School Photo Index

Last Name First Name Description Folder Acc. No.
Quick Jim Class of 1956 School-City-Bourbon  
Quier Arthur 1943-44 School-City-Bourbon #2914F-1
Quier Arthur 2nd Gr. 1944-45 School-City-Bourbon  
Quier Walter 5th and 6th 1945-6 Schools-City-Inwood  
Quimby Cal Kind. 1978-9 P.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6203G
Quimby Ernest 3rd. Gr. 1967-8 School-City-Argos #5895C
Quimby Larry 8th Gr. 1956-7 School-City-Argos #2445B-4
Quimby Larry 7th Gr. 1955-6 School-City-Argos #2445A-4
Quimby Ronald 2nd Gr. 1956-7 School-City-Argos #3225B-1
Quint Joshua Kind. 1990-1 A.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6205G
Quivey A. Freshman 1922 School-City-Argos #3044D
Quivey Glen 1939 grads School-City-Culver  
Quivey Glen undated C School-County-Green Twp.  
Quivey Glen undated E School-County-Green Twp.  
Quivey Glenn undated D School-County-Green Twp.  
Quivey Hugh 7th & 8th gr. 1936-7 School-County-Green Twp. #5548A
Quivey Margaret nee Adamson School Hack School-County-Union Twp. #2520A
Quivey Margaret nee Adamson Shawtown W 17th School-County-Union Twp.  
Quivey Ronald 1923 grads School-City-Argos  
Quivey Virgil Class of 1936 School-City-Culver  

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