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Abbreviations Found in Wills

  • a.a.s. died in the year of his/her age (anno aetitis suae) (86 y/o) (died in year 86)
  • d.s.p. died without issue (decessit sine prole)
  • d.s.p.l. died without legitimate issue (decessit sine prole legitima)
  • d.s.p.m.s. died without surviving male issue (decessit sine prole mascula supersita)
  • d.s.p.s died without surviving issue (decessit sine prole supersita)
  • d.unm died unmarried
  • d.v.p. died in the lifetime of his father (decessit vita patris)
  • d.v.m. died in the lifetime of his mother (decessit vita matris)
  • Et al and others (et alia)
  • Inst present month (instans)
  • Liber book or volume
  • Nepos grandson
  • Nunc Nuncapative will, an oral will, written by a witness
  • Ob he/she died (obit)
  • Relict widow or widower (relicta/relictus)
  • Sic so or thus, exact copy as written
  • Testes witnesses
  • Ult late (ultimo)
  • Ux wife (uxor)
  • Viz namely (videlicet)

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