West Township

District #8 - Snyder School

The following names of pupils were found in an old school register kept by teachers in the one-room school in West Township.

Month ending September 26 1884.  
John H. Johnson, teacher.  
Grade Five:  
 James Lawrence            age 16
 Carrie Jones                15
 Harry Murray                14
 Robert Patton               16
 George Marshall             18
 Minnie Wilson               14
 Edna Andrews                17
 Clara Davis                 16
 Zetta Huddleston            15
Grade Four:  
 Leon Beaver                 12
 Nellie Davis                14
 Clarence Davis              13
 Frank Marshall              15
 Fannie French               14
 Minnie Washington           12
 Clem Graves                 14
 William English             11
Grade Three:  
 Edward Snyder               10
 Belle Shank                  9
 Nellie Blumenschein         11
 Emma Knecht                 12
 Joseph Stephens              9
 Annie Kilcannon             10
 Ida Lange                    8
 Blanche Beebe               10
      Grade Two:  
 Anna DeArmon                 8
 Anna Robertson               7
 Robert Nickum                9
 Rollie Wells                 8
 Aaron Rowe                  10
 Thomas Tilton                9
 Mamie Nixon                  8
      Grade One:  
 Ida Sayles                   7
 Charles Harries              6
 Peter Cooper                 6
 Harry Graves                 7
 Kittie Rowe                  8
 May Showe                    7
 Fannie Hale                  6
 Month ending December 5, 1884  
      Rilda C. Bair, teacher  
      Grade Five:  
 Dora Kinsey                age 18
 Albert Leighty              13
 Hiram Zumbaugh              17
 Martha Kinsey              11
 Eva Caddy          (no age given)
      Grade Four:  
 Willis Hershberger          11
 Clara Hershberger           13
 Clinton Holem              16
 Franklin Brown              12
 Melvin Leighty               9
 John Haverstraw             14
 Katie Shively       (no age given)
      Grade Three:  
 Clarence Leister     (no age given)
 Amelia Hoverstraw           16
 Willie Hoverstraw           15
 Jennie Borror               15
 John Heiserman             13
 Manuel Zumbaugh             11
 Cora Smith                  11
 Emma Wise             (no age given)
 Jacob Shively        (no age given)
 Aquilla Holem              15
 Mary Heiserman              16
      Grade Two  
 Freddy Hoverstraw      age 11
 Ida Zumbaugh                 9
 John Leister                 9
 Lora Zumbaugh                8
 Jacob Sebell          (no age given)
 Edith Holem                  7
      Grade One:  
 Freddy Kinsey                7
 George Wise                  8
 Frank Zumbaugh               7
 Manda Burns                  7
 Eddy Leister                 6
 Samuel Heiserman            10
 Edeth Leister                5
 Eddy Kinsey                  8
 Andrew Kinsey                8
 Joseph Sebell          (no age given)
 Rena Kinsey                  5
 Lydia Wise                   6
 Early Smith                  4
 Pruda Holem          (no age given)
 Willie Stewart     (no age given)
 Samuel Stewart     (no age given)
 New names added to the list in 1885  
      Rilda C. Bair, teacher  
 Nora Leedy          (no age given)
 Thurza Leedy         (no age given)
 Gracie Leedy (1st)  (no age given)
 Stella Nash (3rd)   (no age given)
 Maud Burns (1st)             8
 Emmaline Vankirk (1st)   (no age given)
 Adoline Vankirk (1st) (no age given)
Jane Vankirk     (3rd)     (no age given)
 Mattie Heiserman (1st)       7
 James Caddy     (1st)        9

 In 1886, Elmer E. Jones taught until March 12th and J. J. Coleman taught until June 26th.

Rather than repeat names of students still in school, only new names, grades and ages are printed below:  

 Louisa Martin     (5th)  18
 William Martin (5th)         15
 Hiram Zumbaugh (5th)         18
 Charles Holem (4th)          17
 Mary Wise (4th)              13
 Melvina Vankirk (4th)        15
 Clara Zumbaugh (4th)         14
 Maggie Holem (4th)           13
 Willie Hoverstraw (4th)      15
 Ida Zumbaugh (3rd)           10
 Edith Holem (3rd)             8
 Jacob Sebell (2nd)           12
 Andrew Kinsey (2nd)           9
 Edith Leister (1st)           7
 May Vankirk     (1st)         6
 Joseph Sebell (1st)           8
 Samuel Heiserman (1st)       11
 Lydia Wise (1st)              6
 Jacob Holem (1st)             5
 Milton Caddy (1st)     ( no age given)

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