There were a number of railroads through Marshall County that appear in the records on paper only.  The following represents three of those lines that were petitioned but never built.
Petition from Union Township signed and dated 17 May 1872 by:
L. D. Wiseman           John Heminger (his mark)     Joseph Miller
Michael Benner (his mark)   Henry Burkardt (his mark)    George York
Moses Working                James Duddleson              Thomas Medbourn
Edward Medbourn Sr.(his mark) Thomas Houghton          Edmund Morris
Wm. Jones                    Wm. D. Scates            Christopher Myers
James H. Hill                Thomas Bedden            G. F. Zackman
James Green                  Alfred Byrd              Daniel Easterday
Wm. Shaw                     Jeremiah Mosher          E. Parker
H. Atkinson                  J. L. Atkinson           Zechiel   
Peter Keller                        Joel Menser Joel Menser
John H. Zechiel              John Zechiel             Joel Cromly
Johannes (VanSchoiack?)      L. T. Vanschoiack
Petition from North Township signed on the 20th July 1870:
 R. H. McChesney              John Eckert                   Joseph Stough
 John Stough                  Simon Stough                  Albert Shank
 A. M. Carpenter              John N. Winrott               John W. Carpenter
 Simon Neff                   Hiram Baker                   A. C. Ames
 Wm. McGowen             Charles Weeks            Robert Schroeder
 Liberty Cross                John P. Grover           P. A. White
 Jacob Davenport              Willian Seltenright           John Campbell
 John Hilliard                R. F. Martin                  Philo Young
 Joseph Weeks                 Jacob Steel                   John Seltenright
 Joseph Penrod                Isaiah Bower                  Daniel Burger
 James A. Gordon              Wm. Scofield                  Noah Wiltfong
 Daniel Seltright            Franklin Pirce                Abraham Baker
 Petition from German Township signed on the 20th July 1870:
 August Menzel           John F. Biehl                 Carl ___________
 John Dietrich                Jacob Schilt                  Joseph Biehl
 Philip Kaneger               Daniel Ringle                 Peter Gruber
 C. Schilt                    John Bauer, Jr.               Jacob Walter
 Chas. Lehr                          Daniel D. Mast    John C. King
 John Heckaman           M. M. Foltz                   Wm. Ringle
 Lewis Theobald               Christian Seiler, Jr.         David Geyer
 Adam Koontz                  Benton Knoblock               C. Seiler, Sr.
 Jacob Yockey                  Christ. Wanner         W. J. Huff
 F. Hostetler                 Philip Huff                   John Link
 Adam Holderbaum              John B. Kitch                 Romke Hygema
 Jonas Miller
 Petition from German Township signed 12 May 1869 and filed 5 Dec. 1870:
 Peter Gruber                 Daniel Vollnagle              Daniel Martin
 H. J. Knoblock                   ________Funk         J. G. Anders
 Moses Kinzy                  Adam Fisher                   Adam Bauer
 Benton Knoblock                              N. F. Row M. M. Folz
 John Dietrich                Chas. Lehr                    Jacob Stine
 Volentin Fisher              Christ Schilt                 Jonas Miller
 Adam Kuntz                   John Soice                    Wm. Strang
 Christian Seiler, Jr.        Christian Seiler              Jacob Matteo
 Daniel Ringle                George Zimmer            Christopher Wannes
 Jeptha Bondurant             John C. King                  John F. Biehl      
 Christian Henry              Geo. Wynaugh             John S. Ringle
 Jacob Schilt                 Lewis Theobald           John Heckaman
 W. B. Younkman              
 (Editors Note: The names above were transcribed from hand written signatures.   Some of the blanks resulted from the names being written in old German script and were not readable to one unschooled in that form of writing.  Likewise, some of the penmanship may have resulted in misspelled names.)
 An election was held in German Twp. on 8 April 1905.  On April 10th the results were reported
 by the Board of Canvassers:   Harmon Knoblock              Wm. C. Foltz
                                                       I. Frank Wine                       Henry Schlosser
 Five hundred twenty-two (522) for the railroad; one hundred sixty (160) against.
 An election was to be held in Walnut Twp. on 1 April 1905.  Results of that election are not in the

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