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From Noble County Historical Markers:

Hawville was never platted. The Historian does not know when it came to exist. It was many, many years ago. However, a newspaper clipping dated February 1891, related that the Surveyor of LaGrange County had lately platted the town of Hawville and that it would soon be announced that such a Village was in existence.

The Hawpatch area is about four or five miles square about half of which is in LaGrange County. The Southeastern quarter of Eden Township is included in that broad area of fertile country which the early settlers called the Hawpatch. About one Congressional Township of land in LaGrange and Noble Counties is embraced in this tract, which is distinguished throughout by a rich soil, freedom from Marshes, level, or very gently rolling surface, and a perfect adaptability to successful agriculture. At the opening of the country to settlement, it was densely covered by beautiful forests, in which Sugar Maple and Black Walnut were most abundant, and remarkably free from small growths except Hawthorn and wild Grapes. The abundance of the Hawthorn was the most striking peculiarity of the region, and gave rise to the name by which it is so widely known.

Eden Township was organized in November 1832. Its formation was the second division made in the County, being a subdivision of Lima Tovnship. The order of the Commissioners was that this Township was to include all that tract of territory South of Township 37 and West of the range line dividing Ranges 9 and 10. It included the present Townships of Eden and Clearspring and ran South of Ligonier. LaGrange County then included part of Noble County. On the 7th of May,1833 the Commissioners made a further division of the territory, setting off that portion of Eden South of the Elkhart River as Perry Township.

Mr. J.M. Denny, who spent much of his youth in the Hawpatch area, writing of pioneer life in that northern part of Perry Township in 1898, stated that no real town ever existed. For many years there were a few houses and a Blacksmith Shop, situated at the four corners of the County Line in Noble County, four miles North of Ligonier.

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