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From: History of Marshall County, Indiana, 1836 to 1880, by Daniel McDonald, pg. 43

In a work of this kind [a history book], it must be apparent to all that nothing could be more appropriate than a chapter devoted to the old folks generally. Anything that tends to perpetuate the early history, and the scenes and incidents of the early days, is not only interesting to those who participated in them, but will be to those who shall take their places in the future. Hence this chapter.

The formation of an Old Settlers' Society had been talked of for many years, but for one cause or another, no active steps were taken until 1878. Prior to July 4 of that year, a circular was issued requesting the attendance, on that day, at the fairgrounds near Plymouth, of all interested in the subject. In obedience to the call, a large number were present. Robert SCHROEDER, the oldest settler at that time in the county, was selected Chairman of the meeting; John W. HOUGHTON, Secretary; Rev. Austin FULLER, Chaplain The following constitution and regulations were presented and unanimously adopted:

Constitution of Old Settlers' Society, Marshall County

Members at 1878 meeting

Members added at 1879 meeting

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