Naturalization Information Gleaned from Purged Voter Registration Cards
Marshall County Historical Society

Name Birth Naturalization or other information given
Adkins, Derrick M. England, 10-9-1964 Father American citizen by birth
Anderson, Gunnard A. E. Sweden, ca. 1906 1923, father, Carl Anderson, Plymouth, Indiana
Anderson, Renate B. Germany, 10-11-1934 7 18-1962, Fed. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Babka, Joseph Austria, ca. 1906 1913, Chicago, Illinois
Bagley, Mae Paisley, Scotland Came to America when about a year old, ca. 1913.
Bates, Jessie England, 10-21-1921 1950, Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Bauer, Maria Germany, 1-15-1904 2-19-1957, Dist. Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Bauer, Martha Germany, 3-14-1905 2-12-1957, Dist. Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Beauchamp, Lilli Germany, 8-15-1945 1975, South Bend, Indiana
Beck, Hermann A. Germany, 7-27-1903 1931, Davis Co. Ct., Madison, Wisconsin
Belkiewitz, Chae Ok Seoul, Korea, 2-19-1940 8-25-1970, Dist. Ct., Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Benczik, John L. Hungary, 1909 1954, South Bend, Indiana
Birkner, Fred A. Germany, 6-14-1903 1928, Minnesota
Brizzolara, Flora Italy, ca. 1905 6-3-1940, Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Brubaker, Leah Ruth Anklesbar, India,12-2-1914 by father, Adam Ebey
Boomhower, Eliza. Irene England, 7-16-1916 11-26-1968, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Bosserman, Candice Delight Korea, 4-12-1960 6-21-1963, by father, Willis Bosserman, Amarilla, Texas
Bosserman, Damon Kurt Korea, 2-27-1960 12-4-1963, by father, Willis Bosserman, Duluth, Minnesota
Bottema, Mac W. Holland,, 7-2-1906 1941, Dist. Court, Chicago, Illinois
Bottema, Mary M. Czechoslovakia, 6-15-1913 by naturalized father (no further information)
Boudreau, Leota F. Canada, 9-24-1920 by father, ?Lee Stuckey
Boutilier, Raymond Edward Sydney, NS, 3-21-1904 1935, Superior Ct., Goshen, Indiana
Bunn, Hannah E. Sweden, ca. 1895 (no date) by father, Nils Swanson, in Chicago
Burns, David Boswell Scotland, 1910 11-10-1942, Dist. Ct., Hammond, Indiana
Chiapetta, Louis Italy, 2-17-1904 1-17-1939, Dist. Ct., Indianapolis, Indiana
Christiansen, Anna Germany, 4-16-1901 12-2-1946, Plymouth, Indiana
Colberg, Dorothy B. Poland, 8-21-1910 1945, Chicago, Illinois
Danaher, Olga Marie Germany, 1935 1969, (downtown court) in Chicago, Illinois.
DeRuiter, Carrie Netherlands, 7-27-1900 9-12-1919, in Cook Co. Court, Chicago, Illinois.
DeTroy, Christine Anne Germany, 1928 Sept., 1949 in Federal Court, Portland, Maine.
DeVliegher, Augusta Belgium, 1896 9-11-1920, Circuit Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Dexter, Galeman Holland, ca.1883 by father, John Dexter, nat. Lamars, Iowa
Dill, Lillian M. Canada, 1875 Married an American in Plymouth about 1929.
Dimberg, Gustav Sweden, 9-24-1905 1930, in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Illinois
Drochner, Marie Germany, 8-24-1907 Nat. #9415732, South Bend, Indiana
Dunnell, Alice C. Canada, 2-7-1917 1945, nee Alice C. Evans, Sup. Ct., SanBernadino Co.California
East, Arthur H. England, 1-23-1891 May, 1917, Chicago, Illinois
Engle, Rudolph Germany, ca. 1877 1899, in Circuit Court, Luddington, Michigan.
Ekstrom, Nora Sweden, ca. 1883 By virtue of husband in Chicago Superior Court
Fazekas, Rudolf Hungary, 7-29-1912 1963, Dist. Ct., Hammond, Indiana
Fischhof, Paul L. Hungary, ca. 1891 1909, father, Mor E. Fischhof, in Chicago, Ill.
Fleck, Nick Germany, ca. 1862 1866, by virtue of father (no further information)
Flores, Alvaro Jr. Mexico, 10-24-1962 1974, Federal Ct., Hammond, Indiana
Flores, Nora S. Mexico, 9-30-1961 (no date) Edinburg, Texas
Fodor, Josephine Hungary, 8-24-1898 1932, City Court, Hammond, Indiana
Fostrom, Agnes Germany, 10-18-1898 1938, St. Joseph Co., Indiana
Free, Alice Eileen Canada, 1-25-1912 11-29-1944, State Ct., Pennsylvania, issued in Santa Barbara, California
Freeman, Ida Sweden, ca. 1869 1895, by virtue of John Freeman, in Chicago, Ill.
Fruits, Antonia Mexico, 10-6-1951 11-24, 1976, Fed. Ct., Hammond, Indiana
Garrett, Helga W. Germany, 8-17-1933 Jan. 1965, Circuit Ct., Peoria, Illinois
Gartsu, Gus D. Romania, ca. 1887 1920, in Madison Co. Court, Anderson.
Gavalas, Gus Greece, 1903 (no date) Circuit Ct., Lima, Ohio
Gimbel, Gretchen Germany, ca. 1875 By virtue of father, Henry Ebert.
Gieser, Anna M. Germany, ca. 1868 1914, hus., J. Henry Gieser, nat. in Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Glose, Elizabeth Germany, 12-6-1902 Dec., 1935, Plymouth, Indiana
Gomoll, Paul O. Germany, 2-10-1901 1923, Circuit Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Groman, Elizabeth Austria, ca. 1891 1919, hus., Frank Groman, nat. New Haven, Conn.
Gonzalez,Onessimo Mexico, 6-18-1910 1968, South Bend, Indiana
Grucela, Andrew Poland, 12-5-1890 1921, Ludington, Michigan
Haack, Gerda Morgot Germany, 12-3-1930 (no date), New Brunswick, New Jersey
Haack, Wolfgang J. Germany, 9-13-1928 (no date), New Brunswick, New Jersey
Haber, David Cuba, 11-5-1924 2-21-1975, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Haber, Mercedes Alina Cuba, 11-08-1959 2-21-1975, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Haber, Sara D. Cuba, 5-20-1933 2-21-1975, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Hallberg, Eugenia E. Sweden, ca. 1910 1926, father, Martin E., nat. in Plymouth, Ind.
Hamann, James Dennis Germany, 3-14-1949 1953, South Bend, Indiana
Haniford, Helga Germany, 10-12-1950 5-1-1980, Fed. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Hansen, Conrad Germany, ca. 1867 1888, in Circuit Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Hays, Caroline E. Switzerland, ca. 1879 By virtue of father, Samuel Mutti.
Heep, Sr. Mary Cyrilla Germany, 2-22-1890 6-12-1928, Circuit Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Hergenrother, Catherine Ireland, 2-19-1901 1-16-1942, Dist. Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Hernandez, Ignacio Mexico, 7-13-1949 6-3-1969, Hidalgo, Texas
Hodgkin, Patrick Henry England, 3-6-1911 1942, Fed. Ct., Tampa, Florida
Hoffelt, Jean Ukraine, 8-24-1909 9-22-1922, Chicago, Illinois
Hooglander, Hubertus A. Netherlands, 9-30-1939 11-23-1983, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Horvath, Miklos Hungary, ca. 1889 1920, in Federal Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Humphrey, Anke H. W. Germany, 8-7-1943 Feb., 1983, Hammond, Indiana
Hunter, Acil Ontario, 10-30-1902 1925, Chicago, Illinois
Hupp, Evelyn Margaret Ontario, 2-20-1916 father, Franklin V. Atteberry, U.S. citizen
Hyde, Mary Th Ireland, 9-28-1942 5-26-1972, Dist. Ct. Los Angeles, California
Ibs, Hugo W. Germany, 12-14-1904 11-11-1954, Dist. Ct., Indianapolis, Indiana
Iecker, John Germany, ca. 1856 1910, Marshall Co. Court, Plymouth, Ind.
Inks, Charles Ernest Canada, 12-27-1920 by father, Lester Inks, U.S. citizen
Johnson, Samuel Sweden, ca. 1868 1892, in County Court, Rockford.
Johnston, G. Margaret Germany, ca. 1911 1920, by father, in Chicago, Illinois
Jones, James Lloyd France, 1-6-1959 Father in military service
Kapke, Klaus K. Germany, 4-6-1936 1958, Dist. Ct., San Francisco, California
Karaba, Sr. Mary Henrietta Czechoslovakia, 8-24-1905 (no date), Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Kestner, Barbara Austria, 1-17-1902 1916, by father, Martin Saar, Chicago, Illinois
Klaus, Sr. Mary Almunda Germany, 7-22-1896 1933, Hammond, Indiana (b. Niederscheidweiler)
Kline, Elisabeth W. Germany, 11-6-1950 12-11-1985, Fed. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Koiv, Irene Estonia, 5-27-1900 1-23-1956, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Koppert, Betty Germany, 1906 1949, Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Krstich, Slavoljubka Yugoslavia, 10-2-1930 1972, Main Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Lacey, Traci S. Hong Kong, 12-11-1962 6-5-1986, Federal Ct., South Bend, Indiana
LaPlante, Charles L. Canada, 12-3-1960 May, 1983, Federal Ct., Crown Point, Indiana
Lawmaster, Signe Sweden, ca. 1898 1910, by father, O.A. Hattling, Minnesota
Lewis, Tony Portugal, 10-8-1888 1939, Circuit Ct., _______, Illinois
Lidgard, Ann Scotland, ca. 1857 Married an American citizen, Henry Lidgard.
Lindenberg, William H. Canada, 10-20-1919 1942, Fed. Ct., ________, Arkansas
Ling, David Ap England, 3-6-1948 1962, Waynesville, North Carolina
Lischko, Katherine A. Austria,3-14-1892 2-3-1921, by Jacob Lischdo, Cook Co. Sup'r. Ct. Chicago, Illinois
Litke, Bertha Germany, 4-8-1895 (no date) Detroit, Michigan
Litke, William Germany, 1-22-1895 (no date) Detroit, Michigan
Lozano, Norma M. Philipines, 8-26-1943 Nov., 1978, by father, Cesar Lozano, South Bend, Indiana
Macasaet, Tiofilo Baclaya Phillippines, (no date) Nov., 1976, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
MacInnis, Charles W. Canada, 7-5-1957 11-17-1983, Hobart, Indiana (#112781155)
MacQuillan, William Scotland, ca. 1905 Jan., 1934, Dist. Ct., Hartford, Connecticut
Mahler, Theodore Albert Greece, 3-1-1955 5-2-1960, father, Albert Mahler nat. in Superior Court, South Bend, Indiana
Mangun, Maria O. Germany, 3-21-1949 9-4-1979, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Marohn, Erna Germany, ca. 1912 1942, Fed. Ct. Chicago, Illinois
Martin, Peter B. Cuba, 6-29-1950 Dec., 1985, Fed. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Marton, Antal Yugoslavia, 2-15-1922 8-31-1956, Fed. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Marzan, Erlinda Phillippines, 10-2-1935 4-30-1076, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Marzan, Meliton Phillippines, 3-8-1938 4-30-1976, Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
McKee, Edith B. Germany, 10-11-1930 1960, Berrien Co., Michigan
Meders, Olga Germany, ca. 1882 1940, in Cook Co. Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Mee, Joseph W. England, 1890 1939, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Meister, Emil Germany, ca. 1878 1900, Bloomington Court, Bloomington, Illinois.
Melville, Alexander Canada, 1869 1895, in Cook Co. Illinois Court.
Menke, Anna M. Germany, ca. 1884 1903, Bridgeport Court, Bridgeport, Conn.
Merschdorf, Frank J. Hungary, ca. 1902 1923, in Chicago, Illinois.
Mesch, Arnold John Belgrade, Servia 1899, in Superior Court, Chicago, Illinois
Metze, George Ludwig Germany, 1881 1909, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois
Miles, Violet England, 1930 1956, in U.S. District Court, Hammond, Indiana
Milmine, Elizabeth Scotland, 11-16-1897 1941, Fed. Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Miller, Leah Russia, 9-5-1896 By virtue of hus., Wm. Miller, nat. in Colorado.
Mills, Rosalia Agnes Hungary, 1-21-1955 1959, Superior Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Mills, William Francis III Germany, 10-30-1956 Father in armed services for U.S.A.
Mindykowski, Andrew Poland, 1880 5-3-1945, Superior Court, in California.
Mindykowski, Stanley Poland, 1885 1946, in Plymouth, Indiana.
Mitrits, Margaret M. Hungary, 1883 1945, in Cass Co. Court, Logansport, Indiana.
Mittermayer, Ignaz Hungary, ca. 1879 1913, in Circuit Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Moeller, Elke B. Germany, 7-19-1950 by father, Willy Moeller, South Bend, Indiana
Moeller, Frieda Germany, 3-25-1915 1959, in U. S. District Court, South Bend, Indiana
Moeller, Holger W. Germany, 1-21-1946 Aug. 1959, father, Willy Moeller, South Bend, Ind.
Moeller, Willy Germany, 3-21-1922 1959, in U. S. District Court, South Bend, Indiana
Moelmann, Frank Germany, ca. 1905 1936, in Marshall Circuit Court, Plymouth, Ind.
Montague, Sun Ui Korea, 11-11-1940 1980, Fed. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Montgomery, Petra G. W. Germany, 1-24-1950 9-24-1965(66?), Dist. Ct., South Bend, Indiana
Mordini, Catalina Silvia Ecuador, 7-15-1968 7-6(?)-1961, father nat. in Lake Co., Illinois
Mordini, Federico E. Ecuador, 8-24-1970 7-7(?)-1961, father nat. in Lake Co., Illinois
Mordini, Enrico Italy, 5-5-1935 1961, Circuit Ct., Waukegan, Illinois
Morris, Mary F. England, ca. 1909 9-10-1923, in Wayne Co. Circuit Court, Detroit, Mich. Father, Walter Stanning, Pet. #22229
Morten, Charles Sweden, ca. 1873 1900, in Cook Co. Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Mueller, John H. Germany, ca. 1871 Nat. by "Act of Congress, 1875"
Mueller, Raymond A. India, 6-17-1929 (Cards states born in India - Am. Citizen)
Mueller, Werner Germany, ca. 1903 Naturalized in Santa Barbara, California
Muffley, Barbara Emma Germany, 1-31-1940 1964, Comanche Co. Court, Lawton, Oklahoma.
Murphy William J. N. Ireland, 2-11-1905 1943,in Federal Court, Austin, Texas.(special court convened for Army personnel at Camp Swift)
Munoz, Juan Mexico, 5-8-1948 1972, in South Bend, Indiana.
Neill, Lilian Mary England, 7-30-1901 1942(1927?), in Federal Ct., Hammond, Indiana.
Neill, Mathew Scotland, 1-9-1902 1925, by virtue of father, in Gary, Indiana.
Nelson, Ole Norway, 1-29-1881 1912, in Federal Court, Buffalo, N.Y., father, Lars.
Nelson, Olive Sweden, ca. 1871 Hus., Swan Nelson, nat. in Kansas, 1887.
Nelson, Peter Sweden, ca. 1880 Fa., Nels Anderson, nat. 1894, Devils Lake, N. D.
Nelson, Swan Sweden, ca. 1864 1887, McPherson Circuit Court, Kansas.
Nicholas, Samuel Hungary, 8-27-1890 Nat. in District or Federal Court, South Bend, Ind.
Nikolasevie, Gaspar Yugoslavia, ca. 1888 1941, Elkhart Co. Circuit Court, Goshen, Indiana.
Nichols, Keaty Yugoslavia, ca. 1883 6-8-1943, in Circuit Court, Plymouth, Indiana.
Nolken, William Germany, 1897 1941, in Circuit Court, Mishawaka, Indiana.
Noonan, Patrick Ireland, 1882 1914, in Circuit Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Noren, Elmer C. Sweden, 1887 1914, in Superior Court, Springfield, Mass.
Norkewicz, Leo Russia, 11-6-1887 1914, in Superior Court, Illinois. #540732
Nojd, Andrew S. Sweden, 1889 6-29-1926, in Superior, Chicago, Illinois.
Nowarkawicz, Steve Poland 1924, in Marshall Co. Court, Plymouth, Indiana.
Nyby, Knud Erik Denmark, 1-19-1927 1960, Circuit Ct., Hammond, Indiana
Nyby, Marianne E. Germany, 1-15-1931 1960, Circuit Ct., Hammond, Indiana
Olson, C. Albert Sweden, ca. 1881 Father, Andrew Olson, nat. in Rockford, Ill., 1897.
Olson, John Sweden, ca. 1853 1913, in Circuit Court, Marshall Co., Indiana.
Olson, Hulda Sweden, ca. 1871 Father, Ola Olson, nat. in Chicago Cir. Ct., 1896.
Olson, Albert C. Sweden, 1-9-1881 Father, Andrew Olson, nat. in Rockford, Ill., 1889.
Olsonburg, Carl Sweden, 1871 Nat. 1892, in Plymouth, Indiana.
Onesti, Peter Italy, 10-5-1902 Father, Carlo Onesti, nat. 1917 in Circuit Court, Fond-Du-Lac, Wisconsin.
Orangias, Michele Italy, 7-1-1909 8-31-1943, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Orr, Gertraud J. Austria, 11-12-1922 3-24-1954, in Circuit Court, LaPorte, Indiana.
Oscarson, Elsa Sweden, 6-30-1903 Nat. by virtue of father or husband (no other info)
Overmyer, Anna S. Germany, 2-10-1900 11-8-1917, by marriage to Earl C. Overmyer, Starke Co., Indiana native.
Oviedo, Mary I. Mexico, 7-4-1954 7-14-1978, Hammond, Indiana
Palmer, Eugenia Marie Russia, 1886 By virtue of father, Matthew Sundquist, nat. in Chicago, Illinois.
Palonis, Victor Europe, ca. 1874 1902, in Cook Co., Illinois. (b. Lithuania??)
Parker, Mary P. England, 1939 2-7-1967, in U.S. District Court, South Bend, Ind.
Pedersen, Jacob Norway, 4-18-1890 1950, in Circuit Court, Plymouth, Indiana.
Pedersen, Milly O. Norway, 11-2-1892 1952, in Circuit Court, Plymouth, Indiana.
Pedersen, Ralph Norway, 1927 8-8-1945, in Federal Court, Louisville, Kentucky
Perez-Arriete, Victoria Cuba, 4-26-1921 9-30-1968, in District Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Perez-Arriete, Armando F. Cuba, 5-2-1917 9-30-1968, In District Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Pesak, Karl Czechoslovakia, 1916 1960, in U.S. District Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Pesak, Marie Czechoslovakia, 1925 1960, in U.S. District Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Peters, Anna Mary Germany, 6-29-1873 By virtue of husband, Louie Peters, U.S. citizen.
Peters, Richard L. Germany, ca. 1886 1905, in U.S. Court, Kansas City, Missouri.
Peterson, Selma Sweden, ca. 1862 Husband, Charley Peterson, nat. in Cook Co.Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Peterson, Swan Sweden, ca. 1869 1914, in Marshall Co. Court, Plymouth, Indiana.
Petkus, Kazimer Lithuania, ca. 1891 April, 1927, in Taylorville, Christian Co., Illinois.
Petzinger, Joan England, 2-12-1926 November, 1963, Hammond, Indiana
Piccin, Anthony C. Switzerland, 1-11-1892 1919, County Ct., Mott, North Dakota
Piper, William T. England, 10-28-1874 1895, in Winamac, Pulaski Co., Indiana.
Pisarek, John D. Germany, 5-15-1947 1967, father, Alex Pisarek, Philadelphia, PA
Pohl, Luther Hamilton Germany, ca. 1910 By virtue of father, Albert Pohl.
Popolys, Charles Ethiopia, ca. 1895 1939, in U.S. Post Office, Chicago, Illinois
Popolys, Stella Lithuania, 1-23-1896 1942, in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Illinois
Porybko, Gregory Poland, 8-19-1913 2-26-1958, South Bend, Indiana
Pura, Mabel Russia, 1905 1943, Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Pustay, Bert Hungary, ca. 1885 1918, in the court of Judge Landis, Chicago, Ill. (Parents died in Hungary before 1934)
Rabe, Louis Hungary, ca. 1890 1924, Marshall Circuit Court, Plymouth, Indiana.
Radovich, Mildred Yugoslavia, 1904 1940, U.S. Court, Hammond, Indiana.
Rak, Frank Czechoslovakia, ca.1880 1912, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Rak, Katerina Czechoslovakia, ca 1885 1912, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Rakich, Mary Yugoslavia, 9-23-1911 1941, Fed. Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Reader, Horatio M. England, 12-20-1876 1924, in South Bend, Ind. #1988996
Reeve, Charles William England, ca. 1895 6-1-1942, Circuit Court, Plymouth, Indiana
Reynolds, Gerda H. Germany, 3-6-1924 1951, Plymouth Circuit Court by husband, Bill Elwood Reynolds, U.S. birth.
Rhoade, Caroline E. Switzerland, 1-9-1878 Father, Samuel Mutti, nat. 1893 in Elkhart Co. Ind
Ricciardi, Charles Italy, 2-15-1896 1926, Superior Ct., Chicago, Illinois
Richard, Elsie K. Bohemia, ca. 1903 Dec., 1937, Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Riedel, Herbert W. Germany, 1926 1946, in San Francisco, California
Ritter, Fred W. Canada, 1-28-1917 Father, Fred Ritter, b. Brooklyn, NY
Robbins, Marie Prague, 4-25-1913 1920, father Joseph Hanak, Starke Co., Indiana
Robertson, Dan Scotland, ca. 1885 1941, in Plymouth, Indiana.
Rodriguez , Isidro E. Mexico, 5-15-1921 1949, Cook Co., Illinois
Rodriguez, Jose Leal Mexico, 3-20-1937 4-30-1960, in Cameron Co., Texas
Rohan, Nicholas Elijah Romania, 1892 6-6-1938, in U.S. Dist. Court, Detroit, Michigan.
Rohweder, Gary J. Germany, 2-9-1955 1962, father, at Chicago, Illinois
Rosander, Eric C. Sweden (no date given) 1903, in Boston.
Rosero, Marciano George Philippines, 12-22-1930 9-8-1966, in U.S. District Court, South Bend, Ind.
Rotermann, Bernard Germany, ca. 1892 1935, in Circuit Court, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Rutzen, Flora Agnes Canada, 9-15-1904 June, 1941, Plymouth, Indiana
Rydberg, Charles J. Sweden, ca. 1874 1922, in Porter Co. Circuit Court, Valparaiso, Ind.
Sanchez, Miguel Mexico, 9-29-1918 8-27-1943, in Hidalgo, Texas; reg. # 5-414-525
Sanders, Paul Germany, ca. 1878 1898, Des Moines Circuit Court. (age 56 in 1934)
Sandoval, Luis Mexico, 10-11-1933 1972, in Cameron Co. Court, Brownsvile, Texas
Sauer, George Germany, 1907 1943, Circuit Court, California. (no other info.)
Scarberry, Melitta Anna Germany, 7-13-1940 1972, South Bend, Indiana
Schaar, Ida Charlot Germany, ca. 1864 In Chicago, by marriage (no other info.)
Schafer, Heinz W. Germany, 2-21-1924 1957, in South Bend, Indiana.
Schafer, William Fred Germany, 2-16-1894 1933, in District Court, Montana
Schalt, Adolph Poland, 8-1-1886 6-4-1958, in U.S. District Court, South Bend, Ind.
Scheero, Katherine Yugoslavia, 1895 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Scheirer, Helen Genevieve Ireland, 12-23-1891 1913, in Media, Penn. Husband, Allen, born here.
Schimmer, Nicholas E. Rumania, 5-1-1904 9-9-1943, in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Ill.
Schleimer, Anna Hungary, 10-30-1892 1923, In Federal Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Schleimer, Michael Hungary, 1-14-1888 1921, in Federal Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Schneider, Benjamin Poland, ca. 1898 1932, in Federal Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Schneider, Mary Sadie Russia, ca. 1899 1908, father, Meyer Mishkousky, nat. in Knox, Starke Co. Ind.
Schulz, Fritz Karl Germany, ca. 1905 5-14-1936, in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Ill.
Schutz, John Emil Switzerland, 2-28-1879 1900, in South Bend, Ind., St. Joseph Co. Court.
Schutz, Louisa May England, 7-18-1910 3-29-1955, in St. Joseph Co. Court, So. Bend, Ind.
Schwenk, Andrew W. Germany, ca. 1867 1888, in Cook Co., Chicago, Illinois
Schweidler, Joseph Austria, 8-3-1890 4-6-1913, in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Schweidler, Lillian Austria Hungary, 1894 By virtue of father, Joseph Schweidler, 1913, in Chicago, Illinois.
Schweidler, Theresa Austria Hungary, 1895 1947, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois
Seater, William Canada, ca. 1868 1889, St. John, North Dakota.
Selin, Harry Einar Sweden, 7-22-1921 1943, in Germany by U.S. Rep. of Dept. of State
Semrau, Elizabeth Germany, 1883 1920, in Chicago, by husband, August Semrau.
Sester, Peter Germany, ca. 1864 Father, Peter Sester, nat. 1868, in Plymouth, Ind.
Settos, George Greece, ca. 1898 1924, in Common Pleas Court, Springfield, Ohio.
Shamas, John B. Syria, ca. 1891 1937, St. Joseph Co. Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Shegan, Harold W. Holland, 9-2-1903 1925, in New York City, N.Y.
Sheperd, George Canada, 3-27-1902 1940, U. S. District Court, Hammond, Indiana.
Sherwood, Darcia JoAnne England, 7-23-1945 By virtue of father, Wayne Bates.
Shore, George Hungary, 1-14-1891 11-20-1936, in District Court, Hammond, Indiana.
Short, Melville Kenneth France, 9-13-1907 1932, in U.S. District Court, Los Angeles, Cal. (b. St. Martin Vesubie, Nice, France)
Sickmiller, Maria Italy, 9-21-1918 12-6-1954, in Marshall Co. Circuit Court, Plymouth, Indiana
Sigurdsson, Thrainn Iceland, 8-23-1911 1955, in Circuit Court, Waukegan, Illinois.
Sims, May Germany, 5-27-1949 5-28-1975, Fed. District Court, Hammond, Indiana
Sirus, Leon Vincent Lithuania, 1895 1919, in Federal Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Skinner, Augusta J. Germany, ca. 1872 Married a American citizen prior to 1922.
Sleepetis, Adam Russia, ca. 1885 1940, Marshall Co. Circuit Court, Plymouth, Ind.
Smith, E. Stanley China, 8-29-1933 Father an American Missionary.
Smith, Elizabeth Germany, 1872 by father, Fredrick Simon (no further information)
Smith, James Scotland, ca. 1862 1880, in Chicago, Illinois.
Smith, Jane Scotland, ca. 1866 Husband, James Smith, nat. 1880 in Chicago, Ill.
Smith, John L. Germany, ca. 1888 1922, Lansing, Michigan
Smith, Minnie England, 1879 1885, by father, William Elliot, Brooklyn, NY
Sobinski, Eva Poland, ca. 1905 Father, Mikolaj Klymus, nat. 1924, in Cook Co. Circuit Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Speirs, Linda G. Scotland, 4-5-1955 1965, Chicago, Illinois
Sperber, John Germany, ca. 1857 10-3-1890, St. Louis, Missouri
Splix, Nick Germany, ca. 1880 Father, Theodore Splix, nat. 1890 in Chicago, Ill.
Splix, Teckla Sweden, ca. 1882 Father, Swan Jacobson, nat. ca. 1890 in Illinois.
Springer, Wally B. Germany, ca. 1897 6-17-1936, in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Ill.
Stabenow, Otto Germany, ca. 1880 1882, father, Chas. Stabenow, nat. in Chicago, Ill.
Starke, Megan Arvon Wales, 8-6-1914 3-30-1943, Com. Pleas Ct., Marion, Ohio
Steberle, Antonia Germany, 3-13-1890 2-6-1934, U.S. Dist. Court in Chicago, #3763795.
Steinmann, Elizabeth Germany, 11-3-1894 1922, in Superior Court, Cook Co., Chicago, Ill.
Stempin, Joseph Poland, 3-20-1886 Nat. bef. 1956 in Phillips Co., Wisconsin.
Stockinger, Mattie Germany, ca. 1876 Father, Johann Zielinski, nat. 1885, St. Louis, Mo.
Stokes, Fred J. Canada, ca. 1913 By virtue of father, William W. Stokes, nat. in Rochester, Fulton Co., Indiana.
Stoler, Dina E. Norway, ca. 1878 Father, Daniel Karlson, nat. in New York.
Strapon, Susan Czechoslovakia, 1897 Husband, Paul Strapon, nat. 1917 in Hammond
Stuntz, Howard W. Canada, 5-1-1925 8-10-1973, South Bend, Indiana
Sulc, Rose Ann Czechoslovakia, 1879 1904 (8 or 9?), hus., Fredrick, in Cook Co. Ct. Chicago, Illinois
Swanson, Freida Sweden, ca. 1880 Husband, Frank O. Swanson, nat. 1846, Chicago, Illinois.
Sytsma, Marion Holland, ca. 1904 By virtue of husband or father? Henry Boshuizen, nat. ca. 1914 in Chicago, Illinois.
Szczesniak, Andrew Ladisla Japan, 10-8-1938 2-19-1960, in Federal Court, South Bend, Indiana. Father, Boleslaw Szczesniak, nat. 1956 in same court.
Talley, Masako N. Japan, 8-12-1925 3-3-1958, in Federal Court, Hammond, Indiana.
Taylor, Sonja K. Germany, 9-8-1931 1950, Hammond, Indiana
Templin, Elsie L. Canada, 7-15-1911 4-19-1955, in U.S. Dist. Court, Allen Co., Indiana.
Thelen, Peter Joseph Germany, 4-30-1903 1939, in Circuit Court, Plymouth, Indiana.
Thomet, Albert Gottlieb Switzerland, ca. 1890 1923, in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Thompson, Olof Sweden, ca. 1862 1908, in Circuit Court, Rockford, Illinois.
Thorne, Janet Canada, ca. 1879 1902 by marr. in Boston, Mass. to American born Ernest E. Thorne.
Tiedt, John A. Germany, 1864 1-25-1886, in Montgomery Co. Ct., Dayton, Ohio
Tillman, Walter Poland, ca. 1888 1922, in Circuit Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Timme, Frances L. Germany, 2-8-1909 1959, in Federal Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Ton, Anna Czechoslovakia, 1900 1920 by father, Carl Vendl, Cir. Ct., Chicago, IL.
Tretiak William Austria, 5-15-1893 1941, in Plymouth, Indiana.
Tribbey, Enika Germany, 8-4-1924 ca. 1956, in U.S. Dist. Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Ttipsansky, Joe G. Hungary, 8-20-1905 6-11-1952, Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Valentine, Charlotte Sweden, ca. 1869 1923, in Superior Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Valentine, Christine Sweden, ca. 1862 1920, in Chicago, Illinois.
VandePutte, Elizabeth J. Scotland, 4-10-1945 Nat. at birth (no further information)
VanDerPeet, John Peter Netherlands, 12-31-1924 2-10-1965, in U.S. Dist. Court, South Bend, Ind.
VanHoecke, Leona Belgium, ca. 1893 1920, by American Consul in Brussels
VanWanzele, Constant Belgium, 12-1-1886 5-7-1931, in Circuit Court, South Bend, Indiana.
VanWanzele, Emma Belgium, 7-26-1897 5-7-1931, in Circuit Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Vendola, George Italy, 1896 1912, in Circuit Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Verveynckt, Achiel Belgium, 10-29-1893 1926, in Federal Court, South Bend, Indiana.
Vida, Anna Europe, 7-26-1886 11-18-1942, in Circuit Court, South Bend, Indiana
VonBergen, Carl Switzerland, ca. 1876 2-20-1914, in Monticello, White Co., Indiana.
Voss, Hans F. Germany, 1-11-1918 1960, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Wales, Shirley Ann Canada, 4-4-1941 5-2-1966, in U.S. District Court, South Bend, Ind.
Wallskog, Nestor G. Sweden, ca. 1899 1912, father, John Wallskog, nat. in Knox, Ind.
Weber, Albert E. Switzerland, ca. 1909 1940, Circuit Ct., Plymouth, Indiana
Weber, Charles A. Switzerland, ca. 1911 12-11, 1939, in Marshall Co., Indiana.
Weber, Elizabeth Yugoslavia, 2-13-1892 11-2-1939, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Weber, Ernest Switzerland, 9-9-1912 12-25-1932, nat. in Plymouth, Indiana. (father, Fred Weber)
Weber, Fred Sweden, 4-16-1875 1900, in Federal Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Weber, Fred Switzerland, 12-4-1878 1932, in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana.
Weinberger, Carl Germany, ca. 1864 1885, in Cook Co. Circuit Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Wentland, Julius Germany, ca. 1893 1913, in Chicago (no further information)
Wentland, Wanda Frances Germany, ca. 1896 Husband, Julius Wentland, nat. in Chicago during World War.
White, Harry England, ca. 1871 1926, in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana.
White, Margaret E. Canada, ca 1915 1893, father, Jesse Murgatroyd, Chicago, Illinois
Whittaker, William England, ca. 1879 By virtue of father, William Whittaker, in Chicago, Illinois.
Wicher, Hilda Germany, ca. 1913 1929, father, Robert Wicher Sr. nat. in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Wicher, Robert Jr. Germany, ca. 1909 1929, father, Robert Wicher Sr. nat. in U.S. District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Wiersma, Robert Holland, ca. 1901 1912, through parents, in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Wine, Hessie Mae England, 7-13-1907 9-10-1924, father, Horatio Mand Reader, nat. in South Bend, Indiana.
Witt, Herman E. Germany, ca. 1879 1900, in Albion, Noble Co., Indiana.
Witzl, Burghard Hungary, ca. 1888 1912, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Wolff, August Germany, ca. 1866 1925, in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana.
Wolverton, Nora S. Mexico, 9-30-1961 1967, Hidalgo, Texas
Wong, Ruth Alvarretta China, 1-20-1924 1954, in District Court, Chicago, Illinois.
Yambrick, Sharon British Columbia, 1944 1947, father, Joseph Spehar, nat. in Detroit, Mich.
Zelaskiewicz, Irene M. Poland, 6-17-1926 1958, Chicago, Illinois
Zirngibl, Rose M. Hungary, 3-19-1905 8-23-1944, Superior Ct., Chicago, Illinois husband's name is Joseph
Zobanyi, Eva Hungary, 2-17-1919 6-21-1955, in Federal Court, South Bend, Indiana.

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