American Legion Post 27
1919 - 1886
Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana

The Marshall County Historical Museum Library indexed a list of names from a roster supplied by the Plymouth American Legion Post 27. We have no other information from that list other than the veteran's was found on the list. The list has been posted here as a courtesy to share the list with researchers. The list is not a complete list of Marshall County area veterans. It POSSIBLY notes persons who were members of the Post #27 from 1919-1986.

In some cases the branch of service was noted by A-Army, AF-Air Force, N-Navy, M-Marines

Abair, Boyd Keith
Abair, Garry Delmar-N
Abair, James Allen
Abair, Lt. Virginia R.
Abair, Robert L.
Abbott, Jobe W.
Adams, Clifford E.
Adams, Frederic Emmons
Adams, Virgil Stuart Jr.
Ahill, Floyd
Aker, Dale F.
Aker, Donald Eugene
Alberich, Michael Martin-A
Albert, Harvey Lee
Albert, Howard Gene-A
Albert, Howard Glenn-N
Albert, Purl E.
Albert, Robert Charles-AF
Albert, Ronald Dale
Albert, Wendell, Vance
Alberts, Carl Alphonse Jr.
Alberts, Roland
Albright, Charles Douglas-M
Alderfer, Glen E.
Alderfer, Harold Eugene
Alderfer, Roger Lawrence
Alderfer, Rollo Willard
Alderfer, Sr. Boyd E,
Aldrich, Roy
Alexander, Arthur St. C.
Aley, John S.
Alleman, Harry E.
Allen, Alvin
Allen, Daniel Richard
Allen, Kenneth Dale
Allen, Rex Clyde
Allen, Roy Samuel
Allen, Truman
Alliss, George
Alspach, Charles E.
Altheide, Henry Edward
Altman, John M.
Alwine, Kenneth Roy
Ambler, Leo O.
Ambler, Robert Clyde
Ames, Donald M.
Ames, Donald Stanford
Amones, Charles M.
Amones, J. Lynn
Amones, John Nelson
Amones, Oliver D.
Amor, Buyrl W. Jr.
Amor, Dale Eugene-A
Amor, Glenn D.
Amor, Harold W.
Amor, Ivan David
Amor, Leo E.
Amsler, William Frank-A
Anders, Charles Lee
Anders, Dean L.
Anders, Donald George
Anders, Howard
Anders, Leroy
Anders, Otis
Anders, Richard Arlen
Anders, Robert V.
Anders, Terry Lee-M
Anderson, Andrew A.
Anderson, James N.
Anderson, Junior L.
Anderson, Kenneth B.
Anderson, Martin C.
Anderson, Michael Lee
Anderson, Monagene
Anderson, Norman Glen
Anderson, Orville J.H.
Anderson, Ross L.
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Samuel Jr.
Anderson, Terry Lee
Anderson, Willard H.-M
Anderson, William F,
Andorf, John William
Andrews, Cecil Deloyse
Andrews, DeVere Armond
Andrews, Everett D.-A
Andrews, Frank Daniel
Andrews, George Jacob
Andrews, George R.
Andrews, Homer H.
Andrews, Jerry Lee
Andrews, Thomas Leroy
Anglin, Eldon Larry
Annis, Ernest O.
Annis, Gary Greg
Annis, Ronald Samuel
Arbuckle, Ronnie Dean
Arch, Charles Edward
Archambeault, Jack O.
Archer, Ray
Arick, Harold E.
Armentrout, Glen J.
Armstrong, Jerry
Armstrong, Robert Raymond
Arnold, Edward
Arthurhultz, Raymond L.
Arvesen, Robert C.
Asch, Edgar
Ashton, Andrew J.
Askins, Raymond Manford, Jr.
Asper, Carl M.
Atkins, Terry Lee-M
Augustine, Robert E.
Aukerman, Ronald Eugene
Ault, Eldon L.
Averill, Richard Charles
Ayers, Harmon
Ayers, James J.
Ayers, Jesse Glenn
Ayres, Lowell Griswald
Babcock, George I.
Bachtel, Carl John
Bachtel, Donald E.
Back, Lloyd Ray
Backhoff, Darwin Lester
Backhoff, William Henry Albert
Bacon, Fred B.
Bacon, Fred Jr.
Baer, Donald E.
Bagley, Cpl’. Michael J.
Bagley, Frank B.-A
Bagley, Michael Joseph
Bailey, Frederick Clifton
Bailey, Harold Ray
Bailey, Leslie Lee
Bair, Frank E.
Bair, Jr. Frank E.
Baird, Raymond Keith
Baker, Alvin L.
Baker, Billy Lee
Baker, Claude A.
Baker, Dale F.
Baker, Darland C.
Baker, Denzil Dean
Baker, Diane Willis
Baker, Elmer S.
Baker, George
Baker, George Byron Jr.
Baker, George F.
Baker, George M.
Baker, Herbert George
Baker, James Allen
Baker, James Orville
Baker, John W.
Baker, John William
Baker, Klinedale James
Baker, Michael Lynn-A
Baker, Norman R.
Baker, Richard E.
Baker, Richard Oliver-M
Baker, Robert Dale
Baker, Roy Foster
Baker, Samuel Pippenger Jr.
Baker, Vern Russell
Baker, Wayne W.
Baker, William Merritt
Baldwin, David Casey-A
Ball, George C.
Ball, Gerald J.
Ball, Gerald Joseph
Ball, Louis E.
Ball, Phillip Allen-N
Ball, Ralph Patrick-A
Ball, Richard E.
Ball, Robert J.
Ballantyne, Omer Earl-NRF
Ballhoefer, Henry Charles
Ballinger, Dennis Eugene-N
Ballman, Marshall J.
Ballman, Steven Lee
Balmer, Christopher Wayne-A
Balmer, James Lewis
Balmer, Larry Wayne-AF
Balmer, Lowell Albert
Balogh, John A.
Balsley, Dean Allen
Balsley, Doyle
Balsley, Gregory Clem
Balsley, Howard Eldon
Balsley, Louis Allen
Balsley, Owen L.
Balsley, Robert C.
Balsley, Roger David
Balsley, Tony Lee-A
Balter or Baltes, Reggie Allen-AF
Baney, Richard L.-A
Banks, Randel Evan
Banta, George H.
Banta, James M.
Banta, Joseph D.
Banta, Roy L.
Barber, Grafton E.
Barcus, Charles Edward
Barcus, Robert Hugh-A
Barden, Robert Dean
Bare, William E.
Barenie, Daniel Kenneth-M
Barenie, Jeffery Michael-M
Barkey, Lowell M.
Barlow, Gene Devon
Barnett, Floyd G.
Barnett, Larry-M
Barr, Darrel E.
Barr, Kenneth Edwin
Barrett, Donald L. Jr.
Barrett, John S.
Barrineau, Michael Paul
Barton, James J.
Barts, Charles J.
Barts, George F.
Barts, Robert K.
Baseler, Clydelle A.
Baskins, William Earl Jr.
Bastardo, Carlos-A
Bateman, Mark Dean
Bates, Wayne D.
Batta, John Edward-A
Battes, Terry Lee
Bauer, David Arthur
Bauer, Hans Fredric
Bauer, Paul Wilson
Bauer, Richard D.
Baugher, Leslie Russell
Baughman, Bill Junior
Baughman, Gerald-A
Baughman, James Lynn
Baughman, John Noral
Baughman, Lanny Lee-AF
Bauman, Roy Andrew Jr.-M
Baumann, Howard E.
Baumann, Lawrence P.
Baumann, Roy Andrew
Baumgarner, William Earl-A
Baxley, Calvil Cleveland
Baxter, James William
Bayler, Merland Eugene
Bayne,Michael Dean-AF
Beam, Edwin O.
Beam, Michael Bruce
Beam, Steven Dale-N
Beatty, Carson H.-A
Beatty, Phillip L.
Beatty, Robert D.-A
Bechaka, Terry Harry
Becker, Robert A.
Becknell, Arthur F. Jr.
Becknell, Joseph Lawrence
Becknell, William J.
Beer, Walter O.
Beery, Wayne Anthony
Behmer, John R. Jr.-AF
Behmer, John Richard Jr.-AF
Behnke, Edward Roland-AF
Beigh, Everett Thurlow
Beldon, Larry James
Bell, Brian Eugene-AF
Bell, Harold Levi Jr.
Bellamy, Louis William
Bellman, Keith Eugene
Bellman, Lloyd Eugene
Bellman, Ronald Earl-A
Bellman, Roy
Belt, Lloyd Harold
Bemish, Timothy Alan
Bender Clarence Eugene
Bender, Ralph Edward
Bender, Raymond Junior
Benedict, Clinton E.
Benedict, John Allen
Benedict, John B.
Benner, Jack Arden
Bennett, Clair Arthur
Benson Jr. Glenn G.
Bentley, Jack Warren
Berg, Edward Woodrow
Berg, Jerry Lee
Berg, John Robert
Berg, Michael Eward
Berg, Samuel Oliver
Berg, Walter R.
Berger, Fred
Berger, Frederick E.
Berger, James T.
Berger, Michael Snydney-M
Berger, Paul Michael
Berger, Ralph H.
Berger, Robert L.
Bergman, Francis A.
Bergman, James B.
Bergman, Michael Lee-AF
Bergstedt, Carl Erick
Berkey, Harold R.
Berkey, Lowell M.
Berkey, Steven Eugene-A
Berkey, William Jr.
Berkeypile, Arnold E.
Berkeypile, Ralph E.-A Discharge
Berkeypile, Ralph E.-A Separation
Berkeypile, Ralph Edwin
Berkheiser, Vaughn Elwood-A
Berkshire, Loren Lee
Berleman, Leonard-A
Bernero, Frank W.
Bernero, Louis J.
Berrier, Jack Lee
Berry, Charles Fredrick
Berry, Ray A.
Bessinger, Roy H.
Bessinger, Wayne Kelsey
Beyler, Cecil Theodore
Beyler, Donald A.
Beyler, Ray Louis
Bickel, Donald Raymond
Bickel, Hershel D.
Bickel, Wayne H.-A
Bicker, David Walter
Bicknell, Kenneth Lloyd
Biers, Calvin D.
Biggins, Kenneth Edward
Bigley, David Harvey
Bigley, John B. Jr.
Billing, William Arthur-N
Billman, Craig W.
Binkley, Richard Allen
Birk, George J.-A
Birk, Richard Eugene
Birtwhistle, Robert E.
Birtwhistle, Robert Eugene
Bishop, Charles L.
Bitting, Herbert Allen
Bitting, James D.-pfc
Bitting, James Duane
Bitting, Russell DeVaun
Blackburn, John Dennis
Blackford, Dale E.
Blackford, William H.
Blake, Robert E.
Blanton, James E.
Bleam, Myron W.
Bloom, Samuel
Blossey, Allen Donald
Blubaugh, Lois Francis
Blubaugh, Raymond L.
Blubaugh, Robert Francis
Blubaugh, Terry Lynn
Blubaugh, Timothy Lee-M
Blue, Myron L.
Blue, Wilbert O.
Bockman, John Andy
Bocko, Leo R.-A
Bocko, Leo Robert II-A
Bocock, Stephen Charles
Bocock, Thomas Westley
Boetsma, Earl P.
Boggs, Dale-A Separation Discharge
Boggs, Lowell Willard -RN
Bolger, Paul Vincent
Bolin, Donald Eugene
Bolinger, Edward H.
Bolinger, George
Bolinger, Joseph Philip
Bollenbacher, Paul K.
Bollhoefer, Henry Charles
Bollinger, Daniel H., Jr.
Bollman, Frederick Oscar
Bollman, Ralph E.
Bolt, Eric David-A
Bombe, Michael Ray-N
Bon Durant, Delbert Jr.
Bondurant, Rick Daniel
Bonifield, Lynn Ware
Bonnell, Jack Lee
Bonnell, James P.
Bonnell, James Philip
Booker, Marion Richard
Books, Fremont Philip
Boos, David Eugene
Boos, Gregory Dean-A
Bope, Daniel Lee-N
Bordner, Mauri Lee-N
Born, George A.
Born, Lawrence H.
Bornemann, Phillip Martin-N
Bornes, Carl Stanley Jr.
Borroughs, Elgie D.
Boschee, Dennis Eugene
Botset, Alvin R.
Botset, Elmore A.
Botset, Ersy R.
Botset, Jessa W.
Botset, John Fredrick
Bottorff, Alfred W.-A
Bottorff, Arthur E.
Bottorff, Bert E.
Bottorff, Bruce -A
Bottorff, Charles R.
Bottorff, Harold D.
Bottorff, Irvin L.
Bottorff, James Vernon
Bottorff, Jim Arden-A
Bottorff, Joel David
Bottorff, John M.
Bottorff, Joseph D.
Bottorff, Milton E.
Bottorff, Richard Lee-A
Bottorff, Robert L.
Bouchell, J.E.
Bowell, Everett L.
Bowell, Herbert G.
Bowen, Charles E. Jr.
Bowen, Jon L.
Bowen, Robert E.
Bower, James Eldon
Bower, Roger Leroy
Bowers, Floyd D.
Bowles, Harry T.
Bowling, Roy Lee-A
Bowman, Charles D.
Bowman, Clayton LaMar
Bowman, Darrell K.
Bowman, Garry Lynn
Bowman, Kenneth Bert
Bowman, Leslie V.-A
Bradfield, Bryan Burkett
Bradfield, Norman Gale
Bradfield, Virgil Lloyd
Bradford, Harold E.
Bradley, Ellsworth C.
Bradley, Leonard Charles-AF
Bradley, Raymond G-A
Bradley, Robert Paul
Brady, Daniel James Jr.
Braman, Donald Paul
Brandenburg, Chas. M.
Brandt, Thomas R.-CG
Brandt, Thomas Robert
Braner, Larry Dean
Bransford, Woodrew C.
Brantley, Troy Lee
Brewer, Francis Glen
Brewer, Ronald Dean
Brewer. John T.
Briggs, Roland
Bright, Earl
Bright, Howard Junior
Bright, Ray Anzel
Bright, Wilford B.
Briles, Joe McK.
Briles, Joe McKenneth
Briones, Jose-AF
Briones, Manuel NMN Jr.
Brock, Dale Eugene
Brock, Russell Morris
Brock, Ward Larry
Brock, Wilfred Arthur
Brocker, Charles Edward
Brockey, Lloyd Devon
Brodbelt, Glenn E.
Broka, Buddy King-N
Brongher, George R.
Brooks, James Lauer
Broomall, Charles O.
Broomall, Owen R.
Brown, Carl Devon
Brown, Charles Lawton
Brown, Clyde Eugene
Brown, Dale Eugene
Brown, DeWayne G.
Brown, Floyd M.
Brown, George “E.”Robert
Brown, Gerald Lavere
Brown, Irvin Norwin
Brown, James Louis
Brown, John Lowell
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, Justin Delano
Brown, Lowell J.-A
Brown, Paul Robert
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Stanley Lytton
Brown, Steven Homer
Brown, Tommy Lee-N
Bruce, Donald O.
Brugh, Conda F.
Brumbaugh, Ernest
Brumley, Harry
Brundige, John V.
Brunson, Howard LeRoy
Bruton, Calvin Ranulee
Bryant, Hilton Devon
Buchtel, Jay -A
Buckner, Craig Edward
Buffington, James F.-A
Bules, Loren Floyd Jr.
Bulla, Leo S.
Bumgarger, Robert J.
Bunch, Cleatus W.
Bunch, Cleatus Wafer
Bunn, Leslie A.
Burch Ronald Luther-N
Burch, Roy Lamar
Burden, Dennis W.
Burden, Larry Banks
Burgener, Jack LeRoy
Burger, Brett Gerard-N
Burgh, George Beryl
Burgner, Larry Eugene
Burgus, Harold
Burhans, Frank C.
Burke, Robert J.
Burkett, Clarence Eldon
Burkett, Clifford Wahl
Burkett, Donald E.
Burkett, Harlan E.
Burkett, William O.
Burkholder, Alan Lee
Burkholder, Donald L.
Burkholder, Martin Anson
Burkholder, Ralph Irven-AF
Burkholder, Robert
Burmaster,Harry F.
Burnette, Alvin L.-A
Burns, Douglas Kieth
Burns, Russell
Burronghs, Ira D.
Burronghs, Willis David
Burroughs, Alfred Parker Jr.
Burroughs, Ora E.
Burt, Ralph F.
Bury, Charles F.
Busart, Bernard G.-A
Bush, Kenneth Forrest
Bush, Richard Paul
Bussard, Charles I.
Buswell, Jack E.
Buswell, John Allen
Butcher, Lynn Edward Jr.-AF
Butler, Harlan E.
Butler, Harold R.
Butler, Henry Gibbons
Butler, John L.
Butler, Jr. Lyman M.
Butler, Kenneth B.
Butler, Robert E.
Byers, Charles Dwight
Byrd, George A.
Byrer, Boyd P.
Byrer, Donald E.
Byrer, Donald W.
Byrer, Jack Eldon
Byrer, Jimmie Dorcy
Byrnes, James H.
Cale, Larry Willis
Calhoun, Richard Logan
Calhoun, Robert Loren
Calvert, Maurice Milbern
Campbell, Robert Leon
Cannam, Elias
Cannell, William David
Capes, Allen Dean
Capron, Bobbie Lamar
Capron, Lester L.
Capron, Wayne Jefferson
Carbiener, Earl G
Carbiener, John W.
Carder. James Curtis-A
Carithers, Albert Eugene
Carlberg, Frank Stephen
Carle, James Merritt
Carlisle, Howard Albert
Carlisle, Wendy Ann-N
Carlson, Ala Lamar
Carlson, Leroy Allen
Carlson, Paul Arvid
Carothers, Robert L.
Carpenter, Arthur E.
Carpenter, Buddie J.
Carpenter, Danny Lee-A
Carpenter, Don Roy
Carpenter, Emmett J.
Carpenter, Jack Lewis
Carpenter, Jerry Lee
Carpenter, Lake Dewayne
Carper, Marshall N.
Carr, Harry L.
Carr, Roland Francis-M
Carson, C.D.
Carswell, Willis R.
Carter, Charles Eugene
Carter, Donald L.
Carter, Nathan Charles-A
Carter, Richard Lewis
Carter, Shirley L.
Cartwight, Richard Jr.-M
Cartwright, Frances Ray
Casbon, James Carroll
Caslow, Donald E.
Cassel, Albert Peter Jr-N
Caster, Charles G. Jr.
Castleman, Ernest J.
Casto, Howard Edward
Causey, James Michael-M
Causey, James Peter Jr.-M
Cesak, Frank George-M
Chain, Dennis Edward
Chamberlain, Kennie Leroy-A
Chambers, Charles E.
Champion, Reno Gaylor
Chandler, Ralph Wallace
Chaplin, Dwight E.
Chaplin, John H.
Chapman, Carl H.
Chapman, Harold Devon
Chapman, Leslie Melvin Jr.
Chart, Cecil James
Chase, Glenn H.
Chipman Melton John-A
Chipman, Albert B.
Chipman, Albert B. Jr.
Chipman, Albert Bryon
Christensen, Dennis Arnold
Christiansen, Henry
Christison, John Robert Jr.
Church, Bonnie Dennis
Church, Bud R.
Church, Guy R.
Cihak, Barbara
Cihak, Frank
Cinqmars, Geo.Edward
Cirillo, Joseph A.
Clapton, Alfred-A
Clark Donald
Clark, Edgar F.
Clark, Glenn R.
Clark, Howard Allen
Clark, Jackson A.
Clark, John H.
Clark, John Homer
Clark, John R.
Clark, John Roger-A
Clark, Orval F.
Clark, Orval F. Jr.
Clark, Randall R.
Clark, Ray
Clark, Raymonde Alexis-N
Clark, Robert L.
Clark, Robert Lee
Clark, Wallace Clifford
Clarkston, Samuel
Clauss, Daniel E.
Clayton, Dennis Craig
Clayton, George R.
Clemens, Curtis Eugene
Clemens, James J.
Clemens, Richard W.
Clemens, Samuel James
Cleveland, Charles A.
Clevenger, Larry Dale-A Discharge
Clifton, Donovan Earl
Clifton, Edgar Ellis
Clifton, Edgar L.
Clifton, Roger Allen-N
Clifton, Simon B.
Cline, Richard D.
Clinton, Patrick Thomas
Clouse, Beuford Neff
Clouse, Charles Wayne
Clouse, Richard Loren
Cole, Ansel E.
Cole, Daniel Joseph-A
Cole, Darrel Wayne
Cole, Luther Wendell
Cole, Ronnie -A
Cole, Russel S.
Collette, Jon Robert
Collins, Francis Edward
Collins, James Allen
Collins, Robert Edward
Collins, Verner Ray-M
Colvin, Benjamin F.
Colvin, James Frederick
Compton, Charles Jr.
Compton, Ross H.
Condon, Donald L.
Condon, Ralph J.
Condon, Thurman W.
Conger, Robert D.
Conley, Arbie
Conley, Clifford Maynard-AF
Conley, Gene France
Conley, James Dean-A
Conley, Ovel
Connell, Paul S.
Conner, Raymond
Connolly, Daniel Peter Jr.-N
Cook, Arthur Edwin
Cook, Charles E.
Cook, Charles Fredrick-N
Cook, George Edward-N
Cook, Harold L.
Cook, James Hunter
Cook, James M.
Cook, James Ronald
Cook, John Milton
Cook, Marvin Wayne-AF
Cook, Michael Edward-N
Cook, Robert Clarence
Cook, Thomas William
Cook, William R.
Cook, William Thomas
Cooley, Robert Lloyd
Coons, Ralph P. Jr.
Cooper, Carol Stanley
Cooper, Fred Dewitt
Cooper, Kenneth D.
Cooper, Kerry Lee
Cooper, Lucy Jane
Cooper, Nelson C.-A
Cooper, Richard Allen-N
Cooper, Robert W.-A
Copenhaven, Randy A.
Copes, Bradley Wayne-M
Cople, Charles A.
Coplen, Gerald L.-A and A.R.
Coplen, James Samuel
Coratti, Marko Frank
Corbin, Neil Courtney Jr.
Cordes, Arthur L.
Corey, Mark A.
Cormican, Arla E.
Cormican, Danny Lee
Cormican, Gerald L.
Cormican, Glen Eugene
Cormican, Marion D.
Cornwall, James Lee Irwin
Correll, Bruce Leon-A
Costello, Donald Edward
Coughenour, Clark E.-N
Couts, Donald D.
Couts, Melvin D.
Couts, William E.
Cowen, Dewey Gene
Cowen, Eugene Paul
Cowen, Lida B.
Cowen, Lloyd Labon
Cox, Barry James -A
Cox, Earl Wayne
Cox, Henry
Cox, John E.
Cox, Lowell J.
Cox, Meirl
Cox, Milton Eugene
Cox, Orla E.
Coy, Thomas F.
Crabb, Dale Irwin-A
Crabb, David Lee
Crabb, Herbert L.
Crabb, James Francis
Crabb, Joseph -A
Craft, Lyman D.
Craft, Robert Eugene
Craig, Dale L.
Craig, Dennis Allen-A
Craig, James Eugene
Craig, Marshall A.
Craig, Norman Leroy
Craig, Robert Lee
Craig, Wendell Lee-N
Craigmile, Wallace W.
Cramer, Don R.J.
Cramer, Don William
Cramer, Joe R.
Cramer, Joseph M.
Cramer, Lenard E.
Cramer, Ned Allen
Cramer, Sheddrick F.
Crammer, Ben G.
Crane, Michael Paul-A
Crauder, Robert E.
Crawford, Charles
Creakbaum, Willis
Creighbaum, Chester R,E.
Creighbaum, Daniel Eugene-
Creighbaum, Donald B.
Creighbaum, Forrest G.
Cressner, Ford S.
Cretcher, Benjamin Olfield
Cretcher, Nilas Dewitt
Creviston, Bert
Criswell, David Anthony-N
Criswill, David Anthony
Critchlow, John August-CG
Croco, Henry Martin
Cromley, Henry L.
Cromley, Merwyn Robert
Cromley, Paul Rea
Crooks, John H.
Crosby, Daniel Lee-AF
Crossgrove, William D.
Crow, Wayne R.
Crum, Clifford Maurice-AF
Crum, Clinton J.
Crum, James E.
Crum, James G.
Crum, John A.
Crum, LeRoy Clarence
Crum, Leroy D.
Crum, Myrl A.
Crum, Ned Devon
Crum, Paul Reuben
Crum, Richard David
Crump, Jack Lee
Crump, Rex Allen-A
Crysler, Kenneth Wayne
Cudney, Cyril F.
Cudney, Earl-A
Cudney, Francis L.
Cudney, Larry Eugene-A
Cullison, Arno D.
Cullison, Ronald L.
Culp, Claude
Culp, Milo
Culp, Robert E.
Cultice, Donald Alvin-A
Cultice, Robert Lee
Cummins, Buryl
Cummins, Kerry M.
Cunningham, Robert L.
Currens, Joseph Lee
Currens, Robert K.
Curtis, Frank Alan.
Curtis, Glen A.
Curtis, Russell Eugene
Curtis, Thomas Cain-A
Cusack, Edwin B.
Cushman, Carol Marie
Cushman, Richard T.-A
Dague, Kenneth C.
Daniels, Charles T.
Daniels, William Winfield-NR
Danielson, George Richard
Danielson, Harry E. Jr.
Danielson, Harry E.-A
Danner, Glenn Meredith-M
Darling, Erle Gregory -N
Daugherty, Harold Richard
Daugherty, Jerry Lewis
Daugherty, Vickey Joe
Dausman, Hurdis D.
Davenport, Angel Renee-AF
Davenport, Cecil Ivan
Davenport, James M-A
Daves, Aaron Taylor-A
Davis, Albert A.
Davis, David George-A
Davis, Devon Earl
Davis, Donald Arthur
Davis, Edward Dale
Davis, Gary L.
Davis, Gary Lee
Davis, George H.
Davis, Harold A.
Davis, Harold D.
Davis, James Edward
Davis, John W.
Davis, Larry Dean
Davis, Larry Earl
Davis, Norman Lindburg
Davis, Richard C.
Davis, Ricky Gene
Davis, Scott Lynn-M
Davis, Vachael C.
Day, Donald Lloyd
Day, James Winfred-A
Deamer, Max E.
Deanbar, William James
DeForest, Garold O.
DeFries, Lynn Richard
Delancke, Dale E.
Delap, David Ross
DeLeonardis, Donato Jr
DeLionardis, Martin W.
DeMien, Eugene K.
Demien, Glen Allen
DeMien, Walter L.
DeMont, George Byron
DeMont, Norman Dean
Deneke, Fred G.
Denney, Richard Floyd-A
Denney,Cyrus C.
Dennie, Chancey Joe
DePrisco, Enrico
DePue, Lloyd Freeman
Derf, Richard LaVerne
Dettbrenner, Tom F.-AR
Dettmer, Clement A.
Dettmer, John Hubert
Dettmer, Theophil F.
DeVault, Raymond C.
DeWitt, Albert J.
Dewitt, Harold David
DeWitt, Howard W.
Dexter, Galeman
Dexter, Galeman Jr.
Dickerson, Charles O. Jr.
Dickinson, Edgar Allan
Dickson, George Leon-A
Dickson, Larry John
Dickson, Wayne A.
Dickson, Wayne Arthur
Dickson, William
Dietl, Clarence Adam
Dietl, John William
Dietrich, Maynard O.
Dietrick, James R.
Dietrick, Sterling M.
Dietrick, Verne Eugene
Dietrick, Walter Gerald
Dietrick, Willis
Diffendal, Francis E.
Dillingham, Robert Lewis
Dillon, Gary Paul
Dillon, Phil Stiver
Dillon, Roger Howard
Dills, Harold R.
Dimmit, Donald Wayne
Dinius, Ernest Lowell
Dinius, Francis
Dinius, Richard Lee
Dinkledein, Otto
Dinkledine, Dale F.
Dinsmore, Harry Wallace
Dinsmore, Victor E.
Dittbrenner, Tom Frederick
Dodson, Glen L -A-Honorable Discharge
Dodson, Glen L.-Standby Res. Discharge
Dodson, Glen Leroy
Dodson, Robert Myron
Dodson, Ronald Lee
Dodson, Wayne R.
Dolan, Dale E.
Doll, David Allen-AF
Doll, Michael Lee-A
Donaldson, Glenn A.
Douglas, Carl Alford
Doutt, Gerald E.
Dowell, Eugene Russell
Downie, Barbara May
Downing, Arnold J.
Downing, David Charles
Downing, J. Terry-N
Downing, Terry J.
Doxzen, Carroll C.
Drake, Albert Leon
Drake, Artibanus
Drake, Claude Merle
Drake, Urban S.
Drake, Walter Howard
Drang, Frank-A
Dreibelbis, Dale
Drubert, Charles Richard
Drubert, Frederick
Drubert, William L.
Drudge, Alfred
Drudge, Junior H.
Drudge, Lowell A.
Duell, Lawrence Frederick Jr.-A
Duff, Donald Wayne
Duff, Gary Clifford
Duff, James H.
Duff, James Harold
Duke, Earl
Duke, Earl B. Jr.
Dunbar, Jacob Dean
Dunlap, Arthur Henry
Dunlap, Charles Earl
Dunlap, Frank J.
Dunlap, George S.
Dunlap, Homer B.
Dunlap, Homer B. Jr.
Dunlap, Homer Boyd Jr.
Dunlap, Robert E.
Dunn, Marvin Earnest-A
Dunnuck, Kenneth E.
Duram, Ralph Jr.
Dutcher, Keith W.
Dutor, Donald Leon
Duwelius, Lewis J.
Dyer, Allen Reice-A
Eads, Arlis Elvin
Eads, Bernie E.
Eads, Eugene Wesley
Eads, James Richard
Eads, Jerome Paul
Earl, Chester R.
Eash, Maurice J. pfc
Eash, Maurice James
East, Herbert Arthur-N
East, Herbert Arthur-NR
Easterday, Edward L.
Easterday, Jack D.
Easterday, William R.
Ebel, Robert Charles
Ebersole, Willis Edward
Ebert, Carl J.
Eby, Robert C.
Ecker, Louis Gene
Eckers, Merl E.
Eckert, Owen L.
Eckman, Aaron T.-A-discharge
Eckman, Aaron Tracy-A-discharge
Eckman, Ramon Charlie-N-discharge
Edel, Dale D.
Edel, Lawrence D.
Edel, Rex Neal-A
Edel, Richard D.
Edel, Stanley N.
Edgell, John Francis
Edgerley, Levi F.
Edgerley, Lewis F.-A
Edgington, Roy C.
Edson, Richard Arthur
Edwards, Cecil Carl
Edwards, Clent Holl-N
Edwards, Joseph F.
Eherenman, Glenn A.
Eherenman, Philip Washington
Eherenman, Richard Lloyd
Eich, Leo Bernard
Eiler, Forrest J.
Eiler, James Quinter (Draft)
Eldridge, Ronald Lee
Eley, Jack Richard
Eley, Maurice D.
Eley, Robert Alan-A
Eley, Thomas C.
Elias, John Michael-A
Elkins, Donald J.
Elkins, Joe E.
Elkins, Ral
Ellabarger, Grant W.
Ellam, John P.-A
Ellinger, Bill
Ellinger, Billy Lee
Ellinger, Darrold Leroy
Ellinger, Dennis Allen-M
Ellinger, Jason Dale-A
Ellinger, Kenneth C.
Ellinger, Paul Harold
Elliott, Charles E.
Elliott, Dennis Lee
Elliott, Earl Eugene
Elliott, James E.
Elliott, Mark E.
Elliott, Mark Edward Jr.-A
Elliott, Robert G.
Elliott, William Edward
Ellis, Joseph C.
Ellis, Marion Atha
Ellis, Robert Larry
Ellis, Terry Lynn
Ellis, Wayne E.
Emenaker, Louis Joseph
Emenaker, Louis Michael
Emmons, Chester T.-A
Emmons, David Donald
Emmons, Lowell Scott
Emmons, Sherman E.
Emmons, Ward Lamar
Emond, Elmer Bryan
Enders, Albert Gail-pfc
Enders, Gene W.
Enders, Louis Dale
Enders, Orville E.
Engel, Arthur B.
Engel, Charles LaVerne
Engel, Dale A.
England, Howard W.
Engle, Bernard L.-N
Engle, Gregory Alan-A
Enyeart, Robert W.
Epler, Delbert C.
Epler, Delven F.
Epley, Clarence William III-A
Erdelyi, Thomas
Erickson, Edward Thurman-M
Erickson, Kenneth Dale
Ernsberger, Jack Edwin
Ernsberger, Jerry Lee
Ervin, Carl Samuel
Ervin, Joe Lamont
Ervin, Richard Douglas
Ervin, Robert Theodore
Erwin, Jr. Wilfred Henry
Esher, Merril
Eskridge, Arthur Dean
Eskridge, Charles W.
Eskridge, Jerry William
Espick, Ellsworth Marvin
Espick, Herbert L.
Evans, Charles Robert
Evans, Lawrence E.
Evans, Lloyd McClellan Jr.
Everdon, John
Everdon, Joseph C.
Everist, Richard L.
Everly Billie Ward
Everly, Donald W.
Everly, Robert R.
Everly, Woodrow Allen
Eversole, Noah L.
Ewald, Horace G.
Ewald, Sr. Robert Dale
Ewin, William W.
Eyrich, Dale Frederick
Faber, Peter H.
Falconbury, Arthur S.
Falconbury, Dewey N.
Falconbury, Hollis F.
Falconbury, Hollis Ford
Falconbury, Oliver L.
Fall, Cecil Laverne
Fanning, Ernest J.
Fanning, Theodore S.
Farkas, James Henry
Farrer, James C.
Farrer, Jerry L.
Farrer, Jerry Lee
Farrer, Kent Jerome
Farrer, Randall Wayne-A
Farrer, Stanley D.
Farrer, Tom
Farrer, Tony Dean-A
Farver, Edward D.
Farver, Evert A.
Fasetti, Henry James
Faucett, Tony Allen-M
Faulkner Thomas Robert
Faulkner, Clifford Ray
Faulkner, Donald Eugene
Faulkner, Fred Carlisle-A
Faulkner, Fred G.-A
Faulkner, Paul E.
Faulkner, Thomas Robert
Faulkner, Walter Lee
Faulkner, Warren G.
Faulkner, William E.
Fawley, James Allen
Feagler, Kelly J.-M
Feece, Burton Jay
Feece, Ezra Jr.
Feece, Lester A.
Feece, Terrence Lee
Feece, Theodore C.
Feece, Thomas Eldon-AF
Feece, William Riley Jr.
Feldman, Don L.
Feldman, J.N.Willard
Feldman, Steven Joe
Feldman, Vernon Max
Felke, Francis E.
Felke, Joseph A.
Felton, Arthur P.
Feltz, Richard W.
Fenimore, Robert L.
Fenstermaker, Orval A.
Ferguson, Jerry Lynn
Ferguson, Lloyd Ames
Ferguson, Robert E.
Ferguson, Timothy Wayne
Ferguson, Tom E.
Ferguson, Willis E.
Ferris Donald Eugene
Ferris, Cole Willard-AF (discharge)
Ferris, Donald Eugene
Ferry, Emery Franklin Jr.-A
Fetherolf, Thomas J.
Fetters, Wendell W.
Field, Alfred Ernest-A
Filson, Clyde L.
Filson, John Daniel-AF
Filson, Stanley Lowell-A
Filson, Theada H.
Finley, Paul Jay-A
Firestone, Michael Kent-M
Firestone, Patrick Lynn-M
Firestone, Robert L.
Fish, Chester
Fish, Dale V.
Fish, Edward F.
Fish, Harold E.(transfer)
Fish, Harold Earl
Fish, Kermit D.
Fishburn, Francis F.
Fishburn, Loy Wade
Fishburn, Roy Wesley
Fishburn, Samuel LeRoy
Fisher, Billy Lee-A
Fisher, Donald L.
Fisher, Floyd E.
Fisher, Gale Deane
Fisher, James W.
Fisher, John Ellis
Fisher, Larry Carlton
Fisher, Max E.
Fisher, Norman L.-A
Fisher, Robert E.
Fisher, Robert T.
Fitz, Cecil A.
Fitz, Orvan Dewight Jr.
Flagg, Albert O.
Flagg, Gary Albert-A
Flagg, Richard Lee
Fleming, John J.
Fletcher, Floyd D.
Flora, John J.
Flora, Russell
Florence, Richard W.
Flory, Doyle Ray
Flory, Harold E.
Flory, Jamie Ray-A
Flory, Jerry Lee
Flory, Raymond D.
Flory, Richard Lee-A
Flowers, George Dallas
Flox, Louis I.
Fluckey, Clella D.
Fluckey, Owen Eugene
Fogel, Walter W.
Follin, James R.
Follin, Robert M.
Foltz, Erin C.
Font, Malcolm Dan
Foote, Allen Max-N
Fore, Eldon Frederick
Fore, Jerry Allen
Forsythe, Arthur
Forsythe, Frank E.
Forsythe, Robert Arthur
Forsythe, Stanley Earl
Forsythe, Vern Lee (discharge)
Forsythe, Vern Lee(separation)
Foss, Gordon E.
Foster, Orville W.
Fox, Carl William
Fox, Dean C.
Fox, Dennis Harold
Fox, John L.
Fox, Orval J.
Fraine, Robert Lynn
France, Thomas B,-A
Francis, Curtis Eugene
Franco, Jose Garcia-AF
Franklin, Dean Carl-A
Franklin, Roscoe Herman
Frazier, Timothy Wayne
Freberg, Edward Arnold-M
Frederick, Vance D.
Freece, Kenneth Eugene
Freed, Marvin
Freed, Marvin Junior
Freed, Ray A.
Freed, Robert C.(discharge)
Freed, Robert C.(separation)
Freeman, George D.
Freese, Lloyd F.
Freet, Vern M.
Freiberg, Arwied K.
Frenger, Allen R.-A
Frenger, Kenneth Gordon-A
Frenger, Stephen Allen
Fretz, Minor LeRoy
Fribley, James E.
Frick, Irene Leona
Friebe, Arthur Arnold-N
Frith, Douglas Wayne
Fritz, Dallis N.
Fritz, Donald Stewart
Fritz, Edward Phillip
Fruits, David Omer
Fruits, Forrest D.
Fruits, Garah Roy
Fruits, Harold R.
Frushour, Stuart
Frushour, Wayne Martin
Frushour,Matthew Scott-A
Fry, Milton Edward
Fugate, Robert Andrew-A
Fuller, Leonard Wayne
Fuller, William Harris
Funk, Gerry Gawain-N
Funk, James Harvey
Funk, Nupa Ann
Furry, William Howell
Furst, Steven Douglas
Gaines, Harvey Anderson
Gaines, Herbert Junior
Gaines, James O.
Gall, Jacob
Gall, Jacob N.
Gamble, Douglas DeWayne
Gamble, Jimmy A.-A
Ganshorn, Chester Wayne-A
Ganshorn, Everett W.
Ganshorn, Floyd O.
Ganshorn, Ralph E.
Gantz, John Harold
Garbison, Harvey Gene
Gardner, Alexander B.
Gardner, Fred H.
Gardner, Harold D.
Gardner, James Asbury
Gardner, James Asbury-A
Garl, Clarence B.
Garl, Samuel J.
Garland, Kenneth Arleton
Garn, Clarence Virgil Jr.
Garn, Herbert Gerald
Garnand, Payton T. Jr.
Garner, Brian Eugene
Garner, Merrit Devon
Garrett, Ralph W.
Garrett, Willis Roy
Garrison, Chester Eugene
Garrison, Dennis Eugene
Garrison, Phillip Lee
Garver, George R.
Garver, Jay V.
Gates, Jerry Wayne-AF
Gates, John Robert
Gates, Ned B.
Gaze, Lewis Jr.
Geariety, Bradd J.-N
Gee, Walter Jr.
Geib, Tony Lee
Geiger, Dennis A.
Geiselman, Doyle
Geiselman, Forrest Jr.
Geiselman, Larry Eugene
Geiselman, Ralph
Geisleman, Chester James
Geisler, James Richard
Geldner, David Scott-N
Gentry, Oris M.
Gerard, Fred L.
Gerard, Jesse L.
Gerkey, Jesse C.
Gernand, William F.
Gernand, William Frederick
Gerrard, David William-N
Gerrard, Henry C.
Gerrard, James T.
Geupe, Michael Laverne-AF
Geyer, David Linden
Geyer, John Lertis
Geyer, Larry Dale-A
Gibson, Dan A.
Gibson, John L.-N
Gibson, Lee Clarvin
Gibson, Russell Paul-NR
Gieb, Robert L.
Gilbert, Bernard James
Gilbert, Donald Eugene
Gilbert, Edward W.
Gilbert, Kenneth L.
Gilbert, Richard Frederick
Gilbert, Robert J -A
Gill, Jr.Calvin Rush
Gilley, Leonard A.
Gilliland, Roger Dean
Gillispie, Charles H.
Gimbel, Richard W.
Ginter, Minor L.
Ginther, Ogden D.
Ginther, Ogden Dean
Girten, Earl L.
Girten, Harry
Girten, William Joseph
Glackman,John Clay
Glass, Jack N.
Glass, Robert D.-A
Glass, Ruth Hattie
Glaub, John G.
Glaub, Paul R.
Glaub, Roscoe Earl
Gleason, Ronald J.-A
Glingle, John L.
Glose, Aloys August
Goble, Lawrence Edward -N
Gochenour, Lewis D.
Gochenour, Terry Linn
Goldkette, John J.
Goldnerr, Russell V.
Gonce, Finley E.
Good, Arthur L.
Good, Gregory Lee-AF
Good, James L.
Good, James Olen
Good, John V.
Good, Robert R.
Good, Wendell D.
Goodman, William E.
Goodrich, Clifford Allen
Goodrich, David Charles
Goodsell, Merrial “A.J.”
Goodwell, Robert C.
Goodyear, Jacob W.
Goodyear, Joseph H. Jr.
Goodyear, Waldo A.
Gordon, Charles Lyle
Gordon, Donald L.
Gordon, Foster Frank
Gordon, Harry Eugene
Gordon, John V.
Gordy, Donald K.-N
Goss, David William
Goss, Howard Joseph
Gottschalk, Richard Lee
Gottschalk, Robert C.
Goze, Victor
Gragg, George R.
Graham, Clarence W.
Graham, Diane Allen-A
Graham, John J.
Graham, Richard B.
Graham, Ross R.
Graverson, John Armaur
Graverson, Thomas Gravers
Graverson, William E.
Gray, Clarence C.
Gray, Donald A.
Gray, Forrest I.
Gray, Leonard F.
Grebe, Carl Eugene
Grebe, Larry Dean-A
Grebe, Wayne Arthur
Green, Denver Lloyd Junior
Green, Donald E.
Green, Donald J.
Green, Irving Emerson
Green, John C.
Green, Robert J.
Green, Robert Jay
Green, William M.
Greenawalt, Duane Otis
Greene, James Collier
Greenlee, Billy B.
Greenlee, Frank Spencer-N
Greenlee, Hal C.
Greenlee, Jack Baird
Greenlee, Lowell Robert
Greenlee, Roger L.
Greenway, James G.
Greer, Frederick R.
Greer, James E.
Gregory, Robert Walter-A
Greider, Paul S.
Grenert, Foster Devon
Griewank, Albert E,
Griewank, Ray Steven
Griewank, Wm. Howard
Griffin, Robert L.-A
Griffin, Vernon Onell
Griffith, Dwight W.
Griggs, Richard H.
Griggs, Robert W.
Grimm, Donald Carlyle
Grise, Clinton
Grisemer, Walter
Griswold, Kenneth D.
Gritten, Wayne Harold
Grodowski, Marion J.
Grogg, Floyd Harmon
Grolich, Richard John
Grolich, Timothy Linn-N
Grossman, Delbert Joseph
Grossman, George C.
Grossman, Holice A.
Grossman, Leroy Cecil
Grossman, Lillie Kuntz
Grossman, Raymond Frederick
Grossman, Robert Eugene
Grossman, Robert W.-A
Grosvenor, Calvin "I"
Grove, Herbert R.
Grove, James Leon
Grover, Bobby Joe-A
Grover, Jerry Marvin
Groves, Dennis Joseph-M
Grubbs, Leo R.
Grubbs, Michael R-A.
Grunawalt, Dicky Lee
Grunawalt, Harvey E.
Guard, Donald E.
Guge, Archie R.
Gumbert, Harry
Gunder, Richard Lloyd
Gunterman, Anthony Elmer
Gunterman, John
Gunterman, Joseph A.
Gunther, Fred H.
Gunther, Oscar Raymond
Gurthet, Eugene M.
Gurthet, Lawrence E.
Gurthhet, Harry Louis
Gustafson, Michael Steven-A
Guyse, Kenneth Weston
Guyse, Paul Alan
Guyse, Robert Lee
Guyse, Robert Lee-N
Gysin, John Frank
Haab, Carl Jr.
Haag, Arthur L.
Haag, Byron E.
Haag, Elmer R.
Haag, Erwin A.
Haag, Frank Willard
Haag, Ned Bryon
Haag, Paul Keith
Haag, Russell Wayne
Haas, Ervin Ray
Haas, Herbert Seymonr
Haas, Theadore Lewis
Hackett, Lewis Alvin
Hackett, William Haines
Hagan, Maurice Lowell
Hagan, Richard E.
Hagenau, Scott N.
Hagenbush, Ivo J.
Hagenbush, Robert L.
Hagle, Thomas L.
Hahn, Donald Ray
Hahn, Donald S.
Hahn, Donald V.
Hahn, Robert James
Haiflich, Billy P.
Haines, Alvin R.
Haines, Dale E.-A
Haines, John L.
Haines, Larry Dean
Hajicek, Herbert
Hall, Charles E.
Hall, Chester Orville Jr.
Hall, Edwards
Hall, James F.
Hall, Michael Roy
Hall, Ralph Raymond Jr.
Hall, Stephen Lee
Hall, Terry Wayne
Halt, Robert B.
Hamilton, Harold Gene-A
Hamman, Robert Sherman
Hammel, George M.
Hammes, Charles A.
Hammes, George Francis
Hammes, Leo C.
Hammond, Paul E.
Hampton, Richard Dale
Hand, Donald Edward
Hand, Terry Lynn
Hand, Terry Owen
Hanes, Donovan Lynn
Hanes, Larry Lowell
Hanes, Wayne Oliver
Haney, Carl Louis Jr.
Haney, Ralph R.
Hanley, Darrell Iwin
Hans, John Richard
Hansen, John Anton
Hansen, John L.
Hansen, Michael Earl
Hansen, Richard Paul
Hansen, Robert D.
Hansen, Roland E.
Hansen, Winfred C.
Hanthorn, Edward J.
Harbaugh, Howard R.
Harbaugh, Richard Lee
Hardesty, Gilbert L.
Hardesty, Robert E.
Hardesty, Wayne Delman Jr.
Harding, Ralph Gilbert
Hardy, Arthur R.-A honorable discharge
Hardy, Elmer C.
Hardy, Keith Allen
Hardy, Leland Cecil
Hardy, Melvin Leroy
Hardy, Richard S.
Hardy, Ricky Lynn
Hardy, Theodore L.
Hargrove, Junior Lewis
Haring, Carl
Harley, Floyd Everett
Harley, Timothy Joe
Harley, Walter L.
Harley, Wilmer Lamar
Harman, Jack A.
Harmen, Herbert Elson
Harmon, Gregory Wayne
Harmon, Joe William-N
Harmon, John Henry
Harner, John Melvin
Harner, William Harry
Harness, Lavern Joseph
Harper Henry M Jr.
Harper, David Hornaday
Harper, Henry M.-A
Harper, Robert F.
Harrington, David G.
Harrington, Dennis Blaine
Harrington, Frederick N.
Harrington, Kenneth L.R.- Cert. of App.
Harrington, Kenneth LeRoy-M
Harrington, Kenneth N.
Harrington, Ralph E.
Harrington, Robert L.
Harrington, Roger Dale
Harris, Daniel C.
Harris, John
Harris, Kenneth Earl
Harris, Phillip R.
Harris, Phillip Richard
Harris, Robert Eugene
Harris, Virgil P.
Hart, John P.(discharge certificate)
Hart, William O.
Hartman, Dale Thomas-A
Hartman, Darrwin George
Hartman, Floyd C.
Hartman, Paul L.
Hartman, Paul Leroy
Hartwell, Henry Francis
Hartz, Alvin H.
Hartz, Paul Nicholas
Hartzell, Floyd D.
Hass, Fred Jay
Hassenplug, William Harold
Hassler, Dewey J.
Hatfield Jimmie J.
Hatfield, Harvey E.
Hatfield, Harvey Edwin
Hatfield, Lowell DeVaun
Hatten, Howard Franklin
Hatten, Irwin D.
Hatten, Robert A.
Hatter, Dan Lee-A
Hattery, Leroy (nmn)
Hattery, Richard Lawrence
Hatton, Bobby Lester
Haug, Arthur A.
Haug, Hans I.
Haug, Robert Wayne
Hawkins, Clifford G.
Hawkins, Edwin R.
Hawkins, Glen Eugene
Hawkins, Harry T. Cpl.
Hawkins, Jesse E.
Hawkins, Jonathon Daniel-A
Hawkins, Sgt. Harry T.
Hawkins, Victor Willard
Hawley, Noel Arthur
Hawthorne, William H.
Hayes, Thomas Jones-A
Hayn, Loren David-A
Hayn, Merl Jay-A
Haynes, Dennis Loring
Haynes, Kenneth A.
Haynes, Kenneth Allen
Heck, William B.
Heck, William B.-N
Heckaman, Arthur S.
Heckaman, Arthur Stanley
Heckaman, Charles Delbert
Heckaman, Gerald R.
Heckaman, Harrison H.
Heckaman, Herbert M.
Heckaman, Jessie E.
Heckaman, Lloyd G.
Heckaman, Roscoe R.
Heckaman, Stanley Paul
Heckaman, Walter R.
Heet, Joseph Paul
Heet, Lawrence Herbert-MC
Heet, Michael Henry
Heet, Robert Anthony-A
Heeter, Fred DeVon
Heflick, David Michael-N
Heflick,Glen H.
Heim, Stephen Russell
Heinke, Robert W.
Heiser, Dale Irwin
Heisler, Dwight Eugene
Hellinga, Jerry Ray-A
Helmlinger, William Edward
Helms, Robert J.
Helmuth, Eli
Helmuth, Eli Daniel
Helsel, James Claire
Heminger, Floyd E.
Heminger, Lester A.
Heminger, Robert J.
Henderson, Charlotte Lucille
Henderson, Duane Allen-A
Henderson, Harold W.
Henderson, Howard Earl
Henderson, James Alan
Henderson, Paul E.
Henderson, Wayne A.
Hendricks, Gary Wayne-M
Hendricks, Mark Allen-A
Hendricks, Wayne T.
Hendrickson, Herbert Wayne Jr.-A
Hendrix, Thomas G.
Henry, Kenneth James
Henry, Kenneth O.
Hensel, Lawrence F.
Hensel, Richard Carter
Hensley, Chad Patrick-A
Hensley, Kim Louis
Hensley, Marion Jeff
Hepler, Clarence F.
Hepler, Devon Lamar-A
Hepler, Elwood, Eugene
Hepler, Everett Wayne
Hepler, Harry D.
Hepler, John Nathan
Hepler, Theodore Cecil
Herr, Franklin Leroy
Herr, George Lamar
Herrin, James Dewey
Hershberger, Mack Eugene
Hess, Ed J.
Hess, Harold F.
Hess, Jesse -N
Hess, Leonard Allen
Hessler, Martin Dwayne
Hessler, William Dix
Heuer, Jaymon Stephen-AF
Heyde, Noble Richard
Heyse, Ronald Gene
Hibbets, Gilbert P.
Hibbets, Loyal G.
Hickisch, Arline C.
Hiester, Arthur E.
Hiester, Bernard Eugene
Hiester, Fay -N
Hiester, Oliver W.
Hight, Howard E.
Highway, Loren M.
Hildebrand, Dale W.
Hildebrand, John W.
Hileman, Robert L.
Hill, David Lawrence
Hill, Esther Lucille
Hill, Floyd A.
Hill, Floyd E.
Hill, Francis L.
Hill, George C.
Hill, Harry C.
Hill, James Edward
Hill, Marion H.
Hill, Richard Stanley
Hill, William C.
Hill, William Floyd
Hilles, Howard Jr.
Hilles, Kermit Reed-A
Himes Billy Glenn-A
Himes, Herb
Himes, James Leonard
Himes, Larry Eugene
Himes, Larry Eugene-M
Hindman, Emery J.
Hirschberg, Arnold H.
Hisey, Eugene Jr.
Hisey, Eugene M.
Hiss, John Charles
Hiss, John Harvey
Hiss, Richard C.
Hiss, Robert J.
Hiss, Robert Joseph
Hissong, Charles Allan
Hissong, Stephen L.
Hissong, Wayne D.
Hitchcock, William Radican
Hite, Alvin Lee
Hite, Arnold H.
Hite, Dwight Eugene-M
Hite, Earl Raymond
Hite, John Dennis
Hite, Michael Juluis
Hite, Raymond E.
Hittle, Gary Lynn
Hittle, Lawrence
Hoagland, Walter R.
Hochstetler, Calvin M.
Hochstetler, Harold Lamar
Hochstetler, John
Hochstetler, Merland D.
Hochstetler, Richard D.
Hochstetler, Willis Wayne
Hodges, Norman K.
Hodges, Ronald Wayne
Hodgkin, Patrick H.
Hodson, Robert S.
Hoeffer, Joda J.-A
Hoeffer, Joda John
Hoffman, James R.
Hoffman, Robert Arthur
Hoffman, Robert Arthur-A
Hogman, Robert R.
Hoke, Lyle Leroy
Holdeman, Donald Devon
Holderead, Noble E.
Holderread Donovan Neil-A
Holderread, Dean Cecil
Holderread, Othel O.
Holderread, Tyler Alan-N
Holderread, Walter Duwayne
Holdread, Frank F.
Holdread, Frank F.-A
Holdred, Wayne Earnest
Holem, Jerry
Holem, Richard F.
Holem, Wade Adam-M
Holewinski, Dennis Lee
Holland, Clays D.
Holland, Damon H.
Holland, David Morris-A
Holland, Eldon C.
Holland, Floyd Ellsworth
Holland, Otho W.
Hollett, Scott Jay Sr.
Hollingsworth, Jeffery David
Hollinshead, George R.
Hollis, James Edward
Hollis, John David
Holloway, Clarence P.
Holloway, Dale E.
Holloway, Lowell T.
Holloway, Michael Lloyd-A
Holloway, Ronald Leo
Holly, Frank
Holm, Eugene Martin
Holman, John
Holmes, Oliver W.
Holmgren, Elizabeth An
Holtzclaw, Jeffrey Craig
Holzbauer, Barbara Ellen
Homman, James Babcock
Honeycutt, Royd G.
Hooker Jack Barth
Hooker, Elton L.
Hooker, James Lee
Hooker, Jerry Lee
Hooker, Richard G.
Hooker, Teddy Grant
Hooley, Randall Lamar
Hoople, Walter Erwin
Hoover, Clarence J.
Hoover, Dale Frank
Hoover, Dean Marshall
Hoppe, Chester
Horn, Carlos F.-A
Horn, Kenneth C.-A
Horn, Kenneth W.
Horn, Larry Dale
Horner, Arnie F.
Hossele, Christian J.
Hostetler, Gordon Alan-A
Hostetler, James Robert-A
Hostetler, Jim Dale-A
Hostetler, Ronald Herald-A
Hott, Donald C.
Hott, Donald Charles
Hott, Emerson D.
Hott, Emerson David
Houghton, David John
Houghton, Donald J.
Houghton, Earl L.
Houghton, Everett R.
Houghton, Lester C.
Houghton, Ray Carl
Houghton, Richard J.-A
Houghton, William Edward
Houin, David Vincent
Houin, Elmer V.
Houin, Kenneth Robert-A
Houin, Lawrence E.
Houin, Lawrence Edward
Houser, Loy
Houston, Robert Wayne-A
Howard, Chalmer Lee-A
Howard, Darrell Allen-N
Howard, Denton
Howard, Donald -A
Howard, Franklin Delano
Howard, Fred
Howell, Kenneth J.
Hubbard, William D.
Hubbard, William H.
Huber, Kenneth L.
Hudkins, John Stevens-M
Hudkins, Sherman Felix
Hudon, Henry A.
Hudon, Peter Albert
Hudson, Audrey Frances-N
Hueni, Herman J.
Huetson, Warren J.-A
Huff, Bruce Alan
Huff, Clark Carlyle
Huff, DeVoe
Huff, Edward C.
Huff, Eldon E.-A (discharge)
Huff, Kenneth Earl
Huff, Kevin Eugene-A
Huff, Leonard Lee-M
Huff, Lloyd M.
Huff, Paul Dewey
Huff, Richard D.
Huff, Tom R.
Huff, Wayne O.
Huffer, Clem Worh-N
Huffer, Jack Earl-A
Huffer, Melvin R.
Huffer, Ronald LaMar
Huffman, Lawrence L.
Hughes, James E.
Hughes, John Walter
Hughes, Lester Albertus-N
Hughes, Robert J.
Hughes, Robert Leroy
Humes, Charles E.
Hummel, Floyd Allen
Hummel, Kenneth S.
Hummel, Robert H.-A
Hummel, Robert Henry
Hummel, Wayne Ray(Ray)
Hummel, Wes Eugene
Humphrey,Ronald Duane
Hunter, Alvin Clay
Hunter, Harvey Fred-A
Hunter, Richard Scott
Hupp, Lawrence Melvin
Hurford, Duane William
Hurford, Lewis G.
Hurford, Lowell E.
Hurst, Donald Michael
Husband, David D.
Husband, James Duane
Husmann, Reinert William-A
Hutchings, David William
Hutchings, James Arthur-A
Hutchings, Orval E.
Hutchison, Donald A.
Hutchison, Frank J.
Hyatt, Earl Arben-A
Hygema, Kenneth V.
Ingle, David Scott
Inks, Charles E.
Inks, Woodrow W.
Irwin, Harold R.
Irwin, John Stuart -A
Irwin, Kline Dean
Jackson, Claire W.
Jackson, Frank P.-A
Jackson, Howard Vance Sr.-A
Jackson, John Vernon-N
Jackson, Richard Allen
Jacobs, John William
Jacobs, Richard Harland
Jacobs, Timothy Allen-A
Jacobson, Conrad Wilbur
Jacobson, David Conrad
Jacobson, Howard W.
Jacobson, Paul Norman
Jacobson, Philip Edward-A
Jacox, Paul V.
Jacox, Roger A.
James, Ely-A
Janes, Clifford Jemmie
Jaquish, Michael Barry
Jarrell, Clarence S.
Jefferies, Donald E.
Jefferies, Fred D.
Jefferies, Harold Gene
Jefferies, Lee R.
Jefferies, Michael J.
Jeffery, Merrill E.
Jeffirs, Joseph Michael
Jeffirs, Thomas William
Jenkins, Lillian A.
Jensen, Emery A.
Jett, Robert Lee
Jewell, George William-NR
Jewell, Lee George
Johnson Glen Russell
Johnson, Carl M.
Johnson, Carl Victor
Johnson, Dennis D.-AF
Johnson, Dennis Dean
Johnson, Floyd H.
Johnson, Francis W.
Johnson, Harold D.
Johnson, Harold Y.

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