Page last updated November 7, 2007

If you would like to become a lookup volunteer for the Morgan County area. Email me at Debbie Jennings .

Please remember that our volunteers are just that "volunteers" and we certainly don't want to lose them.

Many of them work, lead rather busy lives and need us to understand that it may take awhile to get to your query.

One at a time, please! Be specific, and don't ask for all the Smith's or Joneses.

If we can adhere to this - let's hope we can keep our volunteers for a very long time.

Until we obtain more volunteers:

As I maintain 2 different websites, please specify Morgan County and be patient and kind in your requests.

I simply cannot answer requests from the same persons over and over again.

So, if you are in constant need of the resources, you might consider ordering them.

Debbie Jennings

Census Records 1840-1920

Please include the following information:

Head of Household & any others possible with ages if known

Which census you are wanting a lookup in


Morgan County Death Records 1880-1920

Morgan County Birth Records 1880-1920

Morgan County Marriages 1850-1920

Morgan County History Book by Charles Ballard

Margaret Hendrickson's "Henry T Ratts Family"

Winglers of North Carolina