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Morgan Co. IN Land Sales from U.S. Govt. - Sorted by Name
Copyright 1996 Morgan County Public Library

This file lists the original land sales to early Morgan County settlers from the U.S. Government, sorted by name. To see the neighbors of the settler, find the entry in this list and then look up the legal description in the companion file sorted by location.  (Click here to Sort by Location)

ACKLEYHenry9Feb1839132W5NE qtr of SW qtr40
ADAMSDavid, Sr.10Dec183511211W half of NE qtr80
ADAMSHenry6Oct182811213E half of SW qtr80
ADAMSHenry22Apr183011213W half of NE qtr80
ADAMSHenry18Nov183311213NW qtr of SE qtr40
ADAMSHugh10Dec183511210SW qtr of Ne qtr40
ADAMSHugh15Aug183611210NE qtr of SE qtr40
ADAMSJacob4Oct183411212SW qtr of NW qtr40
ADAMSJacob4Oct183411212NE qtr of NW qtr40
ADAMSRathy10Apr183711210NW qtr of SE qtr40
ADKINSBussel5Aug1835122W36SW qtr of SE qtr40
ADKINSWm.13Jul1831111W5W half of SW qtr80
ADKINSWm.19Jul1831111W6E half of SE qtr80
ADKINSWm.9Jan1836111W6NW qtr of SE qtr40
ALBERTSONJoab15Nov18301215NW qtr of NE qtr33.88
ALBERTSONJoab15Nov185013136SW qtr of SE qtr40
ALBERTSONJoab26Aug18511215NE qtr of NE qtr33.88
ALBERTSONJohn23Mar183713128NW qtr of SW qtr40
ALBERTSONJohn1Jan183813128SE qtr of SW qtr40
ALBERTSONJohn29Dec184013129SE qtr of NE qtr40
ALBERTSONJohn26Aug185113132SE qtr of SE qtr40
ALDERSONMoses15Nov182214126E half of SE half80
ALDREDWm.18Jul1835141W32NE qtr of SE qtr40
ALDRIDGEBarlow2Jul183513233Fr of NE qtr34.07
ALEXANDERAbner16Feb1821112W22E half of SW qtr80
ALEXANDERAbner22Sep1832142W33NE qtr of SW qtr40
ALEXANDERHiram21Oct1825122W26E half of SW qtr80
ALEXANDERHiram12Jan1831112W27W half of SE qtr80
ALEXANDERHiram2May1832112W23E half of SW qtr80
ALEXANDERHiram28Dec1832112W23SW qtr of NW qtr40
ALEXANDERHiram19Mar1833112W26NW qtr fr of N half103.64
ALEXANDERHiram6Jul1839112W15SE qtr of NE qtr40
ALEXANDERWm.10Feb1837132W5SE qtr of NE qtr36.34
ALIFFEJames17Mar183711219SW qtr of SE qtr40
ALIFFEJames13Mar183911219SE qtr of SE qtr40
ALLEEDavid2Jun1845132W8SW qtr of SE qtr40
ALLENCharles28Nov18261315E half of SW qtr80
ALLENCharles28Nov18261315W half of SE qtr80
ALLENCharles25Jun18291318E half of NW qtr80
ALLENDaniel4Sep183513121SE qtr of NE qtr40
ALLENDavid E.16Jul18211228SW qtr160
ALLENDavid E.1Sep182213224W half of NE qtr80
ALLENDavid E.5Mar1836142W31W half of NW qtr70
ALLENDavid E.5Mar1836142W31W half of SW qtr70
ALLENDavid E.20Oct1836142W31W half of SE qtr80
ALLENDavid E.26Oct1836142W31E half of NE qtr80
ALLENJesse29Sep183513117E half of SE qtr80
ALLENJohn21Mar1850121W27NW qtr of SE qtr40
ALLENSharwood2Apr183613121NW qtr of SE qtr40
ALLENSharwood25Aug183613121NE qtr of SE qtr40
ALLENWilliam4Sep183513115NW qtr of SW qtr40
ALLENZimri28Nov18261318W half of SW qtr80
ALLENZimri8Sep18301317E half of SE qtr80
ALLENZimri22Aug183613117NW qtr of NE qtr40
ALLISONMargaret (Heirs)11Oct1831131W19SW qtr160
ALLISONWm. H.19Aug1836121W22NW qtr of SE qtr40
ALREDReuben22Sep1847131W26NW qtr of SE qtr40
ALREDWm.9Dec1843131W26NW qtr of NW qtr40
ANDERSONEli13May18361215SW qtr of NE qtr33.88
ANDERSONEli13May18361215SE qtr of NW qtr34.49
ANDERSONEli13May18361215W half of SW qtr40
ANDERSONEli13May18361218E half of NW qtr80
ANDERSONEli17Jun18361218E half of SW qtr80
ANDERSONElijah24Oct18361215SW qtr of NW qtr34.49
ANDERSONElijah21Oct183613119E half of NE qtr80
ANDERSONElijah24Oct183613120NW qtr of NW qtr40
ANDERSONElijah17Apr18371216SE qtr of N half31.36
ANDERSONHenry17Oct18401217NE qtr of S half35.42
ANDERSONJohn31May18341229NE qtr of NE qtr40
ANDERSONJoseph15May184911229E half of NE qtr80
ANDERSONSarah8Aug1850111W34SE qtr of NE qtr40
ANDERSONThomas13May183613131SW qtr of NE qtr40.41
ANDERSONThomas T.28Dec18361215SE qtr of SW qtr40
ANDERSONWm.9Mar1821112W23NE qtr160
ANDREWHenry9Jun1838131W35E half of SE qtr80
ANDREWJoseph2Sep1846131W25SE qtr of SE qtr40
ANDREWSJoseph2Sep184613130SW qtr fr3.31
ARNOLDJohn15Sep1829112W25W half of SE qtr79.60
ARNOLDJoseph G.20Jan1844111W7SW qtr of SW qtr28.42
ARNOLDJoseph G.22Jan1845111W7SE qtr of SW qtr28.42
ASHBAUGHJohn L.12Mar1836122W1E half of SW qtr80
ASHBAUGHJohn L.12Mar1836132W26SW qtr of NW qtr40
ASHERDillian2Dec185311120SE qtr of SE qtr40
ASHERDillian2Dec185311129SE qtr of NE qtr40
ASHERJames E.2Dec185311128W half of NW qtr40
ASHERPresley17May1832111W20E half of NW qtr80
ASHERPresley17May1832111W17W half of SE qtr80
ASHERThomas7Oct1829131W20E half of NE qtr80
ASHERWm.16Jan1824112W10E half of NW qtr80
ASHERWm.16Jan1824122W22E half of SW qtr80
ASHERWm.16Jan1824122W35W half of SW qtr80
ASHERWm.17Jun1829112W27E half of SW qtr80
ASHERWm.10Mar1832131W31W half of SE qtr80
ASHERWm.10Mar1832122W5W half of NE qtr80.22
ASHERWm.10Mar1832122W5E half of NW qtr71.02
ASKERHarrison14Mar183612124NE qtr of SW qtr40
ASKERHarrison14Mar183612124SW qtr of SW qtr40
ASKERNancy13Jun183412124NW qtr of SW qtr40
ASTONSamuel10Apr1824111W14NE fr qtr155.73
AUSTINEbinezer P.13May183711215NE qtr of NE qtr40
AUSTINEbinezer P.13May183711214W half of NW qtr80
AUSTINEbinezer P.13May183711215W half of NE qtr80
AUSTINIsaac22May183711215SE qtr of NE qtr40
AUSTONJames H18May18371124E half of SE qtr80
AVERYDaniel22May18351126NW qtr of SE qtr40
AVERYDaniel14Nov18361126SW qtr of SE qtr40
AVERYDavid26Aug18231111E half of SW qtr80
AVERYDavid12Mar18331111SW qtr of SE qtr40
AVERYDavid28Nov18361127SE qtr of NE qtr40
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BABCOCKReuben7Jan184112226NW qtr of SE qtr40
BADEGeorge10May183811211E half of SW qtr80
BADEGeorge21Feb183911211NW qtr of SE qtr40
BADGLEYBenjamin18Dec18341228NE qtr of SE qtr40
BAFFINGTONStephen3Jan183712227NE qtr of NW qtr40
BAILEYWm.6Jul183812215SE qtr of NE qtr40
BAILSWilliam5Oct182214125E half of SE qtr80
BAINJohn3Dec1836121W36SW qtr of NE qtr40
BAINJohn28Nov1843121W36SE half of NW qtr80
BAINJohn28Sep184713129SW qtr of NE qtr40
BAINJohn11Oct184713129NW qtr of SE qtr40
BAINJohn20Aug1852121W24NE qtr of SE qtr40
BAINJohn20Aug1852121W25SW qtr of NE qtr40
BAINOMWm.23Sep183012220E half of NE qtr80
BAKERGeorge F.26May183611131N half of N half frl37.79
BAKERGeorge M.21Oct183711132NW qtr of NW qtr40
BAKERGeorge M.2Dec185311129SW qtr of NE qtr40
BAKERGeorge W.19Nov182811119N half of section155.80
BAKERGeorge W.19Nov1828111W29E half of NE qtr80
BAKERGeorge W.11Sep1829111W21SW fr qtr153.20
BAKERGeorge W.11Sep1829111W21E half of SE qtr80
BAKERGeorge W.11Sep1829111W22W half of SW qtr80
BAKERGeorge W.11Sep1829111W28E half of NE qtr80
BAKERGeorge W.11Sep1829111W30E half of NE qtr80
BAKERGeorge W.11Sep1829111W29W half of NE qtr80
BAKERGeorge W.29Jul1833111W20SE qtr fr of SW qtr36.30
BAKERGeorge W.5Nov1833111W20E fr qtr of SE qtr46.22
BAKERGeorge W.5Nov1833111W20W fr qtr of SE qtr40.50
BAKERGeorge W.5Nov1833111W28W half of SW qtr80
BAKERGeorge W.18Nov1835111W29NE qtr of SE qtr40
BAKERIsaac18Oct1830141W26E half of NE qtr80
BAKERJames W.16Apr1836111W25NE qtr of SE qtr40
BAKERJesse18Oct1830141W26W half of NE qtr80
BAKERJohn B.31Mar1837111W25SE qtr of SW qtr40
BAKERJohn C.1Apr1851111W22SW qtr of SE qtr40
BAKERJoseph7Jan183911123NE qtr of NW qtr40
BAKERMorris18Mar182811119E half of S half77.74
BAKERSamuel27Mar1837111W29NE qtr of SW qtr40
BAKERSusanna31Dec1838111W32SE qtr of NW qtr,SW qtr of NE80
BAKERThomas C.12Jan1848121W1NW qtr of SW qtr40
BALAYAmos27Jun183612235NE qtr of SW qtr40
BALAYAmos16Nov183612235NW qtr of SE qtr40
BALAYAmos9Feb183712235W half of SW qtr80
BALAYAndrew30Jan183612214SW qtr of SE qtr40
BALAYAndrew3Oct183612224W half of SE qtr80
BALAYBenjamin5Feb183612213SW qtr of NW qtr40
BALAYBenjamin3Oct183612224E half of SE qtr80
BALAYGideon P.2Nov183612224SW qtr of NE qtr40
BALAYJoseph3Oct183612223SW qtr of NW qtr40
BALAYTilford16Oct183612234NW qtr of NE qtr40
BALAYTilford9Feb183712234NE qtr of NE qtr40
BALDWINJames20May1845131W4SE qtr of SW qtr40
BALDWINJesse1Sep1830131W11E half of NE qtr80
BALDWINJohn6Dec1830131W11W half of NE qtr80
BALDWINWm.28Nov1835122W8NE qtr of SW qtr40
BALDWINWm.20Jan1836122W8NW qtr of SW qtr40
BALDWINWm.1Jan1846122W8E half of NW qtr40
BALDWINWm.25Jul1853122W7NE qtr of NW qtr33.68
BALDWINWm.25Jul1853122W7SE qtr of SW qtr33.80
BALESAsa1Nov182314128W half of SE qtr80
BALESJackson1Feb1847111W34SW qtr of SE qtr40
BALESJohn13Mar184611133SW qtr of SE qtr40
BALESJohn10May184811133E half of SE qtr80
BALESJohn1Dec185311134SW qtr of SW qtr40
BALEYAndrew19Jun183212214SE qtr of SE qtr40
BALLJames P.C.3Mar1847121W14SW qtr of NW qtr40
BALLWm.22May1837122W12W half of SW qtr80
BALLARDJesse24Jun182514131N qtr fr of N half82.96
BALLARDJesse20Nov1826141W36E half of NE qtr80
BALLARDThomas19Feb182214231W half of NE qtr80
BALLARDUriah11Jan1826141W36E half of SW qtr80
BALLARDUriah11Jan1826141W36W half of SE qtr80
BALLARDWilliam4Dec18201311W half of NW qtr70.49
BALLARDWilliam5Nov182214136E half of SW qtr80
BALLARDWilliam5Nov182214136W half of SW qtr80
BALLEWThomas17Sep1833111W25SW qtr of SW qtr40
BALLEWWm.14Sep1832111W25SW qtr of NE qtr40
BALLINGERWesley20Mar1848121W23SE qtr of NW qtr40
BALLOWWm.29Apr1833111W36NW qtr of NW qtr40
BARKERDavid21Oct1833141W26E half of SW qtr80
BARKERDavid21Oct1833141W26W half of SE qtr80
BARKERJeremiah29Oct1831141W27NE qtr160
BARKERJesse8Oct1832141W26NE qtr of NW qtr40
BARKERThomas26Jan1828142W27E half of NW qtr80
BARKERThomas28Oct1833132W3NE qtr of NW qtr32.93
BARKERThomas29Dec1834132W14E half of SE qtr80
BARKERThomas29Dec1834132W3W half of NE qtr73.26
BARKERThomas29Dec1834132W3SE qtr of NW qtr32.93
BARLEYJoseph24Aug183112213W half of SW qtr80
BARNARDFrederick23Sep1831141W35SW qtr160
BARNARDJohn3Jun1833141W35SW qtr of NE qtr40
BARNESBenjamin5Sep182013136W half of SE qtr80
BARNESHannah20Sep183612227N half of NE qtr80
BARNESJames5Apr182213215E half of SE qtr80
BARNESJohn17Jul182113214E half of NW qtr80
BARNESThomas1May183211212W half of SE qtr80
BARNUMConway14Nov183212222E half of NW qtr80
BARNUMWm.23Sep183012221W half of NW qtr80
BARROWSFrederick27Jun1838112W34W half of SE qtr80
BARTHOLEMEWSilas16Apr1839121W11E half of SE qtr80
BARTHOLEMEWSilas16Apr1839131W33SE qtr of SE qtr40
BARTHOLEMEWSilas16Apr1839131W34SW qtr of SW qtr40
BASKETJames18Jul182113210NE qtr160
BASTONBenjamin13Aug1832132W7SW qtr of SE qtr40
BATESHervey15Jan182911226W half of NW qtr80
BATTOCKWm.6Jan1854121W21S half of SE qtr80
BAYLIFFDaniel1Nov1838121W17E half of NE qtr, SW qtr of N120
BAYNARDGideon23Oct1837121W9SE qtr of NE qtr40
BAYNARDGideon23Oct1837121W10SW qtr of NW qtr40
BEADLESSamuel1Feb1837132W6E half of NE qtr78.24
BEADLESSamuel1Feb1837132W5SE qtr of NW qtr38.10
BEADLESSamuel1Feb1837132W5W half of NW qtr76.21
BEADLESSamuel1Feb1837132W5W half of NE qtr72.69
BEADLESSamuel15Jan1838142W32SW qtr of SE qtr40
BEALSDaniel2May1825131W12NE qtr160
BEALSDaniel11Nov18301317NW qtr fr14.33
BEALSDaniel11Nov18301315W half of NW qtr85.57
BEALSDaniel1Feb1837131W10NE qtr of SE qtr40
BEALSJohn1Aug182614226W half of SW qtr80
BEALSWm.29Aug182914230W half of SW qtr56.94
BEAMJoel3Sep1836121W26NW qtr of NW qtr40
BEAMANJacob9Jan1830111W18E half of NE qtr80
BEANJesse16Dec1847111W4SE qtr of SW qtr40
BEASLEYAlfred6Feb183912121NW qtr fr of NW qtr20.83
BEASLEYAlfred6Feb183912117Lot #3 & #4 of Sub Div75.68
BEASLEYBenjamin F.6Feb183912121NW qtr fr of NW qtr20.83
BEASLEYBenjamin F.6Feb183912117Lot # 3 & 4 of Sub Div75.68
BEASLEYJohn S.7Nov1837111W9NW qtr of NE qtr40
BEASLEYJohn S.7Nov1837111W18NW qtr of SE qtr40
BEASLEYJohn S.7Nov1837111W18SW half of SW qtr26.13
BEASLEYJohn S.7Nov1837111W18E half of SW qtr56.27
BEASLEYJohn S.7Nov1837111W9N half of NW qtr80
BEASONBenjamin T.28Nov182214127W half of NW qtr80
BEASONWm.15Dec182514231E half of NE qtr80
BEELERGeorge H.18Jul182114236W half of NE qtr80
BEELERJoseph18Jul182114236W half of NE qtr80
BEELERJoseph7Feb182613230E half of SE qtr80
BEELERThomas17Jul182113211NE qtr160
BEELERThomas10Mar18241321W half of SW qtr80
BEELORFrederick22Feb182314225E half of SW qtr80
BEELORGeorge H.17Jul182113215E half of NE qtr80
BEELORGeorge H.17Jul182113214W half of NW qtr80
BEELORJoseph17Jul182113215E half of NE qtr80
BEELORJoseph17Jul182113214W half of NW qtr80
BEELSBenjamin15Sep1834122W27NW qtr of NW qtr40
BENBOWWm.31May1838142W28SE qtr of SE qtr40
BENBOWWm.9Aug1839142W33N half of SE qtr80
BENNETJoseph10Aug182113226E half of SW qtr80
BENNETJoseph11Aug182113235E half of NW qtr80
BENNETJoseph11Aug182113213E half of NE qtr46.11
BENNETTSolomon2Dec185311233SE qtr of SW qtr40
BENTLEYCaleb24Dec1834132W8N half of SW qtr80
BENTLEYCaleb3Jun1852121W25SW qtr of SE qtr40
BENTLEYCaleb16Jun1852121W27SW qtr160
BENTLEYCaleb30Jun1852121W25NW qtr of SE qtr40
BENTLEYCaleb2Dec1853121W2W half of NW qtr84.70
BENTLEYCaleb6Jan1854121W2NE qtr of NW qtr42.35
BERRYJohn22Jan1825112W22W half of NE qtr80
BESTWm.24Dec1851121W11SE qtr of SW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam1Oct185311128NE qtr of NW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam1Oct185311128SE qtr of NW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam2Oct185311133NW qtr160
BIDDLEWilliam21Oct185311121E half of SE qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam21Oct185311121W half of SE qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311115SW qtr of SW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311120NE qtr of SE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311121E half of NW qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311121E half of SW qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311121W half of SW qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311122SW qtr of SW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311122NW qtr of NW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311122SW qtr of NW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311122NE qtr of SW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311122NW qtr of SW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311127NW qtr of NW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311128W half of SE qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311128NE qtr of SW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311128W half of SW qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311128SW qtr of NE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311128NW qtr of NE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311129NE qtr of SE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311129SE qtr of SE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311129SW qtr of SE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311131SE qtr of NW qtr south half190.47
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311132W half of SE qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311132NE qtr of NE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311132SE qtr of NE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311132NW qtr of NE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311132SW qtr of NE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311132N half of SW qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311132E half of SE qtr80
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311133SW qtr of NE qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311133SE qtr of SW qtr40
BIDDLEWilliam31Oct185311133W half of SW qtr80
BITTLERichard17Oct1839122W6W half of NE qtr, SE qtr of N122.61
BLACKBURNElizabeth7Nov183612229NE qtr of SE qtr40
BLAIRJames23Apr183011227W half of NE qtr80
BLAIRJames7Jul183011223E half of SW qtr80
BLAIRJames17Mar183111226E half of SE qtr80
BLAIRJames17Nov183111225W half of SW qtr80
BLAIRSamuel11Aug182113213E half of NE qtr46.11
BLANKENSHIPPerry M.20Jan1828112W12SW qtr of NE qtr37.90
BLANKENSHIPPerry M.24Jan1848112W1SE qtr of SW qtr40
BLANKENSHIPPerry M.28Jan1848112W12E half of NW qtr80
BLANTONThomas30Jul182914229E half of NE qtr80
BLANTONThomas9Nov183114228E half of SW qtr80
BLANTONWm.9Nov183114228W half of SE qtr80
BLOOMJacob L.3Sep1849121W26NW qtr of SE qtr40
BLUNCKAaron8Sep185313120NW qtr of SE qtr40
BLUNKAaron9Jan1824122W17W half of SE qtr80
BLUNKAaron5Oct1849141W32NW qtr of SE qtr40
BLUNKAaron15Oct1849141W32SW qtr of NE qtr40
BLUNKAmos D.29Nov1827141W31E half of SE qtr80
BLUNKAmos D.29Nov1827141W32W half of SW qtr80
BLUNKAmos D.11Jan1831141W31W half of SE qtr80
BLUNKAmos D.20Dec1834131W6SW qtr of NE qtr38.23
BLUNKAmos D.25Dec1834131W6NW qtr of SE qtr40
BLUNKAmos D.16Jan1836132W35NW qtr of SW qtr40
BLUNKGeorge7Aug1839122W2SW qtr of SE qtr40
BLUNKGeorge24Aug1839122W2SE qtr of SW qtr40
BLUNKGoldsby20Mar1830131W18E half of NE qtr80
BLUNKGoldsby18Mar1833131W18SW qtr of SE qtr40
BLUNKGoldsby12Aug1833131W18NW qtr of NE qtr80
BLUNKGoldsby28Nov1836111W18NW qtr116.72
BLYTHEBenjamin27Aug183114232W half of SE qtr80
BLYTHEBenjamin27Sep183114233E half of SE qtr80
BLYTHEBenjamin I.17Oct183113210E half of SW qtr80
BOFSPhilip20May182911114W half of SW qtr80
BOLDINIsaac25Jul1839122W6NW qtr of SW qtr33.73
BOLENStephen2Dec1853111W35NE qtr of SE qtr40
BOLERJohn17Apr184611126NW qtr of NW qtr40
BOLINChristopher3Feb1837111W35NW qtr of SE qtr40
BOLINChristopher18Apr1850111W35SE qtr of NW qtr40
BOLINChristopher2Dec1853111W35NW qtr of SW qtr40
BORDERSJames7Nov1851122W36SE qtr of SE qtr40
BOSBYNathan17Jan1831132W27E half of NW qtr80
BOSSGeorge23Nov1840121W19SE qtr of SE qtr40
BOTHWELLJohn14May184511124SW qtr of SE qtr40
BOTHWELLJohn29Jan184611124SE qtr of SE qtr40
BOTHWELLJohn14Feb184611124SE qtr of SW qtr40
BOTHWELLJohn14Feb184611125NE qtr of NW qtr40
BOULEVAROrville6Oct1837131W7NW qtr117.14
BOULEVAROrville2Apr1849111W9SE qtr of NE qtr40
BOURNElijah27Jul1833132W33E half of NW qtr80
BOWELSAlexander13Dec183812225SE qtr of SW qtr40
BOWENElijah4May1829111W18W half of NE qtr80
BOWENElijah16Jun1831122W27E half of NE qtr80
BOWENElijah16Jun1831122W27E half of SE qtr80
BOWENElijah10Dec1838122W34NW qtr of NE qtr40
BOWENElijah10Dec1838122W27W half of SE qtr80
BOWLESAnthony1May183711235NE qtr of SW qtr40
BOWLESCyrus8Jun184013131NE qtr of N half40.40
BOWLESCyrus21Jan184313130SE qtr of SE qtr40
BOWLESDavid19Sep183813119SW qtr of SE qtr40
BOWLESRobert5Jan182711223SE qtr160
BOWLESRobert5Jan182711224E half of SW qtr80
BOWLESRobert5Jan182711225W half of NW qtr80
BOWLESRobert24Aug182711236W half of NW qtr80
BOWLESRobert31Mar183211235E half of NE qtr80
BOWLESRobert8Feb183411235NE qtr of SE qtr40
BOWLESRobert7Feb183711236E half of NW qtr80
BOWLESWm.7Feb183711222E half of NE qtr80
BOWLINChristopher2Jul1847111W35NE qtr of SW qtr40
BOWLSJoshua21Jan183611235W half of NE qtr80
BOWMANEdward26Oct1835132W27SW qtr of NE qtr40
BOWMANGeorge15Oct1836132W26SW qtr of NE qtr40
BOWMANHiram11Nov182513127SW qtr of NE qtr &NW qtr of S80
BOWMANJackson28Dec1837132W32SE qtr of SEqtr40
BOWMANJohn21Oct1835132W22SW qtr of SE qtr40
BOWMANWm.4Oct1836132W27NE qtr of SW qtr40
BOWMANWm.4Oct1836132W27W half of NW qtr80
BOWMANWm.4Oct1836132W27SW qtr of SW qtr40
BOWMANWm.4Oct1836132W28E half of NE qtr80
BOWMANWm.5Oct1836132W27NW qtr of NE qtr40
BOWMANWm.25Mar1837132W27SE qtr of SE qtr40
BOWMANWoodson25Dec1837132W34NW qtr of NW qtr40
BOYDArchibald28Jul182613128SE qtr of NE qtr40
BOYDArchibald19Nov1835131W26SW qtr of NE qtr40
BOYDArchibald4Feb183713128NW qtr of SE qtr40
BOYDArchibald22May183713128NE qtr of SW qtr40
BOYDElisha20Oct1825112W27E half of NE qtr80
BOYDSamuel30Jan185211234NE qtr of SW qtr40
BOYDWilliam21May183613127SW qtr of NW qtr40
BOYDWilliam1Feb183713127NW qtr of SW qtr40
BOYDWm. T.9Mar1839132W4NW qtr of NW qtr fr35.28
BOYERJoseph20Jul183712235SW qtr of SE qtr40
BRADFORDBenjamin1Jul183711128NE qtr of NE qtr40
BRADFORDThomas17Dec1836132W3SE qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYBenjamin14Aug183812127SW qtr of NW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853131W19N half of SW qtr58.05
BRADLEYHenry20Jul1853132W20SW qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry20Jul1853132W22NE qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry20Jul1853132W22NE qtr of SW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry20Jul1853132W22SE qtr of NE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry20Jul1853132W22NW qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry20Jul1853132W23SE qtr of NE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry20Jul1853132W23SW qtr of NE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W23NW qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W23E half of SE qtr80
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W23NE qtr of NW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W23SE qtr of NW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W23W half of NW qtr80
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W23NE qtr of SW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W23W half of SW qtr80
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24SW qtr of NE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24SE qtr of NW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24SW qtr of NW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24NE qtr of SW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24NW qtr of SW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24SW qtr of SW qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24NE qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYHenry25Jul1853132W24NW qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYJesse29Sep1835131W27SW qtr of NE qtr40
BRADLEYJoseph26Jun1847121W13SW qtr of SE qtr40
BRADLEYJoseph2Dec1853121W4NE qtr of SW qtr40
BRADLEYMiles25Oct1839131W35SW qtr of NW qtr40
BRADLEYMiller17Oct1832131W27E half of NE qtr80
BRADLEYWm.28May1836131W34W half of SE qtr80
BRADYEdward7Oct184813127NE qtr of NE qtr40
BRADYEdward14Mar185113126NE qtr of NW qtr40
BRAGGHugh5Jan1852121W33SW qtr of SW qtr40
BRAGGHugh (S.J.)29May1847121W32SE qtr of SE qtr40
BRAGGWm.16Jan1836111W4NW qtr of SE qtr40
BRAGGWm.16Jan1836111W4E half of NE qtr66.53
BRAISERGideon21Apr1834132W22SE qtr of SW qtr40
BRANNONJohn12Jan1852121W10W half of SE qtr80
BRASHERIsaac17Jan1834132W33NW qtr of NE qtr40
BRASIERIsaac17Jun1834132W28SW qtr of SE qtr40
BRASIERWm.21Apr1834122W2SW qtr of NW qtr42.25
BRAYAbijah29Sep1835131W24E half of SE qtr80
BRAYAbijah27Nov183513120NW qtr of SW qtr40
BRAYAbijah27Nov183513119SW qtr fr4.36
BRAYAbijah27Nov183513119NW qtr of SE qtr40
BRAYAbijah28Dec183613120SW qtr of NW qtr40
BRAYAbijah13Sep183713119SE qtr of SE qtr40
BRAYAbijah21Jul183813120SW qtr of SW qtr40
BRAYAbijah30Sep184013130NW qtr of NE qtr40
BRAYEdward14Mar185113123SE qtr of SW qtr40
BRAYHarris28Sep182214231SW qtr99.88
BRAYJohn27Oct18301316E half of SE qtr80
BRAYJohn3Nov18301316W half of SE qtr80
BRAYJohn26Oct18311315W half of SW qtr80
BRAYJohn H.29Nov182214128E half of NE qtr80
BRAYJohn H.27Jun182514128W half of NE qtr80
BRAYWilliam7Nov18251315E half of NE qtr86.41
BRAYWilliam2Jun18261315W half of NE qtr86.41
BRAYWilliam14Oct18301315E half of NE qtr85.57
BRAZIERHiram21Apr1834132W28NW qtr of SE qtr40
BRAZIERHiram27May1835132W28NE qtr of SE qtr40
BREAZEALEHenry W.14Sep183012217E half of NE qtr80
BREAZEALEHenry W.19Dec18341228SE qtr of SE qtr40
BREAZEALEHenry W.29Feb183612221SW qtr of SW qtr40
BREAZEALEHenry W.29Feb183612228NW qtr of NW tqr40
BREEDENRussell27Aug1833132W5SW qtr of SW qtr40
BRENDELLFrederick9Oct184412117NE qtr of SW qtr40
BRENTONHenry22Jun18361222W half of NW qtr68.98
BRENTONHenry7Feb18371222E half of NW qtr68.98
BREWERAnderson S.9Dec1843131W26NE qtr of NW qtr40
BREWERFrederick2Nov1831131W23E half of NW qtr80
BREWERFrederick30Jul1836131W23NE qtr of SW qtr40
BREWERGeorge W.30Jul1849132W1W half of SW qtr80
BREWERGeorge W.25Nov1850132W22NE qtr of NE qtr40
BREWERTerrel21Feb1831132W1E half of NE qtr76.70
BREWERTerrel26Nov1836132W1SE qtr of SW qtr40
BREWERTerrel10Dec1836132W1NE qtr of SE qtr40
BREWERTerrel6Jun1850132W1NW qtr of NE qtr38.35
BREWERWm.17Dec1833141W32SE qtr of NE qtr40
BREWERWm.15Mar1836131W26S half of NW qtr80
BREWERWm.10Dec1836132W1SW qtr of NE qtr38.35
BRIANTWilliam H.3Oct184913120SE qtr of SW qtr40
BRISTOWJames18Oct183712214W half of NW qtr80
BRITTLERichard17Oct1839132W31W half of NW qtr70.16
BROADSTREETJames16Dec1836132W10SE qtr of NW qtr40
BROADSTREETThomas16Dec1836132W10NE qtr of NE qtr40
BROCKFrancis5Sep18201311W half of NE qtr69.84
BROCKFrancis5Sep18201311E half of NE qtr69.84
BROCKFrancis5Sep182013136E half of NE qtr80
BROCKFrancis5Sep182013136W half of NE qtr80
BROMWELLJacob L.29May183113236E half of NW qtr80
BROMWELLJacob L.5Dec183113236W half of NE qtr80
BROMWELLJacob L.5Jan18351221W half of NE qtr69.59
BRONSONFrederick6Apr182612120W qtr fr83.93
BRONSONFrederick10Oct1836121W13NE qtr160
BRONSONFrederick10Oct1836121W12SE qtr160
BROOKSHomer10Dec18321126E half of NE qtr74.96
BROOKSHomer12Feb18331125E half of NW qtr72.41
BROOKSHomer25Mar18331126W half of NE qtr74.96
BROWNColeman30Nov1836121W5NW qtr of NE qtr42.10
BROWNDaniel24Nov183811226NW qtr of SW qtr40
BROWNElisha22Jan1834122W22NE qtr of SE qtr40
BROWNEnden28Jun183813236SW qtr of SW qtr40
BROWNGeorge2Mar1837121W5E half of SW qtr80
BROWNGeorge2Mar1837131W19SE qtr in Sub Div69.03
BROWNJohn5Nov1836121W6W half of NE qtr84
BROWNJohn13Apr1837122W15NW qtr of SE qtr40
BROWNJohn2Nov1842121W13SW qtr of NW qtr40
BROWNJohn6Feb1847121W4NE qtr of SE qtr40
BROWNJohn W.5Nov1836121W6NE qtr of SE qtr40
BROWNLaura M.10Feb184511218NW qtr of NE qtr40
BROWNMary E.24Dec1849121W3NW qtr of SW qtr40
BROWNMilton14Oct1835142W35SE qtr160
BROWNMilton14Oct1835142W35E half of SW qtr80
BROWNNathaniel B.5Nov1836121W5W half of NW qtr, SE half ofN126
BROWNNathaniel B.5Nov1836121W6SE qtr of NE qtr42
BROWNWm.22Jan1834122W22SW qtr of NE qtr40
BROWNWm.30Oct1835122W2E half of SE qtr80
BROWNWm.2Sep1842121W14NE qtr of NW qtr40
BROWNWm.18Dec1845121W14SW qtr of NE qtr40
BROWNWm.18Jan1851121W14NW qtr of NE qtr40
BROWNWm.2Sep1852121W14SE qtr of NW qtr40
BROWNINGJames5Apr1852111W33SE qtr of NE qtr40
BRUNKDaniel5Aug183611214NW qtr of NE qtr40
BRUNKDaniel1Nov183611214NE qtr of NE qtr40
BRUNNEMERAnthony2Nov18321221NW qtr of SE qtr40
BRUNNEMERAnthony21Sep18361221SW qtr of SE qtr40
BRUNNEMERJohn8Feb183113236E half of SE qtr80
BRUNNEMERJohn10May183113236W half of SE qtr80
BRUNNEMERJohn17Aug18321221E half of NE qtr69.59
BRYANBenjamin10Jul183412214E half of SW qtr80
BRYANBenjamin30Jan183612214E half of NW qtr80
BRYANBenjamin10Feb183612214NE qtr of SE qtr40
BRYANTBenjamin26Oct183212223NW qtr of NE qtr40
BRYANTBenjamin26Oct183212223NW qtr of NW qtr40
BRYANTBenjamin26Oct183212223E half of NW qtr80
BRYANTGeorge14Sep183113122N qtr of SE qtr80
BRYANTGeorge14Jan184613129SE qtr of NW qtr40
BRYANTGeorge Y. (G)27Jan184613129NE qtr of NW qtr40
BRYANTGeorge Y. (G)2Dec185313129NW qtr of NE qtr40
BRYANTH.27Oct183213216W qtr of SE qtr40
BRYANTJames R.M.21Apr183713134W half of SW qtr80
BRYANTJohn9Oct18321318SW qtr of NW qtr40
BRYANTJohn23Oct18321318NE qtr of SW qtr40
BRYANTJohn S.14Sep183513123NW qtr of SW qtr40
BRYANTJohn W.30Nov1851131W4SW qtr of NW qtr38.38
BRYANTJohn W.30Nov1851131W9SW qtr of SE qtr40
BRYANTJohn W.30Nov1851131W9SE qtr of SW qtr40
BRYANTWilliam H.22May183713127NW qtr of NW qtr40
BRYANTWm.10Aug183213216NE qtr of SE qtr40
BRYANTWm. H.17Jan1834121W17NW qtr of SE qtr, NE qtr of S80
BUCKWm.17Mar1836132W8SW qtr of SW qtr40
BUCKERWilliam18Jan18351117SW qtr of S half39.47
BUCKHARTFrederick6Sep1820111W9E half of SE qtr80
BUCKHARTFrederick29Sep1820111W10E half of SW qtr80
BUCKHARTFrederick19Sep1822111W8W half of SE qtr80
BUCKHARTFrederick19Sep1822111W22SE fr qtr of NW qtr29.50
BUCKHARTFrederick19Sep1822111W22SW fr qtr of NW qtr27.50
BUCKNERJehu24Aug1832111W13NE qtr of SW qtr40
BUCKNERJehu22Oct1835111W21W half of SE qtr80
BUCKNERPersley10Nov1820111W13E half of SE qtr80
BUCKNERPersley11Feb1836111W25NE qtr of NE qtr40
BUCKNERPresley10Nov182011118S half of sect.156.09
BUCKNERPresley2Apr182211120W half of NW qtr80
BUCKNERWilliam5Apr182412136S half of SW qtr80
BUCKNERWm.22Oct1835111W25NE qtr of NW qtr40
BUCKNERWm.2Nov1835111W25NW qtr of NE qtr40
BUFFINGTONJohn3Jan183712234SE qtr of NW qtr40
BUFFINGTONJohn, Jr.3Jan183712234SW qtr of NE qtr40
BUFFINGTONStephan8Sep183612227W half of NW qtr80
BULLJohn T.18Jul18371216NW qtr of N half31.36
BULLThomas3Feb183713133NE qtr of SE qtr40
BULLWilliam T.20Sep183713131SW half of S half39.78
BULLANJacob26Dec1828122W23SW qtr of NE qtr, S half of N120
BULLENDaniel22Jan1847122W1NE qtr of SE qtr40
BULLENJacob11Jun1846122W1SE qtr of NW qtr41.94
BULLINJacob22Jun1826122W26E half of SE qtr80
BURCHJames24Jul182113227SE qtr135.52
BURCHJames24Jul182113227Fr of SW qtr24.45
BURGERobert26Sep1836121W25NW qtr of Sw qtr40
BURGERobert1Oct1836121W26NE qtr of SE qtr40
BURGEWilliam13Jun183612123NE qtr of SE qtr40
BURKCornelius6Feb183612126NW qtr of NW qtr40
BURKElizabeth2Apr184612114SW qtr of NW qtr40
BURKHarvey29Dec183512126SW qtr of SW qtr40
BURKJames20Aug182911111W half of NW qtr80
BURKJames26Aug183312125NE qtr of SE qtr40
BURKJames3Sep183512136NW qtr of NW qtr40
BURKJames1Feb183612126NE qtr or NW qtr40
BURKLucas7Mar183312125SW qtr of NW qtr40
BURKLucas14Nov183312126SW qtr of NE qtr40
BURKLucas28Jan183612123W half of SW qtr80
BURKThomas6Aug183412125SW qtr of SW qtr40
BURKThomas6Aug183412126SE qtr of SE qtr40
BURKThomas F.12Feb183612123W half of SE qtr80
BURKThomas F.14Mar183612123NE qtr of NE qtr40
BURKThomas F.30Mar183612123NE qtr of SW qtr40
BURKHARTAmbrose24Mar1849121W32NE qtr of SE qtr40
BURKHARTAmbrose5Jan1852121W32SE qtr of NE qtr40
BURKHARTAmbrose5Jan1852121W33SW qtr of NW qtr40
BURKHARTFrederick7Aug1824111W8E half of SW qtr80
BURKHARTFrederick30Dec1825111W15W half of SW qtr80
BURKHARTFrederick30Dec1825111W23NW qtr fr of NW fr qtr14.19
BURKHARTFrederick30Dec1825111W23SW qtr fr of NW qtr fr50.38
BURKHARTFrederick21Sep1832111W15NE qtr of NW qtr40
BURKHARTFrederick12May1835111W15SE qtr of NW qtr40
BURKHARTFrederick16Jan1836111W4W half of NE qtr66.53
BURKHARTFrederick16Jan1836111W4E half of SE qtr80
BURKHARTFrederick16Jan1836111W14E half of SW qtr fr67.30
BURKHARTFrederick16Jan1836111W9NE qtr of NE qtr40
BURKHARTMichael12May1835111W9S half of NE qtr80
BURNAMJohn7Jan1836132W33SW qtr of SW qtr40
BURNETJohn6Oct1820111W2E half of SE qtr80
BURNETTJohn7Sep1820111W12W half of NW qtr80
BURNETTJohn1Mar1830121W36W half of SE qtr80
BURNINEIsaac16Mar1840121W27NE qtr of SE qtr40
BURNSDavid19Nov183111112E half of NE qtr80
BURNSHarriet C.10Feb184512232SE qtr of SE qtr40
BURNSJohn7Aug182814225W half of NW qtr80
BURNSJohn8Oct183111112W half of SW qtr80
BURNSNicholas29Dec1824112W34NE qtr of NE qtr53.40
BURNSNicholas22Feb1836112W25SE qtr of SW qtr40
BURNSNicholas31May1836112W36NE qtr of NW qtr40
BURNSPhilip30Aug182411112E half of SW qtr80
BURNSPhilip23Aug183611112W half of SE qtr80
BURNSWiley12Feb183011130E half of N half frl77.33
BURNSWiley24Jan183111119W half of S half77.74
BURNSWiley14Jun183711129NW qtr of NE qtr40
BURNSWiley26Oct184611129SW qtr of NE qtr40
BURNSWiley2Dec185311133NE qtr of SW qtr40
BURNSWilliam2Dec185311128SE qtr of SW qtr40
BURNSWilliam2Dec185311128SE qtr of SE qtr40
BURNSWm2Dec185311133NW qtr of NE qtr40
BURRISDaniel26Aug183014132E half of NE qtr80
BURRISDaniel29Oct1833141W34W half of NE qtr80
BURRISDaniel2Jun1834131W33NE qtr of NW qtr40
BURRISJohn27Oct182514132E half of SW qtr80
BURRISJohn27Oct182514132W half of NE qtr80
BURRISJohn C.21Dec182914226E half of NE qtr80
BURRISJohn E.3Aug1826131W14E half of SE qtr80
BURRISJoseph4Apr1832141W26W half of SW qtr80
BURRISLuke29Apr1834141W27E half of NW qtr80
BURRISWm. P.28Jul1832132W20NE qtr of NW qtr40
BURROWSJ.21Oct1837131W16E half of SW qtr80
BURROWSJ.21Oct1837131W16W half80
BURRUSAllen Reid19Sep183311135NE qtr of NW qtr40
BURRUSAllen Reid27Aug183811135SE qtr of NW qtr40
BURTONJohn17Aug1832111W30SE qtr fr of NW qtr84.22
BURTONJohn7Mar1833111W30NW qtr of SE qtr40
BURTONJohn7Mar1833112W25E qtr fr of NE qtr72.58
BURTONJohn18Sep1834112W25NE qtr of SW qtr40
BURTONJohn18Sep1834112W25NW qtr fr (SWR)129.78
BURTONJohn22Feb1836112W24Lot #3 & 4 of Sub Div98.25
BURTONJohn3Mar1837112W25W half of SW qtr80
BURTONJohn W.24Jan1839111W30NE qtr of SE qtr40
BURTONJohn W.10May1847112W36NW qtr of NW qtr40
BURTONJohn W.24Nov1849111W30SW qtr of SE qtr40
BURTONJohn W.24Nov1849111W29NW qtr of SW qtr40
BURTONJosiah20Sep1825112W34E half of SE qtr80
BURTONWm.17Dec1823111W32W half of SE qtr80
BUSKIRKJames V.23Feb184711133NE qtr of NE qtr40
BUTLERCharles B.30Jan1836121W13SE qtr of SW qtr40
BUTLERCharles B.30Jan1836121W13NW qtr of NW qtr40
BUTLERHezekiah20Sep1827121W19W half of SE qtr80
BUTLERTobias20Jun1828122W34E half of NE qtr80
BUTNERChristian13Oct183513122SW half of NE qtr40
BUTTERFIELDJohn11Sep18201211E half of NE qtr80.53
BUTTERFIELDJohn9Oct18211226NW qtr73.52
BUTTERFIELDJohn28Nov182313231E half of NE qtr80
BUTTERFIELDJohn28Nov182313232W half of NW qtr80
BUTTERFIELDJohn19Dec18251226W half of NE qtr66.06
BUTTERFIELDJohn4Nov183113231E half of NW qtr50.18
BUTTERFIELDJohn6Dec183113231SW qtr101.12
BUTTERFIELDJohn19Jun183213231SW qtr of SE qtr40
BUTTERFIELDJohn9Feb183413136E half of SE qtr80
BUTTERFIELDJohn25Dec183413231W half of NW qtr50.18
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CAGLEYJacob2Nov183613235E half of SE qtr80
CALEPhilip2Aug18471122NE qtr of SE qtr40
CAMBELLJames M.26Feb1849112W35Residue S half of SE qtr2.77
CAMBELLJames M.26Feb1849112W35NE qtr of SE qtr40
CAMBELLJames M.26Feb1849112W35NW qtr of SE qtr40
CAMBELLJames M.26Feb1849112W36W half of SW qtr80
CAMPJohn28Jul184611233NW qtr of NW qtr40
CAMPBELLJohn M4Mar184714130W half of SW qtr54.61
CAMPBELLJohn M.4May1847141W30NW qtr of SW qtr54.64
CANADAWesley29Mar184911228NE qtr of SW qtr40
CANATSEYGeorge R.14Mar184911235SE qtr of SE qtr40
CANATSEYSamson24Mar184711236SW qtr of SW qtr40
CANDEFSMagdillon13Oct18311127W half of NW qtr61.?0
CANNADAGreen L.18Oct1847111W35SW qtr of SW qtr40
CANNADAGreen L.28Nov1850111W34SE qr of SE qtr40
CANNADAGreen L.5Oct1852111W35SE qtr of SW qtr40
CAREYBenjamin20Oct182114229E half of SW qtr80
CAREYThomas3Dec182114229W half of NW qtr80
CAREYThomasJan183014229W half of SW qtr8080
CARPENTERAnderson19Jan1848132W35SW qtr of SW qtr40
CARPENTERDaniel13Jan18291328E half of NE qtr80
CARPENTERDaniel24Dec18291325E half of NW qtr75.09
CARPENTERJohn21Dec18291329E half of SW qtr80
CARPENTERJohn21Dec182914226W half of NE qtr80
CARPENTERJohn17Mar18311329W half of SW qtr80
CARPENTERLevi10Nov182614234W half of NE qtr80
CARPENTERMichael C.31Jul18301329E half of NW qtr80
CARPENTERMichael C.2Aug18301328W half of NE qtr80
CARPENTERMichael C.10Sep18341329W half of NW qtr80
CARRJames29Dec183512126SE qtr of NW qtr40
CARRJohn20Mar183712123SE qtr of NE qtr40
CARRJonathan25Nov183312134SE qtr of NW qtr40
CARRWilliam26Aug183312125NW qtr of SE qtr40
CARRWilliam10Oct183312126NE qtr of SE qtr40
CARRWilliam12Jul183412135E half of NW qtr80
CARRELLAdam7Dec183212221SW qtr of NE qtr40
CARRELLAdam16Jul183412221NW qtr of NE qtr40
CARRELLJames24Oct183612212SE qtr of SE qtr40
CARRELLJames M.1Jun183512227NW qtr of SE qtr40
CARRELLWm.4Oct183512223SE qtr of NE qtr40
CARRELLWm.21Mar184612225N half of NW qtr80
CARRELLWm.21Mar184612225NW qtr of NE qtr40
CARRELLWm. H.12Aug183612227SE qtr of SE qtr40
CARRELLWm. H.28Sep183612226SW qtr of SW qtr40
CARROLBartholemew19Apr183412213NE qtr of SW qtr40
CARROLBartholemew13Nov183512213SE qtr of SW qtr40
CARROLLJames13Feb183212213E half of NE qtr80
CARTERDaniel8Feb1837132W21NW qtr of NE qtr, NE qtr of N80
CARTERHardin8Jan183013221E half of SW qtr80
CARTERJohn5Nov182214126W half of NE qtr80
CARTERJohn15Nov182214126E half of NW qtr80
CARTERJohn5Nov182214126W half of SE qtr80
CARTERJohn18Apr182714126E half of NE qtr80
CARTERJohn14Oct1836131W15SW qtr of NW qtr40
CARTERJohn1Feb1837131W3SE qtr of SW qtr40
CARTERJohn1Feb1837131W10E half of NW qtr80
CARTERJohn13Mar1837132W21SE qtr of NW qtr, SW qtr of N80
CARTERJoshua3Aug18221313E half of NW qtr88.49
CARTERJoshua19Feb18241317W half of SE qtr80
CARTERJoshua19Feb1824131W12W half of SE qtr80
CARTERJoshua24Sep18241317S? fr half10.89
CARTERNathaniel24Sep182214231E half of SE qtr80
CARTERNathaniel20Jul182514231W half of SE qtr80
CARTERWm.22Dec1823131W12E half of SE qtr80
CARVILLRDaniel2Dec183811135W half of NE qtr80
CASEJacob18Dec182011111E half of NW qtr80
CASEJacob18Dec182011111NE qtr160
CASEJacob18Dec182012133NE qtr160
CASEJacob16Jul182112218NW qtr103.72
CASEJohn18Dec18201112W half of SW qtr80
CASEJohn18Dec18201113E half of SE qtr80
CASHATJacob25Mar1848111W5E half of NE qtr64.40
CASNERHenry10Dec1849111W33SW qtr of NW qtr40
CASSITYDavid2Jan183314228SE qtr of NE qtr40
CATERJohn1Feb1837131W10NE qtr of SW qtr40
CATHCARTJohn24Jan183711215E half of NW qtr80
CATHCARTJohn24Jan183711210W half of SW qtr80
CATHCARTJohn14Jun18471129SE qtr of NE qtr40
CATHCARTJohn14Aug18471129NE qtr of SE qtr40
CATLINMartha3May1847121W12E half of SW qtr80
CAVENEFSJohn (SS)9Oct183713115SE qtr of SW qtr40
CAVENESSFrederick31May1839131W26SE qtr of SW qtr40
CAVENESSFrederick30Apr1845131W35NE qtr of NE qtr40
CAVENESSFrederick P.20Sep1839131W36W half of NW qtr80
CAVENESSJohn19Nov1835131W34NW qtr of NE qtr40
CAVENESSWalker11Aug1836131W35NW qtr of NE qtr40
CHAMBERSNapoleon B.13Jul1839122W11SW qtr of NW qtr40
CHAMBERSWm.7May1839112W1NW qtr of NE qtr29.79
CHANCELLORJohn C.11Feb1876112W23SE qtr fr3.84
CHANCELLORJohn C.11Feb1876112W24fr S & W of White River9
CHANCELLORJohn C.14Feb1876112W23S & E of White River3.84
CHANCELLORJohn C.14Feb1876112W24S & W of White River9
CHASEJacob, Jr.4Jul18211229W half of NW qtr80
CHEDSTERArasmus24Nov18361124NE qtr127.84
CHENOWETHEphraim B.8Sep1836122W15SE qtr of SW qtr, SW qtr of S80
CHENOWETHMariah1Mar1837122W15SW qtr of SW qtr40
CHILISThomas20Jun183213231W half of NE qtr80
CHOATEdward13Mar18331126SE qtr of SE qtr40
CHOATJohn23Dec183512233NW qtr of SW qtr40
CHOATJohn6Oct183712233SW qtr of SW qtr40
CHRITCHESTERErasmus24Nov183612233SE qtr of SE qtr40
CHURCHFrancis12Nov183313213W half of NE qtr80.24
CLAPPERGeorge W.23Jan185112120Island in WR secs. 20 & 2122.75
CLAPPERGeorge W.20Jan185112120SW qtr of NW qtr40
CLAPPERGeorge W.6Mar185112120NW qtr of NW qtr40
CLAPPERGeorge W.6Mar185112120E half of NW qtr80
CLAPPERGeorge W.6Mar185112117SE qtr of SW qtr40
CLARKAndrew5Nov182214136W half of NW qtr80
CLARKIgnatious6Jan1837142W34SW qtr of SE qtr40
CLARKIsaac3Jun18341225E half of SE qtr42.58
CLARKJacob17Dec183212219SE qtr of SE qtr40
CLARKJames4Oct182012121NE qtr fr of NW qtr47.72
CLARKJames24Jan182112121S qtr fr of NW qtr73.77
CLARKThomas5Sep182012121N qtr fr of SW qtr69.20
CLARKThomas5Sep182012121S qtr fr of SW qtr80
CLARKThomas22May182612119SE qtr fr of SE qtr37.66
CLARKWm.31Oct12212N half of SE qtr80
CLARKWm. T.28Jun1828111W22E half of SW qtr80
CLEARYDavid12Feb183612215NW qtr of SE qtr40
CLEARYDavid R.23Jan183612215SW qtr of SE qtr40
CLEGHORNJoseph31Aug18371215NW qtr of NW qtr34.49
CLEMMONSJames H.29Jul18361121SE qtr of NW qtr36.03
CLEMMONSJames H.29Jul18361121SW qtr of NE qtr39.74
CLENDENANJosiah10Oct183411213NW qtr of NW qtr40
CLENDENINGJohn6Aug1840121W10E half of SE qtr80
CLINGERHenry28Feb1837132W19SE qtr160
CLOUDMoses20May1839111W36NE qtr of NW qtr, NW qtr of N80
CLUBPhilip10Aug182714234W half of SE qtr80
CLUBPhilip12Mar182814234W half of SW qtr80
CLUBPhilip2Mar183214233E half of NW qtr80
CLUBWm.20Aug182714234E half of NE qtr80
CLUBWm.12Nov182714227W half of SW qtr80
COBLEJacob17Jan18341325W half of NE qtr75.41
COBLEMadison8Aug184813123SE qtr of NW qtr40
COBLEPeter15Nov1830131W1W half of NW qtr79.86
COBLEPeter15Nov1830131W2E half NE qtr78.62
COCHRANGeorge W.9Sep185212224SE qtr of NE qtr40
COENEzekiel6Jan1854121W1NE qtr of NW qtr42.50
COFFEYDelilah10Dec184511220NW qtr of SW qtr40
COFFEYJames W.2Aug184611232SE qtr of NE qtr40
COFFEYLawson2Dec1853111W26SE qtr of SW qtr40
COLLIERJohn24Apr1850111W32NE qtr of SE qtr40
COLLIERMalachi2Feb1848111W27SE qtr of SW qtr40
COLLIERStephen13Oct1835111W32SE qtr of SE qtr40
COLLINGAbrahm29Jan1850121W34SE qtr of NW qtr40
COLLINSAaron9Nov183313119NE qtr of SE qtr40
COLLINSDavid9Dec182813117E half of SW qtr80
COLLINSDavid21Feb183413117NW qtr of SE qtr40
COLLINSHenry15Jun183613235NE qtr of SW qtr40
COLLINSHenry M.4Mar183112210E half of NW qtr80
COLLINSHiram30Jun183212117NE qtr of NE qtr40
COLLINSHiram30Jun18321218SE qtr of SE qtr40
COLLINSHiram19Feb183611122NE qtr of NW qtr40
COLLINSHiram12Oct185012117N half of SE qtr fr64.12
COLLINSHiram13Oct185111117N half of SE qtr frl64.12
COLLINSIngrum14Mar1837121W23SW qtr of NW qtr40
COLLINSJames22Nov18331214NE qtr of NE qtr34.57
COLLINSJeremiah4Aug184712232NE qtr of SE qtr40
COLLINSJohn10Dec182813234E half of SE qtr80
COLLINSPhilip6Jun18351223NW qtr of SW qtr40
COLLINSPhilip16Dec18351223NE qtr of SW qtr40
COLYERMalachi26Feb1846111W27SE qtr of SE qtr40
COMBStephen3Nov183811212SW qtr of SW qtr40
COMBSJ.H.8Sep183213216W half of NE qtr80
COMBSJacob H.31Oct183114229SE qtr160
COMBSJacob H.25Nov183414232NW qtr of NE qtr40
COMBSJacob H.25Nov183414232NW qtr of NE qtr40
COMMINOSJames18Apr1837131W36NE qtr of SE qtr40
CONDUITTAlexander12Nov183613126SE qtr of NE qtr &NE qtr of S80
CONEWm.6Apr1836132W9SW qtr160
CONGERWilliam A.4Dec185113126NW qtr of NE qtr40
CONNERJohn5Sep182012129SE qtr fr of SE qtr95.55
CONNERJohn5Sep182012132NE qtr fr of NE qtr62.50
CONWAYWm.29Jan185111217NW qtr of SW qtr40
COOKAbraham29Aug1825141W36W half of NE qtr80
COOKChristopher25Nov183011113E half of SW qtr80
COOKChristopher2Sep183311113SW qtr of SE qtr40
COOKChristopher23Dec183611219W half of NW qtr63.98
COOKDavid2Sep183311123NW qtr of SE qtr40
COOKDavid2Sep183311124NW qtr of NW qtr40
COOKJohn12Dec184211123SW qtr of SE qtr40
COOKJohn12Dec184211126NW qtr of NE qtr40
COOKPhilip2Sep184211126SE qtr of NE qtr40
COONFIELDIsaac27Apr183612215E half of SE qtr80
COONFIELDIsaac27Apr183612214W half of SW qtr80
COONFIELDJohn M.25Mar183711231W half of NW qtr67.04
COONSJohn23Jun183213231NW qtr of SE qtr40
COOPERAbraham13Nov183211213NE qtr of NE qtr40
COOPERAbraham13Apr183311213SE qtr of NE qtr40
COSTIONWhit25Nov1836132W35SE qtr160
COSTONIsaac30Mar1837122W2NW qtr of NE qtr42.06
COTTERSalley19Apr1837122W3SE qtr of SW qtr40
COTTERWm.7Jan1834122W22NE qtr of NW qtr40
COTTERWm.26Sep1834122W22NW qtr of NE qtr40
COTTERWm.19Apr1837122W10NW qtr of NW qtr40
COTTERWm.19Apr1837122W9NE qtr of NE qtr40
COURTNEYFinney21Feb182611226W half of NE qtr80
COURTNEYThomas6Jul184711127SE qtr of NE qtr40
COURTNEYThomas6Jul184711127NE qtr of SE qtr40
COURTRIGHTJohn27Aug184411125NW qtr of NE qtr40
COXAbner31Jul18211322E half of NE qtr74.07
COXAbner18Jul182114235E half of SE qtr80
COXAbner31Jul182114236SW qtr160
COXAbner6Jul182214225E half of NE qtr80
COXAbner21Dec182414235W half of SE qtr80
COXAbner20Jan18291321E half of SW qtr80
COXAbner19Sep182914225W half of NE qtr80
COXAbner13Jul18321321W half of NE qtr64.64
COXAbner19Nov183214236SW qtr of SE qtr40
COXCharles20Mar183513134SE qtr of NE qtr40
COXCharles29Oct183813134SW qtr of NE qtr40
COXEzre S.13Jan182413135SW qtr of NW qtr40
COXJames10Sep184512120E qtr fr of NE qtr EWR5.40
COXJames23Jan185112120Island in WR secs. 20 & 2122.75
COXJames20Jan185112120SW qtr of NW qtr40
COXJames6Mar185112120NW qtr of NW qtr40
COXJames6Mar185112120E half of NW qtr80
COXJames6Mar185112117SE qtr of SW qtr40
COXJohn11Dec182314225E half of SE qtr80
COXJohn I.5Feb183813131E half of S half79.56
COXJohn W.1May182412129S qtr fr of NE qtr78.50
COXJohn W.8Aug183512119Lot # 1 Sub Div35.18
COXJohn W.25Mar183712119Lot #2 Sub Div40
COXJoshua16Sep183613114SE qtr of NW qtr40
COXStreet18Dec1826122W25E half of NE qtr80
COXStreet24Jul1832122W25NE qtr of SE qtr40
COXStreet20Jun1835122W25NW qtr of SE qtr40
COXWilliam6Mar18331213SW qtr of NE qtr34.82
COXWilliam1Feb183913135NW qtr of NW qtr40
COXWilliam6Apr185013126SE qtr of NW qtr40
CRAIGHiram T.5Nov183512229SE qtr of SW qtr40
CRAIGWilliam H.3Apr18301115W half of SE qtr80
CRAIGWilliam H.5Dec184712122SE qtr of NW qtr40
CRAIGWilliam H.12Dec185012122W half of SW qtr80
CRAIGWm. H.6Mar1833111W23NE qtr of SE qtr39.13
CRAIGWm. H.27Feb1849132W25SW qtr160
CRAMERGeorge N.Sep183711211NE qtr of NE qtr40
CRAVENJohn16Nov1836131W28SW qtr160
CRAVENJohn21Nov1836131W30NW qtr115.73
CRAVENJohn21Nov1836132W25E half of NE qtr80
CRAVENJohn27Jun1837131W33NW qtr of NW qtr40
CRAVENJohn A.5Mar1833141W28NW qtr of NE qtr40
CRAVENJohn A.18Sep1834141W33W half of NE qtr80
CRAVENWm.8Nov1830141W25E half of NW qtr80
CRAVENWm.9Aug1836142W25SW qtr of NE qtr40
CRAVENSIra M.6Feb1836142W25N half of NE qtr80
CREEDWesley13Mar18491217SE qtr of N half35.38
CREEDWesley13Mar18491217SE qtr of N half35.38
CREEDWesley8Sep18491218SW qtr of NW qtr40
CREFSELLewis4May183612125NW qtr of NE qtr40
CROANHenry17Nov1852121W21NE qtr of SE qtr40
CROMWELLThomas17Jun1836112W35SE qtr of NW qtr40
CRONEWm.19Nov1839121W22NE qtr of SW qtr40
CRONEWm.28Dec1850121W22SE qtr of SW qtr40
CRONSEphriam C.24Apr18371122NW qtr of SE qtr40
CROOKSWm. B.15Nov184313132W half of NW qtr80
CROUCHSanford2Nov1832142W28E half of NW qtr80
CROWJoshua13Oct1823112W27W half of NE qtr80
CRUMJacob1Sep1830131W21W half of NE qtr80
CRUMJacob1Sep1830131W21E half of NW qtr80
CRUTCHFIELDGeorge29Jun182213210E half of NW qtr80
CRUTCHFIELDGeorge17Aug1834131W1E half of SE qtr80
CULIMBERHenry1May183413222SW qtr of SW qtr42.14
CULLEYWm30Jun185211234NW qtr of SE qtr40
CULTONJames25Sep183412220NW qtr of NE qtr40
CULTONJohn6Dec182512217W half of SE qtr80
CUMMINSAbraham18Oct18321211NW qtr of NW qtr37.59
CUNNINGHAMHugh S.17May1837121W23N half of NE qtr80
CUNNINGHAMJames13Feb18281118W half of SE qtr80
CUNNINGHAMJames24Jan183111225W half of SE qtr80
CUNNINGHAMJames24Dec1835122W16W half320
CUNNINGHAMWilliam N.3Nov18321116E half of S half78.40
CUNNINGHAMWilliam N.17Jan18341116NW half of S half39.20
CUNNINGHAMWilliam N.12Nov18351116SW half of S half39.20
CUNNINGHAMWm. N.8Jan1833111W12S qtr fr of SW qtr54.60
CURDJ.M.14Apr183612221E half of NE qtr80
CURDJohn M.26Apr183612211SE qtr160
CURDWm. F.14Apr183612221E half of NE qtr80
CURLJames18Jul182114236E half of NE qtr80
CURTISCalvin13Sep1837132W23NE qtr of NE qtr40
CURTISDavid8Jan1836132W13W half of NE qtr80
CURTISDavid20Jul1853132W14SE qtr of SW qtr40
CURTISDavid A.11Oct1834132W13W half of SW qtr80
CURTISDavid A.8Jun1836132W12W half of SE qtr80
CURTISDavid A.16Feb1839132W24N half of NW qtr80
CURTISDavid A.10Nov1840121W5SW qtr of NE qtr42.10
CURTISTabatha1Mar1839121W5SE qtr of NE qtr42.10
CURTISTabitha1Nov1839132W14NW qtr of SE qtr40
CUTHBERTBenjamin18Jun182213110E half of SE qtr80
CUTHBERTBenjamin1Jan182913115E half of NE qtr80
CUTLERJacob4Sep18201113W half of NE qtr76.98
CUTLERJacob4Sep18201113E half of NE qtr76.98
CUTLERJacob4Sep18201213E qtr fr of SE qtr80
CUTLERJacob4Sep18201213W qtr fr of SE qtr78.85
CUTLERJacob4Sep182012119S qtr fr of NE qtr55.20
CUTLERJacob4Sep182012121W half of SE qtr80
CUTLERJacob4Sep182012128E half of SW qtr81.50
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012128W half of SW qtr81.50
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012128S qtr fr of NW qtr75.68
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012128N qtr fr of NW qtr79.75
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012128W half of NE qtr80
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012133W half of SW qtr80
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012133E half of NW qtr80
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012133W half of NW qtr80
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012133E half of SW qtr80
CUTLERJacob5Sep182012134W half of SW qtr80
CUTLERJacob6Sep182012121W half of NE qtr80
CUTLERJacob17Jul182113213N half of SE qtr39.87
CUTLERJacob4Sep182112135W half of SW qtr80
CUTLERJacob5Nov182112135E half of SW qtr80
CUTLERJacob26Jun182212129NE qtr fr of NE qtr5.29
CUTLERJacob19Feb18241118E half of SE qtr80
CUTLERJohn17Jul182113213N half of SE qtr39.87
CUTRIGHTJohn11Jan1836122W3NE qtr of NE qtr42.24
CUTRIGHTJohn3Nov1836122W2NW qtr of NW qtr42.18
CUTRIGHTJoseph29Aug184511125NW qtr of SW qtr40
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DAGLEYJoseph22Jan1851111W31W half of NW qtr55.56
DANEDavid29May1849121W13NE qtr of NW qtr40
DANEDavid C.26Dec1851121W2SE qtr of NW qtr40
DANEHenry S.16Jun1846131W26SW qtr of SE qtr40
DANEHenry S.16Jun1846131W26N half of SW qtr80
DANEHenry S.8Oct1847131W35SE qtr of NE qtr40
DANEHenry S.16Oct1847131W36NW qtr of SW qtr40
DANENathan S.29May1849121W12NW qtr of SW qtr40
DANENathan S.29May1849121W2NW qtr of NW qtr42.58
DANEStephen L.7Dec1852131W36SW qtr of SW qtr40
DARNELLLewis11Mar1837132W19E half of NW qtr71.08
DARNELLLewis3Apr1837132W19SW qtr of NW qtr35.54
DAUGHERTYJesse13Dec182811221E half of SE qtr80
DAUGHERTYJesse7Jan184711222SE qtr of NW qtr40
DAVEEBenjamin24Oct183312125SE qtr of NE qtr40
DAVEEBenjamin17Mar183512220W half of NW qtr80
DAVEEBenjamin25Mar183512220NW qtr of SW qtr40
DAVEEBenjamin6Jan183612124E half of NW qtr80
DAVEEJonathan27Mar183412230E half of NW qtr55.70
DAVEEJoseph11Oct183212125SW qtr of NE qtr40
DAVEEJoseph25Sep183412220NE qtr of SW qtr40
DAVEEJoseph17Dec183412219NE qtr of SE qtr40
DAVEEJoseph1Apr18351223W half of NW qtr67.18
DAVEEJoseph29Oct183512219E half of NW qtr55.58
DAVEEJoseph17Mar183612220E half of SE qtr80
DAVEEZachariah25Nov182212221W half of SE qtr80
DAVEEZachariah6Nov182812219W half of SE qtr80
DAVEEZachariah10Sep183512219E half of SW qtr55.60
DAVENPORTMartin21Nov1825131W12W half of NW qtr80
DAVIDSONJohn12Sep185213132NE qtr of SW qtr40
DAVIDSONWhite24Nov183613132NW qtr of NE qtr40
DAVIDSONWhite20Sep183713132NE qtr of NE qtr40
DAVIDSONWhite8Mar185013132NE qtr of NW qtr40
DAVISAnderson5Oct185213129NE qtr of SE qtr40
DAVISJohn6Jan1845112W36SW qtr of NE qtr40.44
DAVISJohn6Jan1845112W36NE qtr of SE qtr40.46
DAVISJohn D.22Mar183712226SW qtr of SE qtr40
DAVISJohn D.2Mar183712236E half of SW qtr80
DAVISJohn D.2Mar183712236SW qtr of SW qtr40
DAVISThomas3Nov1830142W26W half of SW qtr80
DAVISThomas6Mar1833142W26SW qtr of SE qtr40
DAVISThomas13Aug1833142W35SE qtr of NW qtr40
DAYRichard5Nov182214136E half of SE qtr80
DAYRichard5Nov182214136W half of SE qtr80
DAYWm.22May183214232W half of NW qtr80
DAYERJohn23Jan182612217W half of NE qtr80
DEALWm.12Sep1835112W14NE qtr of SW qtr40
DEALWm.26Nov1836112W14SW qtr of NW qtr40
DEALWm.9Jan1851112W26E half of SE qtr67.85
DEALVAChadllang25Jul1829142W30E half of NE qtr80
DEATONCyrus P.8Sep184513130NW qtr fr3.96
DEATONLewis29Sep183213128SW qtr of SW qtr40
DEATONLewis11Feb183613133NW qtr of NW qtr40
DEATONWilliam P.22Aug184913132SW qtr of SW qtr40
DEDDSSamuel19Jul182114230SE qtr160
DEMOFSDavid27May183014126W half of NW qtr80
DEMOFSElizabeth30Mar18331319E half of NW qtr80
DEMOFSElizabeth16Aug18341319W half of SE qtr80
DEMOFSJames12Mar183213115W half of NE qtr80
DEMOSSJames25Sep18281319W half of NE qtr80
DEMOSSJames28Aug18301319E half of NE qtr80
DENHAMJohn12Feb1836111W3NE qtr of SE qtr40
DENNEYSamuel S.28Nov1836111W36NE qtr of SW qtr40
DENNISJesse15Feb18371121NW qtr of SE qtr40
DENNYSamuel29Jul183711129NE qtr of NE qtr40
DENNYSamuel S.15Sep183011132NE qtr of NW qtr40
DENNYSamuel S.26Jan184611129SW qtr of SW qtr40
DENNYSamuel S.2Dec185311129SE qtr of SW qtr40
DENNYWm.2Dec1853122W36SE qtr of NW qtr40
DICKENJames17Jan182913219W half of SE qtr80
DICKENJames21Feb182913219E half of NW qtr48.03
DILLPeter8Oct18361121NW qtr of NE qtr39.74
DILLPeter8Oct18361121NE qtr of NW qtr36.03
DILLPeter8Oct18361121W half of NW qtr72.07
DILLPeter8Oct18361122E half of NE qtr67.58
DILLONJames14Dec183211235SW qtr of NW qtr40
DILLONJames14Dec183211227SE qtr of NW qtr40
DISBROWZalmon30Aug183612235NW qtr of NE qtr40
DISBROWZalmon9Jan183912235SW qtr of NE qtr40
DIXONJoel12Mar182714125W half of NW qtr80
DIXONJohn2Dec1853121W23NE qtr of NW qtr40
DIXONThomas24Jan1838121W15W half of NE qtr80
DIXONThomas3Feb1841121W15NE qtr of NE qtr40
DIXONThomas8Dec1852121W15NE qtr of NW qtr40
DIXONWm.16Dec1840121W23NW qtr of SW qtr40
DIXONWm.16Dec1840121W23E half of SW qtr80
DOANDavid1Jan182814132W half of SE qtr80
DOANEphriam14Jan182514133W half of NE qtr80
DOANJohn28Feb182314129W half of SW qtr80
DOANJohn1Jan1827141W27E half of SE qtr80
DOANJohn1Jan1828141W34E half of NE qtr80
DOANJonathan23Aug18271314E half of SW qtr80
DOANJonathan, Sr.3Nov18301318W half of NE qtr80
DOBBSHugh H.10Nov1835132W6NE qtr of NW qtr36.56
DOBBSHugh H.6Feb1836142W31SE qtr of SW qtr35
DOBBSHugh H.26Oct1846132W6SE qtr of SW qtr36.41
DOBBSJoel19Nov1830132W17W half of SW qtr80
DOBBSRussell16Jan1836132W6SW qtr of NE qtr39.12
DOBBSSamuel18Jul182114230E half of SW qtr56.94
DOBGUSSamuel22Sep183612214NW qtr of SE qtr40
DONALDWm. M.15Sep18281329W half of SE qtr80
DONALDSONJoseph26Sep1834132W33E half of NE qtr80
DONALDSONJoseph22Nov1834132W34W half of SW qtr80
DONALDSONJoseph12Oct1836132W34NE qtr of SW qtr40
DONALDSONJoseph12Oct1836132W34SW qtr of NW qtr40
DOOLEYEzekial6Nov1837131W25SW qtr of SE qtr40
DOOLEYGeorge4Aug1840131W25SE qtr of SW qtr40
DOOLEYHiram6Nov1837131W25SW qtr of NE qtr, NW qtr of S80
DOOLEYSilas D.6Nov1837131W25SW qtr of SE qtr40
DORMANWm.7Aug183213232NE qtr of NE qtr40
DORNELRedman14Feb184411136NE qtr of NE qtr40
DORSETTJames13Feb1837132W21E half of SW qtr80
DOTEYDaniel31Dec183212230SW qtr of NE qtr40
DOTYMaria26Apr185011233SE qtr160
DOUGHERTYJohn21Oct182712228W half of NE qtr80
DOUGHERTYJohn6Nov182812230W half of NW qtr55.70
DOUGHERTYO. R.3Jun183211115NW qtr of SW qtr40
DOUGHERTYOliver R.4Feb184611231E half of SW qtr70.22
DOUGHERTYThomas15Jan183511222NW qtr of SW qtr40
DOUGHERTYThomas15Jan183611228NE qtr of SE qtr40
DOUGHERTYThomas27Apr183711221W half of SE qtr80
DOUGHERTYThomas10Feb184511218NE qtr of NE qtr40
DOUGHTRYJohn24Jan183711212E half of SW qtr80
DOUGLASRebecca2Feb18361224E half of SW qtr80
DOWAlfred J.6Mar183512126NW qtr of NE qtr40
DOWJohn5Jun183312125NW qtr of NW qtr40
DOWJohn4Sep183412126SE qtr of NE qtr40
DOWNathan1Feb1837121W26W half of NE qtr80
DOWNathan5Aug1852121W25NW qtr160
DOWTimothy D.25Nov1845122W9E half of NW qtr, W half of N160
DOWEJohn28May183613133NE qtr of NE qtr40
DOWEJohn29Nov183613133SE qtr of NE qtr40
DOWELLWm. M.16Jan18321229E half of SW qtr80
DRAKEDaniel22Nov183112210E half of NE qtr80
DRAKEDaniel11Sep183312211SW qtr of NW qtr40
DRAKEGideon C.6Oct18321223E half of NE qtr68.40
DRAKEWashington21Apr183412212NE qtr of NE qtr40
DREWWm. W.16Jul1121E half of SW qtr80
DRURYIsaiah5Sep182013135W half of SE qtr80
DRURYIsaiah5Sep182013135E half of SE qtr80
DRURYIsaiah15Feb182212110E qtr fr of NW qtr73.48
DRURYIsaiah15Feb182213136W half of SW qtr80
DRURYIsaiah10Nov18321211SW qtr37.59
DRURYMiles L.18Jul182913136E half of NW qtr80
DRURYMiles L.22Mar183212112NW qtr160
DUCKWORTHAndrew25Mar183712224NE qtr of NW qtr40
DUCKWORTHElijah16Jun1836111W7SE qtr of NE qtr40
DUCKWORTHGeorge1Sep1836122W36SE qtr of SW qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn8Dec1835111W9SW qtr of NW qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn19Dec1835111W8NW qtr of NE qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn16Dec1847111W5SE qtr of SE qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn16Dec1847111W5NW qtr of SE qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn3May1848111W5SW qtr of SE qtr, W half of N104.40
DUCKWORTHJohn19Dec1850111W4SW qtr of SE qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn19Dec1850111W4SW qtr of SW qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn19Dec1850111W6NW qtr fr of W half of NE qtr156.44
DUCKWORTHJohn19Dec1850111W5NE qtr of SE qtr40
DUCKWORTHJohn19Dec1850111W65/6 N pt of E half of NW qtrN151.44
DUCKWORTHNathan15Dec183412213SW qtr of SE qtr40
DUCKWORTHPleasant23Feb1837111W2SE qtr of NW qtr35.70
DUCKWORTHWm.8Dec1835111W8SW qtr of NE qtr40
DUKEJames29Jan183313236NE qtr of SW qtr40
DUKERobert29Jan183313236NW qtr of SW qtr40
DUKEWashington31Oct183212213SW qtr of NE qtr40
DUKEWm.20Jan18351221E half SW qtr80
DUNAGENSolomon6Oct1827131W21W half of SW qtr80
DUNAGENSolomon6Oct1827131W28W half of NW qtr80
DUNAGENSolomon3Oct1832131W28NE qtr of NW qtr40
DUNCANA.J.11Jan1851111W3NE qtr of NE qtr34.84
DUNCANCharles5Mar1833141W28NE qtr of NW qtr40
DUNCANJohn B.10Aug1830141W28E half of NE qtr80
DUNCANWm.24Dec1828142W33E half of NW qtr80
DUNCANWm.26Oct1829142W27W half of SW qtr80
DUNCANWm.7Dec1832142W27W half of NE qtr80
DUNEGANWm. L.6Mar1847122W2NE qtr of NW qtr42.18
DUNKINBenjamin5Aug1825122W17E half of SE qtr80
DUNKINBenjamin S.1Jul1829122W18W half of SW qtr68.04
DUNNStrange S.17Jun1853111W26NE qtr of SW qtr40
DUNNStrange S.17Nov1853111W26SW qtr of SE qtr40
DUNNStrange S.1May1854111W4NW qtr of NW qtr32.01
DUNNAGANArhre13Dec18511216NW qtr of S half35.40
DUNNAGINRebecca8Mar1831131W29E half of NW qtr80
DUNNINGMary5Apr1852121W30S half of SE qtr80
DUNNINGMary5Apr1852121W29W half of SW qtr80
DUPPREEAbraham4Aug18361121NE qtr of SE qtr40
DUPREEFarwell25Oct185111220NE qtr of NW qtr40
DUPREETaznell5Aug184811217SW qtr of SW qtr40
DUREEPolly1Mar18311324NW qtr150.46
DUREESamuel2Sep183114232E half of SE qtr80
DUREESamuel2Sep183114233W half of SW qtr80
DUTYSamuel15Aug1850132W21NE qtr of SE qtr40
DUTYSamuel E.29Jan1846122W9NE qtr of NE qtr40
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EARLYPaschal3Jun183312112NE qtr fr of SW qtr41.22
EASTERDaniel13Feb1837112W15NE qtr of SW qtr40
EASTERDaniel7May1839112W15NW qtr of SE qtr40
ECHOLESJoshua6Apr18361122SW qtr of SW qtr40
ECHOLSDavid9Oct183512220SW qtr of SE qtr40
ECHOLSDavid30Jul183612220NW qtr of SE qtr40
EDMONDSONSolomon18Dec182914228W half of NE qtr80
EDMUNDSONFrancis17Dec182914228E half of NW qtr80
EDWARDThomas26Feb1835141W31W half of SW qtr57.68
EDWARDSBenjamin10Nov1837122W3SE qtr of SE qtr40
EDWARDSBenjamin26Mar1847122W3SW qtr of SE qtr40
EDWARDSBenjamin G.30Oct1835122W12NE qtr of NW qtr40
EDWARDSJohn20Aug183811220SW qtr of SW qtr40
EDWARDSJoshua12Apr1837142W36SE qtr of SE qtr40
EDWARDSLucinda13Feb1846112W10SW qtr of SW qtr40
EDWARDSSamuel28Aug1849132W29NW qtr of NW qtr40
EDWARDSThomas22May18261326NW qtr78.81
EDWARDSThomas2Jul1832131W5NW qtr of NW qtr37.71
EDWARDSThomas1Jul1833131W6NE qtr of NE qtr38.23
EDWARDSThomas14Jan183612126SW qtr of NW qtr40
EDWARDSThomas3Jan1840131W16W half of NE qtr80
EDWARDSWm.23Apr1834132W26SW qtr of SE qtr, SE qtr of S80
ELDERJames A.7Jan1847121W26NE qtr of NE qtr40
ELDERJames A.28Aug1851121W23SE qtr of SE qtr40
ELDERJohn R.10Apr187211219SE qtr of NE qtr40
ELDERJoseph16Oct183512126NE qtr of NE qtr40
ELDERJoseph29Dec183512123SE qtr of SW qtr40
ELDERJoseph1Oct1836121W24NW qtr of SE qtr40
ELDERJoseph1Feb183712127NW qtr of SW qtr40
ELDERJoseph21Nov183812127NE qtr of SW qtr40
ELDERWilliam21May184512122SE qtr of SW qtr40
ELDERWilliam8Oct184512122NW qtr of NE qtr40
ELENGERJoseph7Jan18391123NW qtr of NE qtr69.76
ELGINAlexander4Feb183611114NE qtr of NE qtr40
ELGINEleanor12Mar183311124E half of NW qtr80
ELGINJames18Mar184511230NE qtr of NE qtr40
ELGINJames20Nov184511230NW qtr of NE qtr40
ELIOTTSamuel31Jan183612127SW qtr of SW qtr40
ELIOTTSamuel16Jan183612128E half of SE qtr80
ELKINSDavid28Feb183812225SE qtr of SE qtr40
ELKINSDavid29Jun184712225SE qtr of NE qtr40
ELKINSHenry12Jul184112235SE qtr of NE qtr40
ELKINSHenry20Oct184512225SW qtr of SW qtr40
ELKINSHenry7Apr184612226NE qtr of SE qtr40
ELKINSJohn9Nov184412225NE qtr of NE qtr40
ELKINSJohn21Mar184612225SW qtr of NW qtr40
ELKINSJoseph12Jul184112235SE qtr of NE qtr40
ELKINSJoseph10Apr184612236NE qtr of NW qtr40
ELLETDaniel6Mar1833132W4E half of NW qtr fr70.55
ELLETHenry S.22Sep1835132W4NE qtr of NE qtr32.81
ELLETTGeorge30Jul1832111W15NE qtr of SW qtr40
ELLETTGeorge23Aug1832111W15SE qtr of SW qtr40
ELLETTGeorge17Jul1834111W15W half of SE qtr80
ELLINGERJacob7Jan183912234E half of SE qtr80
ELLIOTBelsey28Sep1849141W32NW qtr of NE qtr40
ELLIOTTAlfred1Jan18301319W half of NW qtr80
ELLIOTTDaniel27Dec1832142W32SE qtr of SE qtr40
ELLIOTTDaniel6Mar1833132W5NE qtr of NE qtr36.34
ELLIOTTDaniel5Nov1836132W4NE qtr of SW qtr40
ELLIOTTGeorge13Jan1835132W3NW qtr of NW qtr32.93
ELLIOTTGeorge10Feb1837121W9SW qtr of NW qtr40
ELLIOTTGeorge10May1847111W3SE qtr of NE qtr34.84
ELLIOTTJoel8Dec1832111W17S half of NW qtr80
ELLIOTTJoel8Dec1835111W17W half of SW qtr80
ELLIOTTJoel8Dec1835111W17NE qtr of SW qtr40
ELLIOTTJoel8Dec1835111W18SW qtr of SE qtr40
ELLIOTTJoel8Dec1835111W18E half of SE qtr80
ELLIOTTMartin2Apr1830142W31SE qtr of SE qtr40
ELLIOTTMartin2Sep1835142W32NW qtr of SW qtr40
ELLIOTTSamuel18Dec182012113E half of NE qtr80
ELLIOTTSamuel6Mar183312128W half of SE qtr80
ELLIOTTSamuel5Mar1833142W31NE qtr of SE qtr40
ELLIOTTSamuel5Mar1833142W32SW qtr of SW qtr40
ELLIOTTThomas17Sep1832142W32NE qtr of SE qtr40
ELLISJoison19Feb1836111W31W half of NW qtr55.50
ELLMOREMoses13Oct1836142W36NW qtr of NE qtr40
ELLMORESamuel3Oct1836142W25SW qtr of SE qtr40
ELLMOREWm.10Jan1839141W31S half of NW qtr55.28
ELLMOREZachariah10Jan1839141W31SW qtr of NE qtr40
ELMOREWm.11Jan1836122W10SW qtr of NW qtr40
ELMOREWm.11Jan1836122W9SE qtr of NE qtr40
ELRODCatherine11Feb1837132W1NE qtr of SW qtr40
ELSTONJames R.1Mar1837111W29W half of NW qtr120
ELTONSusan12Dec1846122W10NW qtr of SW qtr40
EMERSONSamuel27Nov183013233E half of NW qtr88.15
ENGLEPhilej1Feb183612119N half142.12
ENGLEPhilip30Jul183612127NE qtr of SE qtr40
ENGLEPhilip E.3Aug183612128E half of NE qtr80
ENGLEVictor W.1Feb183612118S half142
ENNISArchibald1Dec182712227E half of NE qtr80
ENNISArchibald17Oct183612227SW qtr of NE qtr40
ENNISJames2Nov184412226SE qtr of NE qtr40
ENNISMitchell6Mar184712234SE qtr of SW qtr40
ENNISWalker26Jan183512227NE qtr of SE qtr40
ENNISWalker25Mar183712226SW qtr of NW qtr40
ENOSGeorge11jan1826141W36NW qtr160
ENOSGeorge27Aug1827141W25W half of SW qtr80
EPHLINGERJohn19Oct1826142W27E half of SW qtr80
EPPERSONJames28Apr183612210SE qtr of SE qtr40
EPPERSONJames25Apr183612211SW qtr160
EPPERSONPeter18Sep183411236NW qtr of SW qtr40
EPPERSONPeter16Oct184111234NW qtr of NE qtr40
EPPERSONPeter26Jul184411234SW qtr of NE qtr40
ERNHARTLuther27Dec1849111W33NW qtr of NE qtr40
ERNHARTLuther5Sep1852111W28SW qtr of SE qtr40
ESLINGERGeorge24Oct1835132W10S half of SW qtr80
ESTESJames16Nov1848141W30SE qtr of NE qtr40
ETERPeter18Dec1833111W19NW qtr of NW qtr28
ETHERTONDavid3May1847121W12E half of SW qtr80
ETHERTONRachel23Nov185012117SW qtr of SW qtr40
ETHERTONSamuel2Apr183112117NW qtr of SW qtr40
ETTENBURJacob19Nov1831132W8E half of NW qtr80
ETTERDaniel7Dec183013225W half of SE qtr80
ETTERDaniel29Jan183113225E half of SW qtr80
ETTERWm.25Aug183013235W half of NE qtr80
EVANSJacob14Mar1831111W32E half of SW qtr80
EVANSJacob8Sep1835111W31NW qtr of SE qtr40
EVANSSamuel14Oct182813220W half of NW qtr80
EVANSSamuel4Sep183213220NE qtr of NW qtr40
EVANSSamuel11Nov183413217SW qtr of SE qtr40
EVANSWm.5Jan1825122W18W half of SE qtr80
EVANSWm.7Feb1848111W35NE qtr of NW qtr40
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FAINDavid (Bain)23Oct1821111W8E half of SE qtr80
FAINDavid (Bain)23Oct1821111W17E half of NE qtr80
FAIRWilliam13Jun183612127SE qtr of SW qtr40
FALKAndrew3Oct18311119E half of SW qtr80
FALKNERJohn13Jul1846121W1NE qtr of NE qtr42.15
FALKNERJohn13Jul18471216SW qtr of NE qtr31.36
FARJefferson25Mar1837111W18SE qtr of NW qtr28.13
FARJefferson23Mar1849111W29W half of SE qtr80
FARJefferson23Mar1849111W29SE qtr of SE qtr40
FARJefferson23Mar1849111W29SE qtr of SW qtr40
FARISGideon11Jan1836121W9NW qtr of SE qtr40
FARLTONJohn (Tarlton)9Aug183012230E half of NE qtr80
FARLTONJohn (Tarlton)5Feb183612229NW qtr of NW qtr40
FARMERJacob18Feb182514135W half of SW qtr80
FARMERPeter24Nov183114133W half of NW qtr80
FARRDaniel10Apr1845112W11SW qtr of SE qtr40
FARRDaniel2Jun1847112W11NW qtr of SE qtr40
FARRDaniel31Dec1847112W11SE qtr of SE qtr40
FARRJames15Dec1847112W11NE qtr of SE qtr40
FARRJames31Dec1847112W14NE qtr of NE qtr40
FARRJefferson30Mar1833112W14SE qtr of SW qtr40
FARRJefferson2May1833112W13E half of SE qtr75.61
FARRJefferson10Aug1835111W18NE qtr of NW qtr28.13
FARRNathan15Dec1847112W36NW qtr of SE qtr40.46
FARRNathan28Jan1848112W36SE qtr of NE qtr40.28
FARRWilliam19Feb184612122NE qtr of NW qtr40
FARRWm.31May1839112W15NE qtr of SE qtr40
FARRANDBartholemew9Sep183912226NW qtr of NW qtr40
FARRANDJames29Jan183512221NE qtr of SE qtr40
FARRANDJohn29May183212221E half of NW qtr80
FARRANDJohn9Jun183212221SE qtr of SW qtr40
FARRANDJohn20Jun183212221SE qtr of SE qtr40
FARRANDJohn28Apr183412221NE qtr of SW qtr40
FARRANDJohn30Mar183512215SW qtr of NW qtr40
FARRANDJohn25Jan183612215NE qtr of SW qtr40
FARRANDMontgomery5Sep183612227SE qtr of NW qtr40
FARRANDSamuel2Sep183612227SW qtr of SE qtr40
FERGUSONEdward4Sep184811217W half of NW qtr80
FERNELIsaac22May183712123SW qtr of NW qtr40
FESLERWm.1Dec184711227SW qtr of SW qtr40
FESLERWm.7Dec184711235SE qtr of SW qtr40
FESLERWm.24Feb184811233NE qtr of NE qtr40
FESLERWm.29Aug184811215NE qtr of SW qtr40
FIELDAllen20Sep182913229E half of NE qtr80
FINCHUMElijah4Feb1837121W33NW qtr of SW qtr40
FINCHUMElijah15Apr1837111W31SW qtr of SE qtr40
FINCHUMRobert8Sep1835111W31E half of NW qtr55.50
FINCHUMRobert9Nov1848121W29SW qtr of NE qtr40
FIRNELLIsaac22May183712122SE qtr of NE qtr40
FISHERWm.19Mar1836141W30NE qtr of NE qtr40
FITZGERALDJames30Jan1836142W36NW qtr of SE qtr40
FITZGERALDJames17Nov1836142W26NE qtr of NE qtr40
FITZGERLADJames7Jun1849121W10NW qtr of NE qtr40
FLAKEAdam10Jul183412215W half of SW qtr80
FLAKEAdam25Feb183612215SE qtr of SW qtr40
FLAKEAdam8Sep183612222SE qtr of NE qtr40
FLEENERSamuel9Sep183511213NE qtr of SE qtr40
FLERUNERCharles3Aug184911218SW qtr of SW qtr fr31.59
FLETCHERAbraham13Feb1837122W6NE qtr of NW qtr34.75
FLETCHERAbraham13Feb1837122W6SW qtr of NW qtr34.75
FLETCHERCalvin9Feb183612232SW qtr of SE qtr40
FLETCHERCalvin9Feb183612232NW qtr of SW qtr40
FLETCHERIsaac26Jun1828111W9W half of SW qtr80
FLETCHERIsaac7Mar1833111W3W half of SE qtr80
FLETCHERIsaac31May1836121W26NW qtr of SW qtr40
FLETCHERIsaac G.29Aug18371123NW qtr131.22
FLETCHERIsaac G.3Feb183812234W half of SW qtr80
FLETCHERMelvin B.24Dec1846112W13NW qtr of NW qtr40
FLETCHERRichard9Jul1829111W8E half of NE qtr80
FLETCHERSamuel1Aug1829111W9W half of SE qtr80
FLETCHERSamuel7Jan1833111W17SE qtr of SW qtr40
FLETCHERSamuel7Jan1833111W20W half of NW qtr80
FLETCHERSamuel31May1836121W34NE qtr of NE qtr40
FLETCHERSamuel24Jan1848121W36NW qtr of NE qtr40
FLETCHERVandeman27Dec1832111W10SW qtr of NW qtr40
FLETCHERVardeman1Apr1824112W22W half of SE qtr80
FLETCHERVardeman1Apr1824112W13W half of SW qtr80
FLOODJohn6Feb183611230E half of SW qtr65.24
FLORERChristian2Apr184611133SE qtr of NE qtr40
FLORERJohn1Dec185311134NW qtr of SW qtr40
FOGLEMANWilliam8Nov183813122NE qtr of SW qtr40
FORDAmerica25Apr1845131W36E half of NW qtr80
FORDJames W.5Nov1832131W28NE qtr of SE qtr40
FORDJames W.5Nov1835131W27NW qtr of NE qtr40
FORDZachria17Oct1836121W3N half of NW qtr84.38
FORNEYJames29Sep1848132W23SW qtr of SE qtr40
FORSYTHEJohn H.11May184012236NW qtr of SW qtr40
FOSTERJames7Jun1838122W24NW qtr of NW qtr40
FOSTERJames7Jun1838122W13SW qtr of SW qtr40
FOSTERRobert17Feb1838121W24W half of NE qtr80
FOSTERWilliam16Dec184011122NW qtr of NE qtr40
FOSTERWilliam4May184811122Se qtr of NW qtr40
FOUTSJohn7Oct1839122W13SE qtr of NE qtr40
FOUTSJohn7Oct1839122W13NE qtr of NE qtr40
FOUTSLawrence19Jun1839121W24NE qtr of NW qtr40
FOWLERAlexander22Jan18301323W half of NE qtr72.58
FOWLERElvis29Oct183313115W half of NW qtr80
FOWLERElvis4Dec183813128SW qtr of NW qtr40
FOWLERHenry D.7Jan1848121W26NE qtr of SW qtr40
FOWLERJohn20Aug1836121W26E half of NW qtr80
FOWLERJohn17Nov183613122SW qtr of NW qtr40
FOWLERJohn17Nov183613121S half of NW qtr80
FOWLERJohn17Nov183613121SW qtr of SE qtr40
FOWLERJohn8Nov183913121NE qtr of NW qtr40
FOWLERJohn6Dec184413120NE qtr of NW qtr40
FOWLERJohn2Dec185313121NW qtr of SW qtr40
FOXNichols5Nov183214228SW qtr of NW qtr40
FOXWORTHYPhilip A.25Aug1828131W21E half of SW qtr80
FOXWORTHYPhilip A.13Dec1833132W13E half of NE qtr80
FRANCISJohn30Jul183211222SE qtr of SE qtr40
FRANCISJohn9Jan183711222NE qtr of SE qtr40
FRANCISJohn2Jun183911211SW qtr of SE qtr40
FRAZEEJohn18Jul182113234SW qtr160
FRAZEEJohn18Jul182113234W half of NW qtr80
FRAZEEJohn M.13Dec18311223W half of NE qtr68.40
FRAZEEJoseph17Jul18211322SW qtr160
FRAZEEJoseph17Jul182113211NW qtr160
FREDERICKRichard30May1837131W34NE qtr of NE qtr40
FREDERICKRichard S.11Oct1831131W28E half of NE qtr80
FREDERICKRichard S.11Oct1831131W21E half of SE qtr80
FREDERICKRichard S.8Jun1836131W34SE qtr of SE qtr40
FREDERICKRichard S.28Jun1836131W35W half of SW qtr80
FREEDaniel25Jan183613121W half of NE qtr80
FREELANDBenjamin4Sep18201112W half of NW qtr77.44
FREELANDBenjamin4Sep18201112E half of NW qtr77.44
FREELANDBenjamin4Sep18201118E half of NE qtr80
FREELANDBenjamin4Sep18201118W half of NE qtr80
FREELANDBenjamin4Sep18201119E half of NW qtr80
FREELANDBenjamin4Sep18201119W half of NW qtr80
FREELANDBenjamin7Sep1824122W34E half of SW qtr, W half of S160
FREELANDBenjamin22Aug1829132W11NE qtr160
FRENCHHenry31Aug1837121W27NE qtr of NW qtr40
FRYAbraham25Oct1824111W1E half of NW qtr72.50
FRYFrederick25Oct182412129N qtr fr of NE qtr67.90
FRYFrederick23Feb184912120SE qtr of SW qtr40
FRYGeorge M.25Jan183611135SW qtr of SE qtr40
FRYGeorge M.1Sep184511135NE qtr of SW qtr40
FRYJames M.24Sep185311135SW qtr of NW qtr40
FRYWilliam5Mar184611134NE qtr of SE qtr40
FRYWilliam2Dec185311134SE qtr of NE qtr40
FULLENReuben5Jan1821112W35W half of SW qtr80
FURGERSONJoel5Sep182012133E half of SE qtr80
FURGERSONJoel5Sep182012133W half of SE qtr80
FURGUSONCalvin10Mar1848131W36NE qtr of NE qtr, SE qtr of N80
FURGUSONTobias8Jan1848121W2SE qtr of NE qtr42.58
FURNACERobert21Nov182314226E half of SE qtr80
FURNACERobert21Nov182314225W half of SW qtr80
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GALASPYGeorge6Apr183312219W half of SW qtr55.60
GALEYWm. S.9Dec1839141W28W half of NW qtr80
GALLASPIEGeorge2Oct183212125NE qtr of NE qtr40
GALLEMORENoah23Nov1832121W30NW qtr of SE qtr40
GALLEMORENoah1Nov1841132W26E half of NE qtr80
GALLEMORENoah1Nov1841132W25W half of NW qtr80
GALLEMORENoah26Oct1846111W7NW qtr of SW qtr, W half of N85.37
GALLEMORENoah19May1848111W7E half of NW qtr64.64
GALLEMORENoah19Apr1850111W6SW qtr of SE qtr40
GALLIMORENoah26Feb1844112W12E half of SE qtr113.74
GALLIMORENoah26Oct1846111W6E half of SW qtr57.44
GALLOWAYJesse12Mar18341229SE qtr of NW qtr40
GALLOWAYJesse12Mar18341229NW qtr of NE qtr40
GAMBOLTJohn C.11Feb1837132W1E half of NW qtr75.12
GARDNERDaniel11Feb183712225E half of SE qtr80
GARDNERThomas31Jul182113226W half of SW qtr80
GARDNERThomas31Jul182113235W half of NW qtr80
GARETSONHenry13May183711214NE qtr of SW qtr40
GARETSONHenry13May183711214W half of SW qtr80
GARNETSilas13Oct183114232E half of NE qtr80
GARRETTSilas15Oct183114233W half of NW qtr80
GARRISONBradford3Jan1850121W36SE qtr of NE qtr40
GARRISONCharles5Aug184811235NW qtr of SE qtr40
GARRISONFranklin29Dec1834131W30SW qtr of SE qtr40
GARSAWILERJohn13Feb184612214SE qtr of NE qtr40
GENTRYGarland16Dec1833132W3NE qtr of SW qtr40
GENTRYGarland3Jan1837132W2SW qtr of NE qtr37.80
GERHOLDTJohn G.1May18371122E half of SW qtr80
GERHOLDTJohn G.1May18371122SW qtr of SE qtr40
GERNETTThomas15Jun184313123NW qtr of NW qtr40
GIBBSJames13Mar184811124NE qtr of SW qtr40
GIBBSJohn8Feb184511125NE qtr of NE qtr40
GIBSONHenry5Aug185111236SE qtr of SW qtr40
GIBSONJohn B.3Dec1836121W36NE qtr of NW qtr40
GIBSONWilliam29Oct183512123SE qtr of SE qtr40
GILBERTMary3May1847121W12E half of SW qtr80
GIVANJohn1222NW qtr of SW qtr40
GLADDENWilliam26Feb184511127NE qtr of SW qtr40
GLADDENWilliam26Feb184511127NW qtr of SE qtr40
GLADSONJohn W.4Dec1838122W6SE qtr of NW qtr34.76
GLADSONNancy13Aug1838122W6NW qtr of NW qtr34.76
GLESSMENJohn15Jul1844111W26SE qtr of SE qtr40
GLESSMENJohn3Aug1848111W26NW qtr of SE qtr40
GLIMPSEmanuel29Mar183612214W half of NE qtr80
GLOFSBURNElizabeth26Feb18351221SW qtr of SW qtr40
GOBBLEGeorge10Apr183713133SE qtr of NW qtr40
GOBLEMartin2Apr1849111W32NE qtr of NW qtr40
GOBLEMartin2Apr1849111W32NW qtr of NE qtr40
GOBLEMartin2Apr1849111W32E half of NE qtr80
GODFREYJohn4Apr183512210NW qtr of SE qtr40
GODFREYJohn1Jun183512210NE qtr of SE qtr40
GOLDSMITHJohn29Oct185111217SW qtr of SE qtr40
GOLDSMITHJohn29Oct185111217SE qtr of SW qtr40
GOOCHDabney24Apr183212110W qtr fr54.46
GOOCHDabney14Nov18331213SE qtr of NW qtr34.72
GOOCHJesse22Dec18361213SW qtr of NW qtr34.72
GOODENWm.29Oct1836121W36NW qtr of NW qtr40
GOODWINJames15Sep1829112W25E half of SE qtr79.60
GOODWINJames1Jan1836112W36NE qtr of NE qtr40.28
GOODWINJosiah6Jul1831111W31W half of NE qtr80
GOODWINWm.24Jul182113227NE qtr115.69
GORRELLWilliam13Sep18361217NW qtr of N half35.38
GOSEPeter5Oct184911131SW qtr of NW qtr fr37.78
GOSSDaniel30Jul1821112W22W half of SW qtr80
GOSSEphraim4Jan1823122W35E half of SW qtr80
GOSSEphraim13Sep1825122W35W half of SW qtr80
GOSSEphraim4May1829112W24W qtr fr of NE qtr67.71
GOSSEphraim9Dec1831121W31E half of NW qtr59.72
GOSSEphraim7Jun1838112W2NE qtr of SW qtr40
GOSSEphraim22Jan1845112W11NE qtr of NW qtr40
GOSSEphraim22Jan1845112W2W half of SE qtr80
GOSSEphraim7Mar1846112W11SE qtr of NW qtr40
GOSSEphraim7Mar1846112W11W half of NE qtr80
GOSSEphraim, Jr.4Jan1823112W2W half of SW qtr80
GOSSEphraim, Jr.27Jan1823112W2E half of NW qtr60.85
GOSSEphraim, Jr.2Aug1823112W2W half of NW qtr60.85
GOSSEphriam17Jan1833111W19E half of NE qtr80
GOSSEphriam19Mar1833111W19NW qtr fr47.50
GOSSJohn3Sep1849121W26NW qtr of SE qtr40
GOSSSarah7Jan1851112W2SE qtr of SW qtr40
GOWNGScott20Jan1823112W3E half of NW qtr61.72
GRAHAMJohn A.28Mar183612135SW qtr of NW qtr40
GRAHAMJohn J.8Feb183711135SE qtr of SW qtr40
GRAHAMJohn J.8Jan184011230W half of NW qtr64.84
GRAHAMJohn J.10Mar185311135SW qtr of SW qtr40
GRANTRobert1Sep183111225E half of SE qtr80
GRAVESJohn5Sep182012135W half of SE qtr80
GRAVESJohn5Sep182012135E half of SE qtr80
GRAVESJohn1Jul183712127SE qtr of NW qtr40
GRAVESJosiah8Feb1836132W18NE qtr of NW qtr36.02
GRAVESSophia13J183612135W half of NW (E) qtr40
GRAVESSophia13J183612135E half of NW (E) qtr80
GRAVESWilliam13Jan183512136NE qtr of SW qtr40
GRAYAllen15Mar18221113E half of NW qtr78.17
GRAYB.24Dec1835122W16E half320
GRAYDavid26Jan1847122W17SE qtr of NE qtr40
GRAYDavid W.9Feb1836122W17W half of NE qtr80
GRAYDavid W.1Apr1851122W9SE qtr of SE qtr40
GRAYHenry O.20Jun1849122W18W half of NE qtr, E half of N147.82
GRAYJohn4Sep18201114W half of NE qtr75.85
GRAYJohn4Sep18201114E half of NE qtr75.85
GRAYJohn4Sep18201114E half of SE qtr80
GRAYJohn28Feb18221119W half of NE qtr80
GRAYJohn28Nov18221113W half of NW qtr78.17
GRAYJohn18Mar1848122W2SE qtr of NW qtr42.18
GRAYLogan14Apr1837132W22SW qtr of SW qtr40
GRAYNathaniel30May1849121W23SW qtr of SW qtr40
GRAYSamuel1Jun1846111W33SW qtr of NE qtr40
GRAYWilliam15Mar182211112W half of NW qtr80
GREENJonathan7Jul183912235E half of SE qtr80
GREENThomas1Mar1852121W14SE qtr of SW qtr, SW qtr of S80
GREENWOODHenry B.5Dec18361221NW qtr of SW qtr40
GREENWOODHenry B.5Dec18361221E half of SE qtr70.87
GREENWOODHenry B.25Feb183713236SE qtr of SW qtr40
GREESONEli7Apr183713120NE qtr of SE qtr40
GREESONPeter30Dec183613128E half of NW qtr80
GREGORYB.21Jul183213216W half of NW qtr80
GREGORYBeverly26Jan182813113W half of SE qtr80
GREGORYBeverly12Nov183113217E half of NE qtr80
GREGORYElisha24Dec183013117W half of SW qtr80
GREGORYJesse4Dec183813120NE qtr of NE qtr40
GREGORYJesse17Jan184613129S half of SE qtr80
GREGORYJohn N.4Dec185113126SW qtr of NE qtr40
GREGORYLevi29Dec183413210SW qtr of SE qtr40
GREGORYThomas8May18271311E half of SE qtr80
GREGORYThomas15Feb182813229W half of SE qtr80
GREGORYThomas12Mar18311328E half of NW qtr80
GREGORYWm.28Jul183113218E half of NW qtr46.65
GREGORYWm. T.3Jun1845112W12W half of SW qtr80
GRESHAMColton15Feb18261328W half of SW qtr80
GREWJohn H.M.8Nov183612234NE qtr of NW qtr40
GRIFFITHJesse10Mar18471218NW qtr of SW qtr40
GRIFFITTHumphrey14May18361229SE qtr of NE qtr40
GRIFFITTHumphrey12Nov183612210SW qtr of SE qtr40
GRIGGSAbraham9Nov183313233NW qtr of NW qtr40
GRIGGSAbraham25Jul183513233SW qtr of NW qtr40
GRIGGSAlgernonne30Aug184313132NW qtr of SW qtr40
GRISHAMThomas7Feb182613110W half of SE qtr80
GRISHAMThomas29Oct183313115NE qtr of NW qtr40
GROFSJohn13Sep183111213W half of SW qtr80
GROFSJohn W.10Apr183711211SE qtr of SE qtr40
GROGRYWm.24Feb18231327W half of SE qtr80
GROSSAbraham17Jan183711223NW qtr of SW qtr40
GROSSIsaac28Jul183611223SW qtr of NW qtr40
GROSSIsaac14Feb183711223NW qtr of NW qtr40
GROSSCLOSEJacob19Sep18311221E half of SE qtr80
GROVESCatherine1Sep183711218E half of SW qtr63.18
GROVESSolomon22Dec183711218S half of NE qtr80
GROVESWindee11Sep1838142W33SW qtr of NE qtr40
GRUNTDavid5Jan1852121W28SW qtr of SW qtr40
GRUNTDavid4Feb1852121W29SE qtr of SE qtr40
GUMSWm.31Dec1834132W28NE qtr of SW qtr40
GUNHELLJohn4Nov18421218SW qtr of NE qtr40
GUNKELAdam3May183912117NW qtr of NE qtr40
GUNKELHenry13Jul184612117E half of NW qtr80
GUNKELJohn16Jun18521218SE qtr of NE qtr40
GUNKELJohn16Jun18521218NW qtr of NE qtr40
GURLEYRobert17Feb185211233W half of SW qtr80
GUTHRIDGEMilton R.10Mar184811120E half of NE qtr80
GUTHRIDGEMilton R.10Mar184811121W half of NW qtr80
GUYHezekiah15Feb1839112W15NW qtr of NE qtr40
GUYJames S.9Jan1849111W29SW qtr of SW qtr40
GUYWm.1Jan1836111W20W half of NE qtr81.43
GUYWm.15Jan1836111W20NE qtr fr of NE qtr fr35.18
GUYNNJames F.15Sep1848141W32E half of NW qtr80
GUYNNJesse C.22Feb1848141W29SW qtr of SE qtr40
GUYNNSamuel19Feb1846141W29E half of SE qtr80
GUYNNSamuel22Feb1848141W29NW qtr of SE qtr40
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HAASEAbsolem20Dec184511217SE qtr of SE qtr40
HAASEDaniel30Apr185011234SW qtr of SW qtr40
HAASEDavid3Feb183111220E half of SE qtr80
HAASEDavid18Mar18351126NE qtr of SE qtr40
HAASEDavid18Mar18351125NW qtr of SW qtr40
HAASEDavid20Dec183511228SE qtr of SE qtr80
HAASEDavid3Feb183711220E half of NE qtr80
HAASEDavid3Feb183711221W half of NW qtr80
HAASEDavid3Feb183711221W half fr80
HAASEDavid17Dec183811233W half of NE qtr80
HAASEHenry12Nov183112136E half of NE qtr80
HAASEHenry11Oct183412125SE qtr of SE qtr40
HAASEHenry3Feb183612136NE qtr of NW qtr40
HAASEIsaac22Nov184811220SW qtr of NE qtr40
HAASEJacob17Sep18331126E half of NW qtr54.07
HAASEJacob23Aug18361126E half of SW qtr60.50
HAASEJacob23Jan18451127SE qtr of SE qtr40
HAASEJacob6Sep184911217NE qtr of NW qtr40
HAASEJohn9Nov18361127N half of SE qtr80
HAASENoah18Aug185111220NW qtr of NE qtr40
HACKETTSamuel2Dec1836131W24W half of SE qtr80
HADLEYAlfred7Dec182314134E half of SW qtr80
HADLEYAlfred23Jul1833141W34W half of SW qtr80
HADLEYAlfred23Jul1833132W12W half of SW qtr80
HADLEYEdom R.22Nov1836142W33E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYEli2Oct182013111NW qtr160
HADLEYEli18Jul182114231NW qtr101.96
HADLEYEli5Oct182214125W half of SE qtr80
HADLEYEli15Nov18221312E half of NW qtr80
HADLEYEli11Jun1831131W13E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYEli6Aug1831131W13W half of SE qtr80
HADLEYElias9Jan182714134E half of SW qtr80
HADLEYElias2Mar18321317E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYElias17Oct18321318NW qtr of NW qtr40
HADLEYEnoch23Oct182314131S half fr164.50
HADLEYEnoch31May182614132W half of SW qtr80
HADLEYEnoch24Dec1830141W25E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYEnoch13Feb1837142W25NW qtr of SE qtr40
HADLEYGeorge30Apr18221313E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYGeorge9Jan182713117W half of NW qtr80
HADLEYGeorge9Aug1831141W35W half of SW qtr80
HADLEYGeorge25Aug1831141W34E half of SW qtr80
HADLEYGeorge20Oct1831141W34E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYGeorge20Oct1831141W33NW qtr160
HADLEYGeorge20Oct1831141W33SW qtr160
HADLEYGeorge15Oct1832141W34NW qtr of SE qtr40
HADLEYGeorge10Aug183313117E half of NW qtr80
HADLEYIsaac12Nov18241313E half of NE qtr84.07
HADLEYJacob7Dec18281313W half of NE qtr84.06
HADLEYJacob17Oct18321318NE qtr of NE qtr40
HADLEYJacob22Jun18331318SE half of NE qtr40
HADLEYJames2Oct18201312SE qtr160
HADLEYJames22Dec18231312W half of NW qtr78.72
HADLEYJames22Dec182313118W half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJames19Feb1824131W13E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJames B.3Nov1830141W25W half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJames B.3Nov1830141W25W half of NW qtr80
HADLEYJames B.25Aug183114129E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJames B.3Oct183113118NW qtr fr8.31
HADLEYJames B.28Jun1834141W33SE qtr160
HADLEYJason2Mar1848122W2NW qtr of SE qtr40
HADLEYJeremiah4Aug18231312W half of NW qtr80
HADLEYJeremiah12May182414132E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYJeremiah A.5Oct184913119NW qtr fr4.65
HADLEYJeremiah, Sr.22May18231314E half of NW qtr85.49
HADLEYJeremiah, Sr.22May18231314W half of NE qtr88.45
HADLEYJeremiah, Sr.22May182314128SE qtr160
HADLEYJeremiah, Sr.12Jan18241314W half of NW qtr85.49
HADLEYJeremiah, Sr.22May18331316NE qtr fr168.44
HADLEYJeremiah, Sr.22May14128SW qtr160
HADLEYJohn22May182313111E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJohn22Dec1823131W1E half of SW qtr80
HADLEYJohn22Dec1823131W12E half of NW qtr80
HADLEYJohn B.22May182314128SW qtr160
HADLEYJohn B.12Jun1824131W13W half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJohn B.12Jun1824131W13E half of NW qtr80
HADLEYJohn B.8Sep1834141W34W half of NW qtr80
HADLEYJohn B.23Dec1834141W33E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJohn B.8Jun1835141W27SW qtr of SW qtr40
HADLEYJoseph17Jul182113221SE qtr160
HADLEYJoseph22May182314134E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYJoseph18Nov182314134E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYJoshua12Jun1824131W12W half of SW qtr80
HADLEYJoshua12Aug182414133E half of NW qtr80
HADLEYJoshua16Jun1832131W13E half of SW qtr80
HADLEYJoshua25Aug1832131W2W half of NW qtr77.71
HADLEYJoshua24Oct1832131W23NE qtr of NE qtr40
HADLEYJoshua24Oct1832131W24NW qtr of NW qtr40
HADLEYJoshua2Jan1836131W24E half of NW qtr80
HADLEYNathan23Mar1837132W21W half of SW qtr80
HADLEYSimon20Oct182614130S qtr fr of N half83.10
HADLEYSimon20Oct182614130N qtr fr of S half82.99
HADLEYSimon20Oct182614129W half of NE qtr80
HADLEYSimon12Feb182714129E half of SW qtr80
HADLEYSimon21Jan1830141W25E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYSimon24Dec183014130N qtr fr of N half83.24
HADLEYSimon12Nov18331319NW qtr of SW qtr40
HADLEYSimon12Nov18331318E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYSimon21Sep18351318W half of SE qtr80
HADLEYSimon B.12Jun182414129NW qtr160
HADLEYThomas22Feb182113111W half of NE qtr80
HADLEYThomas4Jun18211311W half of SE qtr80
HADLEYThomas12Jul182113112E half of SW qtr80
HADLEYThomas12Jul182113112W half of SE qtr80
HADLEYThomas5Nov182214126W half of SW qtr80
HADLEYThomas28Jul182314127E half of NE qtr80
HADLEYThomas16Sep182514127W half of NE qtr80
HADLEYThomas30Jan1836131W23SE qtr of NE qtr40
HADLEYWilliam4Sep182314134E half of NW qtr80
HADLEYWm.30Mar1837142W36S half of SW qtr80
HADLEYWm. E.7Dec1836142W25E half of SE qtr80
HADLEYWm. M.20Jun1836131W23NW qtr of SE qtr40
HAGERChristian18Jul182113234W half of SE qtr80
HAGGARDJohn2Feb183612232E half of SW qtr80
HALESRichard15Aug183311113NW qtr of NW qtr40
HALLLevi30Jan183512233NW qtr of NE qtr40
HALLLevi22Jun183712233NE qtr of NW qtr40
HALLLuther G.22May183712122NE qtr of NE qtr40
HALLLuther G.22May183712123NW qtr of NW qtr40
HAMDENElisha20Jul18211224E half of NE qtr66.90
HAMILTONCharles D.24Sep185311136SE qtr of SW qtr40
HAMILTONFrancis2Dec1853111W36SE qtr of NE qtr40
HAMILTONFrancis2Dec1853111W36NE qtr of SE qtr40
HAMILTONFrancis6Jan1854111W36SW qtr of NE qtr40
HAMILTONHarriet A.10Feb183711223NE qtr of NW qtr40
HAMILTONHenry30Nov183511214SE qtr of NE qtr40
HAMILTONHenry30Sep183611223NW qtr of NE qtr40
HAMILTONJames30Jul183211227NW qtr of NW qtr40
HAMILTONJames30Jul183211227NE qtr of NW qtr40
HAMILTONJames26Feb184111222NW qtr of SE qtr40
HAMILTONJames K.14Oct1820111W1SW qtr160
HAMILTONJohn17Jul182113214W half of SE qtr80
HAMILTONJohn18Jul182113224NW qtr157.75
HAMILTONJohn27Oct182611224W half of SE qtr80
HAMILTONJohn18May183311222SW qtr of SE qtr40
HAMILTONJohn18May183311222SW qtr of SW qtr40
HAMILTONPerry3Feb184811222SW qtr of NE qtr40
HAMILTONRhoda E.3Feb184811222NW qtr of NE qtr40
HAMILTONRobert8May183911219NE qtr of NE qtr40
HAMILTONWm.12Feb184611222N half of NW qtr80
HAMILTONWm. W.14Feb183711229SW qtr of NW qtr40
HAMMONAbraham19Sep18261228W half of NE qtr80
HAMMONGeorge19Sep18261228W half of NE qtr59.90
HAMMONJerimiah19Sep18261228W half of NW qtr59.90
HAMMONJohn19Sep18261228W half of NW qtr59.90
HAMMONDJohn15Aug1836132W18W half of NW qtr72.04
HAMMONDPryor6Oct183212223NE qtr of NE qtr40
HAMMONDSPryer10Jul183312126NW qtr of SE qtr40
HAMMONSJacob19May18251228E half of NW qtr69
HAMMONSJames18Apr183412136NE qtr of SE qtr40
HAMMONSJesse24Sep1841131W25NE qtr of SE qtr40
HAMMONSJohn3Jul183212226NW qtr of SW qtr40
HAMMONSJohn8Oct183212136NW qtr of SE qtr40
HANCOCKHenry6Apr1839112W15SW qtr of NE qtr40
HANCOCKLewis T.18Mar1848121W17NE qtr of SE qtr40
HANKSJohn27May185111234SE qtr of SE qtr40
HARDWICKWilliam2Jun184513126SW qtr of NW qtr40
HARDWICKWilliam9Oct184913127SE qtr of NE qtr40
HARKERLucy2Jul1836131W33NW qtr of NE qtr40
HARLANJohn S.18Dec1837122W25S half of SE qtr80
HARPERBillips21Oct183412210NW qtr of NE qtr40
HARPERBolland11Sep183312210SE qtr of NE qtr40
HARPERBranson22Oct1851131W34SW qtr of NW qtr40
HARPERHenry9Oct183412211SE qtr of NW qtr40
HARPERJacob22Jul1836142W25SW qtr160
HARPERSamuel13Aug18331318SE qtr of SW qtr40
HARPERSamuel9Oct1837131W33SW qtr of NE qtr40
HARPERSamuel23Jun1847131W34NW qtr of SW qtr40
HARRISJohn26Aug1836111W2SW qtr of NW qtr35.69
HARRISONElisha17Mar1828132W17W half of NW qtr80
HARRISONJohn18Nov1845141W30SE qtr of NE qtr, NE qtr of N40
HARRISONThomas18Nov1845141W31NW qtr of NE qtr40
HARRISONWilliam Henry30Oct1833131W22E half of SW qtr80
HARRISONWilliam Henry22Aug1836121W2E half of SE qtr80
HARRISONWilliam Henry10Oct1836121W2NE qtr of NE qtr42.58
HARRISONWilliam Henry16Aug1849121W12NE qtr of NE qtr40
HARRISONWilliam Henry16Aug1849121W1SE qtr of SW qtr40
HARRISONWilliam Henry16Aug1849121W1S half of SE qtr80
HARRISONWilliam Henry25Oct1852121W1SE qtr of NE qtr44.30
HARRYMANElijah18Feb18301119E half of NE qtr80
HARRYMANJacob7Aug184411122SE qtr of NE qtr40
HARRYMANJacob26Aug184711122NE qtr of SE qtr40
HARTWELLGeorge H.25Jan18361223W half of SE qtr80
HARVEYElizabeth19Oct1835142W36NW qtr160
HARVEYRobert1Feb183713123SE qtr of NE qtr40
HARVEYWilliam30Nov183013111W half of SE qtr80
HARVEYWilliam25Oct183513120NW qtr of NE qtr40
HARVEYWm.24Oct1835131W25E half of NE qtr80
HARVEYWm.24Oct1835131W25NW qtr of NE qtr40
HASLEETTobias24Feb1847132W35SE qtr of SW qtr40
HASTINGSJob20Mar183212115W half of SW qtr80
HASTINGSJob30Jan183612115NE qtr of SW qtr40
HASTINGSJob18Jul183612121NE qtr of NE qtr40
HASTINGSJohn19Feb184612129W half of SW qtr80
HASTINGSReese19Feb184612129W half of SW qtr80
HASTINGSWm. & Hugh1Aug18321118SW qtr160
HATLEYWilliam1Jan183611126SW qtr of NE qtr40
HATLEYWilliam17Sep183811126NW qtr of SW qtr40
HATLEYWilliam1Dec185111127SE qtr of SE qtr40
HAUNNUCCKGeorge30Mar185013120SW qtr of SE qtr40
HAYDENElizabeth19Sep183611125NW qtr of NW qtr40
HAYDENGeorge23Nov1849132W22SW qtr of NE qtr, NE qtr of N80
HAYDOCKZena21Oct1837131W16E half of NE qtr80
HAYSWm. F.14Aug1846122W6NE qtr of SW qtr33.73
HAYSWm. F.21Dec1850122W6NW qtr of SW qtr33.73
HAYWARDBenjamin10Apr1848122W36NW qtr of SE qtr40
HAYWARDJohn B.31Jul1848121W23SW qtr of SE qtr40
HAYWOODBenjamin2Dec1846122W36NE qtr of SW qtr40
HAYWOODJohn B.20Mar1847122W3SW qtr of SW qtr40
HAZELETTGeorge18Apr183113235E half of NE qtr80
HAZELWOODDaniel27Nov1832141W28SE qtr of NE qtr40
HAZLETTSamuel13Mar1852121W20W half of SE qtr80
HEADRICKHenry1Jun1831122W24E half of SE qtr80
HEADRICKHenry5Dec1835122W24NW qtr of SE qtr40
HEATHERWm.27Jun183312235SE qtr of SW qtr40
HEAVENSWm., Jr.20Jun1829142W30W half of SE qtr80
HEAVENSWm., Jr.6Jan1830142W29W half of NE qtr80
HEAVENSWm., Jr.13Mar1832142W29E half of NE qtr80
HEAVENSWm., Jr.1Jul1833142W29E half of SW qtr80
HECKLINCharles15Sep18281329E half of SE qtr80
HEDRICKDavid18Apr1840121W19NE qtr of SE qtr40
HEDRICKHenry28May1828121W19W half of SW qtr61.06
HEDRICKHenry1Jun1831121W19E half of SW qtr61.06
HEDRICKHenry6Oct1847121W18NE qtr of SE qtr40
HEFSChristian1Jul18371122W half of NW qtr69.13
HEFSEWm.17Oct18371122W half of NE qtr67.58
HEISNERAnna M.27Jun18371123NE qtr of SE qtr40
HEISNERAnna M.27Jun18371122NW qtr of SW qtr40
HELTONFrancis12Apr183411221SE qtr of SW qtr40
HELTONFrancis14Feb183711229NE qtr of NW qtr40
HELTONW.M.9Mar184711229SE qtr of NW qtr40
HELTONWallace W.4Feb183611230NE qtr of SE qtr40
HELTONWallace W.12Jul184911219NE qtr of SE qtr40
HEMPHILLJames K.9Dec183311227E half of NE qtr80
HENDERSONAnn10Nov183612229SW qtr of NE qtr40
HENDERSONAnn10Nov183612232SE qtr of NE qtr40
HENDERSONEbenezer8Nov183112231E half of NE qtr80
HENDERSONEbenezer27Dec183212230SE qtr of SE qtr40
HENDERSONEbenezer6Apr183312232NW qtr of NW qtr40
HENDERSONEbenezer5Mar183612228W half of SW qtr80
HENDERSONEbenezer10Nov183612233W half of NW qtr80
HENDERSONEbenezer17Mar186812112Plumb Island S qtr of SW qtr30
HENDERSONJames C.25Nov183112230E half of SW qtr55.90
HENDERSONJames C.29Oct183212124NE qtr of SE qtr40
HENDERSONJames C.28Jan183612231W half of SE qtr80
HENDERSONJames C.28Jan183612231SW qtr118
HENDERSONJames C.12Mar18731227Island In NE qtr18.85
HENDERSONJames Connell15Jan183312124E half of NE qtr80
HENDERSONJames Connell6Oct183512124SW qtr of NE qtr40
HENDERSONJames Connell21Jan183612124NW qtr of NE qtr40
HENDERSONThomas11Sep183414233SE qtr of SW qtr40
HENDRICJohn20Mar1832132W8W half of NW qtr80
HENDRICKSAmbrose16Jan1836111W7NW qtr of NE qtr, SW qtr of N80
HENDRICKSIsaac15Mar1830131W21W half of NW qtr80
HENSHAWJoseph17Jul18211321W half of NW qtr75.40
HENSHAWJoseph17Jul18211321E half of NW qtr75.40
HENSLEYBenjamin2Feb183612213E half of NW qtr80
HENSLEYGeorge W.30Mar1847111W22NW qtr of SE qtr40
HEPECharles L.23Jun183712234NE qtr of SW qtr40
HERNDONElisha16Jul1121W half of SW qtr80
HERRIMANWm.17Jan182411226SW qtr of SW qtr40
HESSGeorge13Aug183712234SE qtr of NE qtr40
HESSWm.23Jun183712234NW qtr of SE qtr40
HESSEGeorge23May183812235SW qtr of NW qtr40
HESTERCraven P.16Mar1832111W15E half of NE qtr80
HESTERCraven P.15Apr1833111W15NW qtr of NE qtr40
HEVINMary19Mar1831142W30W half of SW qtr70
HEVINMary13Mar1832142W30E half of SW qtr70
HIATTWm.24Oct1834142W31W half of NE qtr, E half of N170
HIBBSElizabeth1Dec1835132W19NE qtr of NE qtr40
HIBBSElizabeth1Dec1835132W20NW qtr of NW qtr40
HIBBSMahlon28Oct1839132W5SE qtr of SW qtr40
HICKINGSFrancis1Feb1837142W25SE qtr of NE qtr40
HICKMANJames T.19Aug183311213SE qtr of NW qtr40
HICKMANJames T.13Jul183611223SW qtr of NE qtr40
HICKSWashington W.11May184411136SE qtr of NE qtr40
HICKSONMilton26Dec183511210NE qtr of NW qtr40
HIGHNOTAshel7Jun1848112W10NE qtr of SW qtr40
HILLDempson13Aug1832132W5W half of SE qtr80
HILLJames M.2Dec185311127SW qtr of SE qtr40
HILLJames M.2Dec185311134SE qtr of SE qtr40
HILLJames M.2Dec185311134NE qtr of NE qtr40
HILLBURNElias9Feb183412113SW qtr of SW qtr40
HILLBURNElias23Sep183412124NW qtr of NW qtr40
HILLBURNWm.5Sep183612220SW qtr of SW qtr40
HILLISJoseph W.5Dec1857121W9NE qtr of NE qtr40
HILTONFrancis22Oct18321127W half of SW qtr61.30
HILTONFrancis8Jan183611218W half of NW qtr62
HINEDavid21Jan18501128SE qtr of NW qtr40
HINEHenry9May18451128SW qtr of NW qtr40
HINEPhilip, Jr.20Mar18441128NE qtr of NW qtr40
HINKLEWm.28Feb1830131W19E half SW qtr, NW qtr & NE fr6.67
HINKLEWm.28Feb1850131W19W half of NE qtr80
HINKLEWm.28Feb1850131W19SW qtr of NW qtr28.89
HINKLEWm.28Feb1850131W19E half of NW qtr57.80
HINSHAWAbigail29Oct1835131W24W half of SW qtr80
HINSHAWBenjamin25Aug1832141W35NW qtr160
HINSHAWEzra13Nov1835142W26SE qtr of NW qtr, NE qtr of N80
HINSHAWEzra13Nov1835142W26W half of NE qtr80
HINSHAWEzra5Jun1837132W2SW qtr160
HINSHAWEzra28Jun1837132W7NW qtr145.84
HINSHAWIram31May1837131W35SW qtr of NE qtr40
HINSHAWIram30May1838131W35SE qtr of NW qtr40
HINSHAWIsaiah6Nov182414134W half of NW qtr80
HIXHenry9Jun184611136NW qtr of SE qtr40
HOBBSElisha18Nov182314127E half of NW qtr80
HOBBSHeney H.24Oct182113111W half of SW qtr80
HOBSONIsaac22Jan18311314W half of SW qtr80
HOBSONJoseph23Jun182314128NW qtr160
HOBSONNathan R.4Oct184513115NW qtr of SE qtr40
HOBSONNathan R.2Dec185313123NW qtr of SE qtr
HOBSONRebecca3Oct183413115NE qtr of SW qtr40
HODGERussell19Nov1849132W4SW qtr of NW qtr40
HODGESEphraim11Jun1845112W12SW qtr of SE qtr37.90
HODGESEphraim18Nov1845112W12SE qtr of SW qtr40
HODGESJohn16Jul18211226E half of SW qtr47.36
HODGESJohn16Jul18211226E half of NE qtr66.06
HODGESJohn16Jul18211225W half of SW qtr72.92
HODGESJohn16Jul18211226W half of SE qtr80
HODGESJohn, Jr.17Feb1834111W28NE qtr of SW qtr40
HODGESJohn, Jr.26Jan1849111W28SE qtr of SW qtr40
HODGESJohn, Sr.22Mar1836111W27NW qtr of SW qtr40
HODGESLucy27Aug1836111W28N half of SE qtr80
HODGESPhilip4Sep18201112E half of NE qtr75.79
HODGESPhilip4Sep18201111W half of NW qtr75.66
HODGESPhilip30Jul1821112W14E half of SE qtr80
HODGESPhilip8Aug1821112W14W half of SE qtr80
HODGESPhilip13Jan1824112W3E half of SE qtr80
HODGESPhilip16Dec1830112W13W half of NE qtr75.55
HODGESPhilip27Jun1831112W11W half of NW qtr80
HODGESPhilip30Dec1834112W24E qtr fr of SW qtr63.70
HODGESPhilip30Dec1834112W24W qtr fr of SW qtr61.70
HODGESPhilip8Jun1839112W10NE qtr of NE qtr40
HODGESPhilip8Jun1839112W11NW qtr of SW qtr40
HODGESPhilip8Feb1844112W25N qtr fr (NWR)20.98
HODGESPhilip22May1844112W14NE qtr of NW qtr40
HODGESPhilip11Jun1845112W10SE qtr of NE qtr40
HODGESThomas8Nov1820111W28W half of NE qtr80
HODGESThomas8Nov1820111W28E half of NW qtr80
HODGESThomas8Aug1821111W28W half of NW qtr80
HOFFAbraham7Dec183512229NE qtr of NE qtr40
HOFFAbraham6Apr183612229NW qtr of NE qtr40
HOLBROOKChester21Oct18201115W half of SW qtr80
HOLBROOKChester4Nov18201115E half of SW qtr80
HOLEMANAaron21Aug182412226SE qtr of SW qtr40
HOLEMANAaron21Mar183712228SE qtr of SW qtr40
HOLEMANWm.15Oct183312228NE qtr of SW qtr40
HOLLANDJohn31Dec182913110E half of SW qtr80
HOLLANDJohn26Mar183613115SW qtr of SW qtr40
HOLLANDSWORTHIsaac25Oct182011118E half of N half Fr78.42
HOLLANDSWORTHJames31Oct183611117SW qtr of SE qtr40
HOLLANDSWORTHWilliam26May183611126SW qtr of NW qtr40
HOLLENSBEEJohn F.6Jan1854121W28SE qtr of NE qtr40
HOLLEREda9Jan1849111W31NE qtr of NE qtr40
HOLLINDSWORTHJames28Dec183611120NW qtr of NE qtr40
HOLLINGSBADJames10Nov18511128SW qtr of SW qtr40
HOLLINSWORTHRussell15Aug1836132W10NW qtr of NE qtr40
HOLMESJacob16Aug1830142W28E half of SW qtr80
HOOKEREdman M.B.6Jan1854111W33SE qtr of SW qtr40
HOOKERJames15Oct183712215NE qtr of NE qtr40
HOOPSDaniel17Oct1839132W30SE qtr160
HOPEWm, Sr.1Sep183712234SW qtr of SE qtr40
HORNELLJohn2Feb183612213NW qtr of NE qtr40
HORNERMary16Oct1835132W4SE qtr of NE qtr32.81
HORNERSamuel16Oct1835132W3NW qtr of SW qtr, SW qtr of N80
HORNERSamuel16Nov1835132W4E half of SE qtr80
HOSTETTERJonathan12Aug182611226E half of NW qtr80
HOUGHAustin24May1839132W11W half of NW qtr80
HOUGHAMIsaac20Nov1827131W14W half of SW qtr80
HOUGHAMIsaac20Nov1827131W14W half of NE qtr80
HOUGHAMMoses5Feb182813118E half of NE qtr80
HOUGHAMMoses2Nov1831131W23E half of NW qtr80
HOVIASWm.21Oct1850111W35NW qtr of NE qtr40
HOWDavid W.24Jun183613212E half of N half of SE qtr47.74
HOWARDHenry29Aug1850121W34NW qtr of SE qtr40
HOWARDHenry29Dec1853121W34NE qtr of NW qtr40
HOWELLMiller26Apr1837132W22SE qtr of NW qtr40
HOWELLPhilerson21Jun1837112W11SE qtr of SW qtr40
HOWELLStephen4Apr183611210NE qtr of SW qtr40
HOWELLWm.23Jan183711210SW qtr of NW qtr40
HOWELLWm.4Jan18371123SW qtr of SW qtr40
HOWELLWm.28Feb18511128SW qtr of SE qtr40
HUBBARDElias H.1Oct183613119SW qtr of NE qtr40
HUBBARDGeorge9Jun1834131W2SE qtr of SE qtr40
HUBBARDGeorge9Jan1836131W2NE qtr of SE qtr40
HUBBARDJohn S.1Jan1835131W3NE qtr of SW qtr40
HUBBARDJohn S.22Sep183613118SE qtr of SE qtr40
HUBBARDWm. B.24Oct1833131W8E half of NE qtr80
HUDIBURGHSamuel21Jun183611235NE qtr of NW qtr40
HUDIBURGHThomas26Dec182811227E half of SE qtr80
HUDIBURGHThomas27Dec182811226E half of SW qtr80
HUDSONJames27Aug1851121W11SE qtr of NE qtr40
HUDSONJohn15Jan1836121W13NE qtr of SW qtr40
HUDSONJohn30Sep1837121W13SE qtr of NW qtr40
HUDSONJohn29May1852121W14NE qtr of NE qtr40
HUFFMANBenjamin4Sep18201112W half of SE qtr80
HUFFMANBenjamin4Sep18201112E half of SE qtr80
HUFFMANBenjamin17Nov1126W half of SW qtr60.50
HUFFMANBenjamin M.28Oct184511219NW qtr of SE qtr40
HUFFMANConrad28Jul184112235NW qtr of NW qtr40
HUFFMANIsaac D.13Feb183711123NE qtr of NE qtr40
HUFFMANJonathan1Nov182811113W half of SW qtr80
HUFFMANJonathan18Feb183711219E half of SW qtr64.42
HUFMANJonathan27Jul18241228W half of SE qtr80
HUGHESJohn17Sep184512224NW qtr of NE qtr40
HUGHESNixon27Sep182812228E half of SE qtr80
HUGHESWm.9Oct183212230NW qtr of NE qtr40
HULBERTJesse24Jun183613136NW qtr of NW qtr40
HULENJoana3Oct184511232NE qtr of SE qtr40
HULENWm.6Jan183711229SE qtr of SW qtr40
HULENWm.6Jan183711228SE qtr of SW qtr40
HULENWm.6Feb184711232NW qtr of SE qtr40
HULSEThomas M.9Dec1835132W10W half of NW qtr80
HULSEThomas M.8Nov1836132W10NE qtr of NW qtr40
HUNTJabez30Nov183613114NE qtr of SW qtr40
HUNTERJohn18Oct18261228Fr of NW qtr17.05
HUNTERJohn6Aug183813232Fr SE qtr8.54
HUNTERJohn18Oct18381225Fr of SW qtr2.40
HUNTERJohn8Oct18381226Fr of SE qtr3.20
HUNTERJohn15Oct183813222Fr of SE qtr27.57
HURSTGeorge22Jul1836132W6W half of SW qtr72.82
HURSTJackson31Dec1838132W19E half of SW qtr, NW qtr of S106.26
HURSTJames7Oct183312124SW qtr of NW qtr40
HURSTJesse6Nov1832142W31SW qtr of SW qtr35
HUTCHESONWilliam F.9May18371216NE qtr of N half31.36
HUTCHINGSBushrod1Feb1837142W36E half of NE qtr80
HUTCHINSFrancis1Feb1837141W30W half of NW qtr54.13
HYNDSJohn24Jan1837111W3NW qtr of NE qtr34.84
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IDINGSDavid26Oct1835132W20NE qtr of NE qtr40
IDINGSDavid25Jul1836132W17SE qtr of SE qtr40
INGLESThomas18Jul182113226NW qtr160
INGLESThomas13Aug182113225NW qtr160
INGLESThomas7Aug182113226NE qtr160
IRONSEdward20Aug182112218W half of SE qtr80
IRONSEdward20Aug18211228E half of NE qtr80
IRONSThomas16Jul18211224W half of SW qtr80
ISENHOWEREmanuel7Mar1833111W22N qtr fr93.92
ISENHOWEREmanuel7Mar1833111W15SE qtr of SE qtr40
ISENHOWEREmanuel8Jan1852121W34SW qtr of NW qtr40
ISENHOWEREmanuel25Mar1852121W34NW qtr of NW qtr40
ISENHOWEREmanuel6Dec1852111W22SE qtr of SE qtr40
ISENHOWEREmanuel2Dec1853121W33NE qtr of SE qtr40
ISENHOWEREmanuel2Dec1853121W33NE qtr of NE qtr40
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JACKSONAlfred28Sep18301326W half of SE qtr80
JACKSONAndrew5Nov1836132W10NW qtr of SW qtr40
JACKSONEdward26Nov1832142W32E half of NE qtr80
JACKSONEdward3Dec1832142W32SW qtr of NE qtr40
JACKSONEdward9Dec1833142W28SW qtr of NW qtr40
JACKSONElizabeth1Jul1833142W29E half of SE qtr80
JACKSONIzrael29Aug1851141W32NE qtr of SW qtr40
JACKSONJames30Jul183612127SE qtr of NE qtr40
JACKSONMicajah6Jun183612115SW qtr of NE qtr40
JACKSONSamuel10Sep1851131W5SE qtr of NE qtr37.50
JACKSONWilliam C.3Aug184813131NW qtr of S half39.78
JAYLuther4Mar1847121W12SE qtr of NE qtr40
JENKINSJordan3Dec184213128NW qtr of NE qtr40
JENKINSThomas5Sep18201115W half of NE qtr79.60
JENKINSThomas5Sep18201115E half of NE qtr79.60
JENKINSThomas5Sep182012132E half of SE qtr80
JENKINSThomas5Sep182012132W half of SE qtr80
JENKINSThomas12Jul1825112W34SW qtr of NE qtr42.85
JESSUPJacob6Nov182214136E half of NW qtr80
JESSUPLevi17Nov1835142W36SW qtr of NE qtr40
JESSUPTimothy H.3May1824131W12E half of SW qtr80
JOHNSJacob2Mar1824122W34SE qtr160
JOHNSJacob22Aug1831121W20E half of NE qtr80
JOHNSWm.5Nov1824122W26E half of NW qtr80
JOHNSWm.19Dec1825122W26W half of NW qtr80
JOHNSWm.29Nov1834122W23S half of SW qtr80
JOHNSWm.1Jan1836122W23NE qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSWm.2Feb1839122W23NW qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONAshley21Dec1831131W1E half of NW qtr79.83
JOHNSONBrooks S.14May1834131W6W half of SW qtr58.58
JOHNSONElijah28May1834131W7SW qtr fr116.90
JOHNSONGideon31Dec1825131W11SE qtr160
JOHNSONGideon28Aug1830131W2W half of SE qtr80
JOHNSONHezekiah12Oct1831131W1W half of SW qtr80
JOHNSONHezekiah29Nov1832131W6NW qtr of NE qtr38.23
JOHNSONHezekiah14May1834131W6SE qtr of NE qtr38.23
JOHNSONHezekiah31Jul1834131W6E half of SW qtr58.58
JOHNSONJames3Sep1830112W24W half of NW qtr80
JOHNSONJames3Sep183213216E half of NW qtr80
JOHNSONJames5Oct1833112W13SW qtr of NW qtr40
JOHNSONJesse15Dec1827131W13W half of NW qtr80
JOHNSONJesse14Dec1838132W9E half of SE qtr80
JOHNSONJesse B.6Aug1831131W4W half of NE qtr78.25
JOHNSONJesse B.12Jun1832131W4E half of NE qtr78.25
JOHNSONJob15Dec1827131W13W half of SW qtr80
JOHNSONJohn27Dec182813111E half of SW qtr80
JOHNSONJohn17Jun182914134W half of NE qtr80
JOHNSONJohn7Sep1832131W32W half of SW qtr80
JOHNSONJohn29Nov1832131W5SW qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONJohn29Nov1832131W6SE qtr of SE qtr40
JOHNSONJohn7Jun1837112W13SE qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONJohn26Nov184411220SW qtr of SE qtr40
JOHNSONJohn15Feb184711220NW qtr of SE qtr40
JOHNSONJohn A.8Jun183612212SW qtr of SE qtr40
JOHNSONJoseph21Sep183212228SE qtr of NW qtr40
JOHNSONJoseph2Dec1852121W15NW qtr of NW qtr40
JOHNSONJoseph2Dec1852121W15SW qtr of NW qtr40
JOHNSONJoseph2Dec1853121W11SW qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONJoseph2Dec1853121W14NW qtr of NW qtr40
JOHNSONLawrence A.2Feb1848121W1NE qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONLawrence A.2Feb1848121W1NW qtr of SE qtr40
JOHNSONMorgan B.28May1834132W12E half of SE qtr80
JOHNSONMyram12Aug1851121W1NW qtr of NE qtr42.15
JOHNSONNicolas26Jun183213118SW qtr fr5.67
JOHNSONNicolas12Jun183213119NW qtr of NE qtr40
JOHNSONPersley15Feb1836111W33SE qtr of SE qtr40
JOHNSONPersley5Jan1837111W33NW qtr of SE qtr40
JOHNSONPersley13Dec1847111W34SW qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONSally11Dec1852121W28NE qtr of NE qtr40
JOHNSONThomas A.11Jun1832131W2SE qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONThomas A.6Oct1833131W11NE qtr of NW qtr40
JOHNSONWilliam12Mar183613125SW qtr of SW qtr40
JOHNSONWm.21Oct1823131W1NE qtr161.48
JOHNSONWm.21Oct1823131W1W half of SE qtr80
JOHNSONWm.2Mar1832131W11W half of SW qtr80
JOHNSTONJohn S.16Jan1836111W7SW qtr of SE qtr40
JONESAndrew21Aug183712127N half of NW qtr80
JONESAndrew21Aug183712122NE qtr of SE qtr40
JONESEli21Aug183712127W half of NE qtr80
JONESJohn30May18311219N qtr fr of SE qtr92.58
JONESJohn3Oct1831131W14E half of NE qtr80
JONESJohn3Oct1832131W18E half of SE qtr80
JONESJohn K.6Feb18361219SW qtr of NW qtr40
JONESJohn R.10Apr18371214NE qtr of NW qtr33.91
JONESJohn R.13Apr18371214SE qtr of NW qtr33.91
JONESJohn W.21Sep1846122W12NW qtr of SE qtr40
JONESJonathan1Oct183211113NW qtr of NE qtr40
JONESLevi12Jun185211232SE qtr of SE qtr40
JONESMoses16May183612233E half of NE qtr80
JONESRobert18Jun183611113SE qtr of NW qtr40
JONESRobert31Oct183611113NE qtr of NW qtr40
JONESRobert17Mar185011113SE half of NE qtr40
JONESSamuel18Jul18211327W half of NE qtr80
JONESSamuel17Jul18211327NW qtr93.22
JONESSamuel2Nov1826141W25E half of SW qtr80
JONESSamuel21Feb1831141W26E half of SE qtr80
JONESThomas28May182713124E half of NE qtr80
JONESThomas24Jul183013113E half of SE qtr80
JONESThomas10Nov1851121W28NE qtr of SW qtr40
JONESWiley17Dec1851121W28NW qtr of SE qtr40
JONESWilliam6Feb18361214NW qtr of NW qtr33.91
JONESWm.11Feb182313219W half of NW qtr48.03
JOURDANJackson1Nov1836121W3SW qtr of SW qtr40
JULIANBohan M.12Dec184213129N half of SW qtr80
JULIANBohan M.12Dec184213129NE qtr of NE qtr40
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KAHEEGeorge6Jan1854121W10SW qtr of NE qtr40
KAHLEGeorge6Jan1854121W9SW qtr of SW qtr40
KAHLEGeorge6Jan1854121W3NW qtr of SE qtr40
KAHLEGeorge6Jan1854121W3SE qtr of NE qtr40.22
KAHLEGeorge6Jan1854121W1SW qtr of NE qtr42.15
KANATSEYSampson23Dec182611224W half of NE qtr80
KARRJames A.5Jul183011130W half of N half fr77.33
KEELINGWm.26Jan183712222SE qtr of SE qtr40
KEGLEYJonathan11Jun1836112W34Lot #3 fr of SW qtr40.40
KEGLEYJonathan12Jan1846112W34Lot #4 fr of SW qtr40.40
KELLUMChristopher21Dec182814125E half of NW qtr80
KELLUMJohn19May184513123NE qtr of NW qtr40
KELLYTimothy22Dec18381124NW qtr128.58
KELSOAlexander B.9Dec183311226NW qtr of SE qtr40
KELSOCharles B.24Jul183311227SW qtr of SE qtr40
KELSOJames12Mar183411234NE qtr of NE qtr40
KELSOJames25Aug183511229NW qtr of NW qtr40
KELSOJohn19Jan183611227NW qtr of SE qtr40
KEMPChristian17Dec184511232SW qtr of SE qtr40
KEMPJames21Sep183611229NW qtr of SE qtr40
KEMPJohn21Feb18341125NE qtr of SW qtr40
KEMPJohn26Mar183611233NE qtr of NW qtr40
KEMPJohn19Feb185111233NE qtr of SW qtr40
KEMPSamuel15Jan183311210NE qtr of NW qtr40
KEMPSamuel17Sep183411210SE qtr of NW qtr40
KEMPWaburn31Dec183511229NE qtr of SW qtr40
KEMPWm.31Dec183511228SW qtr of SW qtr40
KEMPWm.21Sep183611229NW qtr of SW qtr40
KEMPWm.17Apr183711233SE qtr of NW qtr40
KEMPWm.6Mar184711232NE qtr of NW qtr40
KEMPWm.24Jul184711232SE qtr of NW qtr40
KEMPWm.16Mar184911232NE qtr of SW qtr40
KEMPWm.18Feb185211231NE qtr of SE qtr40
KEMPWm.18Feb185211232SW qtr of NW qtr& NW qtr of S80
KEMPERPeter F.21Aug183512211N half of NW qtr80
KENDELLJames G.5Mar182914125W half of NE qtr80
KENNEDYJohn13Nov1820111W10E half of SE qtr80
KENNEDYJohn13Nov1820111W10W half of SE qtr80
KENNEDYJohn4Nov1822111W2E half of SW qtr80
KENNEDYLuke16Jun1851111W4E half of NW qtr64.01
KENSLOWPage28Apr1836111W26E half of NW qtr80
KENSLOWPage28Apr1836111W26NW qtr of NE qtr40
KENSLOWPage28Apr1836111W23N qtr fr of NE qtr36.28
KENTElizabeth27Feb18371123SE qtr of SE qtr40
KENTElizabeth22Apr18371123SW qtr of SE qtr40
KENTIsaac26Sep183211112SE qtr of SE qtr40
KENTIsaac15Jan183611112NE qtr of SE qtr40
KENTIsaac3Mar183711113NE qtr of NE qtr40
KENTJohn28Dec185011218NW qtr of SW qtr fr31.58
KENTJoseph21Oct183611211NW qtr of NW qtr40
KENTWilliam17Oct183211113SW qtr of NW qtr40
KENTWm.10Feb18341122SE qtr of SE qtr40
KENWORTHYIsaac14Jun1849121W2E half of SW qtr80
KENWORTHYIsaac23Jun1849121W24NE qtr of NE qtr40
KENWORTHYIsaac14Jun1849121W13E half of SE qtr80
KEPHARTHenry15May183311212SE qtr of NE qtr40
KEPHARTHenry15May183311212E half of SE qtr80
KEPHARTHenry4Mar183411212NE qtr of NE qtr40
KEPHARTSamuel2Mar183711211E half of NW qtr80
KEPLEYJacob24Nov1851121W10SE qtr of NW qtr40
KETCHEMCharles21Feb18221327E half of SE qtr80
KIMBERLENOliviah31Jan18271317W half of NE qtr80
KINGGeorge4Mar18371121SW qtr of SE qtr40
KINGIsaac A.8Nov1852121W11E half of NW qtr80
KINGJacob10Nov183112219W half of NW qtr55.58
KINGJohn16Mar18351327W half of SW qtr46.53
KINGJohn10Aug183513218W half of NW qtr46.55
KINGPeter6Dec182312218E half of SE qtr80
KINGPeter7Nov183212219NE qtr of NE qtr40
KINGSilas9Jan183212220E half of NW qtr80
KINGVan R.8Apr18501216S qtr fr of S half70.80
KINGVan Resellar8Mar1831131W31E half of SE qtr80
KINGVan Resellar30Oct1833131W22E half of SW qtr80
KINGVan Resellar22Aug1836121W2E half of SE qtr80
KINGVan Resellar10Oct1836121W2NE qtr of NE qtr42.58
KINGVan Resellar16Aug1849121W12NE qtr of NE qtr40
KINGVan Resellar16Aug1849121W1SE qtr of SW qtr40
KINGVan Resellar16Aug1849121W1S half of SE qtr80
KINGVan Resellar25Oct1852121W1SE qtr of NE qtr44.30
KINGW.H.H.28Sep184613133NW qtr of SW qtr40
KINGWm.15Apr183012217W half of NW qtr80
KINGSBURYWilliam8Feb184411124NE qtr of SE qtr40
KINKHAMRobert2Mar1846131W36NW qtr of SE qtr40
KINKHAMRobert10Oct1846131W36SW qtr of SE qtr40
KINKHAMRobert29Jan1849131W36SE qtr of SE qtr40
KINLEYGeorge M.29Dec183512126SW qtr of SE qtr40
KINLEYJohn18Jun18381128NE qtr160
KINLEYJohn18Jun18381128NW qtr of SE qtr40
KINLEYJohn12Jan18481129NE qtr of SW qtr40
KINLEYThomas25Apr18391129S half of SW qtr80
KINLEYThomas22Nov18451129NW qtr of SW qtr40
KINNEYGeorge15Apr18311326E half of SE qtr80
KIPHARTAbraham16Jun18361121SE qtr of SE qtr40
KIPHARTGeorge19Jul18471124NE qtr of SW qtr40
KIRBYJames15Jan1836111W21Lot # 1 & 2 of Sub Div65.58
KIRBYRobert1Aug1853111W33NW qtr of SW qtr40
KIRKWm. R.10Mar1836142W34SE qtr of SE qtr40
KIRKWm. R.10Nov1836142W35SW qtr of SW qtr40
KIRKENDOLLDavid30Dec183713132SW qtr of NE qtr40
KIRKHAMJohn22May1848121W9NW qtr of NW qtr40
KIRKHAMMichael10Oct1846131W35NE qtr of NW qtr40
KIRKHAMRobert3Aug1852131W36E half of SW qtr80
KISLINGJacob2Sep183113225W half of NE qtr80
KITCHENCharles22Sep182713228W half of NE qtr80
KITCHENCharles4Jul182813228E half of NW qtr80
KITCHENCharles1Dec183413228NW qtr of SE qtr40
KIVETTAaron11Oct1837121W4NW qtr of NW qtr42.15
KIVETTAaron11Oct1837131W33SW qtr of SW qtr40
KIVETTAlfred13Jan1838131W32NW qtr of SE qtr40
KIVETTAlfred9Jan1840131W32SE qtr of SE qtr40
KIVETTJames22Feb183713117E half of NE qtr80
KIVETTJoel24Oct1838131W34SW qtr of NE qtr40
KIVETTJoel24Oct1838131W34SE half of NW qtr80
KIVETTJoel26Oct1838131W34NE qtr of SE qtr40
KIVETTJoel2Dec1839131W34SE qtr of SW qtr40
KIVETTJoel2Dec1853131W34NE qtr of SW qtr40
KIVETTWm. C.3Oct1849141W29NE qtr of SW qtr40
KNIGHTDaniel4Aug183612222NE qtr of SE qtr40
KNIGHTDavid4Aug183612223SW qtr160
KNIGHTWashington13Oct1835131W23SW qtr of NE qtr40
KNIGHTWashington21Jan183613115NE qtr of SE qtr40
KNOSEWm.6May184111236NE qtr of SW qtr40
KNOXElizabeth9Sep18311324E half of SW qtr80
KNOXWm.18Mar182811225E half of SW qtr80
KNOYAndrew2Jan1836121W6NW qtr of SE qtr40
KNOYAndrew7Jun1838121W6SE qtr of SE qtr40
KNOYAndrew1Dec1847121W6SW qtr of SE qtr40
KNOYElizabeth9Jan1839122W24SW qtr of NW qtr40
KNOYGeorge23Dec1829122W24E half of NE qtr80
KNOYGeorge21Jul1834122W24NW qtr of NE qtr40
KNOYGeorge27Aug1835122W13SW qtr of SE qtr40
KNOYJacob C.30Aug1833122W13SE qtr of SE qtr40
KNOYJohn30Nov1832122W24SE qtr of SW qtr40
KNOYJohn5Mar1833122W24SW qtr of SE qtr40
KNOYJohn19Dec1835122W24NE qtr of SW qtr40
KNOYJohn13Oct1845122W23SE qtr of NW qtr40
KNOYJohn30Mar1846121W7W half of SE qtr80
KNOYJohn30Mar1846122W24SW qtr of NE qtr40
KNOYJohn17Jan1848121W7NW qtr of SW qtr27.51
KNOYJohn17Jan1848121W7E half of SW qtr55.02
KNOYJoshua2Jan1836121W7W half of NE qtr80
KNOYJoshua4Aug1836121W7NE qtr of NE qtr40
KOONSAbsalom14Feb183612114SW qtr of NE qtr40
KOONSAbsalom17Mar185112114NE qtr of NW qtr40
KOONSAsa1Nov183212113NW qtr of SW qtr40
KOONSAsa24Mar183412114NW qtr of NE qtr40
KOONSAsa1Feb183612111Lot #4 Sub Div50.07
KOONSDavid24Jan183612111SW qtr fr of NW half59.24
KOONSDavid10Feb183612111Lot #9 Sub Div40
KOONSDavolt14Nov182012113W qtr fr of NW qtr80
KOONSDavolt24Jan182612113E half of SE qtr80
KOONSDavolt24Jan182612114E half of NE qtr80
KOONSDavolt18Feb183512112SW qtr fr of WWR SW qtr43.22
KOONSDavolt18Feb183512123W half of NE qtr80
KOONSDavolt18Feb183512123NE qtr of NW qtr40
KOONSDavolt31Dec183512114SE qtr of SE qtr40
KOONSDavolt31Dec183512114SW half160
KOONSDavolt4Jan183612114W half of SE qtr80
KOONSDavolt4Jan183612123SE qtr of NW qtr40
KOONSElijah11Jan183612114SE qtr of NW qtr40
KOONSGeorge7Jul183412218W half of SW qtr54.36
KOSSCharles22Sep182712227E half of SW qtr80
KRUGGeorge19Jul18361121E half of NE qtr79.48
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LADDChristopher30Jul182113212S half of SE qtr57.76
LAFAVERAbraham13Sep1825112W13W half of SE qtr75.61
LAFAVERAbraham31Jan1826112W13E half of NE qtr75.56
LAFAVERAbraham10Jan1831111W30SW qtr109.88
LAFAVERAbraham10Jan1831111W30W half of NE qtr80
LAFAVERAbraham6Jan1832112W13E half of NW qtr80
LAFAVERAbraham18Jun1835111W18W half of NW qtr56.26
LAFAVERIsaac28Sep1835111W31SE qtr of NE qtr40
LAFAVERJacob20Jan1834112W25W qtr fr of NE qtr62.80
LAFAVERJacob9Nov1835111W32NW qtr of SW qtr40
LAFAVERJacob16Mar1847111W31E half of SW qtr55.56
LAFAVREAbraham19Dec18321113W half of SW qtr80
LAKEDaniel10Feb183711221NE qtr of NE qtr40
LAKEJohn1Feb183611214E half of SE qtr80
LAKEJohn9Feb183611226SW qtr of SE qtr40
LAKETimothy24Oct183611214W half of SE qtr80
LAKETimothy24Oct183611214SW qtr of NE qtr40
LAKETimothy16Jan183711214SE qtr of SW qtr40
LAMBJohn P.1Jan18271314E half of NE qtr88.44
LAMBERTGeorge9Nov183013228W half of NW qtr80
LAMBERTGeorge29Nov183013221W half of SW qtr80
LAMBERTGeorge W.12Aug185111235SW qtr of SE qtr40
LANCEFORDJames25Feb183312232NW qtr of SE qtr40
LANDERSJames24Oct182114232SW qtr of NE qtr40
LANDERSJames4Jul183214236E half of SE qtr80
LANDERSWm.24Aug182214225W half of SE qtr80
LANDERSWm.29Nov183314236NW qtr of SE qtr40
LANGElijah15Jan18291219SW half of NE qtr80
LANGJames2Dec18231219SE qtr fr76.96
LANGJames11Oct18331214SW qtr of SE qtr40
LANGJames5Aug18361214NW qtr of SE qtr40
LANGJames1Oct183913133S half of SE qtr80
LANGMoses31May182512115W half of NW qtr80
LANGMoses13Feb183712110SE qtr of SE qtr40
LANGWilliam16Nov18311214E half of SE qtr80.91
LANGWilliam27Sep18391214SE qtr of NE qtr34.57
LANGWELLJames22Feb1839132W30W half of NW qtr70.39
LANGWELLJohn B.19Jul1848111W34N half of SE qtr80
LANGWELLJohn B.19Jul1848111W34E half of SW qtr80
LANGWELLThomas20Apr1835132W27NW qtr of SW qtr40
LANKFORDJames21Jan1836111W12Lot #3 of Sub Div48.24
LANKFORDJames13Jul183611115NW qtr of NW qtr40
LANKFORDJames8Jul1846111W25NW qtr of SW qtr40
LANKFORDJames2Dec1853111W35SE qtr of NE qtr40
LANKFORDJames2Dec1853111W35NE qtr of NE qtr40
LANKFORTJames18Jun18351117NW qtr of S half39.41
LANKFORTJames18Jun1835111W12Lot #2 of Sub Div41.65
LATTIMOREHenry2Dec1838122W4S half of SE qtr80
LAUGHLINEzekiel24Aug183013233Fr of SW qtr37.43
LAUGHLINHenry C.8Sep183612232SW qtr of NE qtr40
LAUGHLINNathan25Apr182913233SW qtr76.10
LAUGHLINNathan13Nov18341224W half of NE qtr66.90
LAUGHLINThomas4Jun183512215NW qtr of NW qtr40
LAUGHLINThomas3Jun18361229SW qtr of NE qtr40
LAUGHLINWilliam H.28Jan183612126NW qtr of SW qtr40
LAWIsaac20Dec183212222SW qtr of NW qtr40
LAWRENCEAmos29Aug18371123E half SW qtr80
LAWRENCEAmos24Nov18381123NW qtr of SE qtr40
LAWRENCEHenry30Mar183711236SW qtr of NE qtr40
LAWRENCERandolph24May183411236NW qtr of NE qtr40
LAWRENCERandolph18Apr183611236NE qtr of NE qtr40
LEAFAVERJacob19Dec18201113NW qtr of SE qtr40
LEASEGeorge W.20Jan1851112W12SW qtr of NW qtr40
LEATHERMANJohn31Mar1854121W32NW qtr of NE qtr40
LEATHERSJames M.28Nov183513112NE qtr of SE qtr40
LEATHERSThomas28Dec18351325E half of NE qtr75.41
LEATHERSWm.8Aug183513215NE qtr of NW qtr40
LEAVELLJohn17Jul182113211S half320
LEAVELLJohn18Jul182113234E half of NW qtr80
LEAVELLJohn18Jul182113234NE qtr160
LEEDavid30Oct182911110W half of SW qtr80
LEEDavid26Mar18331119NE qtr of SE qtr40
LEEDavid24Jun1837121W21SW qtr of NW qtr40
LEEHenry2Feb1836121W20SW qtr of NE qtr40
LEEHenry15Nov1845121W17SE qtr of SE qtr40
LEEJoel14Feb183612111Lot # 6 Sub Div53.13
LEEJoel14Feb183612111Lot #5 Sub Div39.96
LEEJoseph18Mar1847121W21NW qtr of NE qtr40
LEEJoseph29Sep1849121W21E half of NW qtr80
LEEJoseph13Apr1852121W21NW qtr of NW qtr40
LEEThomas5Sep18201311E half of SW qtr80
LEEThomas5Sep18201311W half of SW qtr80
LEEThomas19Feb18211311E half of NW qtr70.49
LEEThomas17Jul18211322SE qtr160
LEEThomas17Jul182113213N half of SE qtr39.87
LEEThomas19Feb18241118E half of SE qtr80
LEEWm. Green7Sep1837121W17SE qtr of SW qtr, SE qtr of S80
LEGGITTWilliam3Feb183213126NE qtr of NE qtr40
LEGGITTWilliam3Oct183213123SE qtr of SE qtr40
LENIMONRobert15Feb183612111Lot # 7 Sub Div40
LENIMONRobert15Feb183612111Lot #8 Sub Div40
LEONARDCharles23Dec183611219E half of NW qtr63.98
LEONARDCharles28Dec183611219W half of NE qtr80
LEPPERDWm.3Nov183113212SW qtr134.87
LETTERMANBaker25Jan1839121W11W half of SE qtr80
LETTERMANBaker26Jan1848121W20NE qtr of NW qtr40
LETTERMANJohn25Jan1839121W29SW qtr of SE qtr40
LEWALLENMoses21Nov1832131W22SE qtr of SE qtr40
LEWALLENWoodson15Jan1830131W14W half of NW qtr80
LEWALLENWoodson20Oct1832131W10SE qtr of SE qtr40
LEWALLENWoodson2Nov1835131W25W half of NW qtr80
LEWISElhannon16Apr1852121W24SE qtr of NE qtr40
LEWISGideon30Jan1836121W14NE qtr of SE qtr40
LEWISIsrael G.5Apr1837132W27W half of SE qtr80
LEWISIsrael G.4Jul1837132W27SE qtr of SW qtr40
LEWISJohn3Feb1837111W36SE qtr of SE qtr40
LEWISJoseph6Aug1846111W34SW qtr of NE qtr40
LEWISJoseph8Sep1853111W34SE qtr of NW qtr40
LEWISLeander B.7Feb1851121W13NW qtr of SE qtr40
LEWISWm.1Nov1832111W36SE qtr of SW qtr40
LEWISWm.12Sep1850111W36SE qtr of NW qtr40
LEWISWm.20Sep1852111W36NW qtr of SE qtr40
LINDLEYAaron24Oct1832131W2E half of NW qtr77.71
LINDLEYAaron24Oct1832131W3W half of SW qtr80
LINDLEYAaron17Apr183713128SE qtr of SE qtr40
LINDLEYDavid16Jun18321316W half fr26.40
LINDLEYDavid16Jun1832131W4SE qtr160
LINDLEYDavid9Mar1836131W3W half of SE qtr80
LINDLEYDavid9May1836131W9W half of NE qtr80
LINDLEYDavid17Apr1837131W9NE qtr of NE qtr40
LINDLEYEdward7Jan1835131W10E half of NE qtr80
LINDLEYEdward16Jul1838131W2NE qtr of SW qtr40
LINDLEYJames24Oct1832131W2W half of SW qtr80
LINDLEYJames24Oct1832131W3E half of SE qtr80
LINDLEYJames29Oct1835141W34SW qtr of SE qtr40
LINDLEYJames9May1836131W11W half of NW qtr80
LINDLEYJoshua22Oct1831131W3W half of NE qtr78.71
LINDLEYJoshua22Oct1831131W3E half of NW qtr78.93
LINDLEYJoshua16Jun1832131W3W half of NW qtr78.93
LINDLEYOwen17Oct1832131W3E half of NE qtr78.71
LINDLEYRuth7Jan1835131W10W half of NE qtr80
LINDLEYRuth7Jan1835131W10W half of SE qtr80
LINDSEYAaron16Jul1833131W5W half of NE qtr75.04
LINDSEYAaron16Jul1833131W5E half of NW qtr75.41
LINGLEAdam18Aug1836122W26SW qtr of SE qtr40
LINGLEAdam6May1839122W14S half of NE qtr80
LINGLEAdam13May1839122W14NE qtr of NE qtr40
LINGLEAdam25Mar1847122W14E half of SE qtr80
LINGLEAdam, Sr.25Jul1829122W13NE qtr of SW qtr40
LINGLEAdam, Sr.13Sep1836122W13SW qtr of NW qtr40
LINGLEAdam, Sr.25May1839122W13NW qtr of SW qtr40
LINGLEAlfred13Dec1832111W9SE qtr of SW qtr40
LINGLEAlfred7May1835111W9NE qtr of SW qtr40
LINGLEAlfred15Jan1836111W9SE qtr of NW qtr40
LINGLEJacob13May1839122W11SW qtr of SW qtr40
LINGLEJacob1Aug1845122W10SE qtr of SE qtr40
LINGLEJacob30Dec1845122W10NE qtr of SE qtr40
LINGLEJacob30Dec1845122W11NW qtr of SW qtr40
LINNJohn6Feb1837132W1W half of NW qtr75.12
LINNJohn6Feb1837132W2E half of NE qtr75.61
LINNWm.4Apr18351224NE qtr of SE qtr40
LIPPSDavid25Jul1839122W11E half of NE qtr80
LIPSEYRanley27Jul184811215SW qtr of SW qtr40
LIPSEYReaney18Jan183711212NW qtr of SW qtr40
LISTERJohn6Jan1854121W31NE qtr of NE qtr40
LITTLEJames15Sep183611213NE qtr of NW qtr40
LITTLEJames20Dec183611212SE qtr of NW qtr40
LITTLEJames20Dec183611212NW qtr of NW qtr40
LITTLEMile D.30Mar1847132W34SW qtr of SE qtr40
LITTLEMilo D.18Aug1846122W3W half of NE qtr84.48
LLOYDOwen19Jun184611223SE qtr of NW qtr40
LOCKHARTGerman24Feb184512127NW qtr of SE qtr40
LOCKHARTThomas21Nov1838121W25NE qtr of SW qtr40
LONGElijah31Aug1849111W22NW qtr of SE qtr40
LONGElijah D.13May1837111W27NE qtr of SW qtr40
LONGElisha12Oct1836111W27W half of NW qtr80
LONGIrwin2Dec185311132SW qtr of SW qtr40
LONGJackson12Jul1837111W27SE qtr of NE qtr40
LONGJames26Jan182911118W half of N half fr78.42
LONGJohn30May1831131W29W half of NW qtr80
LONGJohn28Oct1836131W32NW qtr of NE qtr40
LONGJohn17Apr1837131W30NW qtr of SE qtr40
LONGMoses8Sep1832111W25SE qtr of NE qtr40
LONGMoses21Dec1833111W23SE qtr of SE qtr39.13
LONGMoses6May1837111W26SE qtr of NE qtr, NE qtr of S80
LONGNancy3Feb184311120NE qtr of SW qtr40
LONGNancy11Aug184511129SE qtr of NE qtr40
LONGNancy7Apr184811129NW qtr of SW qtr40
LONGRichard29Feb1836111W25SE qtr of NW qtr40
LONGRichard19Sep1836111W27NE qtr of NE qtr40
LONGRichard19Sep1836111W26SW qtr of NW qtr40
LONGRichard3Sep1850121W7SE qtr of NE qtr40
LONGSamuel22Jan183011117E half of SW qtr80
LONGSamuel5Nov183111120W half of SW qtr80
LONGSamuel20Oct1832111W23E qtr fr of NE qtr36.70
LONGSamuel7Mar1833111W13SW qtr of SW qtr40
LONGWm.22Oct1835111W23SW qtr of SW qtr40
LOUKINBILLGeorge30Jan1850121W27NW qtr of NE qtr40
LOVINGWm.29Oct1835112W35SE qtr of SE qtr40
LOWDavid8Aug1835111W31NE qtr of SE qtr40
LOWJohn27Jan1838132W6SW qtr of SE qtr40
LOWDERWilliam26Mar183613128SW qtr of SE qtr40
LOWERAndrew T.2Jan183712212SW qtr160
LUCKAllen18Jul182814232E half of SW qtr80
LUDLOWJ.M.13Jun1842131W16E half80
LUDLOWJohn M.5Nov1836131W20NW qtr of SW qtr40
LUDLOWNathaniel16Oct1830131W20E half of NW qtr80
LUDLOWNathaniel22Nov1833131W20SW qtr of NW qtr40
LUDLOWPhilo22Oct1836132W19W half of NE qtr80
LUDLOWSilas1Feb1837142W36NW qtr of SW qtr40
LYONAlfred Moor15Oct183213124SW qtr of SW qtr40
LYONAlfred Moor15Oct183213125NW qtr of NW qtr40
LYONH.9Mar183613126SE qtr of SE qtr40
LYONHarrison12Mar183613136SW qtr of NW qtr40
LYONJonathan4Sep18201212E half of SW qtr80
LYONJonathan4Sep18201212W half of SE qtr80
LYONJonathan4Sep18201212W half of SW qtr80
LYONJonathan4Jul182113125E half of SE qtr80
LYONJonathan17Jul182113219W half of SW qtr48.57
LYONJonathan18Jul182113230W half of NW qtr48.99
LYONJonathan8Jan182413219E half of SW qtr48.57
LYONJonathan6Jul182913230W half of SW qtr49.47
LYONJonathan12Mar183613136SW qtr of NW qtr40
LYONJonathan, Jr.9Mar183613126SE qtr of SE qtr40
LYONRobert9Mar185211231SW qtr of NE qtr40
LYONSAlfred M.1May183213230E half of NW qtr48.99
LYONSHarrison1May183213230E half of NW qtr48.99
LYONSJonathan5Sep182013124E half of SE qtr80
LYONSJonathan5Sep182013125E half of NE qtr80
LYONSJonathan4Dec182013125W half of NE qtr80
LYONSJonathan4Jul182113124W half of SE qtr80
LYONSJonathan1May183213230E half of NW qtr48.99
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MADDOXWm. H.6Sep1836132W6E half of SE qtr80
MADDOXWm. H.17Sep1836132W7NE qtr of NE qtr40
MADDOXWm. H.10Jan1839131W33SE qtr of NE qtr40
MADOXWm. H.6Sep1836132W5NW qtr of SW qtr40
MAEFGeorge15May1834111W12NE qtr of NW qtr40
MAFFETJohn9Jan18361224NW qtr of SE qtr40
MAGGARDDavid T.12Aug183612223SE qtr160
MAGGARDJames H.12Aug183612223SE qtr160
MAJORDevour1Feb18361218NW qtr of SE qtr40
MAJORWilliam A.20Mar183212115W half of SW qtr80
MAJORWilliam A.19Mar18321211680
MAJORWilliam A.19Mar18321211680
MAJORWilliam A.22Mar18321211680
MAJORWilliam A.19Mar18321211680
MAJORWilliam A.19Mar18321211680
MAJORWilliam A.28Apr18321211680
MAJORWilliam A.19Jun183512110Lot 3 Sub Div31.36
MAJORWilliam A.30Jan183612115E half of NW qtr80
MALDONNeil4May184811122SE qtr of SW qtr40
MALEYJohn5Jan1836111W26NW qtr of NW qtr40
MANHOLLENJefse27Jan184611124SW qtr of NE qtr40
MANLEYGabriel G.8Oct1835111W23NW qtr of SW qtr40
MANLEYJonathan8Oct1835111W22NE qtr fr of SWR110.94
MANLEYWilliam9Feb183911129NE qtr of SW qtr40
MANNANWm.1Dec1851122W6SW qtr of SW qtr33.73
MANNANWm. R.16Feb1836131W30W half of SW qtr57.63
MANNINGJohn5Oct1822122W17SW qtr160
MANNINGRobert R.31Dec1832122W18E half of SW qtr68.04
MANNINGWm R.8Jan1849122W17W half of NW qtr80
MANNINGWm. R.16Feb1836132W25E half of SE qtr80
MANNINGWm. R.1Mar1837122W8S half of SW qtr80
MANNINGWm. R.1Mar1837122W8W half of SE qtr80
MANNINGWm. R.29Jan1847122W17SE qtr of NW qtr40
MANNINGWm. R.8Jan1849122W18E half of NE qtr80
MANNONWm.13Jan1846122W7W half of NE qtr80
MANNONWm. R.13Jan1846122W7E half of SE qtr80
MANNONWm. R.17Feb1846122W8W half of NE qtr80
MANNONWm. R.29Jan1847122W7NW qtr of SE qtr40
MANNONWm. R.20Oct1849122W7SE qtr NW fr qtr ,NE qtr SW f67.48
MANNONWm. R.20Oct1849122W7SW qtr of SE qtr40
MARCUMJames29Feb1836111W26SW qtr of NE qtr40
MARKERJohn6Aug182112217E half of SE qtr80
MARLEYRobert12Feb1848141W29S half of SW qtr80
MARLEYWm.14May1847141W30NW qtr of NE qtr40
MARSHCyrus P.7Jun1838122W36SW qtr of NW qtr40
MARSHOsbin11Aug1835122W35NE qtr of NE qtr40
MARSHOsbin19Aug1835122W36NW qtr of NW qtr40
MARSHALLWm.5Dec1826141W35W half of SE qtr80
MARTINBeeson6Feb1837131W33NE qtr of SW qtr40
MARTINBeeson11Mar1839131W33NW qtr of SW qtr40
MARTINJames13Aug1847111W26NW qtr of SW qtr40
MARTINJohn4Feb182213217E half of NW qtr80
MARTINJohn19Oct183013217W half of NE qtr80
MARTINJohn M.4Jan184511125SW qtr of NE qtr40
MARTINJohn W.7Feb184211230E half of NW qtr64.84
MARTINWilliam24Mar183711124NE qtr of NE qtr40
MARVINClare15Jun183613130SW qtr of SE qtr40
MARVINClare15Jun183613131NW qtr of NE qtr40.41
MARVINClare13Jun1836131W26E half of NE qtr, NW qtr of N120
MARVINClare13Jun1836131W23E half of SE qtr80
MASONAbraham15Nov1836131W6NE qtr of SE qtr40
MASONJoseph9Apr1831131W20SE qtr160
MASTReuben14Nov182012134W half of SE qtr80
MASTReuben14Nov182012134E half of SW qtr80
MASTERSJohn19Jul183311110E half of NE qtr80
MATHESHenry21Aug1848121W14NW qtr of SW qtr40
MATHEWSHiram11Jun182213229W half of SW qtr80
MATHEWSJoel20Aug182313230W half of SE qtr80
MATHEWSJoel29Aug182713232E half of NW qtr80
MATHEWSJohn23Sep182013125E half of NW qtr80
MATHEWSJohn29Aug183612220SE qtr of SW qtr40
MATLOCKDavid4Sep18201211E half of SW qtr80
MATLOCKDavid4Sep18201211W half of SW qtr80
MATLOCKDavid17Jul182113213N half of SE qtr39.87
MATLOCKDavid8Nov182313217W half of SW qtr80
MATLOCKJohn20Nov1826122W22W half of SE qtr80
MATLOCKWm.17Jul182113220W half of SW qtr80
MATLOCKWm.19Jul182113219E half of SE qtr80
MATLOCKWm.19Jul182113219NE qtr160
MATLOCKWm.19Jul182113218SW qtr95.30
MATLOCKWm.17Jul183113218E half320
MATTHEWSAlfred7Nov184913126SW qtr of SE qtr40
MATTHEWSCalvin20Nov183013232W half of NE qtr80
MATTHEWSCalvin5Nov183113126NW qtr of SW qtr40
MATTHEWSCalvin24Mar183313229SW qtr of NE qtr40
MATTHEWSCalvin15Apr183413220E half of SW qtr49.47
MATTHEWSCalvin3Jun185113134NW qtr of NW qtr40
MATTHEWSGeorge4Sep18201112E half of SW qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge6Sep18201112W half of NE qtr75.79
MATTHEWSGeorge4Sep18201211E half of NW qtr75.18
MATTHEWSGeorge6Sep18201211W half of NE qtr80.53
MATTHEWSGeorge6Sep18201211W half of SE qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge11Sep18201211E half of SE qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge5Sep182013134E half of SE qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge5Sep182013135W half of SW qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge5Sep182013135E half of SW qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge5Sep182013136E half of SW qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge5Sep182013114NE qtr160
MATTHEWSGeorge23Jul18211118W half of NW qtr80
MATTHEWSGeorge23Jul18211117E half of N half78.95
MATTHEWSHiram4Dec182013125W half of SE qtr80
MATTHEWSHiram22Nov182413113E half of NW qtr80
MATTHEWSHiram11Dec182413113NE qtr160
MATTHEWSHiram16May183313113NW qtr of NW qtr40
MATTHEWSHiram21Nov183313113SW qtr of NW qtr40
MATTHEWSHiram6Apr185013114SW qtr of SW qtr40
MATTHEWSJames28Dec182913114SE qtr160
MATTHEWSJames5Nov183913135NW qtr of NE qtr40
MATTHEWSJames19Aug184513135NE qtr of NE qtr40
MATTHEWSJeremiah15Jan1829132W14E half of NE qtr80
MATTHEWSJeremiah16Jan1830132W14W half of NE qtr, E half of N160
MATTHEWSJeremiah J.W.12Dec1836132W11SE qtr of SW qtr40
MATTHEWSJohn23Sep182013125E half of SW qtr80
MATTHEWSThomas2Apr183613114NW qtr of SW qtr40
MATTLOCKDavid17Jul18211322SE qtr160
MAXWELLHenry (Harvey)29Sep1853111W35SW qtr of NW qtr40
MAXWELLJ.15Jul183213216SW qtr of SE qtr40
MAXWELLJames P.30Oct18341227E half of NE qtr66.80
MAXWELLJohn11May184711130NE qtr of SE qtr38.30
MAXWELLRobert16Feb184611120SW qtr of SE qtr40
MAXWELLThomas29Nov183112125E half of NW qtr80
MAXWELLThomas19Jun183412124SE qtr of SW qtr40
MAXWELLWilliam17Sep184711129NW qtr of NE qtr40
MAXWELLWilliam17Sep184711129NE qtr of NW qtr40
MAXWELLWm.17Jun1846111W35NW qtr of NW qtr40
MAXWELLWm.17Jun1846111W34NE qtr of NE qtr40
MAXWELLWm.8Aug1850111W25NE qtr of SW qtr40
MAYJames20Jul1830111W12N half of SW qtr72.65
MCANNICHElisha18Dec1835132W6NW qtr of NE qtr39.12
MCBRIDEAnn1Nov1854111W35SW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCAINEAmazian17Jan1834132W3SE qtr of NE qtr36.63
MCCALLISTERHenry28Aug1830142W27E half of SW qtr80
MCCARTYAaron H.29Oct1838112W15W half of SW qtr80
MCCARTYBenjamin4Sep18201212E half of NW qtr70.10
MCCARTYBenjamin4Sep18201212W half of NW qtr70.10
MCCARTYEnoch4Sep18201212E half of NE qtr69.90
MCCARTYEnoch4Sep18201212W half of NE qtr69.90
MCCARTYNicholas9Feb183612232SW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas9Feb183612232NW qtr of SW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853131W19N half of SW qtr58.05
MCCARTYNicholas20Jul1853132W22SE qtr of NE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas20Jul1853132W20SW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas20Jul1853132W22NE qtr of SE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas20Jul1853132W22NE qtr of SW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas20Jul1853132W22NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas20Jul1853132W23SE qtr of NE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas20Jul1853132W23SW qtr of NE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W23NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W23E half of SE qtr80
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W23NE qtr of NW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W23SE qtr of NW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W23W half of NW qtr80
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W23NE qtr of SW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W23W half of SW qtr80
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24SW qtr of NE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24SE qtr of NW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24SW qtr of NW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24NE qtr of SW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24NW qtr of SW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24SW qtr of SW qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24NE qtr of SE qtr40
MCCARTYNicholas25Jul1853132W24NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCARTYThomas20Sep1831132W9W half of NW qtr80
MCCARTYThomas2Jul1832132W4SW qtr of SW qtr40
MCCARTYThomas3Mar1837132W7SE qtr of NE qtr40
MCCARTYThomas3Mar1837132W8SW qtr of NE qtr40
MCCARTYWm.28Dec1830132W6W half of NW qtr73.12
MCCLAINAmazian29Dec1834132W10SE qtr of NE qtr40
MCCLAINLuama26Oct1835132W10NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCLOUDJohn12Feb1848141W32SE qtr of SE qtr40
MCCOLGINFrancis A.5Apr183712212SE qtr of NE qtr40
MCCOLLUMHorace12Aug1835132W12E half of SW qtr80
MCCOLLUMJonathan10Oct1834132W13NW qtr160
MCCORDElam23Jul184611115SW qtr of NW qtr40
MCCORMACKWm.21Jun1850141W30E half of SW qtr54.60
MCCORMACKWm.21Jun1850141W30NW qtr of NE qtr40
MCCORMACKWm. R.26Jun1850141W30SW qtr of SE qtr40
MCCOYJesse18Jul182113234E half of NW qtr80
MCCOYJesse17Jul182113211S half320
MCCOYJesse18Jul182113210E half SE qtr80
MCCOYJesse18Jul182113234NE qtr160
MCCOYMartin4Sep18201213W qtr fr of SW qtr79.52
MCCOYMartin4Sep18201213E qtr fr of SW qtr73.96
MCCRACKENWilliam5Nov182214135E half of NW qtr80
MCCRACKENWilliam6Nov182214135E half of NE qtr80
MCCRACKENWilliam18Nov182214126E half of SW qtr80
MCCRACKENWilliam18Nov182214135E half of SW qtr80
MCCRACKENWilliam30Jul182314135W half of NW qtr80
MCCRACKENWilliam22Dec182314134W half of SE qtr80
MCDANIELDaniel11Aug1836131W27E half of SW qtr80
MCDANIELDaniel11Apr1849131W33NE qtr of NE qtr40
MCDANIELDavid23Sep1847131W36SW qtr of NE qtr40
MCDANIELHardin7Jun1850111W25NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCDANIELJames10Sep1851111W34NW qtr of SW qtr40
MCDANIELJohn11Aug1836131W27E half of SE qtr80
MCDANIELJohn23Nov1836131W26SW qtr of SW qtr40
MCDANIELMartin2Dec182213124E half of SW qtr80
MCDANIELSimon20Jan1839131W33NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCDANIELSpencer1Apr185111130NW qtr of SE qtr38.44
MCDANIELWm.7Jul1824111W1W half of NW qtr72.50
MCDOWELLJames B.26Aug182913210W half of SW qtr80
MCDOWELLWm.17Jul182113213W half of SW qtr70.85
MCDOWELLWm.17Jul182113214E half of NE qtr80
MCDOWELLWm.17Jul182113213NW qtr157.58
MCDOWELLWm.17Jul182113213Fr of SE qtr29.85
MCDOWELLWm.17Jul182113213S half of SE qtr87.85
MCDOWELLWm.15Aug182113210W half of NW qtr80
MCDOWELLWm.13Aug18211323E half of SW qtr80
MCDOWELLWm.4Jun18241323W half of SW qtr80
MCDOWELLWm.15Dec18251323SE qtr160
MCFARLANBenjamin6Oct183611136SE qtr of NW qtr40
MCFARLANBenjamin4Mar184711136NE qtr of SW qtr40
MCFARLANHenry H.10Jul184811136SW qtr of SE qtr40
MCGEEAvery27Nov183411236SE qtr of NE qtr40
MCGINNISJohn13Mar1848122W3NE qtr of NW qtr40
MCGOWNJohn, Jr.20Mar183711123NW qtr of SW qtr40
MCGREWAbraham7Dec183112233SE qtr of SW qtr40
MCGREWElisha A.24Nov183112219W half of NE qtr80
MCGREWJohn15Oct183212113SW qtr of SE qtr40
MCGUNISJohn15Jan1846132W34SE qtr of SW qtr40
MCHAFFIEAndrew E.23Aug1833142W33NW qtr of NE qtr40
MCHAFFIEAndrew E.25Mar1834142W28NW qtr of NW qtr40
MCILROYEdward22Dec183811211W half of SW qtr80
MCINTURFJacob24Dec184712118NW qtr of NE qtr35.46
MCINTURFJacob13Apr185012118NE qtr of NE qtr35.46
MCKILLIPSamuel13May183712233W half of SE qtr80
MCKILLIPSamuel13May183712233NE qtr of SW qtr40
MCKINLEYGeorge14Sep1846121W17SE qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINLEYGeorge1Apr1852121W17SW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYAlexander29Jul1829111W14E half of NW qtr80
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1852121W2SW qtr of SW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1852121W27SW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W33E half of NW qtr80
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W33NW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W33NE qtr of SW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W20NW qtr of SW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W20SW qtr of SW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W20NE qtr of SE qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W3SE qtr of SE qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W29NW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W29SW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W28SW qtr of SE qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W28SE qtr of SW qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W29NW qtr of NE qtr40
MCKINNEYDavid R.23Nov1853121W27NW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYElias23Nov1853121W11SW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYElias23Nov1853121W11NW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYElias23Nov1853121W10NE qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYElias23Nov1853121W10NW qtr of NW qtr40
MCKINNEYHiram2Jun1829121W36E half of SE qtr80
MCKINNEYHiram24Oct1836121W36NE qtr of NE qtr40
MCKINNEYJames27Jul1821112W27E half of NW qtr80
MCKINNEYJohn8May183012131NW qtr fr of S half101.61
MCKINNEYJohn8May183012131SE qtr fr of S half28.87
MCKINNEYJohn24Oct1836121W36NE qtr of SW qtr40
MCLANDJ.24Jul183213216SE qtr of W qtr40
MCLINFrederick24Aug182711224E half of SE qtr80
MCMAHANJohn6Aug182113231E half of SE qtr80
MCNABBHenry19Jul18321329SE qtr of NE qtr40
MCNABBHenry7Jan18331329NE qtr of NE qtr40
MCNABBJohn11Feb182414227E half of SE qtr80
MCNABBJohn12Mar182814227W half of SE qtr80
MCNABBJohn21Aug183014227E half of SW qtr80
MCNABBThomas23Oct182814227E half of NW qtr80
MCNEFFThomas W.18Jan182813220E half of NE qtr80
MCNEFFThomas W.5Nov183013220E half of SE qtr80
MCNEFFThomas W.4Sep183213220NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCNEFFThomas W.14Mar183413220SE qtr of SW qtr40
MCNEFFWm.8Nov182813217E half of SW qtr80
MCNEFFWm.6Jan183413217NW qtr of SE qtr40
MCNEMEEJohn15Feb183911210S half SE qtr80
MCPHERSONStephen10May182514234E half of SE qtr80
MCPHERSONStephen30Dec18291323W half of NW qtr73.16
MCPHERSONStephen30Dec182914234E half of SW qtr80
MCPHERSONStephen1Jun183013212S half of NW qtr80.52
MCPHERSONStephen1Jun183013212N half of NW qtr95.84
MEADOWSJob, Jr.27May18471129NW qtr SE qtr40
MEAFIEDLevi28Oct1825122W26W half of SW qtr80
MEEKSJames12Dec1828132W30W half of NE qtr80
MEEKSJames19Jun1832132W31NE qtr of SE qtr40
MEEKSJames27Dec1834132W20W half of NE qtr80
MENDENHALLAaron11Feb182414227NE qtr160
MENDENHALLIra14Jun18231325W half of NW qtr75.09
MENDENHALLIra14Jun18231325W half of SW qtr80
MENDENHALLIsaac19Jul183214228NE qtr of NE qtr40
MENDENHALLJonathan30Nov18361319SW qtr of SW qtr40
MENDENHALLJonathan30Nov18361319E half of SW qtr80
MENDENHALLPeter1Sep1832141W35NW qtr of NE qtr40
MEREDITHWm. L.24Jul1850121W3SW qtr of NE qtr40
MERLEYJohn29Dec1848132W8NW qtr of NE qtr40
MERRILLSamuel15Jan182911226W half of NW qtr80
MERRIWEATHERJames29Dec1843112W11SW qtr of SW qtr40
METLOCKJefferson2Sep1850132W8SE qtr of SE qtr40
MEYERSAmos25Mar1847122W10SW qtr of SE qtr40
MEYERSAmos25Mar1847122W10W half of NE qtr80
MILESEli7Jan18221226W half of SW qtr47.36
MILESElizabeth A.2Jan183612232SE qtr of NW qtr40
MILESHarmon5Mar183512229SE qtr of SE qtr40
MILESHarmon3Oct183512229SW qtr of SW qtr40
MILESThomas8Nov183112231NW qtr114
MILESThomas8Nov183112231W half of NE qtr80
MILESThomas15Oct183212229SW qtr of SE qtr40
MILESThomas15Oct183212232SW qtr of NW qtr40
MILLERAugust9Jun18471129SE qtr of SE qtr40
MILLERAugust17Aug18471129SW qtr of SE qtr40
MILLERChristian22Feb183911210NW qtr of NE qtr40
MILLERDabney20Oct1831111W17E half of SE qtr80
MILLEREdward2Feb1847132W26NW qtr of NW qtr40
MILLEREdward29Sep1848132W26NE qtr of NE qtr40
MILLEREdward R.18Jan1848132W22SE qtr of SE qtr40
MILLEREdward R.19Jul1849132W23SE qtr of SW qtr40
MILLERFrederick18Sep183711210E half of NE qtr80
MILLERGeorge24Jan1839111W30SE qtr of SE qtr40
MILLERHenry8Jan1836111W14Lot # 1 & 2 of Sub Div75.34
MILLERHenry30Jan1850121W9SW qtr of SE qtr40
MILLERMordicai A.2Nov1833132W11NE qtr of NW qtr40
MILLERMordicai A.2Nov1833132W12NW qtr of NW qtr40
MILLERRobert17May1837121W22NW qtr160
MILLERRobert5Dec1843112W14SE qtr of NE qtr40
MILLERRobert25Feb1846111W27W half of SE qtr80
MILLERRobert24Sep1851121W22NW qtr of NE qtr40
MILLERThomas1Jul1850121W33W half of SE qtr80
MILLERThomas2Dec18531215SE qtr of NE qtr33.38
MILLERThomas G.1Jul1850121W33W half of NE qtr80
MILLERWm.21Dec1850121W9SE qtr of SW qtr40
MILLERWm. G.30Jan1850121W9NE qtr of NW qtr40
MILLERWm. R.18Sep1851111W33NE qtr of SE qtr40
MILLERWm. R.18Sep1851111W33SW qtr of SE qtr40
MILLIKANBenjamin1Sep182314128E half of SE qtr80
MILLSBenjamin17Jul182113223W half of SE qtr80
MILLSBenjamin17Jul182113223E half of SW qtr80
MILLSBenjamin21Oct182213223NW qtr99.31
MILLSBenjamin R.17Jul182113214SW qtr160
MILLSEli8Feb183613123SW qtr of SW qtr40
MILLSEli8Feb183613126NW qtr of NW qtr40
MINTONCalvin9Feb1850121W27SW qtr of SE qtr40
MINTONJohn2Dec185311127NW qtr of SW qtr40
MINTONJohn2Dec185311127SW qtr of NW qtr40
MINTONJohn2Dec185311128NE qtr of SE qtr40
MINTONJohn2Dec185311128SE qtr of NE qtr40
MITCHELLGiles26Nov18351119SE qtr of SE qtr40
MITCHELLGiles14Mar183911220NW qtr of NW qtr40
MITCHELLJames M.6Mar18371119SW qtr of SW qtr40
MITCHELLS.M.30Aug184912130E half of SE qtr80
MITCHELLS.M.30Aug184912131NE qtr of NE qtr40
MITCHELLSamuel C.10Dec1833141W26SE qtr of NW qtr40
MITCHELLSamuel C.10Dec1833141W26W half of NW qtr80
MITCHELLSamuel M.30Aug184912132Lot #2 Sub Div N half40
MITCHELLSamuel M.12132Lot # 2 Sub Div NW qtr40
MITCHELLThomas2Oct183013236W half of NW qtr80
MITCHELLThomas5Jun1833111W29NE qtr of NW qtr40
MITCHELLThomas31Mar183612212E half of NW qtr80
MIZEMilton G.17Mar18351117SW qtr of N half39.47
MOFFITJohn27Apr183113217E half of SE qtr80
MONICALGeorge28Sep183313124SW qtr of NW qtr40
MONICALGeorge24Oct183513124NW qtr of NW qtr40
MONICALJoseph12Nov183513124NW qtr of SW qtr40
MONICALPeter30Oct183313124W half of NE qtr80
MONICALPeter4Mar183613123NE qtr of SE qtr40
MONICALPeter4Mar183613123NE qtr of NE qtr40
MONICALWesley W.3Mar183013124E half of NW qtr80
MOONEli12Jun182314125E half of NE qtr80
MOONGeorge18Jul182114230NE qtr160
MOONSimon27Dec182713110W half of NE qtr80
MOONSimon29Oct1834141W32SW qtr of SE qtr, SE qtr of S80
MOONSimon19Oct1835131W24W half of NE qtr80
MOONSimon20Oct1835131W25E half of NW qtr80
MOORSamuel10Nov183512132W qtr fr of SW qtr57.40
MOORSamuel10Nov183512132Lot # 1 Sub Div N half46.42
MOOREDavid4Mar185111217NW qtr of NE qtr40
MOOREGeorge30Oct1835122W12NW qtr of NE qtr40
MOOREGeorge19Feb1836132W26NW qtr of NE qtr40
MOOREJames26Mar183412232NE qtr of NE qtr40
MOOREJoseph29Oct1832121W4W half of NE qtr84.34
MOOREJoseph29Oct1832121W4E half of NW qtr84.30
MOOREMansfield1Dec185111217NE qtr of SE qtr40
MOORERobert3Feb18361212E half of SE qtr80
MOORESamuel22Jan183114135W half of NE qtr80
MOORESamuel4Oct183213223Fr of WWR36.41
MOORESamuel3Feb18361212E half of SE qtr80
MOORESamuel12Feb1836121W35NW qtr of SE qtr120
MOORESamuel25Apr183613212W half of N qtr of SE qtr47.74
MOORESamuel25Apr183613212S half of NE qtr62.81
MOORESimon30Nov183013111E half of SE qtr80
MOOREWilson8Apr1827121W4SE qtr of NE qtr42.17
MOOREWilson25Jan1847122W10SE qtr of NE qtr40
MOOREWm.12Dec183212222W half of NE qtr80
MOOREWm.12Dec183212222NE qtr of NE qtr40
MOOREWm. H.22Sep1846122W15NE qtr of NE qtr40
MOOREWm. H.12Apr1847122W15SE qtr of NE qtr40
MOORELANDJesse17Oct18271324W half of SW qtr80
MOOTSJohn29Jul1833131W24NE qtr of SW qtr40
MOOTSJohn16Jul1835131W24SE qtr of SW qtr40
MORGANJames2Dec182313232SE qtr of NE qtr40
MORGANJohn7Mar183213228W half of SW qtr80
MORGANJohn23Apr183313228NE qtr of SW qtr40
MORGANWilliam20Feb184511113NW qtr of SE qtr40
MORGANWilliam4Mar184511113E half of SE qtr80
MORGANWm.25Feb183313229NW qtr of NE qtr40
MORGANWm.25Feb183313220SW qtr of SE qtr40
MORRISEli15Feb183314133E half of NE qtr80
MORRISONJames29Jan184511219W half of SW qtr64.42
MOSERAlexander23Nov1838122W1NW qtr of NW qtr41.94
MOSERJacob19Feb1836122W1NE qtr of NW qtr41.94
MOSERJeremiah6May1845122W1SE qtr of SE qtr40
MOSERJeremiah19Jan1846122W1NW qtr of SE qtr40
MOSERJeremiah5Jun1846122W1SW qtr of SE qtr40
MOSERJeremiah8Apr1847121W3S half of NW qtr84.38
MOSERJohn20Nov1830132W27E half of NE qtr80
MOSERJohn20Nov1830132W26NE qtr of SW qtr40
MOSERJohn20Nov1830132W26W half of SW qtr120
MOSERJohn2Sep1833132W27NE qtr of SE qtr40
MOSERJohn6Oct183413121NW qtr of NW qtr40
MOSERJoseph30Nov1830131W20E half of SW qtr80
MOSERJoseph10Aug1836132W36SW qtr of SE qtr40
MOSERJoseph3Jun1853132W36NW qtr of SE qtr40
MOSERTobias30Oct1835121W6NW qtr124
MOSERTobias30Oct1835122W12W half of NW qtr80
MOSERTobias30Oct1835122W1E half of NE qtr81.40
MOSERTobias30Oct1835132W36SE qtr of SE qtr40
MOSERTobias10Aug1836122W1NW qtr of NE qtr40.70
MOSERTobias19Jan1846122W1SW qtr of NE qtr40.70
MOSIERTobias2Dec1853121W11NE qtr of SW qtr40
MOSKALElijah25Dec182611225E half of NW qtr80
MOZIERJohn16Aug1848121W11NW qtr of SW qtr40
MUCHMOREBenjamin10Aug183113225W half of SW qtr80
MULLAbraham15Oct18311125W half of NW qtr72.41
MULLOYJames27May182914232W half of SW qtr80
MUNCYJohn25Feb1835111W19Lot #3 of Sub Div30.86
MUNCYJohn16Dec1835111W20SW qtr fr of SW qtr35.60
MUNCYJohn, Sr.13Oct1835111W19Lot #2 of Sub Div46.75
MUNCYJohn, Sr.7Mar1837111W32SW qtr of NW qtr40
MUNSEYJoshua25Sep1835111W12N qtr fr of NE qtr48.67
MUNSEYJoshua20Jul1836111W13NW qtr of NW qtr fr66.80
MURDOCKAnn6Jan1854121W15SW qtr160
MURPHEYJoseph T.22May1839121W8NW qtr160
MURPHYAbram C.19Dec1837121W17NW qtr of NE qtr40
MURPHYAbram C.22May1839121W8W half of SE qtr80
MURPHYJames21Aug184911234SE qtr of SW qtr40
MURPHYJohn22May1837121W5W half of SW qtr80
MURPHYThomas23Jan1844131W32NE qtr of SE qtr40
MURPHYWm.22May1839121W8E half of SE qtr80
MUSGRAVEEli1Sep183612222SW qtr160
MUSGRAVEEli2Sep183612222W half of SE qtr80
MYERSAmos25Dec1826112W22E half of NW qtr80
MYERSAmos26Jan1829112W26NW qtr fr36.57
MYERSAmos26Jan1829112W26SW qtr fr28.65
MYERSAmos3Dec1831112W22W half of NW qtr80
MYERSAmos20Jan1851112W35E half of NE qtr80
MYERSAmos24Jan1851112W36SW qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSDaniel10Dec18311213E half of NE qtr69.64
MYERSDaniel31Mar18351219NE qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSDavid26Dec1826122W25E half of NW qtr80
MYERSDavid6Aug1829122W25W half of NE qtr80
MYERSEli30Nov1839122W14NE qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSEnoch2Jan1835121W6NE qtr of NE qtr42
MYERSEnoch19May1845122W15SE qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSEnoch22Jul1846122W15W half of NW qtr80
MYERSHenry2Mar18331227Fr of NW qtr60.50
MYERSHenry10Dec1849111W33NE qtr of SW qtr40
MYERSJacob20Sep1843111W33NW qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSJacob24Dec1846122W2NE qtr of SW qtr40
MYERSJohn E.25Feb1846111W32NW qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSJohn R.6Jan1854121W28SE qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSJoseph15Mar183313134W half of SE qtr80
MYERSKatherine3Dec1831112W23W half of SW qtr80
MYERSLevi30Nov1839122W14NW qtr of NW qtr40
MYERSLevi2Dec1842122W23NE qtr of NE qtr40
MYERSLevi19May1845122W11E half of SW qtr80
MYERSSolomon5Apr1833111W19SW qtr of NW qtr28
MYRICKCharles W.14Feb1837131W10NW qtr of NW qtr40
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NANCEThomas I.20Jan1834111W35SW qtr of NE qtr40
NEALDempsey2Dec185311120NW qtr of SE qtr40
NEIGHBORSCharles12Feb183612222NW qtr of NW qtr40
NEWBYFrancis30Nov182413112W half of SW qtr80
NEWBYJoseph1Feb185013114SE qtr of SW qtr40
NEWELSamuel6Sep1820111W2W half of SE qtr80
NEWELSamuel6Sep1820111W11W half of NE qtr80
NEWELSamuel6Sep1820111W11E half of NE qtr80
NEWKIRKDaniel8Oct183613235W half of SE qtr80
NEWTONJames21May1834111W15NE qtr of SE qtr40
NEWTONJames D.Jan1850111W5NE qtr of SW qtr40
NEWTONJames D.2Jan1850111W0?SE qtr of NE qtr40
NEWTONThomas S.2Sep1836142W26SE qtr of NE qtr40
NICHOLASHugh2Apr1847131W36NW qtr of NE qtr40
NICHOLASJohn10Mar183413220SW qtr of NE qtr40
NICHOLASJohn14Mar183413220NE qtr of SW qtr40
NICHOLASJohn10Mar183413220SE qtr of NW qtr40
NICHOLASNathan23Aug183413121NE qtr of NE qtr40
NICHOLSNathan3Sep183513122NW qtr of NW qtr40
NICHOLSSilas30Nov1830132W35E half of NW qtr80
NICHOLSThomas14Mar183413122NE qtr of NW qtr & NW qtr ofN80
NICHOLSONJoseph21Aug1833131W23NW qtr of NE qtr40
NICHOLSONPeter J.2Oct1834142W25NW qtr of NW qtr40
NICHOLSONWm.10Feb1847121W12SW qtr of NW qtr40
NOBLELazarus2Dec185311127SW qtr of SW qtr40
NOBLELazarus2Dec185311127SE qtr of SW qtr40
NORMANDaniel20Sep183311222SE qtr of SW qtr41
NORMANDaniel13May183611230NW qtr of SE qtr40
NORMANDaniel8Jan184011230SW qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANDaniel20Oct184511230SE qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANDaniel10Jun184811231SE qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANEmery4Feb183611229E half of SE qtr80
NORMANEmory20Sep183311221SE qtr NE qtr40
NORMANHiram1Nov183611229SW qtr of SW qtr40
NORMANJames2Dec183411227SW qtr of NW qtr40
NORMANJames2Dec183411228E half of NE qtr80
NORMANJames28Sep183611221NW qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANJames11Jan183911229SW qtr of SE qtr40
NORMANJames16Jul184611221SE qtr of NW qtr40
NORMANJames12Sep184711222SW qtr of NW qtr40
NORMANMalinda1Nov183811231NW qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANSarah17Apr183711221SW qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANTempy11Jan183911233SW qtr of NW qtr40
NORMANWm.10Oct183311232NE qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANWm.19Apr183411232NW qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANWm.2Feb183711231NE qtr of NE qtr40
NORMANWm.2Feb183711230SE qtr of SE qtr40
NORMANWm.26Jan184611231E half of NW qtr67.04
NORMANWm.28Nov184611230SW qtr of SE qtr40
NORMANWm.9Mar184711232NW qtr of NW qtr40
NORTHERNWilliam27Feb185112115SE qtr of NE qtr40
NUNNJonas27Jul1830132W17E half of NW qtr80
NUNNNorman19Nov1830132W7E half of SE qtr80
NUNNNorman22Jul1836132W8SW qtr of SE qtr40
NUNNNorman22Jul1836132W18NE qtr of SE qtr40
NUNNNorman9Dec1837132W20SE qtr of NW qtr40
NUNNNorman2Mar1839132W18E half of NE qtr80
NUTTERClement30May184512129N half of NW qtr80
NUTTERClement10Dec1845121W35E half of SW qtr80
NUTTERClement1Jan1846111W2NE qtr of NW qtr35.70
NUTTERClement15Jun185012131W half of NE qtr83.06
NUTTERClement5Aug1852121W25NE qtr of SE qtr40
NUTTERHewett6Aug182912132E qtr fr of SW qtr76.05
NUTTERHewett20Jun183612132Lot #3 Sub Div N half59.87
NUTTERHewett14Aug183812131SE qtr of W half41.53
NUTTERJohn28Jan183212119SE qtr of S half35.57
NUTTERJohn27Jan184912129NW qtr of NW qtr40
NUTTERJohn13Feb185012120SW qtr of SW qtr40
NUTTERJohn21May185112130E half of NE qtr71.40
NUTTERRichard17Oct184212129SE qtr of NW qtr40
NUTTERRichard14Feb184612130W half of SE qtr71.50
NUTTERRichard1Sep1851121W25SE qtr of SE qtr40
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OCLERJames14Dec183612212SW qtr of NE qtr40
OGLEAndrew15Sep1835122W5NW qtr of NW qtr40.15
OGLEJames1Dec1838122W6NE qtr of NE qtr40.86
OGLESJames18Dec1830132W32W half of SW qtr80
OGLESJames1Dec1838132W32NW qtr of SE qtr40
OGLESJames9Dec1843132W31NW qtr of NE qtr40
OGLESBYJames18Dec1845121W24NW qtr of NW qtr40
OGLESBYJames6Sep1847121W24SE qtr of NW qtr40
OGLESBYJoseph9Oct182314229W half of NE qtr80
OLDSGeorge W.6Jan184013133SW qtr of SW qtr40
OLDSGeorge W.2Jun184812110Lot #2 Sub Div40
OLDSGeorge W.2Jun184812110W half of SE qtr80
OLDSGeorge W.2Jun184812110NE qtr of SE qtr40
ONEALJohn8Jan1836121W22E half of NE qtr80
ONEALWillia11Oct1847121W23NW qtr of NW qtr40
ONEALWillis8Dec1852121W14NE qtr of SW qtr40
ONEYJoseph3Dec1831111W14SE qtr fr106.26
ORRJoseph29Sep1829142W29NW qtr160
ORRJoseph16Aug1830142W30W half of NW qtr70
OSBORNJohn B.6Jan1854121W28NW qtr of NW qtr40
OSBORNRichard10Jun1833132W2NW qtr of NE qtr37.80
OSBORNRichard25Aug18361216NE qtr of S half35.40
OSBOURNRichard25May1852121W3NE qtr of SW qtr40
OSBURNWilliam21Oct182513127NE qtr of NW qtr40
OVERMANIsaac5Nov182214136E half of NE qtr80
OVERMANIsaac5Nov182214136W half of NE qtr80
OVERMANIsaac6Nov182214130S qtr fr of S half82.81
OVERTONBenjamin17Aug18471217NE qtr of N half35.38
OVERTONEphriam25Dec183413130NW qtr of SE qtr40
OVERTONEphriam11May183613130SW qtr of NE qtr40
OVERTONJesse6Jun18361218NE qtr of SE qtr40
OVERTONJesse15Aug185012117NW qtr of NE qtr40
OVERTONWilliam23Jul18361218NW qtr of NW qtr40
OVERTONWilliam9Feb185312118SW qtr of NW qtr35.46
OWENThomas7Oct183711236NW qtr of SE qtr40
OWENThomas22Dec183811236NE qtr of SE qtr40
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PAGEJohn21Oct1851122W36NE qtr of SE qtr40
PALMERN. B.22May184012235E half of NW qtr80
PARISHLarkin20Mar1837132W14NW qtr of SW qtr40
PARISHLarkin20Mar1837132W15NE qtr of SE qtr40
PARKERBenjamin3Mar18381219SE qtr of NW qtr40
PARKERChristian18Nov182411114E half of SE qtr80
PARKERChristopher28May183811123SW qtr of NE qtr40
PARKERLevi6Sep183211126NE qtr of SE qtr40
PARKERLevi4Aug183611125SE qtr of NW qtr40
PARKERLevi23Mar183711125SW qtr of NW qtr40
PARKERLofson4Aug183611126NE qtr of NW qtr40
PARKERWilliam2Feb18491215SE qtr160
PARKERWm.20Oct1829132W17E half of SW qtr80
PARKEYPILEDavid6Aug183614233NW qtr of SE qtr40
PARRAMOREAllen13Dec184012225NW qtr of SW qtr40
PARRISHWm.21Aug1848112W10E half of SE qtr80
PARSONSBenjamin29Aug1851121W1SE qtr of NW qtr42.51
PASLEYAnderson26Dec1832111W17NE qtr of NW qtr40
PATENDaniel21Jun183413227SW qtr of NW qtr40
PAULAndrew16Nov18331213NW qtr of NE qtr34.82
PAULAndrew13Aug183613134SE qtr of SW qtr40
PAULAndrew24Jan184813134SW qtr of NW qtr40
PAULGeorge C.17Aug182513226SE qtr160
PAULJohn18Jul182113224SW qtr160
PAYNEWm.25Feb1846112W36SE qtr of NW qtr40
PAYNEWm. D.1Jun1845112W36NW qtr of NE qtr40.28
PAYTONWiley B.30Mar1837111W25SE qtr of SE qtr40
PEARCEBenoni4Jun1836121W3N half of NE qtr84.44
PEARCEBenoni15Dec1836131W35W half of SE qtr80
PEARCEBenoni15Dec1836131W35E half of SE qtr80
PEARCEBenoni31May1837121W2W half of SE qtr80
PEARCYGeorge R.14Jun183412124SE qtr of SE qtr40
PEARCYGeorge R.21Jun183612124W half of SE qtr80
PEARSONElihu22Oct1832142W32NW qtr of NE qtr40
PEARSONReuben30Nov1830142W32E half of NW qtr80
PEFLEYJacob24Nov1851121W3NE qtr of SE qtr40
PEIRCEJohn12Dec183512228SW qtr of NW qtr40
PEIRSONRobert1Sep183612232NW qtr of NE qtr40
PEMBERTONSarah J.22Sep1846122W4SE qtr of NE qtr40
PEMBERTONSarah J.22Sep1846122W4W half of SE qtr80
PENCEHarvey19Jul18281323E half of NW qtr73.16
PERRYDavid9Oct183412226SE qtr of SE qtr40
PERRYEbenezer9Oct183412225NW qtr of SE qtr40
PERRYJames4Feb1839122W4E half of SW qtr80
PERRYJohn16Jun183712225NE qtr of SW qtr40
PERRYMargaret7Mar183712225SW qtr of SE qtr40
PERRYNathan12Jan183612224SW qtr of NW qtr40
PERRYNathaniel17Feb184612236NW qtr of NE qtr40
PERRYNathaniel17Feb184612236SE qtr of NW qtr40
PERRYRichard4Jun183512213N half of SE qtr80
PERRYStephen9Mar183712233SE qtr of NW qtr40
PERRYStephen16Jan18411124NW qtr of SE qtr40
PERRYWm.19Mar182812228W half of SE qtr80
PETERSHenry16Nov183212112NW qtr fr pt of NE qtr fr122.82
PETERSSamuel3Feb183711131SE half of NE half frl37.79
PETERSSamuel14Jun1837111W36NE qtr of NE qtr40
PETERSSamuel12Jan183811131NW qtr of N qtr frl37.78
PETERSSamuel21Feb183911132SW qtr of NW qtr40
PETERSSamuel10Dec1847111W35SE qtr of SE qtr40
PETTYFrancis17Aug184411234SE qtr of NE qtr40
PHELIPSM.W.23Oct1837131W16W qtr of SE qtr80
PHILIPPIsaac I.24Nov183811226NW qtr of SW qtr40
PHILIPSHamilton16Oct1839131W27SW qtr of SW qtr40
PHILIPSMilton W.1Sep1830131W22W half of NE qtr80
PHILIPSMilton W.3Sep1832131W22NW qtr of SE qtr40
PHILIPSMilton W.30Nov1836131W22NE qtr of SE qtr40
PHILLIPJohn4Aug184713131SE qtr of NE qtr40.40
PHILLIPJohn6Jun184913132SE qtr of NW qtr40
PHILLIPSNathan17Nov1836142W36SW qtr of SE qtr40
PHILLIPSNathan17Nov1836142W36NE qtr of SE qtr40
PHILLIPSNimrod14Jan183612126SE qtr of SW qtr40
PIDGEONWilliam L.8Mar18581227fr E of WR of NW qtr18.98
PIERCEJohn21Mar183312229SE qtr of NE qtr40
PIERCEJonathan9May183713127SE qtr of NW qtr40
PIERCEJonathan9May183713127E half of SW qtr80
PIERSONBartholemew28Mar1846112W11NE qtr of SW qtr40
PIRKENONJames21Nov1835142W26E half of SE qtr80
PLASTERSJohn6Aug1836121W22E half of SE qtr80
PLUMMERLevi7Mar182213221W half of NW qtr80
POEHenry17Feb1836132W5NE qtr of NW qtr38.11
POEWilliam R.25Jul184413127NW qtr of NE qtr40
POINTERJoseph1Mar185113123SW qtr of NE qtr40
POMEROYEli28Dec1836122W13N half of NW qtr80
POMEROYElizabeth26Jun1839122W13Pt of NW qtr13.40
POOLJohn8Feb18251328SE qtr160
POOLJohn8Feb18251328E half of SW qtr80
POOLJoseph8Feb18251328W half of NW qtr80
POOLWm.6Jan1854121W15SE qtr of NW qtr40
PORTERCollason18May183612127NE qtr of NE qtr40
POTTERMiranda6Apr1836132W3S half of SW qtr80
POTTORFFGeorge7Jun1837122W5NE qtr of SE qtr40
POTTORFFGeorge8May1849122W5W half of SE qtr80
POTTORFFGeorge7Jun1849122W5NE qtr of SW qtr40
POTTORFFGeorge8Aug1849122W5SE qtr of SE qtr40
POTTORFFMathew2Feb1830122W3NW qtr of SW qtr40
POUNDPresley9Nov1832131W30NE qtr160
POUNDSWilliam23Oct182014129SE qtr160
POWELLWilliam10Apr18371214NW qtr of SW qtr40
POWERSAlfred22May1839121W8SW qtr160
POWERSEdward22May1839121W8NE qtr160
POWERSJonathan12Mar183612117S half of NE qtr78.97
POWERSJonathan W.24Feb1836111W23Lot # 1 & 2 of Sub Div101.20
POWERSJonathan W.30Mar1836111W1E qtr fr of SE qtr25.64
POWERSJonathan W.30Mar1836112W26E qtr fr of SW qtr (EWR)48.57
POWERSJonathan W.8Feb18371219SW qtr fr126.52
PRATHERElisha26Oct183112136W half of NE qtr80
PRATHERElisha30May183312136SE qtr of NW qtr40
PRATHEREliza24Feb183612125SE qtr of SE qtr40
PRATHERJames19Sep183412229SW qtr of NW qtr40
PRATHERJames19Oct183512229SE qtr of NW qtr40
PRATHERJames8Feb183612229NE qtr of SW qtr40
PRATHERJames24Dec184711124NW qtr of SW qtr40
PRATTJoseph18Nov183611211SW qtr of NW qtr40
PREISTJonas18Mar18301324W half of SE qtr80
PRESTONGeorge W.11Feb183612135NW qtr of NW qtr40
PRICEDavid17Jul182113213W half of SW qtr70.85
PRICEDavid17Jul182113214E half of SE qtr78.94
PRICEDavid17Jul182113214E half of SE qtr78.94
PRICEHenry21Sep183812236W half of NW qtr80
PRICEIsaac24Jun18221322W half of NE qtr74.07
PRITCHETTJesse14May1834132W14W half of NW qtr80
PRITCHETTJohn8Sep1836132W10NE qtr of SW qtr40
PROCTERAndrew Jackson19Jun1839122W9NW qtr of NW qtr40
PRUETTBrite16Oct1830131W15E half of SW qtr80
PRUETTBrite16Oct1830131W15E half of NE qtr80
PRUETTBrite16Oct1830131W15W half of NE qtr80
PRUETTBrite18Oct1830131W29SE qtr160
PRUETTBrite30Oct1830131W7W half of NE qtr80
PRUETTBrite17Jun1831131W7E half of SE qtr80
PRUETTBrite17Jun1831131W7E half of NE qtr80
PRUETTBrite7Nov1833131W19SE qtr of SE qtr40
PRUETTBrite7Nov1833131W19NW qtr of SE qtr, SW qtr of S80
PRUETTBrite7Nov1833131W20SW qtr of SW qtr40
PRUETTEli1Jan1844131W17NW qtr of NW qtr40
PRUETTJames30Oct1830131W8E half of SE qtr80
PRUETTJames30Oct1830131W8E half of SW qtr80
PRUETTJames30Oct1830131W8W half of NE qtr80
PRUETTJames17Jun1831131W5E half of SW qtr80
PRUETTJames2Jul1832131W6W half of NW qtr55.97
PRUETTJames1Jul1833131W6E half of NW qtr55.97
PRUETTJames3Jun1834131W8W half of NW qtr80
PRUETTJames23Jan1835131W5SW qtr of NW qtr37.71
PRUETTJames26Oct1835131W8W half of SE qtr80
PRUETTJames14Jun1836131W5NW qtr of SW qtr40
PRUETTWm.1Sep1830131W21E half of NE qtr80
PRUETTWm.26Oct1835131W15NE qtr of NW qtr40
PRUITJonathan11Jan1839122W6SE qtr160
PRUITTDaniel19Mar1850132W8SE qtr of SE qtr40
PRUITTEli2Sep1835132W8NE qtr of NE qtr49
PRUITTEli2Sep1835132W9E half of NW qtr80
PRUITTEli14Jun1836132W4SW qtr of SE qtr40
PRUITTEli10Feb1837132W4NW qtr of SE qtr40
PRUITTEli18Mar1839132W4NW qtr of SW qtr40
PRUITTEli13Dec1850132W5SE qtr of SE qtr40
PRUITTElisha30Jun1832112W35SW qtr of SE qtr40
PRUITTJames2Jul1832141W31E half of SW qtr57.68
PRUITTJames14Jun1836132W8SE qtr of NE qtr40
PRUITTWm.15Jan1840131W16E half of NW qtr80
PUCKETTBenjamin12Aug182814226W half of SE qtr80
PUCKETTBenjamin1Aug182814226E half of SW qtr80
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RAMSAYJohn11Apr184013130NE qtr of SE qtr40
RAMSAYJohn11Sep184013130SE qtr of NE qtr40
RAMSEYJohn F.27Jul183612210NW qtr of NW qtr40
RAMSEYJohn F.2Jul183612210W half of SW qtr80
RANDALJohn13Dec184012225NW qtr of SW qtr40
RANDOLPHGeorge H.4Apr183214227W half of NW qtr80
RANDOLPHGeorge H.19Jun18341321W half of SE qtr74.44
RANDOLPHGeorge H.19Jun18341321E half of SE qtr50.06
RANSELAREVan28Sep184613133NW qtr of SW qtr40
RATLIFFJohn14Nov1829131W14E half of NW qtr80
RATLIFFJohn20Oct183113118W half of SE qtr80
RATLIFFJohn18Sep183213118NE qtr of SE qtr40
RATLIFFJohn4Nov1836132W15NE qtr160
RATLIFFJohn4Nov1836132W15SW qtr of SW qtr40
RATLIFFJohn4Nov1836132W15E half of SW qtr80
RATLIFFJohn28Oct1837132W15NW qtr of SE qtr40
RATLIFFJohn10Nov1837132W20SE qtr of NE qtr40
RATLIFFJohn9Aug1843132W26SE qtr of NW qtr40
RATLIFFJohn24Dec1844132W15S half of SE qtr80
RATLIFFJohn15Apr1850132W14SW qtr of SE qtr, NE qtr of S80
RATLIFFJohn W.1Aug1848132W22NW qtr of NE qtr40
RATTSEphraim14Aug1846121W30SE qtr of NW qtr30.56
RATTSEphraim15May1847121W30NE qtr of NE qtr40
RATTSEphraim5Jan1852121W30SW qtr of SW qtr30.52
RATTSEphraim5Jan1852121W30NE qtr of NW qtr30.52
RATTSEphraim13Nov1852121W30W half of NW qtr, W half of S91.60
RATTSHenry1Jan1825121W19W half of NE qtr80
RATTSHenry1Jan1825121W19NW qtr121.64
RATTSHenry2Jul1825121W19E half of NE qtr80
RATTSHenry22Aug1826121W30W half of NE qtr80
RATTSHenry22Aug1826112W23E half of NW qtr80
RATTSHenry22Aug1826112W23W half of SE qtr80
RATTSHenry6Aug1827122W35W half of NE qtr80
RATTSHenry20Jun1835121W30E half of SW qtr60.92
RATTSHenry21Jan1836121W20NW qtr of NW qtr40
RATTSHenry2Feb1837121W32W half of SE qtr80
RATTSHenry2Feb1837121W32W half of SE qtr80
RATTSHenry2Feb1837121W32NE qtr of SW qtr40
RATTSHenry2Feb1837121W32SW qtr of NE qtr40
RATTSHenry23Oct1837121W18W half of NW qtr60.22
RATTSHenry23Oct1837121W18W half of SW qtr60.54
RATTSHenry31Jan1847121W20E half of SW qtr80
RATTSHenry15May1847121W28NE qtr of NW qtr40
RATTSHenry15May1847121W18SE qtr of NW qtr40
RATTSHenry23Jun1852121W20SW qtr of NW qtr40
RATTSHenry13Nov1852121W32E half of NW qtr80
RATTSObediah15May1847121W18N half of NE qtr80
RATTSObediah21Jan1848121W20SE qtr of NW qtr40
RATTSObediah25Oct1852121W32NE qtr of NE qtr40
RAWLINSWm.20Oct1832142W28W half of NE qtr80
RAWLINSWm.5Mar1833142W34W half of NW qtr80
RAWLINSWm.5Mar1833142W28NW qtr of SE qtr40
RAYJames5Jan183312126NE qtr of SW qtr40
RAYJohn C.22Sep184513128NE qtr of NE qtr40
RAYJohn C.26Dec184513121SE qtr of SE qtr40
RAYThomas13Aug18361214SW qtr of SW qtr40
READRandle27Sep183611127NE qtr of NE qtr40
REEDJohn25Oct182011117W half of NW qtr80
REEDJohn20Jul182611117E half of NW qtr80
REEDJohn25Mar183611117NW qtr of SE qtr40
REEDJohn26Jul183711117NW qtr of NE qtr40
REEDNorman18Jul183611117SW qtr of NE qtr40
REEDRandle5Jan1833111W25NW qtr of NW qtr40
REEDRandle26Jul1835111W25SW qtr of NW qtr40
REEDRichard26Jul183611122NE qtr of NE qtr40
REEDSoloman12Feb1836111W26NE qtr of NE qtr40
REEDERHiram27Apr185011234NW qtr of SW qtr40
REEDERJoseph7Jan18371129NW qtr of NE qtr40
REEDERJoseph10Dec18451129SW qtr of NE qtr40
REEDERJoseph17Jun18471124SW qtr of SE qtr40
REEDERJoseph14Feb18491124SE qtr of SW qtr40
REEDERPeter11Jan183711234NW qtr of NW qtr40
REEDERPeter11Jan183911234NE qtr of NW qtr40
REEDERPeter1May184811234SE qtr of NW qtr40
REEDERWm.24Jul184711234SW qtr of NW qtr40
REEDERWm.24Jul184811233SE qtr of NE qtr40
REEDYWilliam6Sep183211127SW qtr of NE qtr40
REESEWm.23Jul1833132W12E half of NW qtr80
REEVESDaniel4Jan18301219W half of NE qtr80
REEVESDaniel19May183613133NE qtr of SW qtr40
REEVESDaniel26Jul18361214SE qtr of SW qtr40
REEVESDaniel10Apr18371214NE qtr of SW qtr40
REEVESJames27May185111235NW qtr of SW qtr40
REEVESJohn19Aug1834132W36NW qtr of SW qtr40
REEVESJohn21Sep1835132W36SW qtr of SW qtr40
REEVESJohn16Feb1836132W36E half of SW qtr80
REEVESJohn13Sep1847121W15SE qtr of NE qtr40
REEVESJohn1Mar1852121W15NE qtr of SE qtr40
REEVESJohn O.1May1852121W15SW qtr of SW qtr40
REIDRandle27Sep183611122W half of SE qtr80
RENNERPhilip24Feb184511124NW qtr of NE qtr40
REXDaniel16Oct1839132W29SW qtr160
REYMANJacob B.6Aug182113232E half of SW qtr80
REYMANJohn W.6Aug182113232W half of SW qtr80
REYNOLDSBenjamin23Jan183611223SW qtr of SW qtr40
REYNOLDSCharles5Sep182013112E half of NW qtr80
REYNOLDSCharles5Sep182013112W half of NW qtr80
REYNOLDSCharles24Sep182113112W half of NE qtr80
REYNOLDSDaniel23Jan183611227NE qtr of SW qtr40
REYNOLDSEvan23Jan183611235NW qtr of NW qtr40
REYNOLDSEvan1May183711222NE qtr of SW qtr40
REYNOLDSHenry14May182814229E half of NW qtr80
REYNOLDSJames15Feb182212113W half of NE qtr80
REYNOLDSJames28May18311319E half of SE qtr80
REYNOLDSJames7Sep183113110W half of SW qtr80
REYNOLDSJames18Dec183213135SE qtr of NE qtr40
REYNOLDSLarkin5Sep182012132SE qtr fr of N half95.15
REYNOLDSLarkin3Jun185212120N half of SW qtr80
REYNOLDSStewart25Feb18221226E half of SE qtr68.06
RHODESJoseph20Feb1828111W8W half of NW qtr80
RHODESJoseph13Jul1828131W18E half of SW qtr58
RHODESJoseph14Jan1830131W20W half of NE qtr80
RHODESJoseph12Oct1832131W18NW qtr of SE qtr40
RHODESJoseph12Mar1833131W18SW qtr of NE qtr40
RIBBLEJoseph17Sep1821112W23NE qtr fr of SE qtr67.40
RICHARDSONHenry17Oct1832142W34NW qtr of SE qtr40
RICHARDSONHenry5Feb1836121W9E half of SE qtr80
RICHARDSONHenry15Jun1836121W9NE qtr of SW qtr40
RICHARDSONJ.B.12Nov183213216SW qtr of NW qtr40
RICHARDSONNathan17Oct183612235NE qtr of NE qtr40
RICHARTDaniel1Jul1840121W6E half of SW qtr59.72
RICHARTDaniel15Jul1840121W6W half of SW qtr59.72
RICHEYJohn29May1851121W34SW qtr of SW qtr40
RIDDLEWm.27Aug1833111W3SE qtr of SE qtr80
RIFLEYJacob24Nov1851121W10NW qtr of SW qtr40
RIGGINMartin3Jun1845121W10E half of NE qtr40
RILEYAbraham21Oct1835112W14SE qtr of NW qtr40
RIPLEYJacob24Nov1851121W4SW qtr of NW qtr42.15
RISINGERKenner S.1Mar1837122W4W half of NE qtr81.06
RISINGERKenner S.30Oct1839122W4NE qtr of NE qtr40.53
RITSMANEli22Oct182913122SW qtr of SE qtr40
RITZELAdam20Aug1851141W30N half of NW qtr55.28
ROBARDSJohn R.27Jul1830131W21W half of SE qtr80
ROBBJohn16Nov18331213NE qtr of NW qtr34.72
ROBBJohn15Dec18361213NW qtr of NW qtr34.72
ROBBINSBordnene4Jul18351223E half of NW qtr67.18
ROBEWm.1Nov184512224SE qtr of NW qtr40
ROBERTSBenjamin6Dec18321127E half of NW qtr61.10
ROBERTSBenjamin7Dec18331127NW qtr of NE qtr40
ROBERTSBenjamin12Jan18361125E half of SE qtr80
ROBERTSBenjamin12Jan18361125NW qtr of SE qtr40
ROBERTSBenjamin4Jan18361127SW qtr of NE qtr40
ROBERTSBenjamin, Sr.4Jan18361127E half of SW qtr61.30
ROBERTSJames A.30Jul1832111W14NW qtr fr of SE qtr22.50
ROBERTSSimon P.24Apr18371127NE qtr of NE qtr40
ROBERTSONReuben26Sep1836121W24SW qtr of SE qtr40
ROBERTSONReuben26Sep1836121W25NW qtr of NE qtr40
ROBINSONErastus12Nov183512211W half of NE qtr80
ROBINSONJames24Jan183711215W half of NW qtr80
ROBINSONJames24Jan183711210SE qtr of SW qtr40
ROBINSONJames24Jan18371129NW qtr160
ROBINSONMariah12Nov183512211E half of NE qtr80
ROBINSONMariah22Jun18361222E half of SW qtr80
ROBOTTOMThomas12Aug18241315E half of SE qtr80
RODINJames6Aug18321117E half of S half78.82
ROGERSAchilles8May183712212NW qtr of NE qtr40
ROGERSElijah21Jan1836121W29SE qtr of NW qtr40
ROGERSElijah25Jan1839121W29NE qtr of SW qtr40
ROGERSElijah25Jan1839121W29NE qtr of NW qtr40
ROGERSJeremiah6Sep1847121W29SE qtr of SW qtr40
ROLANDJohn5Oct1847111W4SW qtr of NW qtr, NE qtr of S72.01
ROLANDJohn16Dec1847111W4NW qtr of SW qtr40
RONEYArthur20Dec183811126W half of SE qtr80
RONEYHenry13Apr184611126SW qtr of SW qtr40
RONEYHugh30Dec183811126E half of SW qtr80
RONEYHugh, Jr.20Dec183811126SE qtr of NW qtr40
RONEYHugh, Sr.12Feb184911127NE qtr of NW qtr40
ROOKERIsaac W.26Apr1837132W21E half of NE qtr80
ROOKERIsaac W.26Apr1837132W22W half of NW qtr80
ROOKERJesse L.10Feb18251325E half of SE qtr80
ROOKERJesse L.22Nov18311325E half of SW qtr80
ROOKERJesse S.21Aug18211327E half of SW qtr46.53
ROOKERJesse S.27Sep182313217W half of NW qtr80
ROOKERJesse S.12Dec18261326E half of NE qtr72.36
ROOKERJesse S.10Oct18271326W half of SW qtr46.22
ROOKERJesse S.18Jul183013229E half of SE qtr80
ROOKERJesse S.14Dec18301326E half of SW qtr46.22
ROOKERWilliam5Sep182013112E half of NE qtr80
ROSSCharles7Nov182711226E half of NE qtr80
ROSSMitchell16Jan183611211SE qtr of NE qtr40
ROSSMitchell15Jan183611227NW qtr of SW qtr40
ROSSThomas28Jan183611211NE qtr of SE qtr40
ROUTHenry18Jul182113224SE qtr160
ROWSamuel29Nov185111215NW qtr of SW qtr40
ROWANDAlexander18Oct182212134E half of SE qtr80
ROWLANDAlexander18Oct18221115W half of NW qtr80.15
RUBBOTTOMGeorge12Aug182414133E half of SW qtr80
RUBBOTTOMGeorge13Jun182614133W half of SE qtr80
RUDICELJohn2Jul183512110Lot W half Sub Div43.94
RUNDELLHiram R.15Nov184212226NE qtr of SW qtr40
RUNYONThomas3Jan1838132W7NW qtr of SE qtr40
RUNYONThomas3Jan1838132W20W half of SW qtr80
RUPELIsra21Jan183612127S half of SE qtr80
RUSHTONGeorge28Sep1832141W27SW qtr of NW qtr40
RUSHTONGeorge8Jun1835141W27NW qtr of SW qtr40
RUSHTONJames8Jan1835131W5NE qtr of NE qtr40
RUSHTONJeremiah16Jan1836142W25S half of NW qtr80
RUSHTONSilas1Feb1837142W36NE qtr of SW qtr40
RUSHTONSolomon3Aug1836142W26NW qtr of SE qtr40
RUSSELLEzra11Dec1841121W15SE qtr of SW qtr40
RUSSELLEzra12122SW qtr of NE qtr40
RUSSELLMathew12Sep1850111W36SW qtr of NW qtr40
RYANJoel W.17Dec1849122W3SW qtr of NW qtr40
RYANJohn W.16May1849122W3SE qtr of NW qtr41.40
RYANWm. A.2Apr1849122W2SW qtr of NE qtr42.06
RYMANJacob B.6Aug182113232W half of SE qtr77.90
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SALLUSTJames12Dec1828142W29W half of SW qtr80
SALLUSTJames19Mar1831142W30E half of SE qtr80
SALLUSTJames12Jan1832142W30W half of NE qtr80
SALLUSTJames7Mar1833142W32E half of SW qtr80
SALLUSTJames1Jul1833142W29E half of SW qtr80
SALLUSTJames25Jul1836142W32NW qtr of NW qtr40
SALLUSTJames9Feb1839142W32SW qtr of NW qtr40
SALLUSTJames5Apr1845142W32NW qtr of SE qtr40
SANDERSJoseph10Feb18361222E half of NE qtr69.24
SANDYThomas1Mar1824122W35W half of SE qtr80
SCAGGSJohn5Oct183312228NE qtr of NW qtr40
SCHNITZGeorge13Mar183713121S half of SW qtr80
SCHNITZJohn4Dec183813120SE qtr of SE qtr40
SCOTTDavid1Feb1837132W6NE qtr of SW qtr36.31
SCOTTDavid1Feb1837132W6NW qtr of SE qtr40
SCOTTDavid30Aug183713126SW qtr of SW qtr40
SCOTTDavid30Aug183713127SE qtr of SE qtr40
SCOTTDavid17Sep183813134NE qtr of NE qtr40
SCOTTJames16Jul18211225NW qtr135.24
SCOTTJames10Mar183113235W half of SW qtr80
SCOTTJames18Jan183613235SE qtr of SW qtr40
SCOTTJohn10May182512110NE qtr fr33.90
SCOTTJohn19Jul183214228E half of SE qtr80
SCOTTJohn30Dec183212110E qtr fr of NW qtr118.76
SCOTTJohn5Jan18521218SW qtr of SW qtr40
SCOTTJoseph2Jan183712212W half of NW qtr80
SCOTTJoseph9Jan18371222NW qtr of SE qtr40
SCOTTJoseph9Jan18371222NE qtr of SE qtr40
SCOTTJoseph15Jan18371222W half of NE qtr69.24
SCOTTRobert C.18Jul182113233W half of SE qtr55.28
SCOTTRobert C.18Jul182113233E half of SE qtr74.75
SCOTTRobert C.10May18271225W half of SE qtr78.85
SCOTTRobert C.27Dec18281225W half of NE qtr83.60
SCOTTSamuel9Jan18211114W half of NW qtr76.27
SCOTTSamuel15Mar18221115E half of SE qtr80
SCOTTSamuel28Nov18221118E half of NW qtr80
SCOTTSamuel25Aug182612134W half of NW qtr80
SCOTTSamuel25Sep183713127NE qtr of SE qtr40
SCOTTSamuel21Sep183813134NW qtr of NE qtr40
SCOTTENJesse4Jun1838121W5S half of SE qtr80
SCOTTENJesse6Nov1838121W4W half of SW qtr80
SCROGGENJohn26Dec183512232NE qtr of NW qtr40
SEALSAlexander1Jul183111123W half of NW qtr80
SEALSEvan18Aug1831111W23E half of SW qtr80
SEALSEvan1Aug183311114SE qtr of NE qtr40
SEALSEvan5Jul183711126NE qtr NE qtr40
SEALSEvan2Apr184211123E half of SW qtr80
SEALSSamuel3Jan18281119W half of SE qtr80
SEALSWilliam2Oct182611111W half of SW qtr80
SEATONAllen R.16Oct1830131W20NW qtr of NW qtr40
SEATONAllen R.25Nov1835131W17SW qtr of NW qtr40
SEATONCharles D.22Nov1824112W3W half of NW qtr61.71
SEATONCharles D.22Nov1824112W3W half of SW qtr80
SEATONCharles D.16Nov1827131W29E half of NE qtr80
SEATONCharles D.10May1828131W29W half of NE qtr80
SEATONCharles D.28Sep1832131W28W half of SE qtr80
SEATONCharles D.2May1833131W30E half of Se qtr80
SEATONCharles D.2May1833131W32NW qtr160
SEATONGeorge10Nov1827131W17SE qtr160
SEATONGeorge10Nov1827131W17E half of SW qtr80
SEATONGeorge10May1828131W5W half of SE qtr80
SEATONGeorge10May1828131W8E half of NW qtr80
SEATONGeorge10May1828131W17W half of SW qtr80
SEATONGeorge9Jun1834132W2NW qtr153.22
SEAVILLEJohn18Jul182113210E half of SE qtr80
SECHRISTDaniel7Nov1846121W7SW qtr of NW qtr27.51
SECHRISTDavid7Jan1833122W24SW qtr of SW qtr40
SECHRISTDavid17Oct1834122W24NW qtr of SW qtr40
SECHRISTDavid17Oct1834122W23NW qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTDavid7Jan1835122W23SW qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTDavid4Aug1836122W25E half of SW qtr80
SECHRISTDavid26Dec1838122W14S half of NW qtr, N half of S160
SECHRISTDavid29May1839122W14S qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTDavid22Jan1845122W13NE qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTDavid11Dec1845122W36NE qtr of NW qtr40
SECHRISTDavid5Jul1847122W36W half of NE qtr80
SECHRISTElizabeth5Feb1836122W23S half of SW qtr80
SECHRISTFelix5Feb1836122W23N half of NW qtr80
SECHRISTJ. G.25Jan1847122W15NE qtr of SW qtr40
SECHRISTJacob3Dec1829122W26W half of NE qtr80
SECHRISTJacob17Dec1835122W11SW qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTJacob2Jan1836122W14NW qtr of NE qtr40
SECHRISTJacob10Apr1845122W11E half of SE qtr80
SECHRISTJacob10Apr1845122W11NW qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTJacob24Nov1845122W11E half of NW qtr80
SECHRISTJacob25Jan1847122W15NE qtr of SW qtr40
SECHRISTJacob22May1849122W11NW qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTJohn G.19May1845122W10NW qtr of SE qtr40
SECHRISTSally11Dec1847122W14NW qtr of SE qtr40
SECRIESTDavid28Jul1830122W23E half of SE qtr80
SELLSJohn18Jul182114236NW qtr160
SEVERHudson12Jan1852121W10E half of SW qtr80
SEVERJoel12Jan1852121W10SW qtr of SW qtr40
SEYMOURJohn17Nov1852121W23NE qtr of SE qtr, SW qtr of N80
SHAINJohn5May1843121W13NW qtr of SW qtr40
SHAINJohn6Sep1847121W14SE qtr of NE qtr40
SHAKEGeorge26Oct1835132W34NE qtr160
SHAKEGeorge26Oct1835132W34E half of NW qtr80
SHAKEGeorge26Oct1835132W35W half of NW qtr80
SHAKEGeorge26Oct1835132W35W half of NE qtr80
SHAKEGeorge W.7Jan1836122W4E half of NW qtr80.46
SHAKEGeorge W.24May1836132W33E half of SW qtr80
SHAKEGeorte W.2Dec1853121W4NW qtr of SE qtr40
SHAVNERAlexander2Sep183313117SW qtr of SE qtr40
SHAWAaron11Oct1833131W4E half of NW qtr76.75
SHAWAaron11Oct1833131W4NW qtr of NW qtr38.37
SHAWAnson20Nov1845131W4W half of SW qtr80
SHAWMeshack26Oct1840132W31SW qtr of NW qtr, SW qtr181.25
SHAWFNERGeorge A.19Oct18261313W half of SE qtr80
SHAWFNERGeorge A.7Nov18281313E half of SW qtr80
SHEARERJoseph19Dec1839121W22SW qtr of SE qtr40
SHEARERWm.30Jan1836121W15SE qtr of SE qtr40
SHERERJohn15Aug182611224W half of SW qtr80
SHIELDDavid29Aug1835131W24E half of NE qtr80
SHIELDSJames16Jul18211227SW qtr94.52
SHIELDSJames26Jan182412218W half of NE qtr80
SHIELDSJames16Jul183012218E half of SW qtr54.36
SHIELDSThomas8Sep183612221NW qtr of SW qtr40
SHIPEYEdward4Jun1838121W3SE qtr of SW qtr,SW qtr of SE80
SHIPLEYTolbert5Nov1835142W35NE qtr of NW qtr40
SHIPLEYTolbert30Jan1836142W26SE qtr of SW qtr40
SHIPLEYTolbert30Jan1836142W35SW qtr of NE qtr40
SHIREMANDaniel29Dec18351125W half of NE qtr67.33
SHIREMANMichael8Oct18261111E half of SE qtr80
SHIREMANMichael18Aug18361126W half of NW qtr54.07
SHIREMANMichael1Feb18371111E half of NE qtr76.56
SHIREMANMichael20Mar18441125E half of NE qtr67.33
SHIREMANMichael28Feb18451117N half39.48
SHOEMAKERJesse9Nov1835122W2NW qtr of SW qtr40
SHOEMAKERJesse30Nov1836122W3NE qtr of SE qtr40
SHOEMAKERThomas25Oct1826132W34E half of SE qtr80
SHOEMAKERThomas30Dec1835132W35NE qtr of SW qtr40
SHOEMAKERThomas3Nov1836132W34NW qtr of SE qtr40
SHOFNERSarah6Jul184313128SW qtr of NE qtr40
SHORTRIDGEAmbrose F.2Feb185311134E half of SW qtr80
SHORTRIDGEAmbrose F.2Feb185311134NW qtr of SE qtr40
SHORTRIDGEAmbrose F.2Feb185311134SW qtr of SE qtr40
SHORTRIDGEAmbrose F.Dec185311134NE qtr of NW qtr40
SHORTRIDGEElizabeth6Jan18541215NE qtr of NW qtr40
SHREADERJacob30May1836131W28SE qtr of SE qtr40
SHREADERJacob30May1836131W34N half of NW qtr80
SHULERChalon2Dec1853121W28NW qtr of SW qtr40
SHULERCharlton26Jun1852121W29NE qtr of NE qtr40
SHULERCharlton2Dec1853121W29NE qtr of SE qtr40
SHULERJames6Nov1848121W18NE qtr of NW qtr30
SHULERJohn21Jan1836121W18SE qtr of SE qtr40
SHULERJohn5Feb1837121W18W half of SE qtr80
SHULERJohn14Aug1846121W18E half of SW qtr60.54
SHULERJohn4Oct1847121W18SW qtr of NE qtr40
SHULERJohn31Jan1848121W17SW qtr of SW qtr40
SHULERJohn29Sep1849121W21E half of NW qtr80
SHULERJohn5Jan1852121W29NW qtr of SE qtr40
SHULERJohn26Jun1852121W17NW qtr of SW qtr40
SHULERJohn7Sep1852121W18SE qtr of NE qtr40
SHULERPeter4Sep1835121W17N half of NW qtr80
SHULERPeter26Sep1836121W20NW qtr of NE qtr40
SHULTZChristian19Jan1826121W35E half of NW qtr, W half of N160
SHULTZChristian20May1839121W35NE qtr of NE qtr40
SHULTZChristian22Jun1846121W26SW qtr of SE qtr40
SHULTZDaniel17Dec1835122W12SW qtr of NE qtr, SE qtr of N80
SHULTZDaniel14May1850121W34NW qtr of SW qtr40
SHULTZDaniel10Mar1851121W33SE qtr of SE qtr40
SHULTZElminer16Aug1839111W2NW qtr of NE qtr36.34
SHULTZGeorge11Sep1824122W26E half of NE qtr80
SHULTZGeorge17Jun1829122W25W half of NW qtr80
SHULTZGeorge7Dec1835111W1SW qtr fr of SE qtr57.85
SHULTZGeorge19Dec1835122W17NE qtr of NW qtr40
SHULTZGeorge19Jun1836121W35SW qtr of SE qtr40
SHULTZGeorge9Aug1836111W2E half of NE qtr72.69
SHULTZGeorge26Jan1846111W2NW qtr of NW qtr35.70
SHULTZGeorge26Jan1846121W25SE qtr of SW qtr40
SHULTZGeorge20Mar184613128NW qtr of NW qtr40
SHULTZGeorge22Jun1846121W26Se qtr of SE qtr40
SHULTZGeorge14Jun1846121W35SW qtr of SW qtr40
SHULTZGeorge14Dec1846121W34SE qtr of SE qtr40
SIMMONSEdward27Sep182311125SE qtr of SW qtr40
SIMMONSEdward9Jul183211125SE qtr of SE qtr40
SIMMONSEdward18Jun183611125W half of SE qtr80
SIMMONSEdward14Feb184611125NE qtr of SE qtr40
SIMMONSEdward26Apr184711232SW qtr of SW qtr40
SIMMONSEdward26Apr184711231SE qtr of SE qtr40
SIMMONSElizabeth28Dec184011125NE qtr of SW qtr40
SIMMONSJohn14Feb184911231NW qtr of SE qtr40
SIMMSJames18Jan183612125W half of SE qtr80
SIMMSJames18Jan183612125NE qtr of SE qtr40
SIMMSJohn18Jan183612136S half of SE qtr80
SIMPSONJames6Jan184513130NE qtr of NE qtr40
SIMPSONJoseph, Sr.5Jan185213121NE qtr of SW qtr40
SIMPSONNanthaniel16Jun13129SW qtr of SW qtr40
SIMSJames25Feb182812230W half of SE qtr80
SIMSJames10Jun183312229NW qtr of SW qtr40
SIMSJames6Jul183512230NE qtr of SE qtr40
SIMSJohn19Jan18321115E half of NW qtr40
SIMSJohn29Jul18331116SE qtr frl of N half68.51
SIMSJohn25Nov18331115E half of NW qtr40.07
SIMSJohn26Jan183611110W half of NE qtr80
SIMSJohn1Feb1836111W21NE qtr fr120.05
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W30N qtr fr of NW qtr8.35
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W20N qtr fr of SW qtr51.60
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W21S qtr fr of NW qtr32.15
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W21Lot #3 of fr qtr36
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W20E qtr fr of NE qtr13.26
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W19Lot #1 of Sub Div31.96
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W19SW qtr fr61
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W19NE qtr fr of SE qtr fr42.75
SIMSJohn22Mar1836111W13Lot #132.20
SIMSJohn4Apr1836111W12S half of NE qtr fr42.25
SIMSJohn4Apr1836111W1W half of SE qtr fr60.60
SIMSJohn5Sep183612230W half of SW qtr55.90
SIMSJoseph17Jul182113214W half of NE qtr80
SIPESDaniel3Jan18371128NW qtr of NW qtr40
SIPESJacob8Jun18371129NE qtr of NE qtr40
SIPOSDaniel T.4Jul18371125SW qtr of SW qtr40
SIRESRuben12Feb1852111W36SE qtr of SE qtr40
SITTONWm. R.18Mar1852111W33NE qtr of NE qtr40
SKAGGSJames14Nov183112217E half of SW qtr80
SKAGGSJames30Apr183212217W half of SW qtr80
SKELTONIsaac29Sep1832132W17NW qtr of NE qtr40
SKELTONIsaac16Jun1836122W15E half of SE qtr80
SKELTONIsaac21Feb1846122W15NW qtr of SW qtr40
SKELTONIsaac21Feb1846122W15NW qtr of SW qtr40
SKELTONJoel14Jan1839122W27SW qtr of NW qtr, NW qtr of S80
SKELTONJoel9Jul1846121W23NW qtr of SE qtr40
SKILLMENDavid17Oct1838122W4W half of SW qtr80
SLATERWm.17Aug1836132W7SW qtr144.68
SLAUGHTEREzekiel1Nov182113230E half of NE qtr80
SLAUGHTEREzekiel1Nov182113229W half of NW qtr80
SLAUGHTEREzekiel21Dec182913230W half of NE qtr80
SLAUGHTEREzekiel26Feb183113229E half of NW qtr80
SLAUGHTEREzekiel25Jul183113232E half of SE qtr61.45
SLAUGHTEREzekiel10Dec183313228NE qtr of NE qtr40
SLAUGHTEREzekiel28Jul18351224NW qtr136.36
SLAUGHTEREzekiel9Mar18361225E half of NE qtr43.76
SLAUGHTERM.21Jul183213216SE qtr of SE qtr40
SMARTJohn2Aug1825142W34E half of NW qtr80
SMITHAllen21Sep1839121W12NW qtr of NE qtr40
SMITHAndrew J.21Jan184612214NE qtr of NE qtr40
SMITHCharles K.26Oct183812122W half of NW qtr80
SMITHCharles R.26Oct183812121SE qtr of NE qtr40
SMITHDaniel25Jan1830131W22NW qtr160
SMITHDaniel25Jun1830131W8W half of SW qtr80
SMITHDaniel25Jan1835131W9W half of SW qtr80
SMITHDaniel20May1844121W34NE qtr of SW qtr40
SMITHDavid20Dec183811136W half of NE qtr80
SMITHDavid20Dec183811136NE qtr of NW qtr40
SMITHEli8May1848122W3SW qtr of NW qtr40
SMITHElizabeth18Sep183311120SE qtr of SW qtr40
SMITHHackney20Mar1837132W21NW qtr of NW qtr40
SMITHHackney12Apr1837132W21SW qtr of NW qtr, SE qtr of S80
SMITHHackney26May1845132W14SW qtr of SW qtr40
SMITHJames24Nov183413223NW qtr of SW qtr35.40
SMITHJames24Jan183513222W half of SE qtr51.30
SMITHJames20Dec183811126SE qtr of SE qtr40
SMITHJames20Dec183811135NE qtr of NE qtr40
SMITHJames2Sep185211135SE qtr of NE qtr40
SMITHJohn8Jan1836121W25SW qtr of SW qtr40
SMITHNancy3Nov182011117W half of SW qtr80
SMITHPleamon5Jan1837111W33E half of NW qtr80
SMITHRobert25Jul185313222S qtr fr of NE qtr16.85
SMITHRobert25Jul185313228Fr of SE qtr2
SMOCKCornelius15Nov184313132W half of NW qtr80
SMOCKDavid15Nov184313132W half of NW qtr80
SNEADCharles23Oct1832142W35E half of NE qtr80
SNEADCharles28Dec1832142W35NW qtr of NE qtr40
SNELLJudith M.1May183711213SW qtr of NW qtr40
SNIDERMahlon16Dec18351222SW qtr of SE qtr40
SNIDERMahlon16Dec18351222SE qtr of SE qtr40
SNIDERMahlon1Feb18361221W half of SE qtr70.87
SNODDYAbsalon18Nov1835142W25NE qtr of NW qtr40
SNODDYGeorge5Mar1833142W35NW qtr of SW qtr40
SNODDYJames15Nov1831142W34E half of NE qtr80
SNODDYJames21Oct1835142W34NE qtr of SE qtr40
SNODDYMartha17Jan1832142W35W half of NW qtr80
SNODDYWm.11Aug1828142W27W half of NW qtr80
SNODDYWm.11Nov1830142W28E half of NE qtr80
SNODDYWm.11Nov1830142W27E half of NE qtr80
SNODGRASJoseph18Jul1837121W11NW qtr of NE qtr40
SNODGRASJoseph19Jul1837121W11SW qtr of NE qtr40
SNODGRASJoseph7Dec1849121W11NE qtr of NE qtr40
SNODGRASSDavid9Nov1837121W12SW qtr of SW qtr40
SNODGRASSJohn23Jul1835122W34NW qtr of NW qtr40
SNODGRASSJohn20Jul1835122W27SW qtr of SW qtr40
SNODGRASSJos. R.20Jul1835122W34SW qtr of NW qtr40
SOLLSJohn22May18361321E half of NE qtr64.64
SOUTHARDGeorge29Oct185111220S half of NW qtr80
SPAINStephen D.16Dec1836122W11NW qtr of NW qtr40
SPAINStephen D.6Apr1839122W2SW qtr of SW qtr40
SPAINStephen D.25Jan1847122W10NE qtr of NE qtr40
SPEARSAndrew5Jan1836111W13Lot #2 of Sub Div40
SPENCERDavid30Mar183613133SW qtr of NW qtr40
SPENCERDavid30Mar183613133NE qtr of NW qtr40
SPENCERDavid1Nov183713122SE qtr of SW qtr40
SPENSERDavid30Sep185213132SE qtr of NE qtr40
SPOONHenry27Oct184513133NW qtr of NE qtr40
SPOONHenry18Nov184613133SW qtr of NE qtr40
SPOONPeter8Nov183813122SE qtr of NW qtr40
SPRAYJohn21Nov182314235NW qtr160
SPRAYJoseph21Nov182314235NE qtr160
STAFFORDAllen12Dec18381214SW qtr of NW qtr33.91
STAFFORDAndrew25Sep183713133NW qtr of SE qtr40
STAFFORDAndrew17Jan183813133SE qtr of SW qtr40
STAFFORDBenjamin17Mar183412111Lot #10 Sub Div40
STAFFORDBenjamin5Nov18511218NE qtr of NE qtr40.26
STAFFORDGrant11Mar183412112Lot #1 fr Sub Div62.52
STAFFORDGrant17Mar183412114NE qtr of SE qtr40
STAFFORDGrant23Mar183512220SW qtr of NE qtr40
STAFFORDGrant7Jul183512112Lot #2 Sub Div fr59.41
STAFFORDGrant18Jan183612210E half of SW qtr80
STAFFORDGrant21Jan183612215E half of NW qtr80
STAFFORDGrant4Feb183612215W half of NE qtr80
STAFFORDGrant5Jan185212112Nf SE qtr WWR37.07
STAFFORDMary26Sep183712233SW qtr of NE qtr40
STAFFORDRobert17Jul182113222NE qtr135
STAFFORDRobert17Jul182113215W half of SE qtr80
STAGERWALTAdam7Jan1833111W19E qtr fr of NW qtr52.90
STAGERWALTPeter22Jun1832111W17NW qtr of NW qtr40
STALEYAbraham18Jan1825132W28W half of NW qtr80
STALEYEli12Oct1832131W18W half of SW qtr58
STALEYEli12Oct1832132W13E half of SE qtr80
STALEYEli26Apr1833132W24NE qtr of NE qtr40
STALEYEli26Apr1833132W13SW qtr of SE qtr40
STALEYEli26Apr1833132W13E half of SW qtr80
STALEYEli25Jul1853132W24SE qtr of NE qtr40
STALEYFrancis8Mar1833132W29SE qtr of NE qtr40
STALEYFrancis29Jan1835132W20SE qtr of SE qtr40
STALEYFrancis22Jun1837132W29NW qtr of SE qtr40
STALEYHiram8Mar1833132W29NE qtr of NW qtr40
STALEYHiram28Nov1835132W20SE qtr of SW qtr40
STALEYMary2Mar1837131W19NW qtr of NW qtr28.89
STALEYMary2May1837132W24NW qtr of NE qtr40
STALEYSampson17Sep1835132W30NE qtr of SW qtr34.97
STALEYSampson14Jun1839132W30W half of SW qtr67.95
STALEYSampson14Jun1839132W30E half of NW qtr70.39
STALEYSarah Ann17Oct1839132W30SE qtr of SW qtr40
STALEYSophia22Jun1837132W19SW qtr of SW qtr35.42
STALEYWm.2Mar1837132W13NW qtr of SE qtr40
STANDLYHiram14Feb1837131W10SW qtr of NW qtr40
STANFORDJohn21Sep1831142W30E half of NW qtr70
STANTONJesse F.23Aug18511215NE qtr of SW qtr40
STATONWm.20Jul182912234W half of NW qtr80
STEELJohn10Jan18261329W half of NE qtr80
STEELW.R.9Sep18291324E half of NE qtr75.27
STEELECatherine1Dec183214232E half of NW qtr80
STEELESolomon12Jan182614234W half of NW qtr80
STEELESolomon21Mar182814225E half of NW qtr80
STEELEWm. R.1Jun183014233W half of NE qtr80
STEELEWm. R.14Sep183014233E half of NE qtr80
STEENWm.27Feb1852121W28E half of SE qtr80
STEIRWALTAdam9Mar1847122W11W half of NE qtr80
STEPHENSCharles1Dec1853111W36NW qtr of SW qtr, SW qtr of S80
STEPHENSDaniel17Dec18251324E half of SE qtr80
STEVENSHannabal R.6Feb1836111W1S half of NE qtr66.14
STEVENSHannabal R.22Mar1836111W23E half of NW qtr fr67.12
STEVENSHannabal R.12Mar1837111W27E half of NW qtr80
STEVENSHannibal3Dec183311110W half of NW qtr80
STEVENSHannibal21Jan18361113SW qtr of SE qtr40
STEVENSHannibal21Jan183611110E half of NW qtr80
STEVENSHannibal26May183611115E half of SE qtr80
STEVENSHannibal13Dec183611115E half of NW qtr80
STEVENSHannibal R.25Nov18331116NE qtr fr55.32
STEVENSHannibal R.21Jan183611110NE qtr of SW qtr40
STEVENSHannibal R.26Jan183611110W half of SE qtr80
STEVENSHannibal R.8Feb183711115W half of SE qtr
STEVENSHannibal R.27Jul183811115E half of SW qtr80
STEWARTAlexander8Mar1848131W4NE qtr of SW qtr40
STEWARTGeorge N.4Dec183811215SE qtr of SW qtr40
STEWARTGeorge N.4Dec183811215W half of SE qtr80
STEWARTThomas W.11Jan18251327E half of NE qtr80
STEWERTJames16Jun18361219NW qtr of NW qtr40
STEWERTWilliam25Jan183611125SW qtr of SW qtr40
STIERWALTAdam18Jun1835112W2SE qtr of SE qtr40
STIERWALTAdam5Aug1836112W11NE qtr of NE qtr40
STIERWALTAdam1May1837112W2NE qtr of SE qtr40
STIERWALTAdam10Dec1845121W35NW qtr of SW qtr40
STIERWALTAdam9Mar1847112W12NW qtr of NW qtr40
STIERWALTAdam7Jan1848121W34NE qtr of SE qtr40
STIERWALTCaleb13Jan1832112W24E half of NW qtr72.56
STIERWALTCaleb18Jun1845112W13NE qtr of SW qtr40
STIERWALTCaleb2Feb1848112W12NE qtr of SE qtr, NE qtr of S77.90
STIERWALTCaleb16Jan1852112W1SW qtr of SE qtr37.71
STIERWALTFrederick16Jan1824122W35E half of NW qtr80
STIERWALTJacob30Dec1835121W35W half of NW qtr80
STIERWALTJacob8Apr1836121W34SE qtr of NE qtr40
STIERWALTJacob1Jan1846121W34SW qtr of NE qtr40
STIERWALTJacob3Apr1847121W26SW qtr of SW qtr40
STIERWALTJacob22Dec1849121W34NW qtr of NE qtr40
STIERWALTJames16Feb1839112W14NW qtr of NW qtr40
STIERWALTJames16Feb1839112W15NE qtr of NE qtr40
STIERWALTMichael13Jan1852121W33SE qtr of SW qtr40
STILESStokely R.5Jan1852121W27SW qtr of NE qtr40
STILESWm.8Feb1836111W3NW qtr of NW qtr34.33
STILESWm.3Mar1836121W34SE qtr of SW qtr40
STILESWm.5Jan1852121W27SE qtr of NW qtr40
STINEAndrew4Mar184611123SE qtr of SE qtr40
STINEDavid26Jan184611122SW qtr of NE qtr40
STINEFrederick20Sep184611122SE qtr of SE qtr40
STINEFrederick24Apr184711135NW qtr of NW qtr40
STINSONJohn7Nov183114228W half of SW qtr80
STIPPAbraham14Mar185113122SE qtr of SE qtr40
STIPPBenjamin10Jun184413134SE qtr of NW qtr40
STIPPGoalson14Jan1839111W26SW qtr of SW qtr40
STIPPMichael10Dec183112110S qtr fr of NE qtr107.76
STIPPMichael26Jan183213127SW qtr of SW qtr40
STIPPMichael31Mar183913135E half of NW qtr80
STIPPMichael15Feb184513134NE qtr of NW qtr40
STIPPMichael23Sep184613134NE qtr of SW qtr40
STIRMETTNathan13Nov184812225SW qtr of NE qtr40
STITTElijah22Jan183011120E half of NW qtr80
STITTElijah24Aug1832111W13NE qtr of SW qtr40
STITTElijah18Jul1835111W13SE qtr of SW qtr40
STITTElijah1Feb1849111W13SE qtr of NE qtr40
STITTNancy4Feb1836111W13SE qtr fr NW qtr & SW qtr fr61
STITTESJoseph N.6Dec1851121W4SE qtr of SE qtr40
STJOHNLewis23May183612224NE qtr of NE qtr40
STJOHNSamuel24Apr18371122E half of NW qtr69.13
STOCKTONThomas31Mar182712227W half of SW qtr80
STORYWm.24Jan1846111W2SW qtr of NE qtr36.35
STOTTRobert C.4Oct18241229W half of SW qtr80
STOTTSAndrew M.5Jan18351229NE qtr of NW qtr40
STOTTSAndrew M.21Jul18361229E half of SE qtr80
STOTTSAndrew M.21Jul18361229NW qtr of SE qtr40
STOUTAaron15Aug1836121W36SE qtr of SW qtr40
STOUTAaron22Jul183911124SE qtr of NE qtr40
STOUTAaron22Jul1839111W3W half of SW qtr,NE qtr of SW120
STOUTAaron22Jul1839121W36SW qtr of NW qtr40
STOUTAaron22Jul1839121W36W half of SW qtr80
STOUTAaton22Jul1839111W25SW qtr of SE qtr40
STOUTAmos23Aug1836111W3SE qtr of SW qtr40
STOUTCatherine30Jul1836131W23SE qtr of SW qtr40
STOUTDaniel6Sep1820111W11E half of NW qtr80
STOUTDaniel6Sep1820111W11W half of NW qtr80
STOUTDaniel6Sep1820111W10E half of NE qtr80
STOUTDaniel6Sep1820111W10W half of NE qtr80
STOUTDaniel6Sep1820111W10E half of NW qtr80
STOUTDaniel6Sep1820111W10NW qtr of NW qtr40
STOUTHarlan25Jul1836131W23W half of SW qtr80
STOUTIva22Oct1835131W22SW qtr of SE qtr40
STOUTIva22Oct1835131W27SW qtr of NW qtr40
STOUTIva23Feb1837131W10SE qtr of SW qtr, W half of S120
STOUTJesse24Nov1845141W29SE qtr of NE qtr40
STOUTJesse24Nov1845141W29SW qtr of NW qtr40
STOUTJesse24Nov1845141W32W half of NW qtr80
STOUTJesse16Nov1848141W29NW qtr of NW qtr40
STOUTJohathan24Nov1845141W31E half of NE qtr80
STOUTSamuel15Aug1836121W1W half of NW qtr85.02
STOUTWm. H.30Mar1849121W24NW qtr of SW qtr40
STRADERGeorge19Aug184513126NE qtr of SW qtr40
STRADERGeorge, Jr.10Feb184313123NE qtr of SW qtr40
STRADERJohn10Feb184813123SW qtr of SE qtr40
STRINGERReuben7Dec1836142W33SW qtr of SE qtr40
STRINGERThomas16Dec1833132W3W half of SE qtr80
STRODERElizabeth29Jul185213126NW qtr of SE qtr40
STROUDAbraham16Jul1822111W2W half of SW qtr80
STROUDHiram17Dec1821111W14W half of NW qtr80
STROUDIsom18Aug1820111W11W half of SE qtr80
STROUDRice15Nov1820111W11E half of SE qtr80
STURGEONGeorge W.18Feb1840122W12E half of NE qtr80
STURGEONGeorge W.8Jan1846121W7SW qtr of NW qtr27.47
STURGEONJeremiah8Mar1831131W31E half of NE qtr80
STURGEONJeremiah6Nov1835122W13NW qtr of NE qtr40
STURGEONJeremiah6Nov1835122W12SW qtr of SE qtr40
STURGEONJeremiah21Sep1846122W12SE qtr of SE qtr40
STURGEONJeremiah9Jun1847122W12NE qtr of SE qtr40
STURGEONObadiah9Jun1847121W7E half of NW qtr54.94
STUTSMANAbraham11Jun1831112W34Lot #1 fr of SW qtr69.10
STUTSMANAbraham7Mar1833112W35NW qtr fr of NW qtr1
STUTSMANIsaac20Apr1832112W26SW qtr fr of N half125.50
STUTSMANIsaac21Sep1832112W26SW qtr fr of SE qtr40.57
SUMMERAbsalom26Oct1826141W27W half of SE qtr80
SUMMERAbsalom26Oct1826141W27E half of SW qtr80
SUMMERAbsalom29Aug1827141W35E half of NE qtr80
SUMMERSEnoch1Feb18221322NW qtr145.70
SUMMERSEnoch7Sep18311324W half of NE qtr75.27
SUMMERSEnoch24Nov183213221E half of NW qtr80
SUMMERSEnoch24Nov183213221W half of NE qtr80
SUMMERSJohn1Feb18221322NW qtr145.70
SUMMERSJoseph26Jul183313215NW qtr of NE qtr40
SUMMERSS.13Nov183213216W qtr of SW qtr80
SUMMERSS.19Nov183213216NE qtr of SW qtr40
SUMONSReadman23Mar183713129SE qtr of SW qtr40
SURGEONGeorge21Sep1846121W7NW qtr of NW qtr27.47
SUTTONAmariah21Sep183812236SW qtr of NE qtr40
SWARTZIsaac24Sep185311135NW qtr of SW qtr40
SWINDLEJoseph18May183313220NW qtr of NE qtr40
SWINNEYJoseph8Oct183612236SE qtr160
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TACKETJeremiah25Jun184712115NW qtr of NE qtr40
TAGARTFohn (Taggart)23Nov1839121W26SE qtr of NE qtr40
TAGGARTJohn29Nov1839121W27SE qtr of NE qtr40
TAGGARTJohn26Apr1840121W26SW qtr of NW qtr40
TAGUESolomon27Dec1831111W15W half of NW qtr80
TAGUESolomon12Feb1836111W15SW qtr of NE qtr40
TALBERTShipley2Dec1836121W12E half of NW qtr, NW qtr of N120
TAMPLEWilliam18Oct182412134NE qtr160
TANSEYAbel24Sep18241314E half of SE qtr80
TANSEYAbel29Jun1830141W34E half of NW qtr80
TANSEYAbsalom21Feb182313110E half of NW qtr80
TANSEYElijah24Jun182514131S qtr fr of N half82.70
TANSEYElijah3Aug1826131W14W half of SE qtr80
TANSEYElijah3Aug1826131W14E half of SW qtr80
TANSEYHiram3Jun182913114W half of NW qtr80
TANSEYHiram27Aug183513115SE qtr of NW qtr40
TANSEYHiram16Nov183613115SE qtr of SE qtr
TANSEYHiram23Nov183613122E half of NE qtr80
TANSEYJesse1Jun18281313W half of SW qtr80
TANSEYJesse28May183813115SW qtr of SE qtr40
TANSEYReuben27Oct1825141W36E half of SE qtr80
TANSEYReuben21Oct1829141W36W half of SW qtr80
TANSEYWilliam30Sep183113110W half of NW qtr80
TANSEYWilliam18Feb183213110E half of NE qtr80
TANSEYWilliam, Jr.1Jan18281313W half of NW qtr88.49
TANSEYWilliam, Sr.1Jan18281314W half of SE qtr80
TANSEYWm.6Apr1831131W2W half of NE qtr78.62
TANSEYWm.14Feb1835141W35SE qtr of SW qtr40
TANSEYWm.19Nov1836141W35NE qtr of SW qtr40
TARLTONJohn27Apr183712229NW qtr of SE qtr40
TATEAndrew Scott18Sep1832111W12SE qtr of NW qtr40
TAYLORAllen6Jun1836132W15NW qtr of SW qtr40
TAYLORCharles7Dec1837112W24SE qtr fr of NW qtr1.70
TAYLORFrank21Feb1837132W17E half of NE qtr80
TAYLORFrank21Feb1837132W7W half of NE qtr80
TAYLORFrank21Mar1837132W29W half of NE qtr80
TAYLORGeorge1Feb1837132W19SE qtr of NE qtr40
TAYLORGeorge1Feb1837132W20SW qtr of NW qtr40
TAYLORGoodwin1Nov1832141W28SW qtr of NE qtr40
TAYLORJames M.20Feb1836132W26SE qtr of SE qtr40
TAYLORJohn11Mar1836132W26NE qtr of SE qtr40
TAYLORJoseph M.18Nov1845111W13NE qtr of SW qtr40
TAYLORJoshua4Sep18201114W half of SE qtr80
TAYLORJoshua4Sep18201114E half of NW qtr76.27
TAYLORJoshua4Sep18201114E half of SW qtr80
TAYLORJoshua4Sep18201114W half of SW qtr80
TAYLORMoses M.20Aug18351113E half of SW qtr80
TAYLORMoses M.20Aug1835132W36W half of NE qtr80
TAYLORMoses M.18Oct1835122W1W half of SW qtr80
TAYLORMoses M.30Jan183611110NE qtr of SE qtr40
TAYLORThomas J.8Sep183612224SW qtr160
TAYLORTrason3Oct183311124NW qtr of SE qtr40
TAYLORTroson11Jun183211123SE qtr of NW qtr40
TEAGWm.9Feb1836111W21NE qtr fr of NE qtr2.23
TEAGUESolomon30Oct1850111W20Island #2 WWR27.10
TEAGUESolomon28May1852111W27NE qtr of SE qtr40
TEETERPolly22Apr183011224W half of NW qtr80
TEETERSamuel12Sep182711224E half of NW qtr80
TEETERThomas22Mar182711224W half of NE qtr80
TEETERSBetsey22Apr183011223E half of NE qtr80
TETERSRebecca29Oct183611214SE half of NW qtr80
THACKERAndrew21Feb185211232SE qtr of SW qtr40
THACKERArchibald24Feb184411125SE qtr of NE qtr40
THACKERJesse22May1837121W7E half of SE qtr80
THOMASJohn6Dec183311127SW qtr of NE qtr40
THOMASJohn6Dec183311127SE qtr of NW qtr40
THOMASPeter3Feb183612136SW qtr of NW qtr40
THOMASPeter13J183612135SW qtr of NW (E) qtr40
THOMPSONAbel12May182414132NW qtr160
THOMPSONAnderson2Jun1835132W28W half of SW qtr40
THOMPSONAnderson27Aug1836132W28SE qtr of SW qtr40
THOMPSONDaniel1Dec1835132W29E half of SE qtr80
THOMPSONDaniel17Dec1837132W29SW qtr of SE qtr40
THOMPSONJames13Apr183711228W half of NE qtr80
THOMPSONJames13Apr183711228E half of NW qtr80
THOMPSONJames13Apr183711228W half of SE qtr80
THOMPSONJesse3Jan18311323E half of NE qtr72.58
THOMPSONJesse17Dec183314233NE qtr of SW qtr40
THOMPSONJesse11Dec183414233SW qtr of SE qtr40
THOMPSONJohn22Oct1825111W17W half of NE qtr80
THOMPSONJohn22Oct1825111W8W half of SW qtr80
THOMPSONJohn21Jan183712226NE qtr40
THOMPSONJoseph21Nov183212224NW qtr of NW qtr40
THOMPSONJoseph11Aug183712213NW qtr of NW qtr40
THOMPSONMary4Mar185013129SW qtr of NW qtr40
THOMPSONThomas11Aug1821112W27W half of SW qtr80
THOMPSONThomas3Oct183512213SE qtr of SE qtr40
THOMPSONThomas21Mar183612223NW qtr of NE qtr40
THOMPSONWilliam B.4Nov185013129NW qtr of NW qtr40
THOMPSONWilliam B.2Jun185113120NE qtr of SW qtr40
THOMPSONWm.22Oct1825111W7E half of SE qtr80
THOMPSONWm. B.9Aug1839131W24SW qtr of SW qtr40
THORNBURGHBenjamin20Mar182613113W half of SW qtr80
THORNBURGHBenjamin31Dec183013113E half of SW qtr80
THURMANAaron23Aug183314228NW qtr of NW qtr40
TODDRobert28Sep1832141W27NW qtr of NW qtr40
TOLBERTShipley5Oct1847121W12SW qtr of NE qtr40
TOMLINSONHiram9Jun182614133W half of SW qtr80
TOMLINSONJohn8Oct1832132W4SE qtr of SW qtr40
TOMLINSONJosiah, Jr.19Jul182114230NW qtr105.86
TOWNSENDAnthony M.C.1Jul184511220SE qtr of SW qtr40
TOWNSENDElison8Nov184411120SW qtr of NE qtr40
TOWNSENDErwin16Feb184611123NE qtr of SE qtr40
TOWNSENDHenry6Feb18501128NW qtr of SW qtr40
TOWNSENDHenry23Nov185311134SW qtr of NE qtr40
TOWNSENDHenry23Nov185311134NW qtr of NE qtr40
TOWNSENDJoseph4Sep18201111W half of SW qtr80
TOWNSENDJosiah20Jul182211112W half of NE qtr80
TOWNSENDJosiah20Jul182211112E half of NW qtr80
TOWNSENDMartha17Sep1838121W23SE qtr of NE qtr40
TOWNSENDMartha15Apr1839121W24SW qtr of NW qtr40
TOWNSENDPeter6Feb183711124SW qtr of NW qtr40
TOWNSENDPeter16Dec183911123SE qtr of NE qtr40
TOWNSENDPeter19Apr184511229W half of NE qtr80
TOWNSENDPeter31Oct1853111W23E half of SW qtr80
TOWNSENDWilliam28Feb182211111E half of SW qtr80
TOWNSENDWilliam26Dec182811111W half of SE qtr80
TOWNSENDWilliam29Dec182911114E half of SW qtr80
TOWNSENDWilliam8Aug183111115E half of NE qtr80
TOWNSENDWilliam3Oct183111114W half of NE qtr80
TOWNSENDWilliam2Nov183311110SE qtr of SE qtr40
TOWNSENDWilliam8Apr183511110SE qtr of SE qtr40
TOWNSENDWilliam16Feb183611115W half of NE qtr80
TRAMELJames A.19May18371123NW qtr of SW qtr40
TRAMELWm.26Oct1835131W31SW qtr of NE qtr40
TREATJames W.2Nov1833132W12NW qtr of NE qtr40
TREATJames W.21Dec1836132W12SW qtr of NW qtr, SW qtr of N80
TREATJohn1Jul1826132W11W half of SW qtr80
TREATJohn1Jul1828132W10E half of SE qtr80
TREATJohn26Sep1833132W1W half of SE qtr80
TREATJohn12Jul1834132W10SW qtr of SE qtr40
TREATJohn26Sep1836132W9SW qtr of SE qtr40
TREATRichard2Nov1833132W15SW qtr of NW qtr40
TREATRichard14Dec1836132W15NW qtr of NW qtr40
TREATStephen13Aug1831132W15E half of NW qtr80
TREATWm. M.1Jul1828132W11SE qtr160
TREATWm. M.6Jun1836132W11NE qtr of SW qtr40
TRENTJames1Dec18341229SW qtr of SE qtr40
TROWBRIDGEDempsy20Aug1836121W30NE qtr of SE qtr40
TROXELDaniel5Aug182611224E half of NE qtr80
TROXELDaniel10Oct183411213SE qtr of SE qtr40
TROXELDaniel19Mar183611213SW qtr of SE qtr40
TROXELLAnderson30Jan185011217NE qtr of SW qtr40
TROXELLSamuel22Aug18481128NE qtr of SE qtr40
TROXELLSamuel29May18491128SW qtr of SE qtr40
TROXELLWm.5Jun184911217SE qtr of NW qtr40
TUCKERLewis26Jul1834122W24E half of NW qtr80
TUCKERLewis26Jul1834122W13SE qtr of SW qtr40
TUCKERSolomon29May1821112W27W half of NW qtr80
TULLJesse17Jul182113223E half of SE qtr80
TULLJesse21Sep182113224E half of NE qtr80
TURNERAbraham6Mar1837132W12E half of NE qtr80
TURPINThomas M.15Aug1831142W34SW qtr160
TYLERCharles7Dec1837112W25NE qtr fr of NE qtr62.42
TYLERJohn13Feb1836111W14S qtr fr of SW qtr2.97
TYLERJohn18Mar18361116fr of N qtr WWR13.30
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UNKNOWNOliver H.12Jul184711124SW qtr of SW qtr40
UNKNOWNUnknown12136E half of NE qtr
URYLewis L.7Jan18391123E half of NE qtr69.76
UTTERBACKBenjamin26Mar1822112W35SW qtr fr of NW qtr70
UTTERBACKBenjamin26Mar1832112W35E half of SW qtr80
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VANBUSKIRKJames14Oct1839111W32SW qtr of SW qtr40
VANBUSKIRKJames17Mar1846112W36E half of SW qtr80
VANBUSKIRKJohn6Jan1845112W35W half of NE qtr80
VANBUSKIRKJohn6Jan1845112W35NE qtr of NW qtr40
VANCEJeremiah23May183712233NE qtr of SE qtr40
VANDEVENTERJosiah29Apr1835111W31SE qtr of SE qtr40
VANDEVERJames25Oct183912236E half of NE qtr80
VANDIGRIFFElijah2Jul183111212W half of NE qtr80
VANRENSALEARWm.10Oct1836121W1NE qtr of SE qtr40
VANWINKLEThomas7Jun1834142W26SW qtr of NW qtr40
VARDENAllen12Apr184511234NE qtr of SE qtr40
VAUTERJohn23Mar184411227SE qtr of SW qtr40
VENTN.H.14Nov183213216E half of NE qtr80
VERNONAnthony13Nov1820111W11SW qtr160
VERTWm.12Nov183213210NW qtr of SE qtr40
VERTREESCharles5Nov182214135W half of SE qtr80
VERTREESCharles30Jul182314135E half of SE qtr80
VERTREESECharles11Dec18201312W half of NE qtr73.66
VERTREESECharles30Jul18231312E half of NW qtr78.72
VERTREESECharles20Nov18241312E half of NE qtr73.66
VESTALEli1Aug1834131W11SE qtr of NW qtr40
VICKERYHarman C.18Jan1851112W1W half of SW qtr80
VICKERYJohn24Jul1826112W22E half of NE qtr80
VICKERYJohn15Jun1839112W15SE qtr of SE qtr40
VINCENTNancy19Feb184612129W half of SW qtr80
VINCENTNancy, & Hastings19Feb184612129W half of SW qtr80
VITTITAEDavid29Jun183111111E half of SE qtr80
VOGUSJohn2Dec185313123NW qtr of NE qtr40
VOILSamuel E.5Jan18371124W half of SW qtr80
VOILSSamuel E.26Nov18361125SW qtr of SE qtr40
VORTDaniel17Dec182514235W half of SW qtr80
VORTDaniel6Jan182714235E half of SW qtr80
VOSHELDaniel26Feb1844112W11SE qtr of NE qtr40
VOSHELLDaniel H.29Mar1845112W1NE qtr of SE qtr37.71
VOSHELLDaniel H.8Dec1845112W1SW qtr of NE qtr29.79
VOSHELLDaniel H.23Dec1845112W1SE qtr of NE qtr29.79
VOSHELLDaniel H.24Jan1851112W1NW qtr of SE qtr37.71
VOSHELLDaniel H.25Mar1852112W1NE qtr of NE qtr29.77
VOSHELLPolly23Jun1836112W12SE qtr of NE qtr37.95
VOSHELLPolly23Jun1836112W12NE qtr of NE qtr37.95
VOSHELLPolly23Jun1836112W1SE qtr of SE qtr37.71
VOSHELLThomas18Jun1840122W36NW qtr of SW qtr40
VOSHELLWm.30Aug1830122W35E half of SE qtr80
VOSHELLWm.20Jul1833112W24NE fr half87.65
VOSHELLWm.20Oct1835112W1NW qtr of NW qtr31.80
VOSHELLWm.9Jan1836111W6W half of SW qtr57.41
VOSHELLWm.26Nov1836122W36SW qtr of SW qtr40
VOSHELLWm.15Jan1851112W1NE qtr of SW qtr40
VOSHELLWm.15Jan1851112W1SW qtr of NW qtr31.80
VOSHELLWm. H.31Jan1848112W1E half of NW qtr60.60
VOYLESMoses17Jul182811114W half of SE qtr80
VOYLESMoses10Oct183611123NW qtr of NE qtr40
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WAGONERArbot27May185111234SW qtr of SE qtr40
WALKERAlexander11Nov185113120SW qtr of NE qtr40
WALKERAlexander11Nov185113120SE qtr of NW qtr40
WALKERFrancis6Mar183313112SE qtr of SE qtr40
WALLSamuel1Feb1837132W20NW qtr of SE qtr40
WALLSamuel5Apr1837132W20NE qtr of SW qtr40
WALLACEElijah4Nov1834142W27SW qtr of SW qtr40
WALLACEElijah17Mar1837132W4W half of NE qtr65.62
WALLACEEnoch16Jan1849132W5NE qtr of SE qtr40
WALLSMoses18Oct1832142W27NW qtr of SW qtr40
WALLSMoses18Oct1832142W28NE qtr of SE qtr40
WALTERSCanida11Oct1836132W32SE qtr of NE qtr40
WALTERSCanida28Jan1839132W33NW qtr of SW qtr40
WALTERSElijah17Jul1829111W8E half of NW qtr80
WALTERSJoseph11Nov1835132W32E half of SW qtr80
WALTERSJoseph10Feb1836132W32SW qtr of SE qtr40
WALTERSLevi8Aug1825122W35W half of NW qtr80
WALTERSLevi19Dec1832111W3E half of NW qtr68.66
WALTERSLevi6Feb1836111W3SW qtr of NE qtr34.84
WALTERSMcDonald28Jan1839132W32SW qtr of NE qtr40
WALTERSRobert28Dec1832132W28W half of NE qtr80
WALTERSRobert23Nov1833132W28E half of NW qtr80
WALTERSRobert19Feb1836132W32NE qtr of SE qtr40
WALTERSRobert15Oct1836132W21W half of SE qtr80
WALTERSRobert4Feb1848111W7NE qtr of NE qtr40
WALTERSRobert S.8Jan1850111W5SE qtr of SW qtr40
WALTERSWm.16Apr1834132W33W half of NW qtr80
WALTERSWm.16Apr1834132W32NE qtr of NE qtr40
WALTERSWm.11Oct1836132W32NW qtr of NE qtr40
WAMSLEYBenjamin R.11Apr1833142W28W half of SW qtr80
WAMSLEYIsaac11Jan1837122W7E half of NE qtr80
WAMSLEYIsaac12Jan1839122W8NW qtr of NW qtr, SW qtr of N80
WARDEneas21Aug182814133E half of SE qtr80
WARDEphraim19Sep1853131W35NW qtr of NW qtr40
WARDEphraim G.19Sep1853132W22NW qtr of SW qtr40
WARDIsaac7Jan183713117SW qtr of NE qtr40
WARNERJackson26Jun184512122NE qtr of SW qtr40
WARNERJackson26Jul184512122SW qtr of SE qtr40
WARNERJackson15Jan184712122NW qtr of SE qtr40
WARRENJames29Sep1836121W26SW qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENIra6Jun1850121W24SE qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENIra18Feb1852121W24NE qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENIra S.16Nov1838121W28NW qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENIra S.16Jan1839121W28SW qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENIra S.24Mar184512130W half of NE qtr71.40
WARTHENIra S.8May1849121W25NE qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENIra S.18Feb1852121W24SE qtr of SE qtr40
WARTHENIsiah B.2Dec1853122W36SE qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENJames C.2Dec1853121W31S half of SW qtr59.13
WARTHENJohn A.26May1847121W28SW qtr of NW qtr40
WARTHENJohn Alexander16Nov1838121W21SE qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENJohn Alexander16Jan1839121W21NE qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENJohn Alexander5Jan1852121W21NW qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENJohn Alexander13Nov1852121W21S? qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENNancy J.13Jan1843121W25SE qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENWilliam26Jun184812131SE qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENWm.20Jun1835121W31W half of NW qtr59.72
WARTHENWm.28Nov1835121W31NE qtr of SE qtr40
WARTHENWm.18Mar1846122W36NE qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENWm.4Feb1851121W31SW qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENWm.4Feb1851121W31W half of SE qtr80
WARTHENWm.4Feb1851121W31SE qtr of SE qtr40
WARTHENWm.4Feb1851121W32SE qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENWm.5Jan1852121W32SW qtr of SW qtr40
WARTHENWm.5Jan1852121W31N half of SW qtr59.13
WARTHENWm.5Jan1852121W31NW qtr of NE qtr40
WARTHENWm.21Feb1852121W32W half of NW qtr80
WARTHENWm.1Jul1852121W32NW qtr of SW qtr40
WATERSRobert2Feb1847122W10NE qtr of SW qtr40
WATERSRobert27Dec1847122W10S half of SW qtr80
WATSONDavid1Oct183213227NW qtr of NW qtr40
WATSONEdward R.5Nov182314226NW qtr160
WATSONRichard4Jan1839132W28SE qtr of SE qtr40
WATSONSimon16Dec1833122W5NE qtr of NE qtr40.11
WATSONSimon19Jan1836122W5SE qtr of NE qtr40.11
WATSONSimon2Jan1836122W4W half of NW qtr80.46
WATSONSolomon8Sep1823112W3W half of NE qtr60.55
WATSONSolomon7Jul1827122W18E half of SE qtr80
WATSONSolomon19Jan1829122W18W half of NW qtr67.82
WATSONSolomon11May1832132W31E half of NE qtr80
WATSONSolomon25Sep1832132W32NW qtr of NW qtr40
WATSONSolomon6Aug1833111W1N qtr fr of NE qtr74
WATSONSolomon2Oct1834132W32SW qtr of NW qtr40
WATSONSolomon23Jul1835132W31SW qtr of NE qtr40
WATSONSolomon9Dec1835132W31SE qtr of SE qtr, NW qtr of S80
WATSONSolomon12Dec1835132W32E half of NW qtr80
WATSONSolomon14Jun1839122W5SW qtr of NW qtr40.51
WATSONSolomon30Mar1847122W5W half of SW qtr80
WATSONThomas21May182413222S half of NW qtr70.89
WATSONThomas22Feb183213221E half of NE qtr80
WATSONThomas28Mar183213215SE qtr of SW qtr40
WATSONThomas16Mar183513215SW qtr of NE qtr40
WATSONThomas9Jun183513222N half of NW qtr80
WATSONThomas17Jun183513227SW qtr117.92
WATSONThomas17Jun183513227E half of NW qtr94.45
WATSONThomas16Jan183613222N half of SW qtr47.24
WATSONThomas8Feb183613222SE qtr of SW qtr42.14
WATSONWm.30Jan1836121W15SE qtr of SE qtr40
WATTSamuel2Nov182413225E half of NE qtr80
WATTENLevi19Dec1832111W3SW qtr of NW qtr34.33
WATTSFrederick1Oct185311128NE qtr of NW qtr40
WATTSFrederick1Oct185311128SE qtr of NW qtr40
WATTSFrederick2Oct185311133NW qtr160
WATTSFrederick21Oct185311121E half of SE qtr80
WATTSFrederick21Oct185311121W half of SE qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311115SW qtr of SW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311120NE qtr of SE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311121E half of NW qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311121E half of SW qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311121W half of SW qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311122SW qtr of SW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311122NW qtr of NW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311122SW qtr of NW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311122NE qtr of SW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311122NW qtr of SW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311127NW qtr of NW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311128W half of SE qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311128NE qtr of SW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311128W half of SW qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311128SW qtr of NE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311128NW qtr of NE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311129NE qtr of SE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311129SE qtr of SE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311129SW qtr of SE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311131SE qtr of NW qtr south half190.47
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311132W half of SE qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311132NE qtr of NE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311132SE qtr of NE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311132NW qtr of NE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311132SW qtr of NE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311132N half of SW qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311132E half of SE qtr80
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311133SW qtr of NE qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311133SE qtr of SW qtr40
WATTSFrederick31Oct185311133W half of SW qtr80
WATTSRichard3Dec18281326W half of NE qtr72.36
WAYMIREAndrew11Oct182012129S qtr fr of S half122.39
WEATHERSRichard26Apr1836111W12Lot #1 fr25.64
WEAVERHenry15Oct18511128E half of SW qtr80
WEBBJohn26Sep183611230W half of SW qtr65.24
WEIDNERWm.10Sep1847111W13NE qtr of NE qtr40
WELLMANAndrew T.23Mar1847131W9E half of SE qtr80
WELLMANAndrew T.23Mar1847131W9NW qtr of SE qtr40
WELLMANAndrew T.23Mar1849131W9NE qtr of SW qtr40
WESTDaniel15Apr183713127SW qtr of SE qtr40
WESTJeptha29Oct185111220NE qtr of SW qtr40
WEVERAbraham2Dec1853111W33SW qtr of SW qtr40
WHEELDONEljah B.11Oct18381214W half of NE qtr69.14
WHEELERAllen20Oct1834132W3NE qtr of NE qtr36.63
WHEELERNathaniel16May1832132W2NW qtr of SE qtr40
WHEELERNathaniel21Jan1835132W2SW qtr of SE qtr40
WHEELERNathaniel14Dec1836132W2SE qtr of NW qtr40
WHEELERNathaniel15Apr1839132W2SE qtr of SE qtr40
WHEELERNathaniel3Jun1844131W19E half of NE qtr80
WHEELERSally15Oct1838132W2NE qtr of SE qtr40
WHEELERThomas16Dec1836132W10SW qtr of NE qtr40
WHEELERThomas Jefferson21May1839112W15W half of NW qtr80
WHESTONEMathias19May183711215E half of SE qtr80
WHETSINERufus28Feb185111217NW qtr of SE qtr40
WHETSTINEJohn F.8Feb184811217E half of NE qtr80
WHETSTINEJohn F.8Feb184811217SW qtr of NE qtr40
WHETZELLCyrus17Jun182113223NE qtr137.14
WHETZELLCyrus17Dec183313223SW qtr of SW qtr35.40
WHETZELLCyrus23Dec183313222E half of SE qtr59.14
WHITAKERCrafton B.12Dec1833112W10NW qtr of SE qtr40
WHITAKERCrafton B.30Aug1837112W10SW qtr of NW qtr40
WHITAKERCrafton B.20Mar1845112W10SW qtr of SE qtr40
WHITAKERDaniel L.23Aug1847122W8NE qtr of NE qtr40
WHITAKERDavid C.2Aug1849122W8SE qtr of NE qtr40
WHITAKEREli D.20Jul1853122W7NW qtr of NW qtr33.80
WHITAKEREli D.20Jul1853122W7SW qtr of NW qtr33.80
WHITAKERGrafton12Jan1831112W27E half of SE qtr80
WHITAKERGrafton18Jan1836112W14SW qtr of SW qtr40
WHITAKERGrafton B.7Aug1845122W9W half of SE qtr, E half of S160
WHITAKERGrafton B.12Jan1846122W8E half of SE qtr80
WHITAKERGrafton B.12Jan1846122W9W half of SW qtr80
WHITAKERGrafton B.7Jan1846122W3SE qtr of NE qtr42.24
WHITAKERJohn20Feb1836132W26NW qtr of SE qtr40
WHITAKERJohn8Jan1846132W36NE qtr of NE qtr40
WHITAKERJohn24Jan1849132W36SE qtr of NE qtr40
WHITAKERJoseph22Jul1836132W8SE qtr of SW qtr40
WHITAKERJoshua14Feb184911236SE qtr of SE qtr40
WHITAKERKenner2Nov1825122W22SE qtr of SE qtr40
WHITAKERKenner28Dec1836122W12E half of SW qtr80
WHITAKERKenner S.8Oct1835122W22SE qtr of NW qtr40
WHITAKERKenner S.2Nov1835122W22E half of NE qtr80
WHITAKERLevi3Nov1827112W3E half of NE qtr60.55
WHITAKERLevi5Nov1829122W22E half of SW qtr80
WHITAKERLevi5Nov1829122W22W half of NW qtr80
WHITAKERLevi5Nov1829122W27W half of NE qtr, E half of N80
WHITAKERLevi12Dec1833122W34SW qtr of NE qtr40
WHITAKERLevi25Feb1834122W34NE qtr of NW qtr40
WHITAKERLevi1Nov1834122W34SE qtr of NW qtr40
WHITAKERLevi21Feb1839112W14NW qtr of SW qtr40
WHITAKERLevi B.21Sep1846122W9SW qtr of NW qtr40
WHITAKERLevi P.8Jan1846122W1SW qtr of NW qtr41.07
WHITAKERLevi, Sr.26Jan1847122W27NE qtr of SW qtr40
WHITAKERMargaret5Feb1839112W10NW qtr of NW qtr40
WHITAKERMargaret5Feb1839112W10SW qtr of NE qtr40
WHITAKEROphelia M.1Nov1833132W36NW qtr160
WHITAKEROphelia M.4Jun1834132W35E half of NE qtr80
WHITAKERRebecca1May1837122W27SE qtr of SW qtr40
WHITAKERRebecca26Jan1846122W15W half of NW qtr, NE qtr of N120
WHITAKERWm. K.25Sep1846122W17NE qtr of NE qtr40
WHITEBenjamin7Mar182314125E half of SW qtr80
WHITEBenjamin4Oct182314125W half of SW qtr80
WHITEJohn14Jan18321111E half of NW qtr75.66
WHITEJohn13Jun183612122SE qtr of SE qtr40
WHITEHEADArchibald8Jun183213114NE qtr of NW qtr40
WHITEHEADArchibald27Aug183513122W half of SW qtr80
WHITEHEADJacob6Jan1854121W4NE qtr of NE qtr42.17
WHITEHEADNathan13Dec183413123SW qtr of NW qtr40
WHITINGTONJohn2Feb183311235SE qtr of NW qtr40
WHITSETTAndrew J.17Mar1868111W20N qtr fr of SE qtr20
WHITSETTAndrew J.17Mar186812112Plumb Island S qtr of SW qtr30
WHITSONJohn25Feb1848121W22SW qtr of NE qtr40
WHITSONJoseph2Feb1836121W27NE qtr of NE qtr40
WHITSONNathan19Mar1847121W21NE qtr of NE qtr40
WHITSONNathan19Mar1847121W21NE qtr of NE qtr40
WIDSONJoel20Mar183212121E half of SE qtr80
WIGALWm.26Oct1835132W33SE qtr160
WIGALWm.24May1836132W33SW qtr of NE qtr40
WIGANSJames7Sep183713126SE qtr of SW qtr40
WILCOXJohn11Jan1828142W34W half of NE qtr80
WILEYRankin6Dec183013225E half of SE qtr80
WILHITEJames B.2Dec1853121W9NW qtr of NE qtr40
WILHITEJames W.2Dec1853121W4SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILHITEJames W.2Dec1853121W4SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILHITEJohn5Nov1836131W28SW qtr of NE qtr, SE qtr of N80
WILHITEJoshua20Sep1833131W15SE qtr of NW qtr40
WILHITEJoshua20Sep1833131W15SW qtr of Sw qtr40
WILHITEJoshua10Mar1849131W19SW qtr of SW qtr40
WILHITEJoshua10Mar1849132W24SE qtr of SW qtr, S half of S109.03
WILHITELamach5Nov1836131W27NW qtr of SW qtr40
WILHITELamach5Nov1836131W32E half of SW qtr80
WILHITELamach2Mar1837131W19NE qtr of SE qtr40
WILHITELamech5Nov1836121W5NE qtr of NW qtr42
WILHITENoah4Mar1836131W28NW qtr of NE qtr40
WILHITERussell12Apr1834131W34SE qtr of NE qtr40
WILHITEVirginia A.26Oct1835131W15NW qtr of SW qtr40
WILHITEWm.131W27S half
WILLEYRichard6Apr1836132W9NW qtr of SE qtr40
WILLEYRichard6Apr1836132W9NE qtr160
WILLIAMSandy18Jun1829112W2NE qtr fr124.81
WILLIAMSAnderson5Apr1830131W22W half of SW qtr80
WILLIAMSBenjamin9Nov1835131W17E half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSBenjamin K.3Jan1834131W9W half of NW qtr80
WILLIAMSBenjamin K.3Jun1834131W7W half of SE qtr80
WILLIAMSBenjamin K.9Nov1835131W9E half of NW qtr80
WILLIAMSCharles16Dec18341111NW half of NE qtr38.28
WILLIAMSCharles16Dec183412136SE qtr of SW qtr40
WILLIAMSEnoch27Jun1837131W25W half of SW qtr80
WILLIAMSEnoch27Jun1837131W33SE qtr of SW qtr40
WILLIAMSEnoch29Jun1837131W26E half of SE qtr80
WILLIAMSEnoch26Nov1839131W33SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSEnoch28Aug1840121W9SW qtr of NE qtr,SE qtr of NW80
WILLIAMSHenry W.17Aug18321224SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSHiram W.16Oct1832131W27NW qtr of NW qtr40
WILLIAMSHiram W.14Oct1835131W27E half of NW qtr80
WILLIAMSHiram W.28Oct1836131W32E half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSHiram W.28Oct1836131W33SW qtr of NW qtr40
WILLIAMSHiram W.30Dec1837131W32SW qtr of NE qtr40
WILLIAMSJames25Jan18361223E half of SE qtr80
WILLIAMSJames16Feb18371222SW qtr of SW qtr40
WILLIAMSJoel2Feb183911218N half of SE qtr80
WILLIAMSJoel3Feb184511218SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSJoel4Sep184811218E half of NW qtr62
WILLIAMSJohn15Jan1830131W15SE qtr160
WILLIAMSJohn25Sep1830131W22E half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSJohn30Nov1836131W15NW qtr of NW qtr40
WILLIAMSJohn R.10Sep183212219SE qtr of NE qtr40
WILLIAMSJonathan28Nov182012113E qtr fr of NW qtr77.64
WILLIAMSJonathan16Jul18211227SE qtr160
WILLIAMSJonathan16Jul18211225E half of SW qtr66.30
WILLIAMSJonathan15Mar183012218E half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSJonathan7Jan18331227W half of NE qtr66.80
WILLIAMSJonathan16Jan183612210SW qtr of NW qtr80
WILLIAMSJonathan18Jan18361223S half of SW qtr80
WILLIAMSLawrence C.1Jun1848131W17E half of NW qtr80
WILLIAMSLawrence C.1Jun1848131W17W half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSMartha16Nov1836131W33SE qtr of NW qtr40
WILLIAMSMonroe11Mar18481127SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSMorgan12Jun182813236E half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSNathan C.19Nov1845141W29NE qtr of NE qtr40
WILLIAMSNathan C.19Nov1845141W29NW qtr of SW qtr40
WILLIAMSRichard3Nov1836132W18W half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSRichard3Nov1836132W18SE qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSS.25Oct1837131W16E half80
WILLIAMSSinechrub30May1850141W30E half of NW qtr54.13
WILLIAMSSinechrub21Jun1850141W30SW qtr of NE qtr40
WILLIAMSSolomon7Dec1836131W27W half of SE qtr80
WILLIAMSWiley17Dec1821112W22E half of SE qtr80
WILLIAMSWiley17Dec1821112W34N qtr fr144.01
WILLIAMSWiley6Apr1839112W15SE qtr of SW qtr40
WILLIAMSWiley27Apr1840112W15SE qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSWilliam16May182912113E half of SW qtr80
WILLIAMSWilliam5Oct183212113NW qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSWilliam15Mar18331111SW qtr of NE qtr38.28
WILLIAMSWilliam2Sep18331111NW qtr of SE qtr40
WILLIAMSWm.23Dec182611225E half of NE qtr80
WILLIAMSWm.10May18371125SE qtr of SW qtr40
WILLIAMSWm.15Sep183711221NE qtr of SW qtr40
WILLIAMSWm.13Dec183811221NE qtr of NW qtr40
WILLIAMSWm.28Aug184611228NW qtr of NW qtr40
WILLSSamuel13Jul1846121W34SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILSONAlexander17Jun1845112W10SE qtr of SW qtr40
WILSONAlexander30Mar1849112W10NW qtr of SW qtr40
WILSONDavid15Sep1835132W18SW qtr of NW qtr35.84
WILSONIsaac11Mar1839132W31NE qtr of NW qtr40
WILSONJames14Dec183512134NE qtr of NW qtr40
WILSONJohn F.25Dec1834131W6SW qtr of SE qtr40
WILSONJohn S.8May18341224SE qtr of SE qtr40
WILSONJoshua1Sep182913229E half of SW qtr80
WILSONRobert2Sep1842121W14NW qtr of SE qtr40
WILSONRobert8Dec1843121W14SE qtr of SE qtr40
WILSONSamuel C.2Dec18531217SE qtr of SW qtr106.26
WILSONSamuel C.2Dec18531217W half of SW qtr106.26
WILSONThomas21Sep1837112W15SE qtr of NW qtr40
WILSONThomas3Oct1848112W15NE qtr of NW qtr40
WILSONWilliam12Mar18351119NW qtr of SW qtr40
WILSONWm.9Nov1848111W27SW qtr of SW qtr40
WILSONWm.9Nov1848111W34W half of NW qtr80
WILSONWm.9Nov1848111W28SE qtr of SE qtr40
WINGLERJohn4Aug1836122W13NW qtr of SE qtr40
WINGLERJohn13Aug1838122W13SW qtr of NE qtr40
WINTERGeorge30Aug183712119W half of S half71.14
WINTERGeorge30Aug183712119NE qtr of S half35.57
WISEDavid26Sep1832142W28SW qtr of SE qtr40
WOODHenry2Oct1838121W5NW qtr of SE qtr40
WOODJohn11Nov183612229NE qtr of NW qtr40
WOODLaban22May1835141W32NE qtr of NE qtr40
WOODPatrick20Dec183811123SW qtr of SW qtr40
WOODSamuel30Nov1826142W33W half of NW qtr80
WOODSamuel, Jr.2Nov1830142W33W half of SW qtr80
WOODARDWm.5Dec183413215SW qtr of Sw qtr40
WOODSLaben12May184313128NE qtr of SE qtr40
WOODSOwen19Jan185211136NW qtr of SW qtr40
WOODSPatrick23Dec184111136NW qtr of NW qtr40
WOODSPatrick25Feb184611136SW qtr of NW qtr40
WOODSWm.25Oct183912226W half of NE qtr80
WOODSWm.25Oct183912226E half of NW qtr80
WOODWARDWm.21Oct1835142W26N half of NW qtr80
WOODWARDWm. A.11Jul1837132W3NE qtr of SE qtr40
WORLEYJoseph1Jun1836132W1SE qtr of SE qtr40
WORTHAlexander22Jan183612110Lot #1 Sub Div40
WORTHAlexander22Jan183613135SE qtr of NE qtr40
WORTHINGTONJ. M.12Feb1836121W35NW qtr of SE qtr120
WORTHINGTONJos. W.10Nov183512132Lot @ 1 Sub Div N half46.42
WORTHINGTONJoseph W.13Jun1836121W35SE qtr of NE qtr40
WORTHINGTONR. T.10Nov183512132W qtr fr of SW qtr57.40
WORTHINGTONR. T.10Nov183512132Lot # 1 Sub Div N half46.42
WORTHINGTONRobert D.12Oct18311325W half of SE qtr80
WORTHINGTONRobert D.4Feb183612117E half of SE qtr4.66
WORTHINGTONRobert D.25Apr183613212W half of N qtr of SE qtr47.74
WORTHINGTONRobert D.25Apr183613212S half of NE qtr62.81
WORTHINGTONT.10Nov183512132W qtr fr of SW qtr57.40
WORTHINGTONW. T.12Feb1836121W35NW qtr of SE qtr120
WORTHINGTONWilliam10Aug183512110Lot #2 Sub Div53.64
WORTHINGTONWilliam T.10Aug183512111Lot #3 Sub Div64.89
WORTHINGTONWilliam T.25Apr183613212W half of N qtr of SE qtr47.74
WORTHINGTONWilliam T.25Apr183613212S half of NE qtr62.81
WORTHINGTONWm.30Jun183513228SE qtr of SW qtr40
WORTHINGTONWm.1Jul183513215N half of SW qtr80
WORTHINGTONWm.8Jan183613215SE qtr of NW qtr40
WORTHINGTONWm.18Jan183613215W half of NW qtr80
WORTHINGTONWm. T.30Jun183513228SW qtr of SE qtr40
WORTHINGTONWm. T.27Jun18351321Fr of SE qtr25.31
WORTHINGTONWm. T.1Jul183513228E half of SE qtr71.90
WORTHINGTONWm. T.1Jul183513228SE qtr of NE qtr40
WORTHINGTONWm. T.1Jul183513233Fr of NE qtr107.17
WORTHINGTONWm. T.19Nov183512132Lot # 1 Sub Div N half46.42
WORTHINGTONWm. T.18Jan183613212N half of NE qtr55.54
WORTHINGTONWm. T.1Feb183613213Fr of NE qtr5.03
WRIGHTGideon9Dec1833142W33SE qtr of SE qtr40
WRIGHTGideon8Mar1834132W17SW qtr of NE qtr40
WRIGHTGideon18Nov1837132W20NE qtr of SE qtr40
WRIGHTJohn28Jan1847122W10NE qtr of NW qtr40
WRIGHTJoseph A.8Apr1839141W29E half of NW qtr80
WRIGHTJoseph A.21Aug1839141W29W half of NE qtr80
WRIGHTSamuel14Dec1830132W18W half of SE qtr80
WRIGHTSamuel14Dec1830132W18E half of NW qtr71.68
WRIGHTSamuel14Dec1830132W17W half of SE qtr80
WRIGHTSamuel28Oct1835132W17NE qtr of SE qtr40
WRIGHTSamuel22Oct1836132W18NW qtr of NW qtr40
WRIGHTSamuel22Oct1836132W18SE qtr of NW qtr36.02
WRIGHTSamuel23Jun1846132W19NW qtr of NW qtr35.54
WRIGHTWillis W.22May185211232SW qtr of NE qtr40
WRIGHTWm. N.16Nov1842122W10SE qtr of NW qtr40
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YAGERSanford C.8Aug1836131W31E half of NW qtr57.45
YAGERSanford C.8Aug1836131W31NW qtr of NE qtr40
YAGERWm.9Oct1848131W32SW qtr of SE qtr40
YODERJohn3Jun184711136NE qtr of SE qtr40
YODIERConrad17Jun182911114E half of NW qtr80
YORKJeremiah C.12Jan1849112W34Lot #2 fr of SW qtr40.40
YORKJeremiah C.28Aug1849132W29NE qtr of NE qtr40
YORKJeremiah C.28Aug1849132W29S half of NW qtr80
YORKJeremiah C.8Oct1849121W5NE qtr of NE qtr40
YORKKinsbury24Dec1850121W4SE qtr of SW qtr40
YORKSeymuer3Oct1849121W9NW qtr of SW qtr40
YOUNGScott W.20Jun1823112W3E half of SW qtr80
YOUNGScott W.13May1829112W3SW qtr of SE qtr40
YOUNGScott W.12Sep1832112W3NW qtr of SE qtr40
YOUNGScott W.13May1839112W10NW qtr of NE qtr40
YOUNGScott W.10Aug1840132W25NW qtr of SE qtr40
YOUNGScott W.1Nov1841132W25E half of NW qtr80
YOUNGScott W.1Nov1841132W25W half of NE qtr80
YOUNGScott W.10Aug1846131W30E half of SW qtr57.64
YOUNGScott W.10Aug1846131W31W half of NW qtr57.45
YOUNGScott W.15May1847132W25SW qtr of SE qtr40
YOUNGScott W.12Aug1851131W31W half of SW qtr56.71
YOUNTJonathan1Jun1833112W23NW qtr of NW qtr40
YOUNTJoseph25Mar1837111W18NW qtr of SW qtr26.13
YOUNTMiles28Jan1828112W12NW qtr of NE qtr37.90
YUNTJacob22Oct183312232SW qtr of SW qtr40
YUNTJacob22Oct183312231E half of SE qtr80
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ZARNYWm. M.2Dec1853121W5NE qtr of SE qtr40
ZIGLERPhilip3Oct183213125NW qtr of SW qtr40
ZIGLERPhilip3Oct183213125SW qtr of NW qtr40
ZINKEli31Dec1845122W2E half of NE qtr84.12
ZINKMathias10Dec1834122W23NW qtr of NE qtr40
Patent Deed Rec 75121W29SE qtr of SE qtr40
Patent Deed Rec V121WNW qtr of SE qtr40

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