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Morgan County History And Genealogy Association is a non-profit tax-exempt organization which was incorporated in 1995. Morgan County is located in south central Indiana and is sometimes referred to as the "Gateway to Southern Indiana".
The OBJECTIVES and PURPOSES of the Association are:

  • TO DEVELOP and NURTURE a public awareness of the History of Morgan County so that a fellowship of heritage preservation may result.
  • TO COLLECT, PRESERVE, and INTERPRET the evidences of the people and events connected with the history of this region, and particularly of Morgan County, Indiana.
  • TO FOSTER the CARE and EXHIBITION of these materials for their greatest possible educational and cultural value.
  • TO ENCOURAGE and PROMOTE research in local and family history and TO ENGAGE in the dissemination of such historical information by means of programs, exhibits and publications so that the community may benefit from a wider knowledge of the history and culture of this region.