Give us, O Lord
a church that will be more courageous than cautious,
a church that will not merely comfort the afflicted but afflict the comfortable.
a church that will not only love the world but will also judge the world,
a church that will not only pursue peace but will also demand justice,
a church that will not remain silent when people are calling for a voice,
a church will not pass by the other side when wounded humanity is waiting to be healed,
a church that will not only call us to worship but also send us out to witness,
a church that will follow Christ even when the way points to the cross,
To this end we offer ourselves in the name of the Christ who loved and gave himself for us,

-Global Communication and Justice Consulation
East Asian Pastoral Institute, Philippines 1992

Pastors of Union Church

Deborah Peterson 2001 - Present

Charles Greg Spry 1996 - 2001

Everett Shallack 1995 - 1996

Paul E. McBride 1986 - 1995

Ammon P. Wenger 1982 - 1986

Richard Jones 1981 - 1982

Paul Nye 1979 - 1981

Bruce Weaver 1971 - 1979

Ronald Clark 1968 - 1971

Leo Van Scoyk 1964 - 1968

Clyde Lehman 1962 - 1964

Eldon Morehouse ? - 1962

Charles light

Emery Kintner

T.E. George

Paul Dennison

Wesley Brubaker - 1949

Ben Cross

Herbert Zook - 1946

S. F. Hendricks - 1914 - ?

John F. Appleman

Adam Appleman

Jacob Seider

Aaron Kreighbaum

John Hoover

Elder Shiveley

Elder John Knisley

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