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Morgan Co. IN 1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

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The 1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Morgan County lists those who died in the twelve month period prior to the enumeration of the census: 01 Jun 1849 - 31 May 1850. This was the first attempt by the U.S. Government to collect vital statistics on its citizens. Mortality schedules were taken in 1850 through 1900, but the 1890 and 1900 schedules were destroyed.

This list is a transcription of the "Index to the Indiana Mortality Schedules of Indiana 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880" compiled by the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library. Microfilms of the Indiana mortality schedules are available in the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis.

First Name
Birth Place
Month of Birth
Cause of Death
Days Ill
ALLENJane24F NCMar Affection of Heart7Madison
APPLEGATEJohn4M IANov Scarlet Fever14Adams
BARKERMary73FWNCDec Ague & Old Age4 Mo.Madison
BENTONAnna44F NCSep Palsey8Madison
BENTONWilliam25M INMayMedical StudentChron. Diorrhea18 Mo.Madison
BRAYMary E.1mF INDec Eresipilas2Madison
BRIANTGreenup20M IAFebFarmerConsumptionCAdams
BRYANTRachel E.1mF INApr Croup3Madison
BURGESSWilliam W.1mM INJun Fever8Green
CALAHANMetilda50F1KYMay 7Gregg
CALEMary E.6mF INApr Chronic4Green
CALHOUNJohn55MMVAJanBlacksmithSmall Pox15Madison
CALHOUNNancy45FWVAJan Small Pox15Madison
CARTInfant1mM IADec 1Clay
CARTInfant1mM IADec 1Clay
CARTERLydia58FMNCMar FitSuddenMadison
CARTERWilliam A.1M INAug Inflamation of Brain30Madison
CHILESRolen C.1mM INMar Green
CLARKLydia21F INApr Eresipelas1 Mo.Madison
COBLEMolly72FWNCAug Disentary15Clay
CURTISNancy21F KYMay CGregg
DORSETTHenry2mM IAApr Chills9Adams
EPPERSONRebecca61F KYDec Chronic Disease120Green
FIELDSCatharine20FMNCOct Typhus Fever9Madison
FOXWORTHYAnn90FWVAApr Chronic21Ray
GARRETCatharine33F PAMay Fever14Washington
GILPINRoda30F NCFeb Apoplexy42371Washington
GLASSCOCKEllen K.15F KYJan Consumption17 ?Madison
GOSSNorman22MMINMar Fever22WashingtonFree Colored
GREENWOODIsabel1F INFeb Inflamation of Brain5
GREESONFrances A.21FMNCApr Measles14Clay
GROVESIsaac3M INMar Liver Disease9Green
GUMCornelius3M IAOct Scarlet Fever21Adams
GUMRobert5M IASep Scarlet Fever4Adams
HADLEYAnny34F NCAug Typhoid Fever2 Mo.Madison
HADLEYHannah64FMNCSep Liver Compt.6 Mo.Madison
HADLEYJane36FMNCApr Infla. of Bowels2 Mo.Madison
HADLEYLouisa J.33FMNCApr Infl. of Bowels10Madison
HAGAAndrew21MMNCMar Dropsy180Baker
HAGALafayette13M INMar Blk. Tongue Baker
HALEAmandy1F IAFeb Inflamation of Lung28Clay
HALLJohn (T.?)30M IANovFarmerFall from building63Adams
HANCOCKThomas J.6M INAug Croop2Ray
HUGHEYHiram28M OHDecFarmerSmall Pox17Madison
JOBDayton Asbury11M INFeb Dropsy of Lungs3 Mo.
JOBJohn William3M INFeb Croup1
JOHNSONAlonzo W.3mM INApr Eresypilas2Madison
JOHNSONSimon19M INAugLaborerConsumption9 Mo.Madison
JULIANBohan50MMNCFeb Fall From TreeSuddenClay
KILGOREJimison67MMKYNovFarmerThrown from WagonSuddenClay
KNOYBarbary (Knox ?)18F INOct Chronic18Ray
LACYFranka.83FWVAJan Eresipelas90Ray
LACYMargarett40F1TNAug ConsumptionCGregg
LAFEVERSarah A.6F INNov Sore Throat8Baker
LEACHElizabeth C.28F NCOct Consumption1 Mo.
MATTHEWSDilpha71FWNCAprFarmerOld Age Clay
MATTHEWSGeorge79MMNCFebFarmerPain in the Heart1Clay
MCCOLLUMElizabeth1F IANov Worms7Adams
MCDANIELMary2F INMar Croup1Madison
MEDLEYJames79MMTNJanFarmerFever & AgueCClay
MILLERLydia2F INDec Fever3Jefferson
MOORMANOrcas2M INApr Eresipelas4Madison
NEWBYFredrick (Newley)43MMNCJanFarmerTyphoid Fever21Madison
NICHOLSNancy M.7mF INNov Croup9Madison
PAINTERNaomi54FWVAMay Eresypilas5Madison
PARKWilliam55MMKYAugFarmerTyphus Fever28Madison
PATRICKWilliam C.1M IAFeb Inflamation of Brain4Adams
POEElizabeth59FMNCMar CClay
PUTOFFAndrew2M IAOct Scarlet Fever4Adams
PUTOFFHenry1M IAOct Scarlet Fever8Adams
QUICKMary A.1mF INFeb Apoplexy2Washington
RANDOLPHJas.82MMNJDecFarmerCancer1 YearMadison
RARIDENMartha3F INOct Inflamation of Brain4 ?Madison
RINKERAlfred2mM IAAug Inflamation of Brain3Clay
ROOKERWilliam A.31MMINAugCollector & TreasurerDiorrhea7Madison
SHOVERWilliam20MMINMarLaborerTyphoid Fever21Madison
SHUTSSarah A.3F INMar Croup3Madison
SMITHDaniel A.1M IAMar Whooping Cough7Adams
SMITHJohn C.1M INAug Croup1
STIPPGeorge W.1mM IAJan Cold12Clay
STONEEmeline1F IAFeb 5Clay
STURGEONFranka. A.2F INJan Scarlatina19Ray
SWEARENGENWilliam N.1M INJun Diorrhea10Madison
TARRRebecca J.17F INOct 10Washington
THOMASEli5M INAug Fever18Washington
THOMPSONAnna M.22F NCMay Eresipilas1 Mo.
VANDEVENTERJosiah64M PAMayFarmerFever6Baker
WHEELERArchibald17M KYDecFarmerConsumptionCAdams
WHITAKERMaryann2mF IAMar FitsSuddenAdams
WOLFAlfred6mM INOct Croup5Madison
WOODSophiah1mF IAJan 1Clay
WOODSophiah45FMNCJul Liver ComplaintCClay
WRIGHTElizabeth24FMIASep Cholera3Adams