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Photo by Wendy Cranfill


Tombstone photos by Wendy Cranfill

mile east, 230 feet south from end of JT-8 (90 graves), several with only field stones as markers, many stones not readable, and many not marked or in poor shape.                                                                                                                                               

Baker, Nancy M.      Wife of Aden Baker                               11/22/1864              8/11/1901

Inman, Baby                                                                           unreadable   

Inman, Malissa         Mother                                                    unreadable      tombstone photo

Inman, Nettie                                                       3/6/1876    3/29/1901        tombstone photo

Inman, Ruth                                                                           unreadable       

M., J. W.                                                                                unmarked field stone

Mitchell, Eleanor                                                                   3/4/1828                  3/25/1887

Mitchell, James T.                                              8/24/1850      11/23/1912    tombstone photo

Mitchell, Rhoda       Wife of John Mitchell         4/15/1850       4/1/1900      tombstone photo

Mitchell, Samuel W.                                          12/26/1808      12/25/1863   tombstone photo

                                Died in War at Memphis, TN 12/25/1863

Mitchell, William A.                                              4/23/1880    4/15/1913    tombstone photo

Mitchell, William B.                                              11/22/1861   4/13/1882    tombstone photo

R., S.                                                                                         unmarked field stone

Roberts, Alta  listed on same stone as Jonathan      ?/?/1861      ?/?/1902       tombstone photo

Roberts, Hiram Aged 46years                                 ?/?/????       10/7/1855    tombstone photo

Roberts, Jonathan    listed on same stone as Alta   ?/?/1857      ?/?/1913      tombstone photo

Roberts, Louie G. IND. PVT. 7 SN. 7 DIV.              ?/?/????      3/6/1935       tombstone photo

Roberts, Marthy M. Daughter ofJ.M. Roberts          ?/?/????     11/10/1868    tombstone photo

Roberts, Mary C.                                                     12/13/1812              8/1/1880

Roberts, Moses     CO. “G” 97th IND. INF. (or Co. “C”)          No dates         tombstone photo

Roberts, Ora M.                                                       12/23/1877   6/28/1901  tombstone photo

Roberts,Orval                                                          ?/?/1896       ?/?/1897     tombstone photo

Roberts, Stephen      Age 39 years, 8 months, 1 day ?/?/????       02/22/1854 tombstone photo

Spoonmore, Almira A.  Wife of William S. Spoonmore 1/6/1831 2/9/1896    tombstone photo

Spoonmore, Infant child of  Thomas E. &  Doshie E. Spoonmore    9/6/1886        9/6/1886

Spoonmore,Infant children  of Thomas E.& Doshie E. Spoonmore  

                                   8/28/188                8/28/1885                       tombstone photo              

Spoonmore,Infant  child of  Thomas E. &  Doshie E. Spoonmore 4/26/1893          4/26/1893

Spoonmore, William S.                         1/6/1821?         12/7/1907                tombstone photo

Taylor, Mary E.  Daughter of H. & P. A. Taylor                          ?/?/????            9/29/1864

Submitted by: Wendy Cranfill

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