Kinsley, Margaret
wife of Eld. John Kinsley
Died 8 September 1871
61 Years 6 Months 15 Days

Typed transcript taken from a scrapbook at Union Church

Mrs. Margaret Bainter Knisley

Died in the Union Church, Marshall County, Indiana, September 8, 1871, Margaret, wife of John Knisley, aged 61 years 6 months and 15 days.On the 10th she was taken to our new meting-house, where no meeting before had been held, and where the largest concourse of people met that we ever saw in the west. Funeral services by Brothers David Rupel and George Barnhart, from Rev. 14th and 13th. She was thence taken a short distance to the grave-yard, where her remains were deposited. Many sorrowfull tears were shed. She had laid us a good example - gave us a good many admonitions that we hope will not soon be forgotten. A few days before she died she expressed a willingness to be resigned to the Will of the Lord. She leaves a husband and five daughters - all married and in the church. Two of their husbands are in the second degree of the ministry, and one a visiting member; also fifteen grand-children. Her surviving husband feels himself much breaved. Having the care of the church as an Elder, and having no one to give council, he asks the sympathy and prayers of his dear brethren and sisters in his behalf.

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