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From: History of Marshall County, Indiana, 1836 to 1880, by Daniel McDonald, pg. 46 and 47

Note: The years listed below are the years of settlement in Marshall County. Researchers - this material has not been proofread. It should be used as a secondary source only.

Those signing in 1878:

1832 - Robert SCHROEDER, Dearborn County, Ind.

Name Place of birth
Charles COOK Lawrenceburg, Ind.
Charles W. MORGAN Wayne County, Ind.
I.G. ROBERTS Hendricks County, Ind.
David CUMMINS New York
Mrs. D. CUMMINS New York
Malinda ROBERTS Mecklenburg County, N.C.
A. J. JOHNSON Frederick County, Va.
Mrs. Pruda ELLIOTT Sullivan County, Ind.
Peter GIBSON Rush County, Ind.
David L. GIBSON not given
Mrs. H.B. PERSHING not given

Name Place of birth
Thomas K. HOUGHTON Rush County, Ind.
John W. HOUGHTON Rush County, Ind.
Miles VAN VACTOR Union County, Ind.
Riley VAN VACTOR Union County, Ind.
Gilson S. CLEVELAND Otsego County, N.Y.
Nancy JACOBY Union County, Ind.
James GOBLE Union County, Ind.
Sarah A. SULT Union County, Ind.
John LOUIS Columbia County, N.Y.
Margaret POMEROY Genesee County, N.Y.
Ann ASTLEY England
John JACOBY Schuylkill County, Ind.
Sarena JACOBY Union County, Ind.
Lewis BEAGLES Decatur, Ind.
Robert BEAGLES Decatur, Ind.
E.M. PEAGE Rutland, Vt.
Amelia WOODWARD Vermont
Ann E. PARKER Addison County, Vt.
John L. WOODWARD Addison County, Vt.
Norman S. WOODWARD Addison County, Vt.
John TROBRIDGE Warren County, Ohio
Zenobia RUSSELL Fayette County, Ind.
Catharine CORBIN Fayette County, Ind.
Emma DICKSON Fayette County, Ind.

Name Place of birth
William C. EDWARDS Otsego County, N.Y.
A.L. WHEELER Seneca County, N.Y.
Eli D. MILNER Preble County, Ohio
Thomas MILNER Preble County, Ohio
Joseph MILNER Preble County, Ohio
Martha HIBBS Preble County, Ohio
James S. MILNER Preble County, Ohio
A.C. THOMPSON Fayette County, Ind.
Daniel McDONALD Fayette County, Ind.
Platt McDONALD Fayette County, Ind.
Elizabeth DAWS Shenandoah County, Va.
Ephraim MOORE Franklin County, Ind.
Mahala MOORE Paint Creek, Ohio
George BEYLER France
Peter BEYLER France
Designey S. CONGER Butler County, Ohio
Mrs. Designey S. CONGER Butler County, Ohio
Martha MILNER Preble County, Ohio
Nancy McCLANAHAN Rush County, Ind.
Elias DICKSON Butler County, Ohio
Mary DICKSON Bracken County, Ky.
William D. THOMPSON Fayette County, Ind.
Amanda THOMPSON Rush County, Ind.
B.F. HEAD Marion County, Ind.
Smith POMEROY Marshall County, Ind.
B.G. GRIGGS Marion County, Ind.
William BROWNLEE Fayette County, Ind.
Vincent BROWNLEE Cincinnati, Ohio
Aunt Betsey BROWNLEE not given
Samuel McDONALD Butler County, Ohio
Martha THOMPSON Franklin County, Ind.
William E. THOMPSON not given
Steven WHITE Chester County, Penn.
James O. PARKS Kentucky
Sarah C. CHAPLIN Rush County, Ind.
James W. LOGAN Rush County, Ind.
Charles H. LOGAN not given
Phebe McDONALD Butler County, Ohio
Sophia VOREIS Butler County, Ohio
James VOREIS not given
Joseph EVANS Clermont County, Ohio
David R. VOREIS not given

Name Place of birth
Jacob KOONTZ France
Henry BERGER France
Joseph McELRATH Orange County, N.Y.
J.D. JOHNSON Marshall County, Ind.
Catharine CLEVELAND Marshall County, Ind.
Henry BENTLEY not given
George H. THOMPSON Marshall County, Ind.
David HOW Saratoga County, N.Y.
Freelove HOW Saratoga County, N.Y.
Abbie Jane REEVE Saratoga County, N.Y.
Susan M. McLAUGHLIN Saratoga County, N.Y.
William N. BAILEY Schuyler County, N.Y.
H.R. PERSHING Indiana County, Penn.
John LOWRY Jefferson County, Ohio
James THOMPSON Montgomery County, W.Va.
Adam RHINEHART Virginia
Ahijah HAWLEY Montgomery County, N.Y.
Pamelia HAWLEY Otsego County, N.Y.

Name Place of birth
Moses R. LELAND Marshall County, Ind.
Mary A. HARRIS Marshall County, Ind.
J.A. CORSE Kent County, Del.
John B. RANSTEAD not given
Mich RHODES Wurtemberg, Europe
Austin FULLER Cortland County, N.Y.
John W. LELAND Monroe County, Mich.
Clarissa VAN VACTOR Mrshall County, Ind.
George ANDERSON Marshall County, Ind.
M.W. DOWNEY Mansfield, Ohio
Mrs. J.N. FREESE Marshall County, Ind.

Name Place of birth
Lyman H. ANDREWS Rensselaer County, N.Y.
Daniel RINGLE Westmoreland County, Penn.
John A. LEEPER Stark County, Ohio
James E. HOUGHTON Marshall County, Ind.
Willard w. WILCOX Marshall County, Ind.
H.B. PERSHING Indiana County, Penn.

Name Place of birth
Adam SNYDER not given
John HECKAMAN Pennsylvania
Adam HENSEL France
James M. GIBSON Marshall County, Ind.
Willard W. WILCOX Marshall County, Ind.
Eliza D. LOUDON Cattaraugus County, N.Y.
L.D. SHAKES not given

Name Place of birth
William H. MILNER Marshall County, Ind.
John J. KELLY Flemingsburg, Ky.
Elizabeth KELLY Virginia
James KELLY Highland County, Ohio
James MOORE Marshall County, Ind.
Thomas McDONALD Marshall County, Ind.
Charles W. RAMSAY Onandaga County, N.Y.
David REDDING Marshall County, Ind.
Charles PALMER Cayuga County, N.Y.
Washington TUTTLE Clarke County, Ind.
Jacob B.N. KLINGER Preble County, Ohio
Harriet M. LINDSEY Marshall County, Ind.

Name Place of birth
Johnson BROWNLEE Fayette County, Ind.
Louisa J. HEAD Marshall County, Ind.
Clark THOMPSON Marshall County, Ind.
Edward NEWHOUSE Concord, Penn.
A. NEWHOUSE Concord, Penn.
J.C. NEWHOUSE Concord, Penn.
S. NEWHOUSE Concord, Penn.
Stephen S. STALEY Cabell County, W. Va.
F.M. HEAD Marshall County, Ind.
Jacob E. TROWBRIDGE Warren County, Ohio

Name Place of birth
Hugh BROWNLEE Fayette County, Ind.
Mary BROWNLEE Fayette County, Ind.
Sarah A. WILSON Butler County, Ohio
Elizabeth BROWNLEE Marion County, Ind.
M.L. SMITH Nicholas County, Ky.
W.W. HILL Covington, Ky
James L. HAWLEY Marshall County, Ind.
Henry MARSH Dover, England
Ed. R. EDWARDS Poland, Ohio
Jacob F. TROWBRIDGE Lebanon, Ohio
Rachel TROWBRIDGE Marshall County, Ind.

Name Place of birth
Martha WELCH Marshall Cunty, Ind.
Anson P. ELLIOTT Muskingum County, Ohio
William J. HAND Columbia County, N.Y.
R.M. WILLIAMS Marshall Cunty, Ind.
J.W. WALMER Mrshall County, Ind.
Samuel MILLER Montgomery County, Ohio
John W. PALMER Marshall County, Ind.

Name Place of birth
Julia A. HARSH Marshall County, Ind.
Adam ZUMBAUGH Summit County, Ohio
Enoch BELANGEE Gloucester, N.J.

Name Place of birth
Mary J. DICKSON Marshall County, Ind.
Dora TROWBRIDGE Marshall County, Ind.
Susan S. JOSEPH Muskingum County, Ohio
John S. BENDER Cumberland County, Penn.
E.K. BARNHILL Marion County, Ind.
James L. CLEAVELAND Ontario County, N.Y.
John W. CLEAVELAND Ontario County, N.Y.
Phebe F. CLEAVELAND Marion County, Ind.
Hugh BARNHILL Butler County, Ohio
Sarah BARNHILL Butler County, Ohio
Julia A. WORK Marshall County, Ind.
Arthur T. METCALF Marshall County, Ind.
J.N. FREESE Randolph County, Ohio

Name Place of birth
Mary FLETCHER Fayette County, Ind.
Perry O. JONES Marshall County, Ind.
Abigail JACOBY Marion County, Ohio
Christian JACOBY Marion County, Ohio
D.A. SNYDER Marshall County, Ind.
William SULT Marion County, Ohio
Hugh JACKMAN Franklin County, Ind.
Franklin CLEMENS Franklin County, N.Y.
Jacob SULT Marion County, Ohio
Thomas J. PATTERSON Lexington, Kentucky

Name Place of birth
Margaret HUFFMAN St. Joseph County, Ind.
John A. CORBALEY Marshall County, Ind.
U.E. TROWBRIDGE Marshall County, Ind.
B.W. MILLER Lewis County, Ky.
Edward R. LEWIS Warren, Ohio
Melissa M. LEWIS Trumbull County, Ohio
Ellie LEWIS Trumbull County, Ohio
Adam VINNEDGE Butler County, Ohio
H.G. THAYER New York

Old Settlers Society

Members added at 1879 meeting

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