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Last Name First Name Description Folder Acc. No.
Vaca Jessie Kind. 1986-7 A. M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6204H
Vaca Melissa Kind. 1986-7 P.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6204I
Vaca Melissa Kind. 1987-8 P.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6205A
Van Dorn Ed Fountain Valley School-County-Tip. Twp.  
Van Dorn Lillie Fountain Valley School-County-Tip. Twp.  
Van Gilder Patsy 1947-8 Schools-City-Inwood  
Van Gilder Ren 4th Gr. 1957-8 School-City-Ply.-Washington #6574D
Van Hoecke Agnes Lily Class of 1941 School-City-LaPaz  
Van Hoecke Gaberal 8th Gr. 1940 School-City-LaPaz  
Van Hoecke Gaberal 10th Gr. 1942 School-City-LaPaz  
Van Lue Treva Class of 1944 School-City-Tippecanoe  
Van Meter Sharon faculty 1981-2 Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6206D
Van Schoiack Barbara J. 1946 grads School-City-Culver  
Van Schoik Richard Maxinkuckee 1936 School-County-Union Twp.  
Van Vactor David 1923 grads School-City-Argos  
Vanata Shirley 1950 School-County-Green Twp. SBT #555
Vanata Shirley? 3rd and 4th gr. 1949 School-County-Green Twp. #3225A5
VanBlaricom Jeff K. 1965-6 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
VanBlaricom Theodore Room 3 1922-3 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
VanBlaricom   4th gr. 1953 School-city-Tyner #3699B
Vance Emery 1st Gr. 1928-9 School-City-Argos #4164-I
Vance Larry 1951 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
Vance Mary Jane 1927-28 School-City-Argos #4164-J
VanCleave James M. Summit Chapel A School-County-Tip. Twp.  
VanCleave Martin B School-City-Tippecanoe  
Vancza Anna 3rd Gr. 1971-2 School-City-Ply-Wash #2 #5895J
Vancza Peg nee Pifer 45th reunion class of 1950 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
Vancza Stephen C. Kind. 1962-3 School-City-Ply.-Washington #6207E
VanDerKolk Nancy Jean Class of 1951 School-City-LaPaz #6117A
VanDerKolk Neil projector club School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
Vanderweele Jack ca. 1926 School-City-Argos #3225A-1
VanDerWeele Jean NHS School-City-Argos #5839E
VanDerWeele Wayne Freshman 1922 School-City-Argos #3044D
VanDerWeele Wayne, Jr. 1941 band School-City-Argos  
VanDusen Lillian Kind. 1973-4 P.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6202H
VanDuyne Danny Kind. 1990-1 P.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6205F
VanGilder Betty ca. 1958 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
VanGilder Geraldine #4 Sophomores 1919 School-City-Ply.-Washington  
VanGilder Linda 3rd Gr. 1957-8 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
VanGilder Manford Class of 1933 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
VanGilder Welcome Linkville 3rd and 4th Schools-County-North  
VanGilder Welcome Linkville A Schools-County-North  
VanGilder Welcome Linkville 5th and 6th 1924-5 Schools-County-North  
VanHaltum John 3rd Gr. 1971-2 School-City-Ply-Wash #2 #5895J
VanHaltum Maargaret 3rd Gr. 1970-1 School-City-Ply-Wash #2 #5898A
VanHoutte Peggy 4th Gr. 1961-2 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
VanMeter Chad Kind. 1977-8 A.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6203E
VanSchoiack Barbara Band 1945-6 School-City-Culver  
VanSchoiack Barbara Class of 1946 School-City-Culver  
VanSchoiack Richard W. Class of 1942 School-City-Culver #5786A
VanVactor Barbara Kind. P.M. 1966-7 Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6202A
VanVactor Betty 1943-44 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Betty 5th and 6th 1944-5 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Betty 1st gr. 1939 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Betty Lou 3rd and 4th 1942 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Bob 7th and 8th 1933-4 Schools-City-Inwood #1729C
VanVactor Earl 1908 School-City-Plymouth-Webster news pic
VanVactor Edna class of 1911 School-City-Ply.-Washington  
VanVactor Eva 1st and 2nd Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Harold 50th Reunion class of 1946 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
VanVactor Hazel 8th gr. Grad School-City-Plymouth-Webster #842C
VanVactor James 1908 School-City-Plymouth-Webster news pic
VanVactor Marjorie nee Hutchings 50th reunion Class of 1949 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
VanVactor Marjorie nee Hutchings 45th reunion Class of 1949 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
VanVactor Mary #4 Sophomores 1919 School-City-Ply.-Washington  
Vanvactor Mary 50th reun. class of 1921 School-City-Ply.-Washington  
VanVactor Mary Ruth 7th and 8th 1941-2 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVActor Mary Ruth 1942 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Miles #5 Sophomore 1919 School-City-Ply.-Washington  
VanVactor Patsy 5th and 6th 1947-8 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Robert 715 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Russell School play ca. 1916 School-City-Ply.-Washington #3733
VanVactor Ruth Study Hall 1949-50 School-City-Ply.-Washington  
VanVactor Ruth G Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Venus 8th gr. Grad School-City-Plymouth-Webster #842C
VanVactor Virginia 12th Gr. 1935 School-City-LaPaz  
VanVactor Virginia 4th Gr. 1926-27 School-City-Ply.-Washington  
VanVactor Virginia 1926-7 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Virginia 1925-6 Schools-City-Inwood  
VanVactor Virginia 1st and 2nd 1926 Schools-City-Inwood  
Vasques Johnny 1960 School-City-Ply.-Washington #6034D
Vasquez Andrea Kind. 1988-9 P.M Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6205C
Vasquez Edward Gr. 1 1960-1 School-City-Ply.-Washington #6034G1
Vasquez Erma 1st Gr. 1961-2 School-City-Ply.-Washington #5896A
Vaughtah John 2nd. Gr. 1958 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
Veclotch Andrew Linkville A Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Andrew Linkville 5th and 6th 1924-5 Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Andrew 1926-7 Linkville Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Andy 1928-9 School-City-LaPaz  
Veclotch Dorothy 1st and 2nd 1930 Linkville Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Dorothy E. Class of 1941 School-City-LaPaz  
Veclotch Elnora 2nd and 3rd Linkville 1921-2 Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Frank Linkville A Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Frank Linkville B Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Frank 1926-7 Linkville Schools-County-North  
Veclotch Olveta grade one 1926 Linkville Schools-County-North  
Vermilliaon Trina 3rd Gr. 1974-5 School-City-Ply-Wash #2 #5895I-1
Vermillion Alan 1977 group School-City-LaPaz #5280B
Vermillion Harvey Class of 1936 School-City-Culver  
Vermillion Harvey Maxinkuckee 1925-6 School-County-Union Twp. #3675D
Vermillion Hazel teacher Schools- City- Plymouth- Officials  
Vermillion Tom 3rd Gr. 1940-1 School-County-Green Twp.  
Vernette Verona 1st Gr. 1922-23 School-City-Tippecanoe  
Vernette Verona 1922 School-City-Tippecanoe #2914A
Vernetter Aurel Summit Chapel School-County-Tip. Twp. #2914E3
Vernetter Ruth Summit Chapel School-County-Tip. Twp. #2914E3
Vice Tina 1962-3 School-City-Ply.-Washington #6034B
Vidas Betty nee Clevenger 40th Reunion class of 1948 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
Vigil Cristina Kind. 1991-2 A.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6205H
Vinall Bessie Ladies only School-City-Ply.-Washington  
Vinall Julius James gr. 1&2 1923-4 School-City-Argos #6052
Vinall Pam 3rd Gr. 1957-8 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
Vincent Weaver 3rd Gr. 1934-5 School-City-Culver  
Vining Clarence Summit Chapel School-County-Tip. Twp. #2914E3
Vining Edna teacher 1922 gr. 5/6 School-City-Tippecanoe  
Vining Lucetta Summit Chapel School-County-Tip. Twp. #2914E3
Vining Nancy Summit Chapel 1910 School-County-Tip. Twp.  
Vining Nancy Summit Chapel School-County-Tip. Twp. #2914E3
Vining Nancy Summit Chapel School-County-Tip. Twp. #2914E3
Vining Richard 1918-50 School-City-Tippecanoe  
Vining Edna 2nd Gr. 1944-45 School-City-Bourbon  
Vires Becky 7th Gr. 1952-3 School-City-Argos #2445A-2
Vires Ewen 7th Gr. 1956-7 School-City-Argos  
Vires Kathie 1956-57 Schools-City-Inwood  
Vires Kathie 1956-7 Schools-City-Inwood  
Vires Kathleen 1955-6 Schools-City-Inwood  
Vittatoe Fred Kind. 1976-7 A.M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6203C
Vogel Louise Class 1929 School-City-Bremen SBT #441
Vogeli O. Oct. 17, 1893 School-City-Bremen #846C
Vollrath Karla Kind. 1971-2 P. M. Schools-City-Ply-Jefferson #6202G
Volmer Viola #1 School-County-German Twp.  
Von Grabow Richard 1949 class play School-city-Tyner  
Von Her Edna Mae Class of 1951 School-City-Culver  
Von Her Jack 1939 grads School-City-Culver  
Vondra George faculty and staff Schools-City-Inwood #6574A
VonEhr Edna Mae 3rd and 4th 1941-2 West School-County-West Twp. #6586B
Vore Bill 4th Gr. 1963-4 School-City-Plymouth-Webster  
Vore Bobby 1937 group outdoors School-City-Ply.-Washington  
Vore Marjorie 1942 play cast School-City-Ply.-Washington  
Vore Mary PHS orchestra 1948 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
Vore Robert 50th reunion Class of 1949 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
Vore Robert 45th reunion Class of 1949 School-City-Plymouth-Lincoln  
Vore Robert O. 1942 play cast School-City-Ply.-Washington  
Voreis Darl Burr Oak School 1934-5 School-County-Union Twp.  
Voreis Darl Burr Oak 1935-6 School-County-Union Twp.  
Voreis Darl Burr Oak 1936-7 School-County-Union Twp.  
Voreis Eava Burr Oak 1936-7 School-County-Union Twp.  
Voreis Jacob O. 1st & 2nd 1943-4 School-County-Green Twp. #3225B-7
Voreis Lewis Burr Oak 1935-6 School-County-Union Twp.  
Voreis Lewis Burr Oak 1936-7 School-County-Union Twp.  
Voreis Mabel Olive School ca. 1900 School-County-Green Twp.  
Voreis Marilyn 1950 School-County-Green Twp. SBT #555
Voreis Marilyn 3rd and 4th gr. 1949 School-County-Green Twp. #3225A5
Voreis Roger Class of 1946 School-City-Culver  
Voreis Roger D. 1946 grads School-City-Culver  
Voreis Rose nee Cromley Maxinkuckee 1925-6 School-County-Union Twp. #3675D
Voreiw Donald 7th & 8th gr. 1936-7 School-County-Green Twp. #5548A
Vos Diane West students 1953 School-County-West Twp. #6017C
Voss Carol West 1957 School-County-West Twp.  
Voss Carol 10th Gr. 1955 West School-County-West Twp.  
Voss Carol 11th Gr. 1956 West School-County-West Twp.  
Voss Carol? 1954-55 Sunshine Club School-County-West Twp.  
Vouville George West 1951-2 School-County-West Twp. #2424F

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