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In the absence of a village, it was found necessary, many years ago, to establish a Post Office in dwellings. The first in Washington Township, was located at the residence of Isaac Stewart, an early settler. The office was named Wilmot, a name that it retained although it was moved around from house to house a number of times. In "Ghost Towns of Noble County," Thurlo Holcomb writes, 'Wilmot is a beautiful spot near the headwaters of the Tippecanoe river where an earthen dam forms a mill pond called Rider Lake. The ancient village is located near the south side of Section 18, in Washington Township. It is scarcely a speck on the map along Indiana Highway 5 in the southwest corner of Noble County, but it is historic and picturesque.'Through the years, Wilmot had a busy and prosperous water mill, making flour and corn meal, along with other grindings, a cream station, telephone exchange, trucking company, a coal dealer, a rest home and a busy and progressive general store.

The Post Office was discontinued April 20, 1911, while Lawrence R. Gerard was Postmaster.

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