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1870's Newspaper Clippings


At the June session of the county commissioners in Albion there were 21 applications to sell intoxicating liquors in the county.

A drive well is being put down a the southeast corner of the courtyard to take the place of the old dug and open well that served its purpose many years.

The Commercial Hotel (The Freeman) is opened to the public. Geo. Cribbs a genial new proprietor.  It was built by Mr. Frank Bidwell when Albion was booming.

Frank Cook, dentist at Churubusco, visited his parents in Albion last week.



J. Denlar purchased the Israel Lantz property on West Main street, improving the same and with his family moved therein. Later D. L. Baughman purchased Denlar home, sold it and erected a new modern home thereon where Mr. and Mrs. B reside.

Weekly News

Thursday, December 25, 1879

Market Report

Wheat (red) 1.34
Wheat (white) 0.00
Clover Seed 5.00
Mtiothy 2.00
Hogs (alive) 0.30
Wool 0.35
Oats 0.33
Potatoes 0.35
Butter 0.10
Lard 0.05
Eggs 0.16
Tallow 0.05
Corn 0.32
Apples 0.25

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