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About Us

The Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society (NWIGS) was officially organized on April 25, 1970. You can learn about the History of NWIGS here. You can contact us directly at

  • General Meetings are held the third Saturday of each month; location varies

  • Executive Board meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Lake County Public Library in Merrillville, Indiana. If there is a holiday on the first Monday of the month, then the board convenes on the second Monday of the month. Anyone is welcome to attend the board meetings. If you would like to have something added to the agenda of the meeting, then please contact Marlene Polster 72 hours before the meeting.

  • TWIGS, our bi-monthly publication, is mailed to each dues-paying member six [6] times per year: July, September, November, January, March, and May. [Membership in NWIGS]

  • Back issues of TWIGS are available for purchase for $1.00 each

  • Queries published in TWIGS are free to members and non-members, with members having priority over space

  • Solicited for publication in TWIGS: marriage, birth, death records; abstracts of wills; historical articles; books for review; news of genealogical groups; information of interest (please send to the Editor by the 10th of the month before publication)

President Marlene Polster
First Vice President Kay Lynn Mathews
Second Vice President Open  
Secretary Sally Phillips
Treasurer Gerard Dupczak
Historian Laurie Kender
Newsletter Editor Bill Schu
Webmaster Steve Shook

YAHOO! Message List
We have an active message list for NWIGS located at:
Consider joining the list to keep informed about upcoming events, post queries, and to communicate with our members.

Mailing Address:
Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society (or NWIGS)
PO Box 595
Griffith, Indiana 46319

KITCHELL, Edna 1970 1971-1972
LATHROP, Katherine 1971-1972 1977-1979
SMYRL, Laura 1972-1975  
JEFFREYS, Marylin 1975-1977  
BLAKE, Ruth 1979-1981  
PARSONS, Celia 1981-1983  
KAISER, James 1983-1984  
MURRAY, Eleanor 1984-1987  
LUND, Katherine 1987-1988  
PADBERG, Daniel 1988-1990  
FIGI, Matthew 1990-1995  
JOHNSON, Betty 1995-1997  
BOLLEN, Helen 1997  
LANE, Joan 1997-1998  
HESS, Maxine 1998-2000  
GARMAN, Coleen 2000-2001  
SUTTON, Mike 2001-2004  
SCHU, William 2004-2008  
PHILLIPS, Sally 2008-2012.  
POLSTER, Marlene 2012-pres.  
First Vice President    
ADAMS, Charles 1970 1971-1972
NICHOLSON, June 1970-1971 1977-1980
DITTRICH, Mrs. W. 1972-1973  
HARRIS, Patricia 1973-1976  
SMYRL, Laura 1976-1977  
GLYNN, Sally 1980-1981 1982-1983
JOHNSON, Bruce 1981-1982  
JENKS, Inez 1983-1985  
MOHR, Wilma JoAnn 1985-1987  
PADERG, Daniel 1987-1988  
JOHNSON, Betty 1988-1989  
STEVENSON, Marilyn 1989-1990  
VanECK, Marlene 1990-1991 1993-1995
MILLS, Marge 1992-1993 1995-1997
LANE, Joan 1997-1998  
HESS, Maxine 1998-2000  
GARMAN, Coleen 2000-2001  
POLSTER, Marlene 2001-2008  
Open 2008-2010  
MATTHEWS, Kay Lynn 2010-pres.  
Second Vice President  
BLAKE, Ruth 1970-1971 1977-1979
SMYRL, Laura 1971-1972  
CALVERT, G. Walter 1972-1977  
BOBAL, Donna 1979-1982  
JENKS, Holly 1982-1984  
FRALEY, Shirley 1984-1987  
HOWELL, Nancy 1987-1998  
JOHNSON, Betty 1999-2003  
SCHU, William 2003-2004  
LOOMIS, Fred 2004-2005  
SMEDSTAD, Alice 2005-2007  
ARVIDSON, John 2007-2010  
POLSTER, Marlene 2010-2012  
Open 2012-pres.  
SMITH, Mattie D. 1970-1971  1977-1978
SHAWLEY, Ruth (rec.) 1971-1972  
JEFFREYS, Marylin 1971-1973  
THIEME, Judith (cor) 1972-1973  
DITTRICH, Mrl W. 1973-1974  
McCORMICK, Vinton 1974-1976  
McATTEE, Mary B. (rec) 1976-1977  
SCOTT, Barbara (cor) 1976-1977  
PARSON, Celia 1978-1980  
KRISS, Barbara 1980-1981  
FEDORCHAK, Catherine 1981-1982  
MEDFORD, Phyllis 1982-1983  
CANFIELD, Helen 1984-1985  
HORNER, Faye (asst) 1984-1985  
ROORDA, Evelyn 1985-1987  
MURRAY, Eleanor 1987-1988  
LUND, Katherine 1988-1989  
STEVENSON, Gloria 1989-1991  
HAWKINS, Shirley 1991-1996  
SHUTKO, Emily 1996-1997  
PHILLIPS, Sally 1997-2006  
WODRICH, Dorothy 2006-2008 2010-2012
POLSTER, Marlene 2008-2010  
PHILLIPS, Sally 2012-pres.  
PATTEE, Elsie 1970-1971 1977-1978
AVERY, Jack 1971-1975  
ADAMS, Kay 1978-1980  
GUERNSEY, Ethel 1980-1982  
KRISS, Barbara 1982-1984  
JENKS, Holly 1984-1985  
HOOD, Carolyn 1985-1987  
FRALEY, Shirley 1987-1990  
BROZAK, Doris 1990-1997  
LATKO, Martha 1997-2007  
DUPCZAK, Gerard 2007-Pres.  
BRUST, Mildred 1970-1971 1977-1978
DITTRICH, Mrs. W. E. 1971-1972  
HARRIS, Patricia A. 1972-1973  
LATHROP, Katherine 1973-1977  
MURVIHILL, Charles 1978-1982  
SCHULTZ, Fern Eddy 1982-1985  
HOUPT, Juanita 1985-1987  
BEAL, Linda 1987-1989  
LUND, Katherine 1989-1991 1996-1997
STASIEROWSKI, Lee 1991-1996  
HART, Jack 1997-2000  
SCHALLER, Ruth 2000-2003  
KUJAWSKI, Kathlyn 2003-2004  
PHILLIPS, Sally 2006-2007  
KENDER, Laurie 2007-pres.  
Newsletter Editor    
NICHOLSON, June 1979-1981  
HORNER, Faye 1981-1983  
SCHULTZ, Fern Eddy 1983-1987  
FRALEY, Shirley 1987-1994  
NAYLOR, William 1994-1998  
HOTLER, Rosetta 1998-2000  
SWISHER, Linda Herrick 2000-2007  
SCHU, William 2007-pres.  
MEDFORD, Phyllis 1970  
GASKINS, Charles 1970-1980  
PARSONS, Celia 1980  
SUTTON, Mike 2003-2006  
SHOOK, Steve 2006-pres.