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West Union Cemetery

Photo taken that day of Morgan County History and Genealogy Association Cemetery Chairman, Dale Coffey, showing the West Union Friends Meeting House members how to set up a tombstone correctly. Click on the photo for an enlarged view.

The Saturday morning, May 19, workshop held at the West Union Friends Cemetery, started off very early with several members from the Morgan County History and Genealogy Association showing the West Union Friends Meeting House members how to repair, clean and reset tombstones.

They had requested a hands on project so they could get their cemetery in better shape. They provided lunch for the ones attending, which was appreciated by all attending. They also said that they were going to finish the job we had started. They intend to buy the Mastic needed to repair the broken stones and the portland cement needed to fix the slotted and stacked tombstones. A big difference could already be seen in the rows that were now straight at the end of the workday. Several stones that had not been readable, you could make out the names and dates on them after they had been cleaned. So as you drive east from Monrovia on State Road 42 be sure and look at the difference just one day of several people working together made.

It was a lot of hard work, but the members of the Church had wanted someone to tell them what to do for a long time. Even though the Church is small in numbers their cemetery is quite large, as well as old. The cemetery, like a lot of others in this area, had a lot of lichen on the stones, and a number of sandstones where the wind has eradicated all the words on the face of the stone. They also said there were slaves buried in the cemetery, as this was a stop on the Underground Rail Road.

Each year the Morgan County History and Genealogy Association chooses one cemetery to work in. Usually it involves clearing away brush and yucca plants, as well as cleaning stones and repairing them. This is their program for the month of May.