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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927:

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Abar Lucy 8/17/1905   23 Indiana Valparaiso     Peter Aber   F. Santa   St.Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Abare Philomena 4/15/1916   76 Canada Valparaiso Peter   Charles Santoie Canada Julia Provort Canada St. Paul Cemetery Valparaiso
Abbott H.W. 4/27/1922 10/5/1851 71 Indiana Wheeler, Indiana Grace   Harmon Abbott Indiana Mary Smith Indiana Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Abel Margaret 4/1/1890   62 USA Valparaiso     Robert Davison   Mary Sea    
Abelseth Male 1/22/1920   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     Roy Abelseth MN Mabel Bond   Lutheran Cemetery, Valparaiso
Abernathy Female 12/1/1901   Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso                  
Abernathy Female 4/5/1902   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     George Abernathy   Della Sylvestor    
Able Lena 8/26/1888   12 Germany Valparaiso     Fred Able   Catherine Harbeck    
Ablett Lena 10/8/1922 8/28/1854 68 New York Valparaiso William   John Snyder Germany Agatha Kayney Germany Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso.
Ablett William 12/14/1924 12/30/1850 73 Indiana Valparaiso     John Ablett Indiana       Adams Cemetery Valparaiso
Abraham Louise 2/2/1899   68 Germany Kouts, Indiana     Michael Schwanke   Gustave Buchholz    
Abraham Wilhelm 7/30/1907 3/30/1844 63 Germany Kouts Gusta Lena Andrew Abraham     Platt   Spencer Cemetery Kouts, Indiana
Abrahamson Eva 3/3/1834   71 Sweden Porter County       Zohrison         Porter County, Indiana
Abramson Jacob 9/24/1904 12/15/1829 74years Sweden Babcock Eva   Jacob Abramson         Porter, Indiana
Acker Female 6/12/1904   3 month Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Acker          
Ackerman Fay Olive 6/13/1917 5/29/1915 2 years Indiana Porter     Leonard Ackerman   Lillian McIntosh   Chesterton, Indiana
Ackerman Female 9/4/1909   Stillborn Hebron, Indiana Hebron, Indiana     Charles Ackerman Indiana Bessie Nelson Indiana Hebron Cemetery
Ackerman Leroy E. 4/28/1914 6/28/1913 10 months Indiana Porter     Leonard Ackerman   Lillian Beatrice McIntosh   Chesterton, Indiana
Ackerman Maria Louisa 3/20/1906 6/17/1851 54 Indiana Porter     Henry Hageman   Hannah J. Gossett   Chesterton, Indiana
Ackerman Maynard 5/26/1917 7/27/1911 5 years Indiana Porter     Leonard Ackerman   Lillian McIntosh   Chesterton
Ackerman Norman A. 9/17/1923 1/9/1920 3 years Indiana Porter     Leonard Ackerman Indiana Beatrice McIntosh Illinois Chesterton
Ackley Zoe 4/3/1922 5/18/1882 39 Michigan Valparaiso Willis   George McCormick Michigan Louise Arthur Missouri Graceland, Valparaiso
Adams A. J. 2/9/1885   24                      
Adams Abner 11/2/1891   9 months Indiana Hobart, Indiana     Samuel H. Adams   Lizzie Loomis    
Adams Arthur 2/17/1900   3 yr 1 m 17 d Indiana Chesterton     George Adams   Elizabeth Knapp   Chesterton
Adams Celestia 5/16/1905 9/24/1836 68 Ohio Porter County     John Oliver   Elizabeth Burnett   Hebron Cemetery
Adams David M. 4/23/1912   77 years Ohio Valparaiso Rebecca   Thomas Adams Pennsylvania       Graceland, Valparaiso
Adams Edward 1/3/1902 6/19/1834 68 Michigan Morgan Township     Henry H. Adams         Adams
Adams Eillis Chester 5/9/1922 11/25/1917 4 Indiana Center Township     John L. Adams Romania Ruby Coppess Indiana Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Adams Female 7/25/1921   20 minutes               Inez Adams Illinois Family Cemetery near Kouts
Adams Francis W. 1/19/1921 10/13/1864 57 Indiana Porter County     Mortique Adams Indiana Merniva McConnell Indiana Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Adams George 10/23/1899   79 New York Kouts                 Hebron Cemetery
Adams George W. 5/4/1912 1/29/1842 70 Indiana Washington Township Jane   Henry Adams Ohio Jane Fleming VA Adams Cemetery
Adams Geraldine LaVerne 12/30/1921 9/25/1920 1 Indiana Kouts, Indiana     Harvey E. Adams AR Luzy Hemold Illinois Oak Grove, LaCrosse, Indiana
Adams James A. 1/5/1918 6/13/1863 56 Ohio Porter County Rose   David Adams Ohio Mary Hessor Ohio Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Adams James B. 8/17/1906 8/23/1835 70 Pennsylvania Pine Township     Josiah Adams   Amelia Jenks   Chesterton, Indiana
Adams Malborn 10/11/1921 7/13/1919 1 Indiana Valparaiso     Raymond Adams Indiana Ethel LePell Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Adams Rebecca 12/20/1902 12/14/1844 59 Indiana Porter County     Daniel Stoner   Elizabeth Ludy   Adams
Adams Rebecca Ann 9/3/1918 3/18/1888 80 Ohio Valparaiso     Peter Hesser Ohio Mary Ann Fleming VA Graceland Cemetery
Adams Rose 3/30/1910   39 Indiana Valparaiso Jas. Adams C. L. King Indiana       Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Adams Samuel H. 4/7/1926 2/19/1863 63 Illinois Valparaiso Eliz. R. David Adams New York Sarah Irish New York Hebron
Adams Susan C. 1-/12/1926 4/18/1843 83 Pennsylvania Kouts     David Larne Pennsylvania       Graceland Cemetery
Adams William D. 1/31/1909   27 years 6 months Michigan Valparaiso     DeMain Adams New York Mary Wellsy New York Maplewood Cemetery
Adams William H. 8/27/1926 8/27/1836 79 Ohio Hebron                 Hebron
Addaus Ruleth 1/8/1889   4 years Michigan Valparaiso     E. W. Addaus   Comer Frank    
Ade John 4/28/1914 9/25/1829 85 England 104 E. Indiana Avenue Valparaiso   John Ade         Kentland, Indiana
Adelman Alfred 7/17/1927 3/5/1888 39 Germany Pine Township     Franz M. Adelman Germany Caroline Schilb Germany Detroit, Michigan
Adhins Hattie 1/9/1908   70 Michigan Valparaiso     Alred Kyes Michigan       Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Adkins Thomas M. 11/16/1906   86 MD Valparaiso     Zebulim Adkins Scotland Mary Knowk New York Maplewood Cemetery
Adridge Alice Isabel 5/16/1911 5/15/1911 1 day Indiana Valparaiso     Warren C. Aldridge Illinois Ethel Diefenbach Illinois Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Adset E. N. (female) 1/189?   71 New York Porter County     William Hicks          
Adsit Elija A. 10/11/1911   75 years 11 months New York Washington Township   John Adsit         Old Cemetery Valparaiso
Affeld Amel 4/3/1905 8/24/1904 7 months Indiana Porter County     Ameld Affeld     Rody   Maplewood Cemetery
Affeld Edward 6/15/1907   8months Illinois Porter County     Amiel Affeld   Minnie Rhoda   Maplewood Cemetery
Affeld Gustave 5/18/1917 11/2/1841 76 Germany Porter County Minnie Affeld Fredrick Affeld Germany       Maplewood Cemetery
Affeld Helen L. 7/12/1909   1 yr Indiana Valparaiso     Richard Affeld Germany Florence Brownbridge Indiana Maplewood Cemetery
Affeld Minnie 8/16/1905   62 years 6 m 12 d Germany Porter County August   August Zuelk         Maplewood Cemetery
Affeldt Bernie 5/6/1910   9 months Indiana Valparaiso     Richard Affeldt Germany Florence Brownbridge Indiana Maplewood Cemetery
Affeldt Earnie 9/26/1910   13 months 6 days Indiana Valparaiso     Earnest Affeldt Germany Jennie Bastil Indiana Maplewood Cemetery
Agar Jennie Bowden 4/28/1925 7/4/1867 57 New York Valparaiso Edgerton   Robert Bowden New York Anna Myers New York Graceland Cemetery
Agnew Catherine L. 1/26/1909   55years 6m 14 d Indiana Valparaiso     Micheal Conolly Ireland       Graceland Cem
Ahlfest Female 7/11/1888   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     Charles Ahlfest   Kate Rathmon    
Ahlgram Louise 12/10/1911   60 Germany Washington Township Elwood Aahlgram             Maplewood Cemetery
Ahlgrim Bertha 4/15/1915 5/26/1881 33 Germany 603 Institute, Valparaiso Frank   William Frier Germany Minnie Vanshaw Germany Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Ahlgrim Frank W. 8/5/1925 10/7/1877 46 Indiana Valparaiso Mary   Ellwood Ahlgrim Germany Louise Schwingdolph Germany Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Ahlgrim Louise Latz 2/11/1927 3/16/1855 71 Germany Morgan Township Chas.   C. Latz Germany W. Slolzenbor Germany Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Ahrendt Wilhelmina C. 5/16/1925 5/10/1849 76 Germany Westcherster Township   Gust Saukey Germany       Baileytown, Indiana
Ailes Donals 2/7/1916 6/27/1916 7 months Indiana Pleasant Township   Frank Perry Storey Indiana Lillian Ailes Indiana Spencer Cemetery Kouts
Ailes George Henry 7/1/1923 5/9/1838 85 Ohio Morgan Township     Stephen Ailes Ohio       Spencer Cemetery Kouts
Ailes Henry Franklin 3/14/1917 12/17/1916 2 months Indiana Porter Co     William Ailes Indiana Mary Brody Indiana Cornel Cemetery
Ailes Mary Eunice 3/6/1922 12/6/1894 27 Indiana Boone Township Henry   Franklin D. Brody Indiana Harriet E. Fox   Cornell Cemetery Hebron
Akin Walter 12/17/1910 2/18/1870 40 Illinois Kouts Jodia Akin Henry Akin KY       Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Akins Lilah L. 12/16/1922 12/6/1922 10 days Indiana Boone Township     John Adkins Indiana Cora Blake Indiana Brown Cemetery
Albe Adolph 3/10/1918 3/4/1871 47 Indiana Porter County     Max Albe Germany       Chicago, Illinois
Albe Amelia 11/16/1892   52 Prussia Valparaiso                  
Albe Lous 8/11/1897   30 USA Indiana     Max Albe          
Albe Mannie 9/28/1925 9/25/1872 53 Indiana Valparaiso Mable   Max Albe         Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Albe Marr 1/6/1897   62 Germany Valparaiso     L. Albe          
Albertson Ben. C. 7/23/1910 7/16/1910 7 days In Hebron     G. H. Albertson IA Sophia Ackman Indiana Hebron Cemetery
Albery C. R. (Mrs.) 9/14/1888   53 Valparaiso Valparaiso     Erastus Abbott   Polly Bills    
Albrecht Wilhelm 10/21/1904 1/13/1844 60 Germany Boone Township Maria   Fredrick           Luther Cemetery Porter County
Albrecht William 6/28/1901   3 months 21 d Indiana Kouts     Herman Albrecht   Clara Matthis   Kouts Cem
Albright Jesse E. 4/13/1911 10/20/1852 48 Indiana Hebron Eliner Albright Edward Albright     Thatcher   Hebron Cemetery
Albright Minnie 1/24/1908 6/24/1819 88 Germany Morgan Township     Frank Bouman Germany       Adams Cemetery
Alden Martha Ann 2/23/1905 5/28/1828 76 Ohio Porter County     James Hubberd         Morgantown, Indiana
Aldendorf Walter F. 5/11/1912 7/18/1892 19 Indiana Porter Township     Fred Aldendorf Indiana Melzino Pierce Indiana Poland, Indiana
Alendorf Anna K. E. 4/22/1925 2/1/1863 63 Indiana Valparaiso     Herman Aldendorf Germany Katherine Freese Germany Poland, Indiana
Alexander Female 3/11/1914   Stillborn Indiana Kouts     James Alexander Indiana Sarah Crouse Pennsylvania Graceland Cemetery Kouts
Alexander James 4/26/1902 12/20/1904 86 On Atlantic Ocean Portage Township     Alexander         Janes Cemetery
Algrim John Carl 8/5/1911 5/24/1847 64 Germany Morgan Township Josie Algrim John Algrim Germany       Wanatah, Indiana
Allbright Cloyd C. 12/22/1919   8 yr 9m 26 d Illinois Porter County     C. P. Albright Illinois Linnie Gilliland Illinois  
Allen Ada M. 1/1/1911 7/16/1855 55 Pennsylvania Hebron Frank Allen Stephen L. Taylor VT Anna A. Turner Pennsylvania Hebron Cemetery
Allen Clancy 8/17/1884   74 New York                    
Allen Clayton 1/30/1893   22   Valparaiso                  
Allen Emma 9/15/1921 10/9/1855 65 Ohio Valparaiso     Francis Rosecrans         Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Allen Eunice 6/1/1885   81   Hebron                  
Allen George W. 3/10/1906 12/5/1824 81 New York Porter County     Joshway Allen   Eunice Shaw   Hebron Cem
Allen Lena 2/24/1908 12/7/1894 13 Indiana Porter County     Ern Allen England Ora Alyea Indiana Cornell Cem
Allen Mary E. 11/13/1900   72 y 2m 3 d Pennsylvania Hebron     Moser Shorely         Hebron Cem
Allen Nathan 3/21/1920 8/14/1834 85 Indiana Porter County     William Allen Indiana Sarah Symans NC Westville Cem
Allen Solom E. 1/19/1907 5/5/1843 63 Ohio Hebron Rachel   Benjamin Allen   Clista Herssey   Hebron Cemetery
Allenbrand E. (female) 1/4/1906 1/11/1905 68 New York Porter County     Joseph Miller   Fanny Burger   Fleming Cemetery
Allenbrand Peter 9/25/1913 8/22/1835 78 Canada Porter Township     Xerrier Allenbrand Germany Margaret Babion Germany Fleming Cemetery
Allgrim Almuth 8/3/1906   58 Germany Porter Co Catherine   Charles Allgrim         Maplewood Cemetery
Allie William 7/19/1927 11/13/1879 48 Michigan 157 Greenwich, Valparaiso Josephine   Eugene Allie Canada Henrietta Yarneau Michigan Bearci Ville, Illinois
Allison Martha Bernice 8/26/1909 8/23/1909 3 days Indiana Washington Township   James Allison Indiana Martha Henton Indiana Westville, Indiana
Allison Martha Henton 11/20/1913 7/14/1866 47 Indiana Washington Township J. H. Allison Evan Henton Indiana Elizabeth Henton Indiana Westville, Indiana
Alpen Hans 9/28/1912 11/26/1837 75 Germany Valparaiso       Alepn Germany       Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Alpen Ida 3/24/1910 12/24/1879 30 Indiana Valparaiso Will Alpen Hans Clausssen Germany       Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Alpen Margaretha C. 3/18/1924 12/9/1850 73 Germany Val;po     Henry Ploth Germany Anny Poulson Germany Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Alsom (males) 2/15/1885   7 months Indiana Hageman, Indiana   P. A. Alsom          
Alt Florence M. 3/8/1922 11/1/1904 17 Illinois Valparaiso     Alfred Alt Germany Lulu Miller Indiana Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Altone Andrew 12/23/1916       Pleasant Township               Graceland Cemetery Kouts
Alyea Berdell D. 11/19/1910 1/29/1872 38 Indiana Hebron     James Alyea Indiana Sarah A. Griffith Indiana Hebron Cemetery
Alyea Conner H. 3/12/1906 9/9/1897 8 Indiana Porter County     William Alyea   Emma Jessey   Cornell Cemetery
Alyea Cornelia 4/24/1922 8/25/1839 82 Indiana Boone Township     George Parkinson         Cornell Cemetery
Alyea David 2/25/1917 6/7/1834 82 Indiana Porter County     Elias P. Elyea   Nancy A. Smith   Cornell Cemetery
Alyea Della M. 8/20/1911 11/4/1857 53 Indiana Valparaiso Washington Alyea Jerry Foster Canada   Hesser   Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Alyea Elizabeth 10/6/1907 7/5/1828 79 Canada Hebron Gidian Alyea J. Bearsaw         Hebron
Alyea Female 1/9/1897   3 weeks Indiana Porter County     E. L. Alyea   Katie Peirce    
Alyea Georg W. 11/1/1905 5/16/1841 64 Indiana Porter County Mary   Alyaas Alyea   Nancy Duzenberg   Hebron Cemetery
Alyea Graddie 2/16/1901   5 months Indiana Hebron     William Alyea   Florence Brokway   Cornell Cemetery
Alyea John M. 5/29/1905 1/4/1830 75 Indiana Porter Co     Elias P. Alyea   Nancy Smith   Cornell Cemetery
Alyea Mary Ann 12/10/1927 11/24/1861 66 Ohio Boone Township George   John M. Smith Ireland Matilda Smith Pennsylvania Hebron
Alyea Orlando 9/16/1910 8/2/1848 62 Indiana Valparaiso, County Asylum   Samuel Alyea Ohio       Kimball Cemetery
Alyea Orvin 7/25/1925 4/9/1899 26 Indiana Valparaiso May   S. C. Alyea Indiana Minnie Teets Ohio Salem Cemetery
Alyea Orvin 7/25/1925 4/9/1899 26 Ind Valparaiso May   S. C. Alyea Indiana Minnie Teets Ohio Salem Cemetery
Alyea Sarah 11/8/1912 12/12/1827 84 NJ Boone Township     Elias Alyea New York Nancy Smith NJ Cornell Cem
Alyea Sarah 11/8/1912 12/12/1827 84 New Jersey Boone Township     Elias B. Alyea New York Nancy Smith New York Cornell Cemetery
Alyea Wesley 3/2/1908 10/8/1835 72 Indiana Hebron     Samuel Alyea NJ Mary Ann Doty NJ Hebron
Ameling Henry Herman 1/28/1915 9/12/1846 68 Germany Chesterton Mary Ann   Joseph Ameling Germany Lizzie Dieckman Germany Chesterton, Indiana
Ameling Margaretta Catherine 12/30/1903 9/4/1902 1 y 3m 26 d Indiana Liberty Township     Theodore Ameling   Catherine Biggs   Chesterton
Ameling Mary Ann 11/8/1927 8/20/1847 80 Germany Chesterton     Theodore Schweir Germany       St. Patrick Cemetery Chesterton
Ameling Theresa A. 2/18/1917 5/5/1916 9 months old Indiana Chesterton     Will Ameling Nebraska Louise Berg Indiana St. Patrick Cemetery Chesterton.
Ames Edward Oscar 10/7/1926 7/7/1871 55 Indiana Garyton, Porter County Ella   Frederick Ames Penn.       Oak Hill Cemetery Hammond
Ammerman Thomas W. 3/31/1904 6/4/1858 45 Pennsylvania Valparaiso Ellen   Joseph A. Ammerman   Margaret     St. Paul. Cemetery Valparaiso
Ammerman Drusilla 5/5/1916 4/8/1841 75 Ohio Portage Township   Frederick Crisman Ohio Eliza Hardesty Ohio Porter County
Amos Albert M. 2/28/1910 11/15/1844 65 Nevada Chesterton Mary               Chesterton, Indiana
Anadel William 5/7/1920 3/4/1860 60 Indiana Porter County Anna   William Anadel Ohio       St. Pauls, Valparaiso
Andershock Rose 7/17/1926 9/4/1845 80 Germany Westchester Township William         Rose Sipsrski   Chesterton
Andershock William 7/24/1917 3/25/1840 75 Germany Porter County Rose   Henry Andershock Germany       St. Patrick Cemetery Chesteerton
Anderson   9/3/1904   Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso     James Anderson   Mary Anderson   Kimball Cemetery
Anderson Aaron 12/17/1908 10/1/1857 51 Europe Pleasant Township Anne Anderson Anders Magnuson Europe Lottie Larson Europe Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Anderson Adelbert 9/3/1903 5/9/1874 29 Indiana Valparaiso       Anderson         Buried in Laporte
Anderson Agnes 4/4/1902 4/18/1884 17 Indiana Jackson Township   Charles Anderson   Pauline Peterson   Carters Cemetery
Anderson Albert P. 11/6/1901   75 years 8 mon, 18 days Sweden Portage Township               Blakes Cemetery
Anderson Albion 12/16/1909   Stillborn Liberty twp. Liberty twp.     Frank Anderson Indiana Ida Carlson Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
Anderson Anders Victor 2/27/1927 11/27/1826 80 Sweden Liberty Township     Monson Anderson Sweden       Chesterton
Anderson Andrew 11/20/1887   75 Sweden Porter County                  
Anderson Andrew 5/13/1904 10/6/1839 64 Sweden Porter County Louisa               Chesterton, Indiana
Anderson Andrew 8/27/1913 1/13/1840 73 Sweden Westchester Township   Carl Anderson Sweden Anna Johnson Sweden Baileytown, Indiana
Anderson Andrew 3/12/1918 3/5/1853 65 Sweden Chesterton Emma   Andrew Nelson Sweden       Chesterton Cemetery
Anderson Anna B. 8/15/1905 3/8/1817 88 Sweden Westchester Township Carl   Johanes Anderson   Eva Johnson   Porter, Indiana
Anderson Anna M. 7/16/1921 5/20/1861 60 Sweden Porter County Peter   Carl Larson Sweden Karian Erickson Sweden Chicago, Ill.
Anderson Anna S. 1/22/1921 8/17/1848 72 Sweden Porter County     Lisa Matson Sweden       Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Anderson Bertha L. 7/14/1926 3/28/1886 40 Illinois 467 Ridgeland Avenue Valparaiso. Harry   H. Schunck Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Anderson Birtha Sopia 1/10/1913 2/4/1828 85 Sweden Chesterton                 Chesterton
Anderson Brita Lisa 12/2/1927 1/27/1834 93 Sweden Liberty Township Peter M. A.     Johanson Sweden       Chesterton
Anderson Brita Sofia 2/23/1913 2/4/1828 85 Sweden Chesterton Swan   Magnus Svenson Sweden Anna Stina Carlson Sweden Chesterton
Anderson Carl 8/20/1908   91 Sweden Valparaiso     Nels Anderson Sweden       Porter Cemetery Porter, Indiana
Anderson Carl 3/20/1910   About 83 yr old Sweden Valparaiso                 Porter, Indiana
Anderson Carl Bethel 12/17/1927 8/27/1923 4 Indiana Jackson Township   Lawrence S. Anderson Sweden Olga Wallen Sweden Carter Cemetery
Anderson Carl J. 1/5/1904 3/6/1840 63 Sweden Porter County Matilda   Charles T. Anderson         Baileytown, Indiana
Anderson Caroline 10/16/1900   69 Sweden Jackson Township   Andres Nelson         Carters Cemetery
Anderson Charles 7/5/1906 1/9/1905 70 Sweden Porter County     Peter Anderson         Maplewood Cemetery
Anderson Charley August 5/19/1908 11/2/1858 49 Sweden Porter     C. A. Anderson Sweden       Porter Indiana
Anderson Charlotte 10/13/1901   20 years 4 mon 5 days Indiana Pleasant Township   Samuel Anderson         Adams Cemetery
Anderson Christina 9/2/1899   55 Sweden Valparaiso                  
Anderson Eliza 4/24/1920 9/21/1838 81 Ireland Porter County John   Robert Anderson Ireland Mary Anderson Ireland Adams Cemetery Kouts
Anderson Elizabeth B. 6/3/1906   93 Ireland Porter County     Samuel Biggart   Elizabeth Ligget   Adams Cemetery
Anderson Elsie 4/29/1895   64 USA Valparaiso                  
Anderson Emma 3/2/1907 5/18/1850 56 Sweden Porter County Ander Victor Andrew Anderson   Lena Olson   Chesterton Cemetery
Anderson Emma 2/23/1915 12/20/1847 67 Sweden Chesterton Peter     Nelson Sweden       Chesterton, Indiana
Anderson Erick 7/171911   79 Sweden Westchester Township Maud Anderson             Chesterton, Indiana
Anderson Erick 10/22/1907   64 Sweden Valparaiso                 Valparaiso. University Cemetery
Anderson Ernest 7/21/1918   21 Illinois Valparaiso                 Chicago, Illinois
Anderson Ester Sussarina 11/8/1914 2/15/1891 23 Indiana Jackson Township   Charles A. Anderson Sweden Pauline Peterson Sweden Carters Cemetery Porter County
Anderson Esther 1/2/1913 9/2/1891 14 Michigan Crisman     Nels Anderson Sweden Annie Hakenson Sweden Blakes Cemetery
Anderson Ethel Victoria 5/26/1908   15 Indiana Liberty Township     John L. Anderson Sweden Anna Carlson Sweden Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso.
Anderson Female 3/20/1894   36 Indiana Kouts                  
Anderson Female 4/17/1910   6 hours old Indiana Valparaiso     James L. Anderson Indiana Hazel M. Jones Indiana Spencer Cemetery, Porter County Indiana
Anderson Female infant 1/21/1913   1 day PleasanTownship Pleasant Township   Lee Anderson Indiana Hazel Jones Indiana Spencer Cemetery
Anderson Frank Emil 4/22/1925 3/14/1872 53 Indiana Liberty Township Ida   August Anderson Sweden Eliza Johnson Sweden Chesterton
Anderson George 1/1/1923 8/28/1896 26 Illinois Porter County Esther   Edward Anderson Iowa Mary Hickey Ill. Mt. Oliver Cemetery Chicago, Ill.
Anderson Gladys Laverne 3/31/1908 12/2/1907 4 months, 29 days Indiana Morgan Township     Lee Anderson Indiana Hazel Jones Indiana Kouts, Indiana
Anderson Glen 10/11/1885   6 Indiana Kouts     James Anderson   Jessie Anderson    
Anderson Grover C. 11/11/1917   30 Indiana Porter County     Irvin Anderson Ohio Rinsetta Swart Indiana Goshen, Indiana
Anderson Hattie F. 1/22/1925 2/17/1858 66 Sweden Valparaiso                 Chesterton
Anderson James 7/30/1916 6/24/1848 68 Indiana Pine Township     James Anderson New York Polly Jackson New York Badye Cemetery, LaPorte, Indiana
Anderson James Lee 3/29/1913 3/27/1883 30 Indiana Valparaiso     James Anderson Indiana Jessie Stoddard Indiana Adams Cemetery
Anderson John 9/14/1901   51 yr 7m 12 d Sweden Liberty Township     Anders Monson   Karry Peterson   Chesterton, Indiana
Anderson John 11/19/1903 1/12/1858 45 New Jersey Valparaiso     John Anderson   Jane Mitchel   Graceland
Anderson John 8/24/1909 1/5/1905 77 Ireland Pleasant Township   James Anderson Ireland       Adams Cemetery Porter County Indiana
Anderson John 12/3/1914 4/24/1849 65 Sweden Westchester Township               Bustrums Cemetery
Anderson John Albert 4/17/1901   32y 2m Indiana Chesterton     Charles Anderson   Johana Sifra Anderson   Chesterton
Anderson Joseph A. 3/25/1916 5/31/1841 75 Indiana 607 N. Napoleon St. Valparaiso Louise   Joseph Anderson Ohio       Graceland Cemetery , Valparaiso
Anderson Leroy 5/14/1903 5/12/1903   Indiana Crocker