From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 22, No. 1, January, 2001, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

The following information is extracted for Circuit Court papers regarding legal name changes. This information came to the museum in discarded court papers that had been microfilmed. The list very likely is not complete. In most cases the court papers do not state reasons for the change of name but simply state that "there exists proper and reasonable cause for changing his/her name as prayed for".


Original Name New Name Date Effective Comments
Faith E. Albert Faith E. Shearer 2 Nov 1959 -
Verna Marie Blaney Verna Marie Stipp 20 Sept 1926 -
Doris Bright Doris Thomas 2 Oct 1948 -
Harold Bright Harold Thomas 2 Oct 1948 Born to George & Irene (Thomas)
Bright; Lived with grandparents
Mr. & Mrs. William Thomas
Betty Elaine Brock Betty Elaine Dunlap 11 May 1962 date filed in clerk's ofc.
James Monroe Crismor James Monroe Kleckner Dec 1890 -
Mary Beatrice Dixon Mary Beatrice Willoughby 6 July 1961 date filed in clerk's ofc.
Robert Louis Elwood Robert Louis Milner 25 April 1944 -
Constantine Gustav Gego Constantine Gustav Gage (no further
record found)
Mitchel Hamman Arthur C.M. Radle 6 Nov 1942 date filed in clerk's ofc.
Married 14 Sept 1941 at
Plymouth, Indiana. Discovered
on 5 Oct 1942 that his birth
name was Arthur C.M. Radle.
Marietta Hamman (wife) Marietta Radle 6 Nov 1942 date filed in clerk's ofc.
Edna A. Hartman Edna A. Hill 3 May 1915 -
Martin Elmer Holm Elmer Martin Holm 11 Oct 1956 date filed in clerk's ofc.
Frank C. Horgeshimer Frank C. Hosimer 7 Nov 1942 state certificate
Chester Horgeshimer Chester Hosimer 7 Nov 1942 state certificate
(aka Horgesheimer)
Lloyd Albert Horgeshimer Lloyd Albert Hosimer 8 Sept 1943 -
Alfred J. Jaskowiak Alfred J. Jarrett 14 Sept 1943 (state certificate) Born in South
Bend, Indiana, 7 Aug 1914
to Frank & Clara Jaskowiak.
Marguerite H. Jaskowiak Marguerite H. Jarrett 14 Sept 1943 (state certificate) Born in South
Bend, Indiana, 6 Nov 1910,
adopted in 1922 by Stephen
& Mary Button of German Twp.,
Marshall Co., Indiana. Married
at Bremen, Indiana, 28 June
1937 to Alfred J. Jaskowiak.
Pleasant Green Johnson Paul Gordon Johnson 3 July 1959 Born in Gibson County,
Tennessee, 4 June 1907 and
resident of Marshall Co. for 11
years. He served in the US Army
as Paul Gordon Johnson
and was issued a birth
certificate by the armed
services under that name.
Josephine A. Kozlowski Josephine A. Coslow 21 Jan 1944 -
Mary Leaman Mary Lock - (filed 1 Dec 1901-
no further date found)
Divorced from Richard Leaman,
11 Nov 1901, has children by a
prior marriage as Mary Lock.
Clara Lemmons Imogene Davenport 4 March 1943 -
Emma Jane Longanecker Emma Jane Price 15 Aug 1961 Born in Huntingdon Co.,
Pennsylvania, 19 June 1942 to
Emma Gayman, now Middaugh
Ada Mae Longanecker Ada Mae Price 15 Aug 1961 Born in Huntingdon Co.,
Pennsylvania, 16 June 1943 to
Emma Gayman, now Middaugh
Hazel Margrell Machlan Hazel Margrell Sarber 26 Aug 1960 date filed in clerk's ofc.
Anna Jean Majors Anna Jean Worsham 27 March 1961 Daughter of Marion Gene
and Beatrice Worsham.
Bonita F. Maze Bonita F. Dickson 9 Oct 1959 -
Katherine F. McGregor Katherine F. Smith 26 March 1952 -
Lulie McIntosh Lulie Crow 3 March 1961 -
Lizzie Milner Lizzie Street Feb 1874 Lizzie Street m. Thomas Milner
in 1868, they were divorced
in 1872.
John Vernon Nichols John Vernon Snook 7 Sept 1937 When adopted by Roscoe
Nichols, birth name of Snook
was changed to Nichols.
Irene Mae Nichols Irene Mae Snook 7 Sept 1937 Irene Mae Towle, wife of
John Vernon Nichols
Alice Oyler Alice Davis 4 June 1900 Had children by first
marriage to Charles Davis,
son, Earl Davis, living.
Second marriage to William
Oyler ended in divorce.
Albert A. Palabykian Albert A. Palbykin 30 March 1945 -
Stephen W. Petacci Stephen P. Willis 6 Aug 1942 -
Pauline G. Petacci Pauline G. Willis 6 Aug 1942 -
Stephen W. Petacci, Jr. Stephen P. Willis, Jr. 6 Aug 1942 -
Grover Cleveland Pettis Patrick Grover Sullivan Feb 1917 -
Charley H. Poulson Charley H. Smith 17 June 1895 Taken from his father, John
Poulson (mother deceased),
by Hubbard and Samantha
Smith when he was a baby
and raised by them. Has used
the name of Smith all of his life.
Rosa M. Poulson Rosa M. Smith 17 June 1895 Wife of Charley H. Poulson
but married under his
name as Smith.
Harold Leroy Romine Harold Leroy Samuels 8 May 1959 Son of Dorothy Samuels
Ann B. Russell Ann B. Cornelius Feb 1859 Widow of Hiram Cornelius
before her marriage to
Daniel L. Russell. Divorced
Feb 1858 in Marshall Circuit
Court. Owns property under the
name of Ann B. Cornelius
Paul McDonald
Paul M. Snick 24 May 1935 Born in the U.S. on 4 Jan 1903
and has lived in Plymouth
for more than 10 years. His
father, without legally changing
his surname, adopted the name
of Snick. He has been known
as Paul Snick all of his life.
Roger Schrom Roger Rogers 3 April 1961 -
Bernard Wayne Slisz Thomas Wayne Carothers 15 July 1959 Born in St. Joseph Co., Indiana,
8 July 1941 and has resided with
Clyde E. & Leyoma Carothers in
LaPaz and attended school
under the name of Thomas
William Richard Stevens William Richard Kersey 17 March 1951 -
Thomas M. Stinchcomb Judd Thomas Stinchcomb 7 April 1938 Born 16 Aug 1892 in Wyandot
Co., Ohio to Wm. & Minnie
(Fox) Stinchcomb.
Patrick Grover Sullivan Grover Cleveland Pettis Feb 1921 Born Grover Cleveland Pettis
but name changed 4 years ago
by adoptive parent named
Sullivan. Sullivan is deceased
so he wishes name to change
back to original.
Cannon James Swearingen Paul Swearingen 4 Jan 1943 -
Frank Szewczykowski Frank Serf 7 July 1956 -
Diana Tanber Diana Shamas 27 May 1943 date filed in clerk's ofc.
Before she was two years of
age, mother married John
Shamas and since that time
she has been known as Diana
Woodrow Terhume Andrew Woodrow Terhune 5 April 1957 -
Mark Lee Winkle Mark Lee Dunlap - Since the age of one he has
lived in the home of Earl
Dunlap but served in the Armed
Forces of the U.S. as Mark Lee
Winkle until discharged in 1958.
Seeks to use just one name, Dunlap.

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