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One half mile north of Blackman's corner in Section 17, York Township, where the Baltimore and Ohio railroad crossed county road 450 west, is a spot called York. The place had a depot and telegraph office. George Treaster was operator. People indicated their choice of building lots in the vicinity by marking trees, or driving stakes, although no plat was ever made and no dwellings erected.On July 26, 1888, about 10:00 p.m., this station of York had an exciting time. Due to the switch being left open, a west bound freight on the siding,was plowed into by a passenger train. The injured were taken to the Blackman home which immediately became a first aid station. Blackman's hired man drove a horse and buggy hurriedly to Albion for medical aid. One man's leg was amputated in the Blackman home.York had a Post Office from March 19, 1887 to June 1889. Mary T. Nichols was the Postmaster.York Station was a station stop on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. It was noted that Marvin Kuhns was once met there by relatives.

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