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Last updated on May 12, 2010

This page will be used to present any information on coming events or reunions. Please check back often for updates.

Contact me with the details and be certain to include all pertinent data such as date, time or place and any additional needed information.

MAY 2010

When: May 15th, 2010

Where: Siloam/Boyd Cemetery at 8:30 am

Workshop of Siloam/Boyd Cemetery will begin at 8:30 am by members of the Morgan History and Genealogy Association. We will mainly be trying to put together tombstones, as of now there are none standing.

WHAT TO BRING-- You will need to bring water, both for drinking and using it to clean the stones, gloves, small garden spades for cleaning out slots and soft nylon bristled brushes.

The material to put the stones back together is being furnished by the Association as well as the Portland cement used to sit the stones back in their slots. A lot of neighbors have already done a lot of work on the cemetery. Anyone is welcome to come help us.

More Information: Call Gladys Jones; President at 765-342-4635