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Anthony Pincheon moved into Noble County and settled near Wawaka in 1865. He moved to a farm located 3½ miles south of Wolf Lake in 1879. He was the father of nine children. He claims that in 12 years he cleared 400 acres of heavy timbered land. His son, Elmer, was said to he the most jolly fellow in this place. He established Pincheon by opening a grocery store in his home.

A Post Office was established in the store the 24th of July 1899. The first Postmaster was listed as Lola A. Pincheon.

Pincheon was located on the edge of Long Swamp, an area of Noble County extending some two miles east and west and about five miles north and south, south of Wolf Lake. Roads skirted the swamps. To get from one area to another, roads were built on high ground. Sometimes road conditions were such that in order for a horse to pull a buggy, the driver had to get out of the buggy and follov alongside the vehicle on foot. Logging, sawing lumber, splitting rails, sawing cord wood, and making delivery of these products were the leading industries.

On the 25th of July, 1901, an announcement appeared in the newspaper, that Elmer Pincheon was closing his groceries out at cost and will quit business. The editor wrote "By this, he will kill the city of Pincheon." At a later date he wrote, "The Pincheon Post Office closes September 15, 1901. Elmer C. Pincheon informs us that he will move to Heela at the expiration of the Pincheon Post Office."

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