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Plano is located in northwestern Ashland Township, Morgan County, Indiana. The most obvious landmark is the Campbell's Plano Store. The store is operated by Shirley Campbell on behalf of her husband and father-in-law. It can be found at the intersection of Plano Road (950 West) and Arend Road (500 North). Another local landmark is the Corinth Baptist Church which is located on Plano Road just south of the store. Lewisville which is two miles southwest and Eminence, three miles northwest are the nearest towns. At one time the village boasted a sawmill, shoe shop, general store, and tele

 The early settlers of section two, Ashland Township were recorded in Blanchard's 1884, "Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana," as: William Brasier in 1834, Jesse Shoemaker in 1835, and George Blunk in 1839.

     William Harrison Shields was a local notary public and built the original Plano general store in 1889. Mr. Shield's son Jacob S. (Jake) Shields became the storekeeper and is reported to have named the town for a wheat binder his father purchased. The binder was from Plano, Illinois and is said to have had the word PLANO painted in bold letters along each side. Plano in Spanish means plane or level. The words describe the landscape quite well.

     Jake Shields was postmaster from June 21, 1889 to September 15, 1904. He also founded the first sawmill and shoe shop in town.

     James White was captured and held in Libby Prison during the Civil War. The White family was divided by the conflict. While James was in the Union Army, his two brothers joined the Confederacy. After the War James settled in the area of Plano, became the local cobbler and married Elizabeth Wright.

     James Stierwalt and Estus Wallace are reported to have been the blacksmiths in Plano.

     The telephone exchange was run by Thamy and Etta Wheeler in the early twentieth century.

     Sam McGinnis sold farm equipment.

     Other merchants included Billy Shrake, Milo Littell, Nathaniel Wheeler, and Charles Goss.

     Until the 1920's an annual picnic was held in the village of Plano.

     The present store was built in 1956 by the current owner Arthur Campbell.

phone exchange.