Thirty-sixth Annual Commencement
June 6, 1911

From: Marshall County Roots and Branches, Vol. 16, No. 3, July 1995, and No. 4, October 1995, Judy McCollough, Editor and Compiler

A small program booklet in the history files of the Marshall County Museum Library contains the following information about "Alumni Et Alumnae".

Name Occupation Address
GORTON, Haddie G. (Mrs. C.W. BOYD) - Salt Lake City
BUCK, Ira D. Traveling Salesman Chicago, Ill.
KLINGER, Ida C. Abstractor Plymouth
PERSHING, Henry A. Stationer South Bend, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BURLINGAME, Lillian E. Teacher City Schools Logansport, Ind.
ELLIOTT, Acacia U. (Mrs. W.E. WELLS) - Berwyn, Ill.
HARRIS, Etta (Mrs. L.R. CASE) Teacher City Schools Marion, Ind.
MORRILL, Marry L. (Mrs. G.E. SANDS) - Iowa Falls, IA, died 9/27/01
SUTPHEN, Charles - Chicago, Ill.
D'STEESE, Mattie M. (Mrs. W.C. KINGSBERRY), - died 5/1900
THOMSON, Phebe C. (Mrs. J.W. WILLEY) - Plymouth, Ind.
WERT, Addie E. (Mrs. J.P. SCULL) - Rochester, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
ELLIOTT, Louie (Louise?) E. (Mrs. John C. HALL) Stenographer Chicago, Ill.
KLINGER, Alice C. - Plymouth, Ind.
MORRILL, Laura B. (Mrs. George F. HUTCHINGS) - died 21886
POE, Lettie J. - Ashland, O.
THAYER, George H., Jr. Manufacturer Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
DRUMMOND, Charles P. Lawyer South Bend, Ind.
GRAVES, Anna J. (Mrs. A.M. BECKNER) - died 1897? 1907?
GRIFFIN, Etta R. - died 5/1884
HILL, Fred W. W.W. Hill and son, Confectioners Plymouth, Ind.
LUMIS, Carrie (Mrs. L.B. SELLS) - Chicago, Ill.
McDONALD, William L. Civil Engineer Chicago, Ill.
STOUT, Lelia E. (Mrs. Robert SPRAGG) - Moberly, Mo.
WEST, Leslie D. Freight Agent Indianapolis, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BROOKE, Frank K. Insurance and Law Plymouth, Ind.
ELLIOTT, Ina G. Stenographer Chicago, Ill.
GILMORE, Burt J. State Agent German American Insurance Co. Indianapolis, Ind.
JOSEPH, Darr C. - died 121901
OUTCALT, Lillian O. (Mrs. Ed S. BROOKE) - Salt Lake City, Utah
WEST, Mable M. Teacher City Schools Indianapolis, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
ADAMS,Jennie M. - Rochester, N.Y.
ALLMAN, Emma B. (Mrs. SPAYDE) - Argos, Ind.
ARMSTRONG, Charlotte (Mrs. F.G. MIDDLEDAUFF) - St. Louis, Mo.
BORTON, Fred S. Broker Cleveland, Ohio
BORTON, Grace W. (Mrs. Dr. N.B. ASPINALL) - Plymouth, Ind.
HARTE, Eldora (Mrs. Charles B. TIBBETS) - Rockford, Ill.
HOUGHTON, Louella K. (Mrs. J.H. GREEN) - Ligonier, Ind.
LAUER, Leopold M. Lawyer Plymouth, Ind.
MAYER, Milton S. Packing House Baltimore, Md.
McDONALD, Kittie B. (Mrs. K. UPMEYER) - Harrisburg, Ore.

Name Occupation Address
ADAMS, Richard E. Traveling Salesman Rochester, N.Y.
SOICE, Claire (Mrs. J.P. CARROLL) - Indianapolis, Ind.
WEST, Evelyn Teacher City Schools Indianapolis, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BUCK, Frank C. - Plymouth, Ind.
JOHNSON, Ida C. (Mrs. Albert JOST) - Seattle, Wash.
KEBERT, Lizzie (Mrs. O.B. TOWNSEND) Teacher Walkerton, Ind.
LAUER, Benjamin J. Pharmacist New York City
LAUER, Moses Clothing Merchant Plymouth, Ind.
McDONALD, Louis T.M. Wilmarth Co. Chicago, Ill.
SOICE, Flora I. (Mrs. Harry E. BUCK) - Plymouth, Ind.
TOAN, Arthur B. - died 15/1906

Name Occupation Address
ALLEMAN, Frank B. Furniture Dealer Goshen, Ind.
HOUGHTON, Anna Z. Teacher City Schools Oak Park, Ill.
KORP, Olive B. (Mrs. O.M. MARTIN) - LaPaz, Ind. died - date ?
MAYER, Solomon Clothier Spokane, Wash.
PIERCE, Lizzie H. Teacher City Schools Huntington, Ind.
SHAKES, Minnie M. (Mrs. Charles WILHELM) - South Bend, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
FORSTER, Esther (Mrs. Walter OGLESBEE) Teacher City Schools Huntington, Ind.
RYDER, Jennie M. (Mrs. Harry CHESTER) - Elkhart, Ind.
MAXEY, Lillian I. Teacher City School East Chicago, Ind.
McDONALD, Elizabeth Helen (Mrs. T.W. Gilmore) - Chicago, Ill.
THOMPSON, Olive M. Teacher City Schools Chicago, Ill.

Name Occupation Address
BORTON, Mable S. (Mrs. Ralph E. BEEBE) Author of "Four Naval Heroes", and
"Four American Generals"
Kansas City, Mo.
RESLAR, Mary A. Florist Plymouth, Ind.
RESLAR, Sarah (Mrs. Sarah M. COLE) - Kalamazoo, Mich.

Name Occupation Address
BORTON, T. Earnest Broker Cleveland, Ohio
CLEVELAND, Holbrooke G. Lawyer St. Louis, Mo.
KENDALL, Grace (Mrs. W.E. LEONARD, Jr.) - died 4/20/1891
LAWRENCE, Winnifred Z. (Mrs. Harry HUMRICHOUSER) - Plymouth, Ind.
LEONARD, William E., Jr. Bradstreet Co. Chicago, Ill.
MAYER, Fannie (Mrs. Moses LAUER) - Plymouth, Ind.
MILLER, J. Edward Lawyer Chicago, Ill.
NUSSBAUM, Minnie F. (Mrs. Leopold ADELSDORF) - Chicago, Ill.
NUSSBAUM, Samuel - died 125/1901
RYDER, Laura A. (Mrs. J.L. WOLF) - Elkhart, Ind.
SHAKES, Elizabeth B. (Mrs. S.F. GIBSON) - died 5/17/1899
WOODWARD, Pearl A. (Mrs. C.A. WILDING) - Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BROWNLEE, Mary G. (Mrs. Cora B. NORTH) - Rutland, Ind.
GALLAGHER, John W. - died 9/21902
HALSEY, Mary - Zion City, Ill.
JOHNSON, Carrie A. (Mrs. C.F. BAKER) - Seattle, Wash.
MARTIN, Catherine L. (Mrs. H.P. LATTA) - Goshen, Ind.
MARTIN, Martha A. (Mrs. S.N. STEPHENS) - Plymouth, Ind.
MAYER, Julia (Mrs. Maurice LAUER) - Des Moines, Ia.
MAXEY, Elsie (Mrs. W.R. DIAMOND) - East Chicago, Ill.
REEVES, James A. - Streeter, Ill.
REYNOLDS, Bertah K. (Mrs. Louis McDONALD) - Willimette, Ill.
STOUT, Edith L. (Mrs. H.B. HENZILL) - Alligan, Mich.
WOLF, Carrie (Mrs. Ben M. LAUER) - Osage City, Kans.

Name Occupation Address
BECKER, Bertha - died 8/1894
BOSS, Lizzie C. (Mrs. Wm. E. WALTERS) - Bremen, Ind.
CHASE, Estella M. - Plymouth, Ind.
CLEVELAND, Victoria C. (Mrs. F. SHEPPARD) - Germantown, Pa.
EMERSON, Florence A. - died 18/1892
COLLINS, Flora M. (Mrs. John KRUGER) - Los Angeles, Cal.
FLETCHER, Lillian A. (Mrs. B.E. SMYTHE) - London, Canada
HOOVER, Carrie B. (Mrs. W.E. FORAKER) - Columbus, O.
KUHN, John f. M.D. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
LATTIMORE, Agnes (Mrs. W.S. GILMORE) - Evanston, Ill.
LOOSE, Clarence E. Jeweler Columbus, Ohio
REYNOLDS, Maude M. (Mrs. James K. HOUGHTON) Art Store Plymouth, Ind.
WILCOX, Ella M. (Mrs. C.D. HENDRICKSON) - Memphis, Tenn.

Name Occupation Address
ALLMANN, Louis N. Traveling Salesman Chicago, Ill.
CORBIN, Harcourt C. Bradstreet Co. Chicago, Ill.
JACOBY, Arthur E. Trainmaster's Office, Penna Lines, Union Station Chicago, Ill.
LAUER, Bertha C. (Mrs. Jacob SPEYER) - Lexington, Ky.
LAUER, Maurice L. Traveling Salesman Des Moines, Ia.
REEVES, Carrie E. Bookkeeper, State Bank Plymouth, Ind.
REEVES, Laura G. - Plymouth, Ind.
STEELE, Bessie (Mrs. O.A. AGLER) - Geneva, Ill.
THAYER, Elma G. (Mrs. Ferdinand FRIBLEY) - Bourbon, Ind.
WILTFONG, Ethel I. (Mrs. L.R. BELL) - Manlius, N.Y.
YOCKEY, Minnie E. (Mrs. George SWANTZ) - Granville, N.D.

Name Occupation Address
EVANS, Lora R. - died 6/14/1898
GRIMM, Ella F. (Mrs. Julius ROST) - St. Paul, Minn.
HUFF, Bert W. - Indianapolis, Ind.
LOGAN, Trellah B. (Mrs. C.B. WILSON) - Seattle, Wash.
STALEY, Cora B. (Mrs. D.J. VANVACTOR) - Plymouth, Ind.
TANNER, Arthur R. Electrical Supply Co. Oklahoma City, Okla.
THOMPSON, Mortimore L. Business Mgr., Toledo Computing Seals co. Chicago, Ill.

Name Occupation Address
BEHRENS, Anna (Mrs. O.R. PORTER) - Gregory, S.D.
CHASE, Oliver C. Clerk National Bank Englewood, Ill.
DISHER, D. Florine (Mrs. O.E. ACKER) - Minneapolis, Minn.
GALLAGHER, Emma F. (Mrs. Dr. Charles HOLTZENDORF) - Plymouth, Ind.
JOHNSON, Edith (Mrs. Charles SEWARD) - Plymouth, Ind.
KELLY, Harriet B.S. (Mrs. Wm. EVERLY) - Plymouth, Ind.
LINDQUIST, John A. Physician Springfield, Ill.
ROSENBURY, Bert - died 4/8/1896
YOUNG, Archibald F. Painter and Decorator Chicago, Ill.

Name Occupation Address
BACHMAN, Alice (Mrs. B.F. HAMMOND) - Elkhart, Ind.
CAPTON, Giles Machinist Los Angeles, Cal.
COX, Minnie M. (Mrs. Milo HALE) - Kansas City, Mo.
HOW, J. Tabler M.D. Lakeville, Ind.
MARTIN, Will C. Engineering Staff, Gunn Richards & Co. New York, N.Y.
NUSSBAUM, Bertrand E. Lawyer Muskegan, Okla.
THOMAS, Frank L. - Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
ALLMAN, Jesse Mgr., General Store Park Falls, Wisc.
BOSS, Frank W. Lawyer Scammon, Kansas
BOWELL, Daisy B. (Mrs. Eldridge THOMPSON) - Plymouth, Ind.
GILMORE, James A., Jr. Standard Oil Company Omaha, Neb.
HAWLEY, Ina E. (Mrs. J.F. FOULKES) Capt. American volunteers Portland, Oregon
HOOVER, Gladys - Plymouth, Ind.
HOOVER, Oron f. Merchant Plymouth, Ind.
LINDQUIST, Nils Physician and Surgeon South Bend, Ind.
MAYER, Edwin J. Union Stock Yard Chicago, Ill.

Name Occupation Address
AXE, Grace L. (Mrs. C.O. WILTFONG) - Chesterton, Ind.
BLAIN, Gideon W. Lawyer Indianapolis, Ind.
BOSS, Carrie L. Teacher City Schools Plymouth, Ind.
DISHER, Helen A. (Mrs. Arthur METZLER) - Rochester, Ind.
GIBSON, Herbert - Plymouth, Ind.
GRIMM, John F. Secretary Winkler Bros. Mfg. Co. South Bend, Ind.
HOHAM, Mary K. Supervisor of Music Columbia City, Ind.
KLINGEHAMMER, John - South Bend, Ind.
LAUER, Jeanette (Mrs. Block) - Salt Lake City, Utah
LEONARD, Cora F. (Mrs. A.T. UNDERWOOD) - South Bend, Ind.
OLSON, Mary O.E. (Mrs. W.H. BRAHAM) - died July 1907
SCHENDEL, Richard A. Confectioner Lincoln, Nebraska
SOUTHWORTH, Mary D. - Plymouth, Ind.
TANNER, Frank C. Druggist Plymouth, Ind.
THOMSON, Ronald M. Newspaper Publisher St. Charles Mo.
WEBER, Otto H. Dept. Auditor, Marshall County Plymouth, Ind.
WILTFONG, Charles O. Physician and Surgeon Chesterton, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
CLEVELAND, Allen B. - Indianapolis, Ind.
JACOBY, Mabel E. Teacher Marion, Ind.
LAUER, Henrietta (Mrs. DEUTSCH) - Cleveland, Ohio
NORTH, Earle M. Presbyterian Minister Ellendale, N.D.
THOMSON, Ruth A. (Mrs. Albert HUMES) - Brookings, S.D.
WINDBIGLER, Cora E. (Mrs. Robert Cunningham) - Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BEHRENS, Meta A. (Mrs. A.C. JONES) - Chicago, Ill.
BISSELL, Harriet E. (Mrs. L. SCHROEDER) - Columbia City, Ind.
DICKINGSON, Walter B. First Congregationalist Minister Kalamazoo, Mich.
DURR, Grace (Mrs. w.E. BURRIS) - Tulsa, Okla.
HUME, Albert Chief in Agronomy, S.D. State Colleges and Experiment Station Brookliings, S.D.
HOWE, Mary J. (Mrs. J.M. BLACK) - Bremen, Ind.
JONES, Arthur C. Clerk Wholesale House Chicago, Ill.
KENDALL, Raymond - died 8/30/1900
KUHN, A.M. Salesman, Towle Mfg. Co. Chicago,. Ill.
STEWART, Coral H. - Fort Wayne, Ind.
TANNER, Edwin L. Traveling Salesman Plymouth Novelty Co. Plymouth, Ind.
VINALL, Ora Ellen (Mrs. Anthony MILLER) - South Bend, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BELL, Edna V. (Mrs. J. CONNORS) - Nettleton, Ark.
EASTERDAY, Anna V. (Mrs. Walter SHAFER) - Bourbon, Ind.
EASTERDAY, Letitia (Mrs. C. SMITH) - Plymouth, Ind.
HOLEM, Emma E.R.G. Teacher City Schools Columbia City, Ind.
LOGAN, Mabel (Mrs. Albert DREIBELBISS) - Plymouth, Ind.
MUNN, Eva - Plymouth, Ind.
NORTH, Lois I. Teacher City Schools Kendallville, Ind.
REEVE, Robert I. Accountant Chicago, Ill.
REEVES, Emory W. M.D. Houston, Texas
SOUTHWORTH, Jennie L. (Mrs. Edwin TANNER) - Plymouth, Ind.
SOICE, Gertrude C. - Chicago, Ill.
WILCOX, Archibald O. Mgr. Foreign Exchange Dept., National Bank of the Republic Chicago, Ill.

Name Occupation Address
BECKER, Sidney S. Dept. Store Chicago, Ill.
BROWN, Mary C. (Mrs. Dr. H. BROWNE) - Plymouth, Ind.
BURDEN, Mamie (Mrs. George WEISSERT) - Hamlet, Ind.
CAPRON, Dora Bookkeeper Edgerton Mfg. Co. Plymouth, Ind.
DICKINSON, Charlotte M. (Mrs. F.A. GLEISTEIN) - Chicago, Ill.
GILMORE, Jesse T. Sec to J.S. SHEDD, Marshall Field & Co. Chicago, Ill.
HALLOCK, Alice M. Linotype operator, Hall Printing co. Chicago, Ill.
HESS, Emory E. - Ballard, Wash.
HUME, Margaret E. (Mrs. Earl NORTH) - Ellendale, N.d.
JACKSON, Howard - South Bend, Ind.
KENDALL, Mary (Mrs. Dr. HITCHCOCK) - Plymouth, Ind.
LOGAN, I. Ward Laundryman NIles, Mich.
MUELLER, Julia M. (Mrs. Edward SAYRES) - Elkhart, Ind.
PETERSON, Gertrude E. (Mrs. H. SUDERS) - Mishawaka, Ind.
ROSENBURY, Dollie C. Stenographer Plymouth, Ind.
SPIESSHOFER, Carl F. Stationer Chicago, Ill.
THOMPSON, Gertrude O. (Mrs. Carl KLOEPFER) - Minn., Minn.
YOCKEY, Edna A. (Mrs. Earle CORBALEY) Los Angeles, Cal.

Name Occupation Address
BECKER, Jennette - Chicago, Ill.
BRINK, Stella M. (Mrs. F.E. HENRY) - South Bend, Ind.
CORDILL, Idona (Mrs. L.D. ROMINEE) - South Bend, Ind.
DEEDS, Leonore (Mrs. A.W. O'KEEFE) - Plymouth, Ind.
DEMOSS, Kitty (Mrs. E.E. LANDIS) - Flora, Ind.
HUFFMAN, Vinnie L. (Mrs. H.S. BARNHILL) - Wenatchee, Wash.
JACOBY, Ralph A. Agriculturist Plymouth, Ind.
JACOBY, Harriet E. (Mrs. Herbert GIBSON) - Plymouth, Ind.
KOONTZ, Flora E. Teacher Chicago, Ill.
MARTINDALE, Fred C. - died 5/17/1904
McDONALD, Dessie M. Teacher, Brightside Plymouth, Ind.
MORRISON, Earle B. Exchange Dealer Guaranty Realty Co. Venice, Cal.
MUNN, Hayes Agriculturist Donaldson, Ind.
MUNN, Nellie J. Teacher Chicago, Ill.
O'KEEFE, Arthur General Contracting Plymouth, Ind.
SEIVERS, Lura G. (Mrs. O. Dietrich) - died Sept 1906
SOUTHWORTH, Mae E. (Mrs. H.L. MARVIN) - Plymouth, Ind.
WILTFONG, Harry R. - died 9/28/1903

Name Occupation Address
DISHER, G. Blanche Teacher Rochester, Ind.
GIBSON, George C. U.W.Marshall Ocmulgee, I.T.
HALLOCK, Cora B. - Plymouth, Ind.
HOOVER, Bertha A. First National Bank Plymouth, Ind.
JONES, Lou Clare (Mrs. Ed. REESE) - Ft. Wayne, Ind.
LAMBERT, Sarah O. (Mrs. J.F. PENROD) - Kewanna, Ind.
LEONARD, Frank K. Federal Mining and Milling Co. Wallace, Idaho
McCRORY, geneva (Mrs. H.E. HANEY) - Bellfield, N.D.
NORTH, Gail E. (Mrs. James PARKS) - East Chicago, Ill.
PARKS Honore E. (Mrs. E. PETTY) - Frankfort, Ind.
PARKS, James O. Cashier, East Chicago Bank East chicago, Ill.
POMEROY, Arthur C. Timekeeper, Chicago, Ill.
PRICE, Fred D. Mailing Postal Clerk Plymouth, Ind.
SHAKES, Olga M. Teacher of Mathematics Chicago High Schools
THOMPSON, Maisie M.B. (Mrs. Joseph BIGGINS) - Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BOLLMAN, Edna C. (Mrs. J.F. ALLEN) - Adrian, Mich.
CAPRON, Edna B. Gov. Clerk Washington, D.c.
CONGER, Effie M. (Mrs. A.O. WILCOX) - Chicago, Ill.
HEIM, Schuyler F. U.S. Battleship Nebraska -
LEONARD, Ralph J. Undertaker Plymouth, Ind.
TANNER, J. Russell City Schools Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BAKER, Eva B. (Mrs. M.C. SNYDER) - Chicago, Ill.
GAY, R. Jeannette (Mrs. Charles WHITEY) - Culver, Ind.
GIBSON, Elizabeth W. (Mrs. Wm. FREEMAN) - South Bend, Ind.
HESS, Pansie H. - Plymouth, Ind.
HAAG, Ada L. - Plymouth, Ind.
KOONTZ, Maude (Mrs. R. HUTCHINSON) - Culver, Ind.
LINEBERRY, Frank W. Methodist Protestant Minister Elwood, Ind.
LAUER, Rose B. (Mrs. Joseph WOLF) - Lawton, Okla.
SOUTHWORTH, Frank L. B.C. Southworth & Son Plymouth, Ind.
SCHLOSSER, Raymond O. Schlosser Bros. Creamery Plymouth, Ind.
SNYDER, Montus C. - Chicago, Ill.
STEPHENS, James C. University Chicago, Ill.
SENOUR, Daniel Z. Electrical Engineer Chicago, Ill.
THOMSON, Agness M. (Mrs. Harry GRUBE) - Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BELDON, Mamie L. (Mrs. O. WOODBURY) - Plymouth, Ind.
BOGGS, Coral E. (Mrs. Charles GROWELL) - Plymouth, Ind.
BUTLER, Chloe I. Teacher Cherokee Orphanage Tahlequah, Indian Territory
CRAMER, Rudolph E. - Plymouth, Ind.
CORSE, Nettie Teacher Bremen, Ind.
DISHER, Iva D. Stenographer Carthage, Ind.
GAY, Nancy W. (Mrs. R.E. STOUT) - Plymouth, Ind.
HEIM, Russel R. Intern St. Mary's Hospital Chicago, Ill.
KISER, Gertrude I. Stenographer Plymouth, Ind.
LIDECKER, Rosa B. Teacher Plymouth, Ind.
MILLER, Charles O. Bookkeeper Schlosser Bros. Plymouth, Ind.
MORRIS, DeLloyd W. - Oakland, Cal.
NORTH, ronald F. Omaha R.R. Eau Clare, Wisc.
SAVAGE, Chloe E. Teacher City Schools Elkhart, Ind.
SHAKES, Rudolph V. Student Michigan University
VINALL, Bessie A. (Mrs. Harry WALLACE) - Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BURKETT, Clifford W. Dentist Plymouth, Ind.
CARVEY, Lawrence W. Traveling Salesman, Malleable Range Co. Minneapolis, Iowa and South Dakota
GRATER, Clara A. (Mrs. George KRUYER) - Plymouth, Ind.
HILL, Lloyd W. Travelers Insurance Co. Philadelphia, Pa.
HOGARTH, Georgia F. (Mrs. W.H. BAUGHER) - Largo, Fa.
KUNZ, Rosa E. (Mrs. B.E. RAYCRAFT) - South Bend, Ind.
KNOTT, Harry Student, P. & S. College Chicago, Ill.
LINDQUIST, Walter H. City Mail Carrier Plymouth, Ind.
NEFF, Hazel D. - Plymouth, Ind.
SANNER, Fred L. Simplex Auto Co. Mishawaka, Ind.
WILSON, Lura G. - died March 1907
YOCKEY, Ethel L. (Mrs. R.J. LEONARD) - Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Address
BELDON, M. Olive Student Indiana University -
ARTZ, Blanch E. (Mrs. H.L. LEMLER) - Bourbon, Ind.
CLOUGH, Fern A. Milliner Elkhart, Ind.
ELLIS, Neva E. Teacher Boyne City,Mich.
FULLER, Lottie M. (Mrs. George EWALD) - Plymouth, Ind.
HENDRICKS, Theresa L.E. - Logansport, Ind.
LONG, Emma D. (Mrs. R.L. METSKER) - Plymouth, Ind.
McCRORY, Noble Bookkeeper, Cement Co. Englewood, ?
RHINEHART, Darmon A. Asst. Medical Dept., Indiana University Bloomington, Ind.
WOODBURY, Harry E. Student Indiana University -
YOCKEY, Julia W. - Plymouth, Ind.
BONHAM, Fred A. Electrician of Electric Wiring and Fixture Co. Salt Lake City, Utah
CORSE, Louisa (Mrs. HOLEM) - South Bend, Ind.
DeMOSS, Nelle M. Stenographer Wickizer and Bondurant Plymouth, Ind.
DUNLAP, Carrie E. Indiana Business college Logansport, Ind.
HUTCHIINGS, Gladys B. (Mrs. R.P. COONS) - Niles, Mich.
LORING, Lucretia (Mrs. Erich ADOMEIT) - Cleveland, O.
MURPHY, Charles O. - South Bend, Ind.
POLAND, Eldora St. Luke's Hospital Chicago, Ill.
THOMPSON, Lois E. Teacher Mishawaka, Ind.
WILSON, Howard L. Student New York University N.Y. City

Name Occupation Address
BUSSARD, Mayme H. (Mrs. L.S. BARBER) - Kansas City, Mo.
BAKER, Samuel W. Student Purdue University
BEYLER, Lillie E. (Mrs. H. STAIR) - Plymouth, Ind.
BEAGLES, Bertha P. (Mrs. Clarence LEE) - Plymouth, Ind.
BOGGS, Bonnie G. - South Bend, Ind.
BOWELL, Lloyd F. Washburn Crossby Co. Minneapolis, Minn.
CONGER, Myrtle Eaton's Music Pub. Co. Cleveland, O.
CRESSNER, Theodore - Hibbard, Ind.
DAVIS, Diana J. (Mrs. J.E. HETLER) - St. Joe., Mich.
DUNLAP, Mary D. Burnett Sanitarium Fresno, Cal.
GOVE, Edward I. Haynes Auto Co. Kokomo, Ind.
GLASS, Iva D. South Bend Remedy Co. South Bend, Ind.
HESS, Fay B. - Plymouth, Ind.
HELMS, Loyal F. State Bank Plymouth, Ind.
HENDRICKS, Charles W. Reporter South Bend Times South Bend, Ind.
HODGES, Josephine P. Schlosser Bros. Plymouth, Ind.
JACOBY, LeRoy O. Agriculturist Plymouth, Ind.
JORDON, Helen I. (Mrs. Homer LOVE) - Plymouth, Ind.
KILMER, Mildred C. Stenographer Bourbon, Ind.
LANGDON, Alice M. Sub Teacher Plymouth, Ind.
LEONARD, Floyd E. - Chicago, Ill.
LEONARD, Orlow E. Deputy Treas. Marshall Co. Plymouth, Ind.
LINKENHELT, Tressie M. - Plymouth, Ind.
PESCH, Eugene City Meat Market Plymouth, Ind.
RICHARDS, Blanche C. (Mrs. Chester LOZIER) - Indianapolis, Ind.
REISCH, Inez Stenographer, Schlosser Bros. Plymouth, Ind.
RHODES, Marie E. Teacher Center Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
ROSENBERG, Harold E. Teacher North Judson, Ind.
SEE, Justina Teacher Center Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
SINGREY, Paul H. - Linton, N.D.
SPOONER, Edith L. Teacher Sherwood, Mich.
SHOEMAKER, Laura A. Sub. English teacher Plymouth, Ind.
SWINDELL, Minnie H. Student Western College Osford, O.
SWITZER, Benjamin, Jr. Bookkeeper Oliver Plow Works South Bend, Ind.
SAVAGE, Bert Mgr., Birchfield Elect Co. Birchfield, Utah
TANNER, Hubert City Mail Carrier Plymouth, Ind.
UNDERWOOD, Glenn L. Student Indiana University -
WOLFORD, Fred R. - Levey, N.Mex.

Name Occupation Address
BUSSARD, Grace I. - Auburn, Ind.
DELONEY, Deldora Teacher Mishawaka, Ind.
EASTERDAY, Dessie M. Stenographer, Plymouth Mfg. Co. Plymouth, Ind.
ECKERT, Andrew J., Jr. Agriculturist Plymouth, Ind.
GOODRICH, Wesley A. - Plymouth, Ind.
GREINER, Cyries R. Student Valparaiso, Ind.
JOHNSON, Orlando Director anual Tr. Kirkwood, Mo.
KUN, Fred H., Jr. - Plymouth, Ind.
LEONARD, Ruth A. (Mrs. Robert GEAR) - Vickburg, Miss.
MARTINDALE, Frank E. Student Indiana University
MORRIS, Lyrel G. - Plymouth, Ind.
McLAUGHLIN, Raymond E. - South Bend, Ind.
RHINEHART, Nester Deconess Hospital Indianapolis
RINARD, Ralph M. - Plymouth, Ind.
ROBERTS, Grace M. (Mrs. O.E. LEONHARD) - Plymouth, Ind.
SCHROEDER, Lottie E. Teacher, Center Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
SCOTT, Mary A. - Plymouth, Ind.
SEYBOLD, Raymond G. City Mail Carrier Plymouth, Ind.
SUSELAND, Vera - Plymouth, Ind.
THAYER, Frances A. (Mrs. Worley SEYBOLD) - Plymouth, Ind.
VINALL, Mary B. - Plymouth, Ind.
WORTHINGTON, Glen C. Student DePauw University Greencastle, Ind.
ZUMBAUGH, Lester N. Student Institute of Musical Art New York City

Name Occupation Address
ALEXANDER, Harry B. Winona Telephone Co. Plymouth, Ind.
CAPRON, Lura Stenographer Edgerton Mfg. Co. Plymouth, Ind.
CARMON, A. Leathe Teacher Bremen, Ind.
DUNLAP, Frances C. (Mrs. BRADFIELD) - Sturgis, Mich.
DRAKE, Mildred I. Seamstress Plymouth, Ind.
DRAKE, John L. Mechanic Plymouth, Ind.
FOLTZ, Florence F. Stenographer O'Keefe & Co. -
FREESE, Elvie F. Teacher West Twp. Twin Lakes, Ind.
GREINER, Lloyd E. - Bonne Terre, Mo.
GUNDER, Harriet Student Lains' Business School Indianapolis, Ind.
HENSEL, Lawrence F. Teacher Center Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
HOOVER, Ina A. Student S.B. Business College South Bend, Ind.
JEFFIRS, Eva I. (Mrs. Wm. SIBERT) - Plymouth, Ind.
LOVE, Thomas - South Bend, Ind.
ROSENBURG, Hazel M. Teacher, Primary Dept. Burr Oak, Ind.
SWITZER, claude - Detroit, Mich.
THOMPSON, Arthur W. Student University of Illinois -

1910 (a correction appears to be penciled on the program indicating that the next 19 names may have also been members of the class of 1909 and the class of 1910 begins with Angie Adams.)
Name Occupation Address
LEONHARD, Clara E. - Plymouth, Ind.
LOGAN, Ruth S. - Plymouth, Indiana
LOGAN, Glenn O. Agriculturist Plymouth, Ind.
LOVE, Thomas - South Bend, Ind.
MARTIN, Tressie I. Teacher Center Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
McLAUGHLIN, Glen D. - South Bend, Ind.
NORTH, Harold L. Bookkeeper, B. & O. R.R. Garrett, Ind.
PRICE, Miles O. Student Chicago University -
RITCHEY, Grace L. Student Chicago, Ill.
RHODES, Reuben F. Teacher West Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
ROSENBURY,Hazel lM. Teacher Primary Dept. Burr Oak, Ind.
SHOEMAKER, Melita B. - Plymouth, Ind.
SNYDER, Ada P. Stenographer South Bend, Ind.
SHAFFER, Noble T. Agriculturist Tippecanoe, Ind.
STEPHENSON, W. Boyd Student Purdue University -
SWITZER, Claude - Detroit, Mich.
THOMSON, Arthur W. Student University of Ill. Urbana, Ill.
VANVACTOR, Gladys H. - Plymouth, Ind.
VINALL, Lenore K. - Plymouth, Ind.
**ADAMS, Angie Hazel - Plymouth, Ind.
COPP, Mabel A. Teacher Green Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
FOLTZ, Katherine C. - Plymouth, Ind.
FOREMAN, Cyrel W. Teacher Linton, N.D.
DAVIS, Hannah L. (Mrs. Edward BOBERG) - Plymouth, Ind.
GIBSON, Fern - Plymouth, Ind.
HESS, Lela - Plymouth, Ind.
KUHN, Irene B. Student Oberlin College Ohio
JOHNSON, Florence Edna - Plymouth, Ind.
JOHNSON, Lois C. Teacher North Twp Tyner, Ind.
JOHNSON, Edwin N. Student Cleary Business College Ypsilanti, Mich.
JONES, Mercie M. Teacher Center Twp. Plymouth, Ind.
LAUER, Albertus M. - Plymouth, Ind.
LAUER, Marc S. - Plymouth, Ind.
LEMLER, Erma R. - Plymouth, Ind.
LEONARD, Marie K. Cashier Bee Hive Plymouth, Ind.
LINEBERRY, David W. Mail Clerk Plymouth
LIVINGHOUSE, Nada E. Teacher Union Twp. Hibbard, Ind.
LONG, Robert B. Teacher Linton, N.D.
LOVE, Hazel R. - Plymouth, Ind.
LOWER, Flossie F. (Mrs. P. BARRY) - Plymouth, Ind.
McCRORY, Emmons - Plymouth, Ind.
McKESSON, Alva Teacher Polk Twp. Tyner, Ind.
MACHEL, Erwin G. - Plymouth, Ind.
MARKS, H. Frances Teacher Culver H.S. Culver, Ind.
MYERS, Frederick T. Marshall Co. Treasurer's Office Plymouth, Ind.
O'KEEFE, Esther K. Student St.Mary's South Bend, Ind.
PENCE, Beulah C. Teacher North Twp. Tyner, Ind.
SHAFER, Ferrel C. - Plymouth, Ind.
THAYER, Paul M. Student Purdue U. Lafayette, Ind.
THAYER, Walter W. Machinist Clizbe Mfg. Co. Plymouth, Ind.
WALKER, Alonzo E. - Plymouth, Ind.
ZUMBAUGH, Ethel F. Democrat Office Plymouth, Ind.

Name Occupation Residence
Beghtel, Eulalie Student South Bend, Ind
Bollman, Eva Jane . Plymouth
Brock, Elta Teacher Tyner, Ind
Conger, Vernal Stenographer Plymouth
Davis, Margaret (Mrs.F.R.Hawver) American Salvation Army Chicago, Ill
Haag, Curtis . Chicago, Ill
Holzbauer, Marguerite Post Graduate Plymouth
Holzbauer, Rose Post Graduate Plymouth
Jacoby, Bessie (Mrs. O. Kruyer) . Logansport, Ind
Jacoby, John Carl (died Dec 14, 1911) -
Jones, Ethel . Plymouth
Kilmer, Ned Arntz Stenographer Laporte, Ind
Lee, Roscoe . Plymouth
Leippert, Carl Bookkeeper, Schlosser Bros. Plymouth
Lineberry, Ruth Student, Adrian College Adrian, Mich
McCormick, Ralph . Plymouth
Moore, Claudia Stenographer South Bend, Ind
Price, Melvin . Plymouth
Sands, Hazel Proofreader-Democrat Office Plymouth
Sanner, Erma (Mrs. Ralph Kline) . Plymouth
Seiders, Ruby . Plymouth
Sherpherd, Flossie . Plymouth
Stoneburner, Earl Teacher Tyner, Ind
Sult, Ruama Student-Purdue University Lafayette, Ind
Tomlison, Helen (Mrs. H. Tanner) . Plymouth
Truex, Hazel(Mrs. A. Zehner) . Plymouth
Ulrich, Erma . Plymouth
Van Vactor, Edna . Plymouth
Wood, Leron . Plymouth
Zeiters, Opal Teacher, Center Twp. Plymouth

Name Occupation Residence
Adams, Edna . Plymouth
Artz, Theodore . Plymouth
Beyler, Ruth (Mrs. C. Baiels) . Gary, Ind.
Bolenbaugh, John . Tyner
Bosworth, Muriel . Plymouth
Cressner, Erma Student Jacksonville, Ill.
Cressner, Ford Marshall Fields Chicago, Ill
Cummins, Cleta Teacher Plymouth
Daniels, Mary Ellen Student Chicago, Ill
Eley, Conroy Student Bloomington, Ind
Evans, Dale C. Electrician Elkhart, Ind
Firestone, George Vandalia R R Plymouth
Goodrich, Clifford . Plymouth
Hammaker, Esther . Plymouth
Hoham, Jas. Ball & Co. Plymouth
Humrichhouser, Erma Nat Park Seminary Washington D. C.
Johnson, Henry A. . Plymouth
Lemert, Bess M. . Plymouth
Love, Stella . Plymouth
Metsker, Roland Student at DePauw Greencastle, Ind
Mow, Grace . Huntington, Ind
Nolan, Schuyler Landscape Gard. Laporte, Ind
Reynolds, Ruby . South Bend, Ind
Rhodes, Carolyn Teacher Donaldson, Ind
Schrock, Linelle Student SB Business College South Bend, Ind
Scott, Iva Teacher Tary, Mont.
Smith, Altae Mae . Tyner
Stevens, Katherine Northwestern Univ. Evanston, Ill
Sult, Ruth A. Schlosser Bros Plymouth
Switzer, Edna Post Graduate Plymouth
Tomlinson, Ogla Winona Tele Co. Plymouth
Vinall, Ruth A. . Plymouth
Wolfarth, Wm . Plymouth
Zumbaugh, Delphia . Plymouth

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