Nyhart Cemetery is sometimes called Nighthart Cemetery.

Located in Sec. 24, T 34 N, R 2 E, Center Twp; the earliest stone is dated 1845; it appears on maps of 1872, 1876, 1880 & 1922.

The rows run North & South, they were read from left to right, begining in the South West corner of the cemetery. Readings and photos were done in September 2005 by Roberta Wunder. Although the cemetery is being kept up the forest area has encroached on the outside edges of the cemetery leaving a few stones inside the tree line.

Inside Treeline - West Edge of Cemetery

GREINER, Sophia   Died Nov 20 1912, Aged 84y 9m 2d
SMITH, Mary Ann   Dau of Frederick, Died Sept 23 1860, Aged 16y 11m 9d


NIGHTHART, Johney   Son of J and L Nighthart Died Apr 3, 1868, Aged 7y 8m 8d
NIGHTHART, John   Died June 30, 1879, Aged 61y 3m 21d
NIGHTHART, Liddy   Wife of J. Nighthart, Died Dec 29 1872, Aged 50y 7m 19d
NIGHTHART,George   son of J. & L. Nighthart, Died Sept 30, 1864, Aged 16y 7m 1d
COIL, Casper   son of J. and E. Coil, Died Jan 26, 1865
COIL, Franklin   son of J. and E. Coil, Died March 13, 1859, Aged 1m 5d
PINKERTON, Infant   Infant Dau of John and S. Pinkerton, Born June 19, 1862
Raised Plot
DUCOMB, Emily L.   Dau of P. and M. Ducomb, Died April 13 1859, Aged 10y 2m 2d
Between thesee two stones is a base without a stone. Also at the bottom of the plot, near the center is a small stone engraved H. M.


HEIM, Infant   Our Darling, Infant son of P. & H. Heim, Died October 8, 1878, Aged 3d
HABERSTROH, Martha J.   Daughter of J. & E. Haberstroh, Died Dec 16, 1863, Aged 4d
FERGUSON, Oscar   Co. D, 9th Ind, No Dates
FERGUSON, Joshua H.   son of Charles P. & Ellen Ferguson, Died Nov 30, 1860, Aged 19y 6m 2d
FERGUSON, Erastus   son of C. & E. Ferguson, Died Aug 8. 1854, Aged 1y 6m
FERGUSON, Elmira   dau of Chas P. & Ellen Ferguson, Died July 11, 1858, Aged 13y 1m


HIBBS, Joseph   Died July 11, 1869, Aged 78y
HIBBS,Katherine   Wife of Joseph Hibbs, Broken Stone, No Dates
HIBBS, George   Died Dec 23, 1863, Aged 45y 2m 5d
Illegible Stone  
HIBBS, Sarah   Died Oct 11, 1858, Aged 22y 4m 5d
HIBBS, Amos   1841 - 1916
HIBBS, Mary   dau of J. and C. Hibbs, Died Jan 28, 1857, Aged 23y 11m 26d
Sarah R. Fryer   Dau of Robert H. & Sarah Fryer, Died March 6, 1861, Aged 5y 1m 7d
Illegible Stone
HIBBS, Mary J.   1833 - 1891 - Inside Treeline
HIBBS, Joseph   1833 - 1901 - Inside Treeline


KIZER,Cassa A   Wife of P Kizer Died May 17, 1867, Aged 50y 2d
KIZER, Peter,   Died Aug 23, 1898, Aged 80y 2m 10d
Kizer, David   Broken Stone   Died Dec 11, 1876, Aged 2y 9m 1d
KIZER, Mary C.   dau of P. and C.A. Kizer, Died Jan 25, 1867, Aged 20y 6m 2d
KIZER, Isaac,   Died June 16, 1890, Aged 84y 11m 21d
CORNELIUS, George S.   Son of H. and A. Cornelius, Died Aug 8, 1845, Aged 9y 5m 1d
CORNELIUS, Mary J.   Dau of H. and A. Cornelius, Died March 11, 1851, Aged 8y 5m 1d
CORNELIUS, Hiram   Died Mar 10, 1854, Aged 30y ?
CORNELIUS, Ann B.   wife of Hiram, Died Nov 10, 1872, 59y 11m 6d
CORNELIUS, Riley A.   son of H and Ann, Died April 10, 1864, Aged 11y 6m 1d
CORNELIUS, Harry H.   son of J.H. and R. Cornelius, Died April 14, 1854, Aged 4y 7m 2d
SEWARD, Ida L.   wife of J.E., Died Jan 1 1878, Aged 19y 2m 7d


FERGUSON, Catherine   Wife of William, Died March 15 1854, Aged 45y 3m 7d
FERGUSON, Franklin   Son of William & Catherine.
     Died at Evansville. A volunteer in Co C. 48th Ind. Inf.
SNYDER, Jacob   Died Oct 31, 1853, Aged 24y 1d
HARRIS, Infant   son of William & L. Harris, Died Mar 3, 1875, Aged 1m


HARRIS, Emery L.   Died June 6, 1899, Aged 25y 10d
HARRIS, Willard L.  
HARRIS, Delbert A.   Son of A.C. & M.A. Harris, Died Feb 23, 1866
HARRS, Alexander   Died Mar 15, 1894, Aged 54y 5m 5d


MANUWAL, Daniel   Died Aug 2, 1892, Aged 56y 0m 2d
MANUWAL, Regina   Died Apr 7, 1817, Aged 85y 1m 1d
MANUWAL, Dorthee   Wife of D. Manuwal, died Sept 11, 1876, Aged 56y
MANUWAL, Sarah   Wife of D. Manuwal, Died Mar 28, 1867, Aged 24y
MANUWAL, Ida   Dau of D. and S. Manuwal, Died Mar 27, 1867, Aged 1y 4m
MANUWAL, Charlotte   Wife of D. Manuwal, Died April 27, 1884, Aged 24y 3m 5d
MANUWAL, John   Son of D. and C. Manuwal, Died April 10, 1880, Aged 21y 6m 28d
HARRIS, Lydia   Wife of Benton, Died Feb 11, 1886, Aged 62y 1m 1d


YODER, Lydia   Dau of N. & L. Yoder, Died Dec 25, 1870, Aged 26y 2m 17d
ZIMMERMAN, Anna B.   Born June 28, 1836 Died April 23, 1901,
ZIMMERMAN, Conrad   Died Nov 10, 1887, Aged 73y 6m

ROW 10

YODER, Laomi   Wife of Noah Yoder, Died Aug 19, 1886, Aged 69y 1m 21d
YODER, Noah   Died May 10, 1896, Aged 30y 5m 9d
YODER, Lizzie A.   Born Jul 8, 1888, Died Jan 11, 1909

ROW 11

GEIGENMILLER, George   Son of J. & H. Geigenmiller, Died Oct 19, 1888, Aged 26y 4m 1d
VANDORSTON, Emma   Died Jan 31, 1864, Aged 3y 5m 1d

ROW 12

VOGLE, John   Died Feb 18, 1876, Aged 69y 3m 2d
FLOCKERZI, Mary E.   Wife of Valentine Flockerzi, Died Dec 24, 1901, Aged 72y 10m 20d

Weep not that her toils are over
Weep not that her race is run
God grant that we may rest as calmly
When our work, like hers, is done.
FLOCKERZI, Valentine   Died Jan 14, 1867, Aged 37y 3m 9d
BAKER, Mary McCombs   Wife of Samuel Baker, May 30, 1810, Sept 12, 1871, Aged 61y 1m 1d

ROW 13

LOVE, King H.   Died Dec 14 1878, Aged 50y 6m 4d
LOVE, Matilda J.   Died May 15, 1876, Aged 43y
ROMIG, Daniel   Died Feb 11, 1879, Aged 77y 9m 1d (Stone broken & repaired)
HABERSTROH, Charles   1829 - 1889
HABERSTROH, Amelia   1867 - 1886
HABERSTROH, Charles E.   son of C. & J. Haberstroh, Died Mar 26, 1875, Aged 4m 9d
BUGGRAF, Catherine   dau of A. & C. Buggraf, Died June 1 1880, Aged 21y 1d
BUGGRAF, Rosina M.   dau of A. & C. Buggraf, Died Oct 20, 1876, Aged 10y 4m 2d
ZIMMERMAN, Michael   Died Oct 12, 1868, Aged 62y
ZIMMERMAN, Elizabeth   Dau of M. & M. Zimmerman, Died March 7, 1871, Aged 28y
ZIMMERMAN, Peter   Sept 28, 1875, Aged 23y 1m 3d
ZIMMERMAN, Little Johnny   son of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Dec 11, 1871, Aged 4m 2d
ZIMMERMAN, Freddie   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Mar 7, 1877, Aged 5y 0m 7d
ZIMMERMAN, Katie   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Oct 18 1879, Aged 1y 7m 6d
ZIMMERMAN, Maggie   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Mar 1, 1880, 1m
ZIMMERMAN, Dora   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Mar 1, 1882, Aged 8m
ZIMMERMAN, Emma   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Dec 24, 1883, Aged 1y 0m 2d
ZIMMERMAN, Lizzie   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Mar 1, 1887, Aged 2y 6m
ZIMMERMAN, Clarence   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died Sept 1, 1888
ZIMMERMAN, Cora   Child of J. & M.J. Zimmerman, Died May 12, 1890, Aged 6y 10m 19d
ZIMMERMAN, John   Died Feb 28, 1888, Aged 47y 1m 1d
ZIMMERMAN, Mary J.   Wife of John Zimmerman, Died March 15, 1896, Aged 48y 8m 28d
PIPPENGER, S.R.   Co. K. 150th I.V.I.

ROW 14

GRIMM, Michael   Died Sept 11, 1888, Aged 76y 6m 21d
GRIMM, Mary S.   wife of Michael Grimm, Died Feb 28, 1879, Aged 82y 4m
GRIMM, John G.   Died April 5, 1879, Aged 37y 1m 1d
FOGEL, Laura B.   wife of Frederick Fogel, Died May 30, 1889, Aged 29y 5m 23d
FOGEL, John G.   Died Sept 20 1900, Aged 28y 8m 2d
HARRIS, Infant   Child of G. A. and E. Harris, Died Nov 12, 1884
HARRIS, Frankie N.   Child of G.A. and E. Harris, Died Sept 5, 1886, Aged 11m
Harris, George   Died June 27, 1887, Aged 31y 1m 1d
HARRIS, Daniel M.   Died Dec 20, 1886, Aged 25y 1m 19d
HARRIS, Ida A.   daughter of W. R. and L. Harris, Died May 5, 1887, Aged 14y 5m 12d
HARRIS, Lydia   wife of W. R. Harris, Died May 6, 1887, Aged 53y 3m 7d
HARRIS, William R.   Died Jan 4, 1906, Aged 77y 26m 13d
ANDERS, Matilda   wife of T. H. Anders, Died May 4, 1898, Aged 66y 1m 6d
ANDERS, Thomas H.   Died April 8, 1869, Aged 66y 1m 2d

ROW 15

GOTTSCHALK,Catherina   wife of G. Gottschalk, Died April 27, 1896, Aged 28y 3m 5d
GOTTSCHALK, George   Died July 23, 1925, Aged 6y 4m 25d
HARRIS, Freddie   son of George A. and E. Harris, Died April 17 1902, Aged 19y 8m 5d
HARRIS, Floyd M.   son of D.M. and H.I. Harris, Died Feb 15, 1906, Aged 21y 11m 10d

ROW 16

VOGEL, Barbara   1853 - 1924
VOGEL, Henry   1850 - No Date
VOGEL, Lee   1879 - 1888
MANUWAL, Louisa   wife of D. Manuwal, Died Feb 24, 1896, Aged 84y 11m 21d

ROW 17

CASPER, Chester E.   son of W. A. and M.E. Casper, 1897 - 1905

ROW 18

CASPER, Infant   son of F.A. and S.E. Casper, 1897 -1905
MANUWAL, Lizzie Elnora   Died March 16, 1902, Aged 23y  10d
MANUWAL, Adam   died April 10, 1889, Aged 45y 1m 7d
MANUWAL, Mary E.   Died June 20, 1911, Aged 66y 0m 1d
WEEDLING Louis   Co. B. 15th Regt Ohio Volunteers, April 1, 1841 - Jan 16, 1910
WEEDLING, Caroline Casper   His wife, Sept 28, 1842 - Feb 27, 1925
WEEDLING, Ida May   dau of L. and C. Weedling, Died Dec 14, 1886, Aged 18y 1m 2d
BARBER, Glenn M.   son of E.A. and E.L. Barber, Sept 5, 1915 - July 15, 1917

ROW 19

CASPER, Clarence E.   son of G.E. and S.E. Casper, Died Sept 24, 1889, Aged 1m
CASPER, Infant Son   son of G.E. and S.E. Casper, Died Feb 18, 1894, Aged 2d
CASPER,     Died Sept 19, 1893, Aged 81y 8m 13d
ILLEGIBLE STONE   Died Dec 21, 1882, Aged 88y 9m 1d
HOCKENSMITH, Henry   Died Oct 23, 1925, Aged 84y 1m 2d
HOCKENSMITH, Margaret   Died April 19, 1889, Aged 48y 6m 2d

ROW 20

MILNER, Joseph B.   Nov 16, 1833 - June 19, 1908
MILNER, Ann Murphy   his wife, Died June 15, 1842
MILNER, Michael D.   Feb 1, 1874 - Dec 26, 1898. Also a small white stone inscribed "Michael"
MILNER, Thomas J.   Aug 22, 1882 - Nov 16, 1882
Infant   No Dates
MILNER, Ely D.   June 4, 1903, Aged 67y 4m
MILNER, Mary A.   His Wife, no dates
MILNER, Ira L.   Sept 17, 1877 - Sept 21, 1904

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