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Migrations Database
Page last updated May 10, 2007
  • Many of our earliest settlers either arrived in Morgan County alone or with others, perhaps friends or family members. It was always easier for families to travel together as many of the tasks necessary to build a new home took the work of more then one man.

  • These migrational patterns, if you will, seemed to take place during certain time frames. Some of the families that migrated into Morgan County remained and other would later migrate to Iowa, Nebraska or Kansas. Much of this "outbound" migration occurred due to the homesteading laws of 1862. Some of the "outbound" would later migrate back to Morgan County- some families never made it any further then Indianapolis and this was normally generated by economic needs.

  • Please submit to me your surname entries in order for us to formulate some type of survey as to the comings and goings of the different surnames. The necessary information is found in the table below- be certain to include your name so credit may be given. Please include as much information asked for that you can.

  • "Previous Location" means Where they were just prior to coming to Morgan County. When asking for dates, the "year" is okay.
Surname/PreviousLocation Arrived inCountyTownship Settled inRemainedLeft County DateWent Where(State)Submitted by
Secrest/SechristRowan County, NC1843Ray Townshipyesn/buried Lingle CemeteryDebbie Jennings
WarthenOverton County, TN1831Ray & Gregg Townshipn1833Missouri-returned 1835Debbie Jennings
RattsWashington County, IN1828Washington & Ashlandyesn/aburied Ratts & Olive CemeteriesDebbie Jennings
KnoyRowan County, NC1827-1840Rayyesn/aburied Lingle CemeteryDebbie Jennings
LingleBurke County, NCpre 1845Rayyesn/aburied Lingle CemeteryDebbie Jennings
MannanSpotsylvania County, VAbefore 1834Ashlandyesn/aburied Mannan CemeteryDebbie Jennings