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The 1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Morgan County lists those who died in the twelve month period prior to the enumeration of the census: 01 Jun 1849 - 31 May 1850. This was the first attempt by the U.S. Government to collect vital statistics on its citizens. Mortality schedules were taken in 1850 through 1900, but the 1890 and 1900 schedules were destroyed.

This list is a transcription of the "Index to the Indiana Mortality Schedules of Indiana 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880" compiled by the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library. Microfilms of the Indiana mortality schedules are available in the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis.

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ALLEN           Jane                  24    F            NC      Mar                          Affection of Heart            7   Madison
APPLEGATE       John                   4    M            IA      Nov                          Scarlet Fever                14   Adams
BARKER          Mary                  73    F     W      NC      Dec                          Ague & Old Age            4 Mo.   Madison
BENTON          Anna                  44    F            NC      Sep                          Palsey                        8   Madison
BENTON          William               25    M            IN      May       Medical Student    Chron. Diorrhea          18 Mo.   Madison
BRAY            Mary E.               1m    F            IN      Dec                          Eresipilas                    2   Madison
BRIANT          Greenup               20    M            IA      Feb       Farmer             Consumption                   C   Adams
BRYANT          Rachel E.             1m    F            IN      Apr                          Croup                         3   Madison
BURGESS         William W.            1m    M            IN      Jun                          Fever                         8   Green
CALAHAN         Metilda               50    F     1      KY      May                                                        7   Gregg
CALE            Mary E.               6m    F            IN      Apr                          Chronic                       4   Green
CALHOUN         John                  55    M     M      VA      Jan       Blacksmith         Small Pox                    15   Madison
CALHOUN         Nancy                 45    F     W      VA      Jan                          Small Pox                    15   Madison
CART            Infant                1m    M            IA      Dec                                                        1   Clay
CART            Infant                1m    M            IA      Dec                                                        1   Clay
CARTER          Jehu                  66    M     W      NC      May       Farmer             Eresipelas                   10   Madison
CARTER          Lydia                 58    F     M      NC      Mar                          Fit                      Sudden   Madison
CARTER          William A.             1    M            IN      Aug                          Inflamation of Brain         30   Madison
CHILES          Rolen C.              1m    M            IN      Mar                                                            Green
CLARK           Lydia                 21    F            IN      Apr                          Eresipelas                1 Mo.   Madison
COBLE           Molly                 72    F     W      NC      Aug                          Disentary                    15   Clay
CURTIS          Nancy                 21    F            KY      May                                                        C   Gregg
DORSETT         Henry                 2m    M            IA      Apr                          Chills                        9   Adams
EPPERSON        Rebecca               61    F            KY      Dec                          Chronic Disease             120   Green
FIELDS          Catharine             20    F     M      NC      Oct                          Typhus Fever                  9   Madison
FOXWORTHY       Ann                   90    F     W      VA      Apr                          Chronic                      21   Ray

GARRET          Catharine             33    F            PA      May                          Fever                        14   Washington
GILPIN          Roda                  30    F            NC      Feb                          Apoplexy                  2-Jan   Washington
GLASSCOCK       Ellen K.              15    F            KY      Jan                          Consumption                17 ?   Madison
GOSS            Norman                22    M     M      IN      Mar                          Fever                        22   Washington        F
GREENWOOD       Isabel                 1    F            IN      Feb                          Inflamation of Brain          5
GREESON         Frances A.            21    F     M      NC      Apr                          Measles                      14   Clay
GROVES          Isaac                  3    M            IN      Mar                          Liver Disease                 9   Green
GUM             Cornelius              3    M            IA      Oct                          Scarlet Fever                21   Adams
GUM             Robert                 5    M            IA      Sep                          Scarlet Fever                 4   Adams
HADLEY          Anny                  34    F            NC      Aug                          Typhoid Fever             2 Mo.   Madison
HADLEY          Hannah                64    F     M      NC      Sep                          Liver Compt.              6 Mo.   Madison
HADLEY          Jane                  36    F     M      NC      Apr                          Infla. of Bowels          2 Mo.   Madison
HADLEY          Louisa J.             33    F     M      NC      Apr                          Infl. of Bowels              10   Madison
HAGA            Andrew                21    M     M      NC      Mar                          Dropsy                      180   Baker
HAGA            Lafayette             13    M            IN      Mar                          Blk. Tongue                       Baker
HALE            Amandy                 1    F            IA      Feb                          Inflamation of Lung          28   Clay
HALL            John (T.?)            30    M            IA      Nov       Farmer             Fall from building           63   Adams
HANCOCK         Thomas J.              6    M            IN      Aug                          Croop                         2   Ray
HUGHEY          Hiram                 28    M            OH      Dec       Farmer             Small Pox                    17   Madison
JOB             Dayton Asbury         11    M            IN      Feb                          Dropsy of Lungs           3 Mo.
JOB             John William           3    M            IN      Feb                          Croup                         1
JOHNSON         Alonzo W.             3m    M            IN      Apr                          Eresypilas                    2   Madison
JOHNSON         Simon                 19    M            IN      Aug       Laborer            Consumption               9 Mo.   Madison
JOHNSON         William               74    M     M      NC      May       Farmer             Eresipelas                   14   Madison
JULIAN          Bohan                 50    M     M      NC      Feb                          Fall From Tree           Sudden   Clay
KILGORE         Jimison               67    M     M      KY      Nov       Farmer             Thrown from Wagon        Sudden   Clay
KITCHEN         George                26    M     M      TN      Jun       Farmer             Dropsey                       C   Clay
KNOY            Barbary (Knox ?)      18    F            IN      Oct                          Chronic                      18   Ray
LACY            Franka.               83    F     W      VA      Jan                          Eresipelas                   90   Ray
LACY            Margarett             40    F     1      TN      Aug                          Consumption                   C   Gregg
LAFEVER         Sarah A.               6    F            IN      Nov                          Sore Throat                   8   Baker
LEACH           Elizabeth C.          28    F            NC      Oct                          Consumption               1 Mo. 
MATTHEWS        Dilpha                71    F     W      NC      Apr       Farmer             Old Age                           Clay
MATTHEWS        George                79    M     M      NC      Feb       Farmer             Pain in the Heart             1   Clay
MCCOLLUM        Elizabeth              1    F            IA      Nov                          Worms                         7   Adams
MCDANIEL        Mary                   2    F            IN      Mar                          Croup                         1   Madison
MEDLEY          James                 79    M     M      TN      Jan       Farmer             Fever & Ague                  C   Clay
MILLER          Lydia                  2    F            IN      Dec                          Fever                         3   Jefferson
MOORMAN         Orcas                  2    M            IN      Apr                          Eresipelas                    4   Madison

NEWBY           Fredrick (Newley)     43    M     M      NC      Jan       Farmer             Typhoid Fever                21   Madison
NICHOLS         Nancy M.              7m    F            IN      Nov                          Croup                         9   Madison
PAINTER         Naomi                 54    F     W      VA      May                          Eresypilas                    5   Madison
PARK            William               55    M     M      KY      Aug       Farmer             Typhus Fever                 28   Madison
PATRICK         William C.             1    M            IA      Feb                          Inflamation of Brain          4   Adams
POE             Elizabeth             59    F     M      NC      Mar                                                        C   Clay
PUTOFF          Andrew                 2    M            IA      Oct                          Scarlet Fever                 4   Adams
PUTOFF          Henry                  1    M            IA      Oct                          Scarlet Fever                 8   Adams
QUICK           Mary A.               1m    F            IN      Feb                          Apoplexy                      2   Washington
RANDOLPH        Jas.                  82    M     M      NJ      Dec       Farmer             Cancer                   1 Year   Madison
RARIDEN         Martha                 3    F            IN      Oct                          Inflamation of Brain        4 ?   Madison
RINKER          Alfred                2m    M            IA      Aug                          Inflamation of Brain          3   Clay
ROOKER          William A.            31    M     M      IN      Aug       Collector & Treasu Diorrhea                      7   Madison
SCOTT           Samuel                42    M     M      TN      Aug       Farmer             Scrofula                      C   Clay
SHOVER          William               20    M     M      IN      Mar       Laborer            Typhoid Fever                21   Madison
SHUTS           Sarah A.               3    F            IN      Mar                          Croup                         3   Madison
SMITH           Daniel A.              1    M            IA      Mar                          Whooping Cough                7   Adams
SMITH           John C.                1    M            IN      Aug                          Croup                         1
STIPP           George W.             1m    M            IA      Jan                          Cold                         12   Clay
STONE           Emeline                1    F            IA      Feb                                                        5   Clay
STURGEON        Franka. A.             2    F            IN      Jan                          Scarlatina                   19   Ray
SWEARENGEN      William N.             1    M            IN      Jun                          Diorrhea                     10   Madison
TARR            Rebecca J.            17    F            IN      Oct                                                       10   Washington
THOMAS          Eli                    5    M            IN      Aug                          Fever                        18   Washington
THOMPSON        Anna M.               22    F            NC      May                          Eresipilas                1 Mo.

VANDEVENTER     Josiah                64    M            PA      May       Farmer             Fever                         6   Baker
WHEELER         Archibald             17    M            KY      Dec       Farmer             Consumption                   C   Adams
WHITAKER        Maryann               2m    F            IA      Mar                          Fits                     Sudden   Adams
WHITIKER        Levi                  76    M     W      PA      Nov       Farmer             Bronchites                   30   Ray
WILLIAMS        James                 38    M     M      TN      Mar       Farmer             Dropsey                       C   Clay
WOLF            Alfred                6m    M            IN      Oct                          Croup                         5   Madison
WOOD            Sophiah               1m    F            IA      Jan                                                        1   Clay
WOOD            Sophiah               45    F     M      NC      Jul                          Liver Complaint               C   Clay
WRIGHT          Elizabeth             24    F     M      IA      Sep                          Cholera                       3   Adams

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