
Bellman Hazel
Berg Doris Anderson
Berkey Loyd
Berkey Mrs. Loyd
Berkey Mrs. Marie
Berkeypile Calla
Berkeypile George
Berkeypile James
Berkeypile Jane
Berneart Mary Welborn
Berneart Mary Welborn
Blaisdell Leanell Rettinger
Blevins John Arthur
Blue Jimmy
Blue Joyceline Ann
Bocko Christina Grenert
Bocko James
Boen Ella
Boen Jessie
Boles Retha Price
Boyer Daniel
Boyer David
Boyer Kevin
Boyer Rev. J. Robert
Boyer - Metheny Bernice Miles
Brock Eli H.
Brown Daniel
Brown Ellan
Brown Tena
Brown Donald
Bules Dale E.
Bules Dawn Askins
Bules Harold
Bules Stanley
Bules Velma Sellers
Bules Mark
Bules Robert
Bules - Houin Marilyn Sellers
Byrers Waneta Seymour
Capes Wendell
Capes Steven
Carmean Harold
Carmean Lizzie
Carmean Reuben
Carmean Harry
Carmean Ora Lee
Chenoweth Jerry
Chenoweth Robert
Clark Roberta Guyse
Clark Evelyn Sellers
Clatterbuck Blanche Yarian
Coulter John
Coulter Lura
Coulter Hazel
Coulter Wilford
Coulter Lillian
Cowan Betty Paul
Cox Ilo Stone
Crocker Alan
Crocker Fred
Crocker Gladys Ecker
Danner Donald George
Danner Carl
Danner Jessie
Danner Patty
Davidson Marie Rettinger
Deveney Owen
Deveny John
Deveny Mrs. John
Dillingham Alta Rettinger
Dillingham Gilbert
Disher Bonnie
Disher David Alan
Disher Gilbert
Disher Jack
Disher Laura
Disher Mary Yarian
Disher Nelson
Disher Robert
Disher Steven
Disher Sue Ann
Disher-Morris Mary Yazel
Doll Lou Ann Nifong
Drake Walter
Eberly John
Ellinger Dale
Ellinger Sandra Metheny
Elliott Arden
Elliott Erdeen Young
Elliott Eva Rettinger
Elliott Harley
Elliott Harley
Elliott Mark
Engle Vernon
Etta Brugh
Ferguson Elaine Bules
Filson Wm.
Fish Clifford
Fish Devon
Fish Sherlyn
Fish Leona
Flory Clara Mae
Flory Edward
Flory Lloyd
Flory Frances Yarian
Gardner David Lee
Gardner Emily Wiedeman
Garl Wm.
Garl Mrs. Wm.
Geisiking?? John
Geisiking?? Ilene
Geyer Jane Barnhart
Geyer Larry
Goodyear Fred
Goodyear Mrs. Fred
Graves Vickie Wagoner
Green Edwin
Green Marla
Greer James
Greer Judy Barnhart
Greer Lois Hess
Grenert Joanne
Grenert Terry
Griggs Julian
Griggs Ruth Warstler
Griswold Martha Pearl Crocker
Griswold Kenneth
Griswold Richard
Grossman Mary Marie Yarian
Guyse Linda
Hammond Kathy Michel
Hammond Kathy Michel
Hanawalt Galen
Hanawalt M/M Russell
Hand Wm
Hand Mrs. Wm.
Hand Grace
Hand Willard
Hand William
Harley Abraham
Harley Mrs. Abrahan
Harley George
Harper Yvonne
Harris Jeannie
Harris Ronald
Heisler Arthur G.
Heisler Esther
Heisler Gary
Heisler Mary Lois
Helsel Jasper
Helsel Mrs. Jasper
Hill Lloyd
Hipshire Conda
Hipshire Mrs. Conda
Hostettler Dorothy Piper
Hostettler Paul
Huber Barbara Sellers
Humberger Fred
Humberger (Onnie) Mrs. Fred
Hunsberger Irene Martin
Hunsberger, Hoagland Irene Martin
Johnston Betty
Jones Mary Disher
Joseph Annus
Kagarise Dean
Kagarise Janet
Kinsel Waldo
Kinsel Mrs. Waldo
Kirkman Ida
Kitch Arthur
Kitch Devon
Kitch Donald
Kitch Flossie Leeper
Kitch Goldie
Kitch Nancy
Kitch Oreal
Klotz Thelma Danner
Koscis - Ravenscroft Marian Griggs
Koscis -Ravenscroft Marian Griggs
Lamaster Laura Griggs
LeCount, Thompson Marlene Miller
Leeper Ella
Leeper Floyd
Leeper John
Leeper Lois
Leeper Mary
Leeper Mary Elizabeth
Leeper Russell
Leeper Ward
Lemler Jeanetta Carmean
Lemler Roy
Lemler Lucille
Lemler Dwayne
Lindsay Holly Nifong
Logan Mary Ellen Bules
Mann John
Mann Lurinda
Mann Martha
Mann Rullo
Mann Steve
Manuel Trella
Markley Carrie
Markley Daniel
Markley Frank
Markley Henry
Markley Lillie
Markley Lydia
Markley Mrs. Frank
Markley Goldie
Markley Cecil
Marquardt Esther Disher
Martin Freda Anderson
Martin Bernard
Martin Blanche Musser
Martin Conda
Martin David
Martin Donna
Martin Mac
Martin Mark
Martin May
Martin Millard
Martin Richard
Martin Robert
Martin Steve
Mason Brad D.
Mason Janelle Miller
Mason Lewis
Mason Neva Miller
Mason Ralph
Metheny Eleanor Dillingham
Metheny Clarence
Metzler John
Metzler Margaret
Michel Deborah Joan
Michel Loren
Michel Ronald Gene
Michel-Houin Marjorie
Miller Arthur
Miller Brant
Miller Charity
Miller Iloe Brown
Miller John E.
Miller Lorna Sellers
Miller Mrs. N.H.
Miller N. H.
Miller Ralph
Miller Wendell
Miller Ralph
Miller Mrs. Arthur
Miller Myrtle Musser
Modlin Abba
Monesmith Ruth Reed
Moody Sandy
Moody Evelyn Yazel
Moody Evelyn Yazel
Morris Arthur
Morris Alta
Motz Judith Roose
Motz Mrs. Harold
Musser Ruffus
Musser Wayne
Musser Irene
Musser Vada
Nellans Wilma Sponseller
Nifong Alma
Nifong Betty Singrey
Nifong Bric
Nifong Fern Yarian
Nifong Floyd
Nifong James
Nifong Mrs. James
Nifong John
Nifong Almira
Nifong Noble
Nifong Alma
Nifong Norman
Nifong Roger
Nifong Ruth
Nifong Truman
Nifong Mrs. Truman
Nifong Walter
Nifong Fern Yarian
Palm Charlene Metheny
Parker Roscoe
Paseka Emilee Ann
Paseka Samantha
Paseka Cindy Young
Paseka Rodger
Paul Betty
Paul Thomas
Paul Mrs. Thomas
Peckham William
Peckham William Truman
Peckham Lucille Welborn
Pennington William
Pinette Elizabeth Emaline Rettinger
Pippenger Dorothy Stockman
Pratt Maybelle
Price Alonzo I.
Price Charles N.
Price Elizabeth
Price Ethel B. York
Price Helen
Price Isaiah
Price Kerry
Price Nora M.
Price Owen E.
Price Ralph
Price Ronald (Jr.)
Price Ronald
Price Sarah C.
Price Susie Stewart
Price Van
Purkey Iona Shively
Reed Harold
Reed Harold
Reed Marjorie Schlemmer
Reed Marjorie
Reichert Wanneta Green
Rettinger D. Neil
Rettinger Donald
Rettinger Earl
Rettinger Elsie Schumaker
Rettinger Emma
Rettinger Herman
Rettinger Howard
Rettinger Hugh
Rettinger Ka
Rettinger Karin Hight
Rettinger Cecile Gottschalk
Rettinger Vonna Mae Summers
Rettinger Herman Charles
Rhodes Marilyn Gerdes
Rogers Clyde
Rogers Mrs. Clyde (Isabelle)
Rohrer Bessie B.
Rohrer Ivan G.
Rohrer Samuel
Roose Allen
Roose Almina
Roose Drucilla
Roose Geneva
Roose Orestes
Roose Ruth
Roose Welcome
Roose Willa Gene (Wilma)
Rottmiller Russell
Rottmiller Dorothy
Rule Marie
Rust Joyce Wiedeman
Rust Joyceline Ann Wiedeman
Samuels James
Samuels Retta
Scott Carol Rae Hostettler
Scott Carol
Sellers Velma Jean Flory
Sellers Almira
Sellers Carol Ann
Sellers Charles Ward
Sellers Chas. H.
Sellers David
Sellers Donald
Sellers Dorothy Hall
Sellers Estella Yazel
Sellers Gail Simmers
Sellers Judith
Sellers Kelvin
Sellers Leland
Sellers Lester Gene
Sellers Mary Bailey
Sellers Paul
Sellers Ruth Stuntz
Sellers Ward
Sellers Wayne
Sellers Willard
Seymour Dorothy Roose
Seymour George E.
Seymour Myrtle
Seymour William
Sherrill Olive Seymour
Sherrill Bobby
Sherrill Harold
Sherrill Olive
Shively Carl
Shively Dale
Shively Doris
Shively Emanuel E.
Shively Emma
Shively May Wisebrook
Shively N. R.
Shively Mrs. N. R.
Shively Oliver
Shively Mrs. Oliver
Shively Rosa/ Rose
Shively Steven Dale
Shively Walter
Shively Mrs. Walter
Simpson Rita Price
Singrey Mrs.
Singrey Otis
Singrey Eva
Singrey Lizzie
Singrey Mrs. Otis
Smith Byron
Smith Gordon
Smith Leon Philip
Smith Lola
Smith Mary Eloise Rettinger
Smith Mary Eloise Rettinger
Smith Iris Seymour
Smith Anna
Smith Mark
Spellman Mrs.
Sponseller Raymond
Sponseller Mrs. Raymond
Steenburg Summer Rettinger
Stockman Bernice Disher
Stockman Bernice Disher
Stockman Carl
Stockman Dwight
Stockman Hilda
Stockman Hope
Strong Bonnie Martin
Stroup James
Stroup Mrs. James
Stroup Charles
Studebaker Mary
Stump Clarence
Stump Mrs. Clarence
Stuntz Connie
Stuntz Iva Berkeypile
Stuntz Jesse
Stuntz Robert
Stuntz Theda Hill
Stuntz Wayne
Summerlott Evelyn
Swihart Richard
Thomas Mrs. Claude
Thomas, Marquardt Esther Disher
Torpe Mrs.
Troyer Iva Nifong
Tumbleson Helen Swihart
Vinall Elsie
Wagoner Virginia
Wagoner Orval
Wagoner Linda
Walterhouse May Nifong
Warner Charlotte Mason
Warstler Bertha
Wattenbarger Nancy Ganshorn
Webb Carolyn Rose Disher
Weik Rachel Bules
Weise Charles N.
Weissert John
Welborn Marcile Singrey
Welborn Charles
Welborn David
Welborn Everett
Welborn Glen
Welborn Hazel Austin
Welborn John
Welborn Leroy
Welborn Virgil
Welborn Marcille Singrey
Wiedeman Deloris Miller
Wiedeman Forrest
Wiedeman Gladie Joseph
Wiedeman Jay
Wiedeman John
Wiedeman Merial
Wiedeman Robert
Willard Mable
Willard May
Willard Mrs. Wm.
Willard William
Wiseman Lizzie
Wolf Sarah
Wright John
Wright Wilma Jean
Wright Nora Shively
Yarian Earl
Yarian Ethel Markley
Yarian Eva
Yarian Harvey
Yarian Kaye
Yarian Kenneth
Yarian Mary Marie
Yarian Owen
Yarian Willo
Yarian LaVanche Neidlinger
Yazel Jennie
Yazel L. G.
Yazel Maude
Yazel Orville
Yazel Mrs. Orville
Yazel Samuel
Yazel Villers
Yoder Carl
Yoder Mary
Young Mary Catherine Crocker
Zinn Philip
Zinn Margaret Sellers
Zolman Diane Bules
Zook Gorman
Zook Nina

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