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Hall is a small community located in the northeast part of Gregg Township, Morgan County, Indiana. It lies on 850 North between Hall School Road (600 West) and Henry Kivett Road (500 West).

     Once a bustling small town, it is now a community center for local farms and rural homes.


Michael Pruitt and Philip Foxworthy were the first settlers in the area of Hall. Pruitt owned one-quarter section of land and Foxworthy bought 80 acres. Foxworthy is said to have arrived from Kentucky in 1828.The first log homes were built by these men in 1830. In 1851 or 1852, Porter and Breedlove opened the first general store and the village started to grow. John C. Brewer applied for a post office in 1854, and the town was named after Zachariah Hall, an early settler. The community was surveyed in 1861 and laid out with 10 blocks of lots. Rader and Wilhite opened a sawmill in 1869.

 A gristmill was added to the list of enterprises in 1875 by Long and Wilhite.The Hall Brass Band took second prize at the Martinsville Fourth of July Celebration in 1883. The population recorded in 1884 was 200, but by 1899 there was already concern about the health of the town

The following article was printed in the Hall column of the Martinsville Democrat January 26, 1899.

     "Town Killers" - Those who go out of town to do their trading; those who want no improvements; those who prefer a quiet town to one of push and enterprise; those who divide public spirited men; those who oppose every movement that does not appear to benefit them directly; those who seek to injure the credit or reputation of others.   Automobiles made travel to other communities for goods and services more convenient so Hall businesses had to compete with larger towns. In the early years of this century the bank, lodgehall, and some of the stores were destroyed by fire. All were rebuilt in brick only to be destroyed by fire again in 1928-1929. This time they were not all rebuilt. The post office closed on April 22, 1966 and the last store closed on January 1, 1997.