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1893 Noble County, Indiana Birth Records Index

Baughman Frazure Hiliard Leiss Sautchi
Baughman Frick Himes Liess Schmitt
Bilger Frick Himes Lindsey Schmitt
Bilger Frick Holey Lindsey Schott
Bisnett Frick Holey Lock Schott
Bisnett Friskinney Holey Lock Shew
Boyd Friskney/ Friskinney Holey Long Shew
Boyd Gaff Hostetter Long Shirk
Brandeberry Gaff Hostetter Long Shirk
Brandeberry Gaff Huff Long Smith
Broombaugh Gage Huff Manier Smith
Brown Gage Huff Manier Smith
Brown Gesaman Huff Marks Smith
Bruce Gesaman Hursey Marks Spurgeon
Bruce Gill Hursey Mawhorter Spurgeon
Brumbaugh Gille Huston Mawhorter Steinbarger
Chaffee Green Huston McDonald Stienbarger
Chaffee Green Iler McDonald Sullivan
Conrad Green Iler Meroney Sullivan
Conrad Green Inks Meroney Thompson
Cook Hardenbrook Inks Miller Thompson
Cook Hardenbrook Jaquays Miller Waldron
Cook Harlan Jaquays Reynolds Waldron
Cook Harlan Kiser Reynolds Walker
Darling Harland Kiser Rhea Walker
Darling Harland Knepper Rhea Walker (line through)
Easterday Hawk Knepper Rosenogle Weaver
Easterday Hawk Kuhn Rosenogle Winebrenner
Eyer Hawk Kuhn Ross Winebrenner
Eyer Hawk LaMiller Ross Winebrenner
Flinn Heber LaMiller Russell Winebrenner
Flinn Heber Lang Russell Winebrenner
Frazure Hiliand Lang Santchi Winebrenner

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