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Rattsville was located two and one-half miles east of Lewisville on Lewisville Road (300 North), between Shuler Road (950 West) and Letterman Road (875 West).This puts the former village in Section 23 of Ashland Township, Morgan County, Indiana.The only reminders of the community are a home and the name Rattsville on a single mailbox.   

The village was founded by T.J. and Mary Ratts when they built a store on their property.This was around the turn of the century.


 Henry Ratts and his wife Rebecca moved from Davison County, North Carolina to Washinton County, Indiana in 1823. In the 1830s he bought land in Ashland Township Ephraim Ratts is on the Poll Tax list in 1842. The familyis from Germany, with the original spelling of Ratz. For further info on this family, please contact Debbie.

     There is no record of a post office in Rattsville. There was a general store east of the house, with a gasoline pump, a blacksmith across the road, a drug store, a telephone switchboard and a dirt racetrack