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Drugless Physicians' License Index, Lake County, Indiana: 1929-1958

The Calumet Regional Archives at Indiana University Northwest has a Drugless Physicians’ License Book [Book Number 958] to register new Drugless Physicians (Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, Electro Therapeutics, Osteopathy and Midwife) to practice in Lake County, Indiana. Several Drugless Physicians had more than one License. The date range for these drugless physicians is April 2, 1929, through November 20, 1958. The information given in these records is as follows: 

Physicians’ Name
Certificate Number
Date Certicate issued to the physician by the Board of Medical Registration and Examination Court Date
Clerk’s Name
Physician’s Birthplace
Date of Birth
Medical College Attended
Date of Diploma

“C” after the name means there is a Certificate of Payment of Poll Tax and an “L” means there is a letter.

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Every Name Index

Picture # Last Name First Middle Name
17 ACKERMAN Fremont Winfield
51 ALBRECHT Frederick C.
21 BAIER Fred Harry
12 BEVERLY Charles
35 BLACKMORE Walter William
40 BLACKMORE Walter William
23 BLAGA John
67L BRANDENBERG Oliver Clark
67 BRANDENBURG Oliver Clark
53 CARRINGTON William J.
54 CARRINGTON William J.
53C CARRINGTON William J..
20 CHARPIE Bertha L.
2 CHASE Frank
3 COX Alfred Clarence
37 COX Alma Tacha
15 CRUM Hiel Eugene
24 CRUM Hiel Eugene
9 CRUM Hiel Eugene
16 CRUM Hiel Eugene
10 FEMEDAS Joakim Sera
8 FORD Eugene B.
7 FORD Helen A.
43 FOX Francis Harry, III
45 GARDNER Carlton E.
44 GARDNER Carlton E.
70 GERGEN Milton Nicholas
59 GILL Lester Clyde
62 GUTHZEIT Pearl Edith
66 HALLIS Robert Vaughn
41 HAMEL Warren Syylvester Francis
18 HESS Samuel John
4 HOBBS LaMyra E.
5 HOBBS Wilfred H.
49 HOFFMAN Walter A.
28 IRVIN F. Bernard
1 JOHNSON Henry Bennett
52 KLAIBER Carl J.
58 KULL Albert Franklin
55 LIPINSKI Frank B.
42 MACDONALD William Fowler
19 MACDONALD William Fowler
26 MAISEL Marie Elizabeth
74 MATHIAS Irvin Thomas
73 MATHIAS Irvin Thomas
33 MEIXNER Erwin Rawliss
25 MEIXNER Harry Emil
27 MEIXNER Harry Emil
25C MEIXNER Harry Emil
32 MEIXNER Helen Martha
46 MEIXNER Helen Martha
34 MERTENS John P.
57 NEWKIRK Glen Everett
61 PAFAHL Frederick Willialm
61C PAFAHL Frederick William
31L PEREZ Manuel
31 PEREZ Manuel P.
29 POWERS Adeline M.
63 ROBERTS Newal James
71 SMITH William Glenn
65 SPAVINS Walter Russell
00C STERN David H,
36 SUTCLIFFE Willis Harrison
22 TRENT Everett Martin
68 TRENT Everett Martin
56 WARD Clrie M.
11 WARNER Francis Edwin
48 WATERS Carl Peter
50 WEBER August James
72 WEISS Ethel
6 WELBOURNE Anna Corbett
13 WHITLATCH Guy Maxey
14 WHITLATCH Jacob Guy
69 WILSON Porter A.
64 WOOD Robert Alfred
60 WOODFILL Earle Wayne

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