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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: D

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Dabbert Hazel 1/25/1901   7 years 6 months 2 days IL Westchetser Township   Henry Dabbert   Emma Ekland   Chesteron Cem
Dabbert Henry 1/26/1923 03/23/1841 81 years Germany Porter     Frederick Dabbert Germany Christene Schroder Germany Chesteron
Dabbert Marie Louise 6/8/1918 09/19/1843 74 years Germany Porter County, Indiana Henry Dabbert Fritz Zuhlke   Marie Langhman   Chesterton, Indiana
Daggert Sarah 06/12/1893   16 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Horrace Daggert          
Dahlbery Ella 04/21/1888   12 years USA Chesterton     Oscar Dahlbery   Hattie Johnson    
Dahlgren Charles 3/10/1926 09/11/1860 66 years Sweden Westerchester Township Indiana Emma Weideman             Chesterton, Indiana
Dahlgren John Edward 2/24/1915 03/17/1861 53 years Sweden Liberty Township, Indiana   Peter E. Dahlgren Swenden Caroline Lawson Sweden Chesterton, Indiana
Dahlgren Male 11/15/1887     Indiana       Charles Dahlgren   Emma Widman    
Dahlke John J. 7/15/1922   39 years Illinois Boone Township, Indiana Jennie   Charles Dahlke Germany Augusta Manrke Germany Ricerdale, IL
Dahus Charles 7/4/1910 02/24/1856 54 years Germany Westchester Township Bertha Dahus             Chestgerton, Indiana
Dailey Charles 1/9/1901   25 years 5 months New York Valparaiso, Indiana   John Dailey   Mary Greyson   Maplewood Cem Valparaiso
Dailey Phillip 6/9/1914   73 years Ireland Center Township Indiana Laura   Daniel Dailey Ireland Julia Singleton Ireland St Paul Cem Valparaiso
Dailey, Jr. John E. 3/14/1925 1/28/1925 1 months Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   John E. Daily Indiana Goldia Shepard Indiana Maplewod Cem Valparaiso
Daiymple Alice Amanda 8/9/1926 11/10/1861 64 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Joseph H. Letherman Penn June Mary Pierce Penn Old Cem Valparaiso Indiana
Daken Steve 9/19/1918   45 years   Porter County Indiana               Maplewood Cem Valparaiso
Daley Daniel 8/24/1901   53 years Ireland Liberty Township Indiana               St Paul Cem Valparaiso
Daley Philip 10/08/1895   4 years Indiana Porter County Indiana   Philip Daley          
Dalgreen Female 10/30/1884   15 months Indiana       Charles Dalgreen          
Dalke Elizabeth 10/23/1900   1 yr 3 months 19 days Indiana Liberty Township Indiana   Michael Dalke   Augusta Shulz    
Dalke Michael 4/25/1914 10/28/1857 56 years Germany Liberty Township Indiana Augusta   Michael Dolke, Sr. Germany Anna Feztloff Germany McCool, Indiana
Dalson Jene 05/28/1893   76 years   Valparaiso, Indiana   Matthew            
Dalson (see Dolson, Jessie) Jessie 08/20/1894   26 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Harry Dalson     Clifford    
Dalton Patrick 12/07/1884   45 years Ireland Valparaiso, Indiana   Patrick Dalton          
Daly John 12/6/1923 06/22/1851 72 years Ireland Westchester Township Indiana   Patrick Daly Ireland Josephie Murry Ireland St Patrick Cem Chesterton
Daly John 10/22/1922 Not Iisted 85 years Ireland Liberty Township     Dan Daly Ireland       St Paul Cem Valparaiso
Daly John 10/8/1914   40 years MI Valparaiso, Indiana   Thomas Daly MI       Battlecreek, MI
Daly Margaret 1/27/1920 05/04/1845 74 years Ireland Porter County, Indiana   Taylor Kane Ireland       St Paul Cem Valparaiso
Daly Michael 4/4/1927   70 years Indiana Liberty Township     Daniel Daly Ireland Julia Singleton Ireland St Paul Cem Valparaiso
Daly Patrick C. 02/01/1892   49 years Ireland Valparaiso, Indiana                
Dan Female 11/25/1907   1 day Indiana Portage Indiana     William Dan   Margurette Bockelman   Crown Hill Cem Hobart, Indiana
Danford Gwendolyn Carolyn 11/28/1917 11/20/1917 8 days Indiana Porter County, Indiana   C. C. Danford IL Mary Whitaker Indiana Maplewood Cem Valparaiso Indiana
Daniels Emm F. 3/18/1904   4 years 8 months 3 days Indiana Pleasant Township, Indiana   Milen Daniels   Susan Stanley   Adams Cem
Daniels Female 08/06/1887   55 years USA Burdick                  
Daniels Female 06/29/1896     Indiana Porter County, Indiana   Milan Daniels     Stanley    
Daniels George 4/22/1900   3 months 12 days Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   D. Daniels         Maplewood Cem Valparaiso
Daniels Martin G. 8/19/1903 6/2/1903 2 months 17 days Indiana Kouts, Indiana     Milen Daniels   Susanna Stanley   Adams Cem
Daniels Pearl 11/15/1900   20 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana               Maplewood Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Danielson Bertha S. 6/21/1923 12/12/1837 86 years Sweden Portage Township Indiana   Peter Strom Sweden       Blakes Cem
Danielson Charles B. 07/04/1826 03/22/1858 68 years Sweden Morgan Township, Indiana Minnie   John Danielson Sweden       Adams Cem Porter County, Indiana
Danielson Daisy Viola 4/12/1919   3 days Kouts, Indiana Kouts, Indiana     Charles Danielson IL Gertrude Ailes Indiana Graceland Cem Kouts, Indiana
Danielson Frank W. 7/11/1907 03/24/1895 12 years Indiana Liberty Township Indiana   Charles Danielson   Louisa Peterson   Baileytown Cem, Baileytown, Indiana
Danielson Jno. A. 6/3/1923 03/28/0830 93 years Sweden Portage Township, Indiana Bertha   John A. Danielson Sweden       Blakes Cem
Danielson Johanna 2/15/1903 08/02/1817 85 years Sweden Porter County, Indiana     Johnson         Baileytown, Indiana
Danielson John Per 2/18/1912 08/31/1855 56 years Sweden Liberty Township, Indiana Louisa   Peter Danielson Sweden Johanna Johnson Sweden Baileytown, Indiana
Danielson Louissa 6/4/1925 04/10/1846 79 years Sweden Porter     Lars Benson         Baileytown Cem Chesternton Indiana
Danielson Olga 2/17/1919 11/16/1895 23 years Illinois Porter County, Indiana Arthur Danielson William Lundberg Sweden Alida Carlson Sweden Chesterton
Danielson Peter 04/12/1891   71 years Sweden Hageman     Peter Danielson   Christena Peterson    
Dans Charles F. 7/20/1908 11/15/1854 53 years Germany Porter County, Indiana Sophia   Ferdiand Dane Germany Henrietta Goetze Germany LaPorte Indiana
Dargin Charles Harold 10/3/1924 8/8/1924 1 months Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   James Dargin Indiana Erna Roethig Wis Graceland Cem Calpo
Dargin Harry 6/30/1927 6/25/1908 19 years         John Dargin Ohio Rose Johnson Ohio Kouts, Indiana
Dargin Ivy May 8/25/1901   2 months 15 dys Indiana Pleasant Township Indiana   John Dargin   Rose Johnson   Spencer Cem
Dargin John 3/9/1922 2/20/1861 61 years Ohioo Kouts, Indiana     James Dargin Ireland Julian Meaddow Indiana Graceland Cem Valparaiso
Dargin Julian 4/22/1914 5/18/1839 74 years Indiana Kouts, Indiana     Rueben Meddows Indiana Elizabeth Threasher Indiana Whikley Ohio
Dargin Paul L. 9/12/1899   2 months 28 dys Indiana Kouts, Indiana                  
Dargin Rosa Elverta 8/19/1910 6/28/1870 40 years Ohio Pleasant Township Indiana John Dargan E. Johnson Ireland E. Puttman Penn Graceland Cem Porter County, Indiana
Dargin Saul Dewey 9/12/1899   2 months 28 dys Indiana Kouts, Indiana             Johnson    
Darling Frank 7/3/1898   32 years USA Porter County, Indiana                
Darman Henry 5/6/1919 3/14/1839 80 years Germany Porter County, Indiana Dorothy   Frederick Dorman Germany       Chesterton Cem
Darman Leona Dorothy 2/16/1908 2/9/1908 7 days Indiana Westchester Township   William Darman Indiana Lottie Fenske IL Chesterton Cem
Darr Mary 9/14/1916 1/23/1916 7 months Indiana Crocker     Charles Darr Indiana Ida Terple Indiana Chesterton Cem
Darsh David A. 2/29/1912 1/22/1833 79 years   Valparaiso, Indiana Catherine   David Darsh         Defiance, Missouri
Darst Frank H. 5/19/1927 6/14/1869 57 years Missouri Valparaiso, Indiana Martha   David A. Darst   Catherine Keller   Maplewood Cem Valparaiso
Daryalson Charles 6/27/1903 1/1/1858 45 years Sweden Porter County, Indiana   Peter Daryalson   Johana Johnson   Porter County, Indiana
Dasos Louie 5/10/1922 3/10/1905 26 years Greece Chesterton, Indiana               Chicago Illinois
Davidson Carleton 2/2/1916 4/13/1895 20 years Texas Valparaiso, Indiana   J. D. Davidson Ala Lily Carleton Ala Bryan, Texas
Davidson Edward 12/20/1901   21 years Mich Valparaiso, Indiana   Thomas Davidson   Margaret Miller   Springport, MI
Davidson John 3/2/1917   58 years   Porter County, Indiana               Valparaiso Univ.
Davidson Male 12/3/1896 12/3/1896 Stillborn Indiana Porter County, Indiana   Herbert Davidson     Skinner    
Davidson Martha A. 10/3/1906 8/16/1905 1 yr Kansas Porter County, Indiana   J. G. Davidson IL Amy Tannehill Indiana Hebron Cem Hebron, Indiana
Davis Angelina Augusta 4/6/1911 2/12/1851 60 years Indiana Hebron, Indiana Evert Davis Joseph McAlpin Ohio Sara Dinwiddie Penn Hebron Cem
Davis Dana Stone 3/2/1906   27 years Ohio Valparaiso, Indiana   Perley Davis   Ellen Bosworth   Oakwoods, IL
Davis George 3/9/1920 2/7/1841 79 years Ohio Porter County, Indiana Melinda   William Davis         Chesterton Cem
Davis Gustaveran Everett 9/24/1924 9/16/1924 72 years Ohio Hebron, Indiana     Thomas Davis Ohio Mary J. King Penn Hebron Cem
Davis Jeanette 3/17/1923 6/28/1835 87 years New York Chesterton, Indiana   John Bennett New York       Joliet, Illinois
Davis Joseph H. 6/20/1906   68 years Canada Valparaiso, Indiana   Daniel Davis Not Lised Caroline DeWitt   Maplewood Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Davis Male 9/11/1916 9/11/1916 Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Howard Davis Mich Erma Gott Indiana Janes Cemetery
Davis Mary F. 1/5/1922 1/2/1842 80 years Missouri Vlpo, Indiana     J. Cook Missouri Iva Elton Missouri Nevada, Missouri
Davis Melissa Cottrell 1/25/1917 12/8/1848 68 years Ohio Porter County, Indiana George Davis Silas Cottrell Ohio Fotima Rice   Chesterton, Indiana
Davis W. Lemore 2/20/1925 1/27/1859 66 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana   William Davis KY Mary McMartin KY Fleming Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Davis William A. 7/21/1927   57 years Indiana Boone Township, Indiana               Red Ray Cemetery
Davison Henrietta 9/11/1904 1/11/1905 66 years Mass Valparaiso, Indiana   Muslin Crowl         Kimball Cemetery
Davison Viola 1/25/1919 5/24/1878 48 years Mich Porter County, Indiana   Thomas Davison England Margaret Miller Ohio Springport, Mich
Davison William 12/19/1911 7/5/1826 85 years New York Valparaiso, Indiana   Isaac Davison Scotland Hulda Terry   Kimball Cemetery
Day Lily May 11/2/1906 12/8/1894 11 years Illinois Porter County, Indiana   George Day Wis A. Richardson England Chesterton, Indiana
Deafenbaugh Louisa 12/11/1906   66 years MI Pleasant Township, Indiana   Enoch Baum Penn Mary Ann Smith Penn Graceland Cem Valparaiso. Indiana
Deardoff Male 2/13/1902 2/13/1902 Stillborn Valparaiso, Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   John H. Deardoff   Millie E. Smith    
Deardorf Benjamin 12/11/1923 7/26/1857 66 years Ohio Wheeler, Indiana     Martin Deardorf Ohio Jane Fox Ohio Janes Cem, Wheeler
DeArmond Jame Buchanan 1/29/1922 6/21/1856 65 years Indiana Pleasant Township, Indiana Mattie   John DeArmond Indiana Manerava J. Elliott Indiana Wheatfield
DeBere Edward 10/31/1896   16 years   Porter County, Indiana                
Decker Angeline W. 4/28/1904 9/28/1858 46 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana Joseph Decker Sidney Jones   Alexandra Wright   Maplewood Cem Calpo
Decker Charles 10/21/1897   96 years Vermont Valparaiso, Indiana                
Decker Claude M. 3/16/1904   19 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Mark Decker   Hattie Green   Walled Lake, MI
Decker John 1/14/1911 3/2/1905 22 years   Valparaiso, Indiana               Luther Cem Porter County
DeCrow August 12/25/1900   47 years 3 months Germany Washington Township   Charley DeCrow         Maplewood Cem Valparaiso
DeCrow John B. 2/4/1923 10/21/1833 89 years Ohio Valparaiso, Indiana   John P. DeCrow Maine Lila Brooks Maine Maplewood Cem, Valparaiso
DeCrow Lillian L. 5/10/1903   10 months 28 dys Indiana Kouts, Indiana     Leady DeCrow   Eliza Craig   Spencer Cem Kouts, Indiana
Dedrick Charles Frederick 4/19/1912 10/27/1833 78 years Germany Libety Township, Indiana Elizabeth               Cheterton, Indiana
Dee Warren W. 4/18/1925 9/26/1844 80 years Iowa Valparaiso, Indiana Frances   Hiram Dee Vermont   Walker Vermont Graceland Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Deegan Ellen 3/13/1924 5/24/1874 49 years Ohio Valparaiso, Indiana John Deegan Louis Scherber Penn Georgia Bloodhard Virginia St Paul Cem Valparaiso
Deegan Thomas 3/11/1927 Sept 1837 89 years Ireland Valparaiso, Indiana               St Paul Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Deerdoff Jane 10/16/1911 9/10/1840 72 years Ohio Wheeler, Indiana Austin Deerdoff Charles Fox Ohio       Maplewood Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Deery Anna 12/10/1901   7 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana   Frank Deery   Ellen Irvin   St Paul Cem Valparaiso
DeFrance Ethel Jessie 4/12/1903   3 months 8 days Indiana Porter County, Indiana   Doffy DeFrance   Myrtie B. Swanson   Blake Cemetery
DeFreeitas Henrey 7/10/1917 3/23/1878 39 years Illinois Porter County, Indiana   Not Edmond C. DeFreitas France Mary E. Vieisa France Springfield, Illinois
Degan Male 4/21/1888   1 months Indiana Kouts, Indiana     James Degan   Mary Wulbrant    
Dehaan Male (Infant) 4/26/1909 4/26/1909 Stillborn Crisman, Indiana Crisman, Indiana     Sebe Dehaan Netherlands Augusta Walstra Netherlands McCool, Indiana
Dehart William 12/7/1891   88 years New Jersey Valparaiso, Indiana                
DeLay James Ronald 2/17/1923 12/21/1902 20 years Iowa Valparaiso, Indiana   John A. DeLay Iowa Posey Beardsley Iowa Shannon City, Louisiana
Dellinger Female 12/1/1897   2 months Indiana Chesterton, Indiana                
DeLong Orrin 12/25/1899   34 years New York Valparaiso, Indiana   Hardy DeLong         West Uniontwn
DeMass Charles W. 7/22/1922 6/5/1868 54 years Indiana Chesterton, Indiana Lavina   Nathan DeMass Ohio Marcia Bauele Ohio Chesterton, Indiana
Demass Emma Marie 2/9/1918 1/22/1918 27 days Indiana Porter County, Indiana   Perl DeMass Indiana Freda Rosene Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
Demass Male (Infant) 11/15/1908 11/15/1908 Stillborn Chesterton Chesterton     Paul Demass Indiana Freada Rotzsan Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
DeMass Nathan 11/24/1925 8/4/1840 85 years Ohio Chesterton, Indiana Esther   Nathan DeMass New York Elizabeth Nye New York Chesterton, Indiana
Demass Paul L. 6/18/1918 5/9/1916 2 years Indiana Chesterton, Indiana   Ray Demass Indiana Dora Greening Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
DeMass, Jr. Charles 7/20/1913   3 hours Chesterton Chesterton, Indiana   Charles Demass Indiana Lavenae Fateban Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
Demdowiski Stanley 4/22/1926   47 Germany Valparaiso, Indiana               Oits, Indiana
Demhem Harriett 5/5/1904   59 years Illinois Porter County, Indiana Orneal Demhem William Thomas         Westville Cem
Demming Male 8/15/1891   22 months Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Charles Demming   F. Little    
Demorotski John 7/8/1926 7/2/1859 67 Poland Chesterton Francis   Frank Demorotski Poland       St Parick Cem Chesterton
Demott Mark L. 9/23/1908   78 Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Daniel Demott KY Mary Brewer KY Maplewood Cem
Demotte Ida H. 4/19/1903 8/12/1869 34 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Joseph Drago   Olive H. Young   Waplewood, Valparaiso
DeMotte Lizzie 3/20/1891   50 USA Valparaiso, Indiana     Christy          
Den Dooven E. J. 2/10/1908 3/17/1879 31 Wisconsin Westchester Township   Edward Den Dooven Holland Amelia Martin Belgium Green Bay, Wisconsin
Dengel Fred P. 9/9/1915   48 years Germany Valparaiso, Indiana   Not Lised           Forest Home Cem
Denning William H. 1/26/1885   25 years Indiana       Harvey Denning   Jane Sears    
Dennings John 11/1/1914 11/1/1849 65 years England County Asylum Valparaiso               Valparaiso Unitersity Valparaiso, Indiana
Denton Martha L. 11/13/1917   Stillborn Indiana Porter County, Indiana   Emery Denton Indiana Merle Chaloun Indiana Adam Cem Porter County
Denzin Gustabe 9/16/1909 9/31/1856 58 years Germany Kouts, Indiana     John Denzin Germany Mary Henning Germany Lutheran Cem Kouts, Indiana
Denzin Johanna F. 5/21/1902 9/13/1857 44 years Germany Kouts, Indiana     Frank Miana   Frederica Abraham   Lutheran Cem Kouts, Indiana
Denzine Carolina 12/21/1920 5/17/1833 87 years Germany Porter County, Indiana Michael Denzine             Graceland Cem Kouts, Indiana
Denzine Female 4/19/1893   57 years   Kouts, Indiana                  
Denzine Vergina Chael 1/15/1917 10/15/1917 2 months Indiana Porter County, Indiana   William Denzine IL Martha Chael Indiana Luther Cem Porter County
Depulis Angelina 5/18/1897   52 years Canada Valparaiso, Indiana   Angustus Fanche   A. Lincher    
Deselms Perry Willard 2/11/1919 5/31/1885 33 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana Etta   James P. DesElms Indiana Mary A. Robb Illinois St Anne, Illinois
Deshler Lewis 3/20/1898   70 years Ohio Valparaiso, Indiana                
Desiderio Josephine 4/26/1925   21 years   Westchester, Township Indiana Louis Desiderio Bernardi Genero Italy       Oak Hill Cem, Gary, Indiana
Destino Joseph 4/8/1912   23 years Italy Wheeler, Indiana                 Chicago, Illinois
Detlef Henry C. 12/28/1921 9/8/1861 60 years Germany Morgan Township, Indiana   Thomas W. Detlef Germany Lelile Strorhr Germany Adams Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Detleff Phoebe 10/12/1922 8/4/1838 84 years Germany Morgan Township, Indiana   William Stroke Germany       Adams Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Detlefs Earnest 8/4/1925 1/2/1864 61 years Indiana Morgan Township, Indiana   Thomas Detlefs Germany Pheba K. Strolo Germany Adams Cem
Detlefs Harrold Arthur 10/20/1918 4/5/1899 19 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana   William Detlefs Indiana Helen Maxwell Indiana Adams Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Detlefs James William 11/24/1914 9/28/1914 1 month Indiana Morgan Township, Indiana   William Detlefs Indiana Helen Maxwell Indiana Adams Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Detliff Emma 2/20/1896   23 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana   William Detliff          
Detman Henry 5/9/1902 2/11/1827 75 years Germany Porter County, Indiana               Chesterton, Indiana
Dettefs William 3/12/1906   77 years Germany Porter County, Indiana   William Dettefs   Mary Schromle   Adams Cem Valparaiso, Indiana
Dettman Male 5/14/1895   4 hours Indiana Porter County, Indiana   W. C. Dittman   Bertha Deich    
Deu Fredrick 1/11/1924 1/17/1864 60 years Germany Valparaiso, Indiana   Frederick Deu Germany       Graceland Cem Valparaiso
DeVere Edward 3/31/1896   16 years   Porter County, Indiana   D. M. DeVere          
Devereaux Mary E. E. 6/22/1908 12/1/1877 31 years Illinois Pleasant Township, Indiana Joseph Devereaux John Karr Penn Mary Phfunstine Penn Weatfield, Indiana
Devetski Margaret 12/4/1912 2/5/1912 9 months Indiana Chesterton, Indiana   John Devetski Indiana Pearl Bishop Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
Devilski A. (Male) 5/10/1888   45 years Poland Chesterton, Indiana   David Devilski          
Devine Nellie 5/9/1901   20 years 1 months 4 days Iowa Valparaiso, Indiana   Michael Devine   Margaret Herbert   Kingman, Illinois
Devol Laura V. 8/30/1912 12/17/1849 62 years Indiana Portage Township, Indiana A. E. Devol Abraham Stafford Penn Emma Broomburg Maryland Robbins Cemetery
Devore Catherine 4/29/1892   81 years   Valparaiso, Indiana                
Devore Jesse 3/13/1890   82 years USA Valparaiso, Indiana                
Deward John 5/19/1898   84 years Ireland Wheeler, Indiana                  
DeWells Joseph 7/2/1903   88 years Canada Valparaiso, Indiana   Joseph DeWells   Frances Antonett   Chesterton, Indiana
Dewitt Belinda B. 12/3/1891   63 years New Jersey         Westbrook          
DeWitt Clarence 4/11/1886   3 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   John DeWitt   Ola Marine    
Dewitt R. C. (Male) 5/6/1899   73 years Penn Valparaiso, Indiana Not List                
Dey Charles G. 10/17/1922 10/17/1922 Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Charles J. Dey Kent. Wilma Galloway Missouri Maplewood Cem Valparaiso
Dibbern Eva D. 7/31/1891   4 months Indiana Porter County, Indiana   John Dibbern   Cora Clites    
Dibbern Katherine 3/28/1912 11/3/1836 76 years Germany Valparaiso, Indiana   John Cook Germany       Maplewood Cem, Valparaiso
Dibbern Male 2/5/1924 4/7/1905 9 hours Indiana Porter Township, Indiana   William Dibbern Indiana Alta Hoffman Indiana Fleming Cemetery
Dibbern Nora 12/27/1912 9/7/1871 41 years Indiana Porter Township Indiana John Dibbern William Clites Penn Della Clifford Penn Boone Grove, Indiana
Dibbert Fredrick 6/29/1885   87 years Germany Hageman                  
Dick Nathaniel 7/30/1902 6/7/1826 77 years Penn Porter Township, Indiana   Jacob Dick         Ludington Cemetery
Dick Rebecca 1/9/1915 6/6/1829 85 years Penn Porter Township, Indiana   Christefer Gerber Switzerland Elizabeth Specht Germany Ludington Cemetery
Dickavish John F. 11/15/1902 11/26/1867 35 years Indiana Kouts, Indiana     A. Diskavish   Katherine Crzyguczka   North Judson, Indiana
Dickens D. S. (male) 8/22/1914   55 years   Almshouse Center Township, Indiana               Maplewood Cem, Valparaiso, Indiana
Dickerson Male (infant) 7/13/1908 7/13/1908 1 day Indiana Morgan Township, Indiana   John Dickerson Indiana Susan Miller Missouri Adams Cemetery Malden, Indiana
Dickey Claria A. 5/11/1905   30 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana   R. M. Young   M. E. Young   Indianapolis, Indiana
Dickinson Alice 8/20/1915 10/1/1827 87 years England Chesterton, Indiana   Will Pennington England Margaret Gardner England Chesterton, Indiana
Dickinson Francis Richard 7/28/1927 7/4/1863 64 years England Westchester Township, Indiana   Joseph Dickinson England Alice Gardner England Chesterton, Indiana
Dickinson Fredrick Jas. 11/8/1926 4/19/1861 65 years England Westchester Township, Indiana   Jas. Dickinson England Alice Pennington England Chesterton, Indiana
Dickinson Walter G. 8/5/1905 11/7/1865 39 years Indiana Chesterton, Indiana   Joseph Dickinson   Alice Pennington   Chesterton, Indiana
Dickover Charles W. 4/26/1921 2/17/1832 89 years Penn Porter County, Indiana   George Dickover   Catherine Reymer Penn Graceland Cem, Valparaiso
Dickover Lawrence 12/11/1896   4 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana   C. H. Dickover     Hewitt    
Dickover Mary 9/21/1911 4/21/1835 76 years Penn Valparaiso, Indiana Charles W. Dickover William Willett Penn Mary Oakley England Graceland Cem Valparaiso
Diedrick Anna 8/18/1923 5/5/1880 43 years Indiana Porter August Diedrick John Foss Germany Louise Rerance Germany Chesterton, Indiana
Diehl Catherine 11/2/1906 4/3/1818 88 years Germany Pine Township, Indiana   J. Schueck Germany       Furnessville Indiana
Dile Mary 12/9/1916 4/19/1830 86 years Ohio Morgan Township, Indiana   John James         Adams Cemetery
Diley Carrey Bell 6/24/1907   40 years 6 months 24 dys Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana Hiram Diley John L. Ryan Ireland Eliza Hickson Ireland Graceland Cem, Valparaiso Indiana
Dill Frank 11/8/1916   55 years   Poor Farm                 Maplewood Cem, Valparaiso
Dille C. L. 4/8/1923 1/28/1842 87 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Hiram Dille Ohio Nancy Reason Ohio Maplewood Cem, Valparaiso
Dille Caroline Augusta 5/6/1918 3/26/1844 74 years Indiana Chesterton, Indiana   Robert Lansing   Sarah Ann Cox   Chesterton, Indiana
Dille Emily 7/2/1925 9/2/1845 79 years Maine Valparaiso, Indiana   John Crimby Maine       Graceland Cem, Valparaiso
Dille Female infant 12/26/1908   Stillborn Chesterton, Indiana Chestertn, Indiana   John C. Dilley Indiana May J. Ketring Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
Dille Jennie May Ketring 1/6/1909 3/16/1880 28 North Webster Chesterton, Indiana   J. A. Ketring Indiana Sarah W. Warner Indiana Cheterton, Indiana
Dille John 11/20/1903 9/1/1836 67 years Indiana Chesterton, Indiana   Hiram Dille   Nancy Reasnor   Chesterton, Indiana
Dilley Blanche 2/25/1897   16 months USA Hebron, Indiana     John Dilley   C. Morris    
Dilley Hazel 1/24/1904   11 years Indiana Porter County, Indiana   H. E. Dilley   C. Ryan   Graceland Cem, Valparaiso
Dilley Martha 8/4/1908   66 years Ohio Valparaiso, Indiana   John Veuaman Indiana Matilda Harper Indiana Maplewood Cem, Valparaiso
Dilley Mary V. 1/4/1927 9/23/1858 65 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Daniel Stoner Penn Elizabeth Ludy Penn Graceland Cem, Valparaiso
Dilley Samuel E. 4/26/1923 11/9/1851 71 years Indiana Valpao, Indiana Mary   David Dilley Penn Adiline Elithorp   Graceland Cem, Valparaiso
Dilley Velma 10/18/1911 3/29/1910 1 yr Indiana Boone     John Dilley   Cleopatola Merris Indiana Hebron Cem Hebron Indiana
Dilley William 6/4/1927 10/17/0850 77 years Indiana Hebron Ella   David D. Dilley Ohio Maudaline Ellethorp Ohio Hebron Cemetery
Dillie E. W. 11/2/1913 12/23/1850 63 years Indiana Valparaiso, Indiana   Hiram Dillie Ohio Mary Jones Ohio Maplewood Cem, Valparaiso
Dillie Jannie 3/1/1904 2/19/1880 24 years Indiana Chesterton, Indiana   Edgar N. Hyde   Emma L. Okaley   Chesterton, Indiana
Dillie Mary J. 9/21/1901   72 years 4 months 5 days Ohio Valparaiso, Indiana   John E. Emmitt         City Cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana
Dillie Paul 10/12/1902 3/96/1902 8 months