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Morgan County 1890 Tax ListingsA listing of Individuals & Companies who paid Taxes taken from the microfilm at the Morgan County Public Library.

Morgan County Marriage Records, Books A & B, 1822-1851. Indexed by Bride and Groom.

Morgan County Marriage Records, Books C & D, 1852-1866. Indexed by Bride and Groom.

Morgan CountyScrapbook I A compilation of MorganCounty fact and folklore. Rebecca Hardin, editor, c.1985; reprinted 1996; 414 pp., indexed.

Morgan County Indiana Index to the 1870 FederalCensus Index of all adults age18 and older in thehousehold, plus all with different surname. Dale Drake and Janice Enk, compilers; 84pp.

MorganCounty Indiana Index to the 1900 Federal Census Head-of-household index, plus all with differentsurname. Connie Foster, compiler; 60 pp.

Morgan County Indiana Index to the 1910 FederalCensus Head-of-householdindex, plus all with differentsurname. Dale Drake and Janice Enk, compilers; 64 pp.

History Minutes 1995An illustrated compilation of the short talks given at the beginning ofeach Associationmeeting in 1995. Centerton; Mooresville Public Library; Centenary Church; Ennis BrothersPhotography;Eminence Masonic Lodge No. 440; Grassyfork Fisheries; The Henry Branch Family; MooresvilleAcademyBuilding. Dale Drake, editor; 18 pp., indexed.

History Minutes1996 Short talks of 1996: Firein the Courthouse; The Town of Paragon; Morgan CountyBoundaries; Morgan County Census Takers; Old Hickory; Morgan/Monroe Forest; "In SmallThings Forgotten";The Woods of the Family Bradford; Dr. Cyrus Richardson; Plat Maps and Plat Books; Brooklyn'sBridge;Victorian Christmas in Indiana. Dale Drake, editor; 30 pp., indexed,

History Minutes1997 Short talks of 1997:Soldier's Discharge Records; Hyndsdale; Jackson Twp. Schools;Early Churches and Cemeteries; Foxcliff Manor House; Abandoned Villages; J. P. Calvert,Photographer;Reuben Aldrich and Big Bend Farm; West Union Friends Church; Morgantown United MethodistChurch. DaleDrake, editor; 34 pp., indexed.

History Minutes 1998 Short talks of 1998: Nast Chapel; Mooresville Rangers; MorganCounty Courthouse;Long Cemetery; Local History Archives; White Lick Methodist Episcopal Church; The Grange;Memories ofCross School; 1949 Morgan County Fair. Dale Drake, editor; 28 pp., indexed.

Morgan County Historic Postcards - 1997 LimitedEdition Set of 13 sepia-tintedphotographs ready formailing. Morgan County Courthouse; Waverly Ferry; Lewisville School with hack; MooresvilleCarnegieLibrary; Sand Creek Baptist Church and cemetery; Ravinia Farm and Gossard Breeding Estates;MartinsvillleHigh School 1927 basketball team; Grassyfork Fisheries refrigerated transport; A. R. Shiremanand son wagonyard; High Rock Bungalow; Renner Brothers blacksmith shop; McCracken House; MorganCounty Infirmary.

Morgan County History &Genealogy Back issues of thequarterly Association newsletter. Volume 1 (1995)has three issues, #1 - #3; all other volumes have four issues, #1 - #4. $3.00, each issue. Also available, separatefive-year index,Volumes 1 - 5. $3 each.