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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: K

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Kachler Maurice McSuigg 8/16/1915 6/13/1914 1 Indiana Chesterton     Alfred Kaehler IA Florence McSuigg Ohio Wooster, Ohio
Kahlerier James 5/19/1908   91 Ireland Liberty Township     Thomas Kahlerier Ireland       St. Pauls Cemetery
Kaiser Katherine 12/18/1925 10/9/1865 60 Germany Pine Township John   Gro. Poczewney Germany Josephine Buczkowski Germany Chesterton
Kalakaski Frank 10/26/1902   3 days Indiana Westchester Township   F. Kalakaski   Mary Wasruska   Chesterton
Kaley George E. 6/1/1925 11/4/1890 34 Indiana Kouts Ersa   Jacob Kaley Indiana Christina Zerchel Indiana Leiters Ford, Indiana
Kaloski William 11/23/1909   46 approx. Germany Valparaiso                 Chesterton
Kamerer Jacob 10/9/1903 1/22/1839 64 Germany Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kaminske Mary 3/2/1922 11/8/1858 63 Germany Valparaiso John               St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kanouse Julia A. 10/11/1914 4/18/1834 80 New York Chesterton     William McGee New York Betty Suakenbush New York Valparaiso
Kanradt Frank Albert 11/14/1915 8/24/1885 30 Germany Kouts Agnes   Gustave Kanradt Germany Albertine Busch Germany St. Mary Cemetery
Kar (male) 2/25/1922   Stillborn Indiana Portage Township   Democraty Kar Turkey Angelo Pappas Greece Oak Hill Cemetery, Gary
Karas Harry 11/5/1914   30 Greece Chesterton                 Chicago, Illinois
Karlson Carl J. 4/15/1900   56y 5m 8d Sweden Westchester County   Peter Karlson         Brustones Cemetery
Kasalki Paul 3/17/1885   50 Germany                    
Kasenden Huldah M. 9/2/1893   41   Valparaiso           Tilda Swanson    
Kasmatha Irene E. 2/9/1923 1/22/1923 18 days Indiana Chesterton     John Kasmatha Indiana Jennie Stachoviak Indiana St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Kasmocha Silvesta 11/25/1905 10/26/1905 30 days Indiana Pine Township     S. Kasmocha   Mary Furronie   Otis, Indiana
Kassakowski Joseph 7/7/1925 11/13/1852 72 Prussia Westchester Township   Thomas Kassakowski Prussia Eva VanWaden Prussia St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Kath Charles William 1/1/1911 6/26/1860 50 Germany Chesterton Emma   Christian Kath Germany Charlotte Laysman Germany Chesterton
Kauffman Cora May 7/10/1926 3/1/1880 46 Indiana Center Township Algy   John T. Ferris Indiana Rachael Ann McCollough Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kauffmann (female) 3/23/1917 3/23/1917 15 min. Indiana Porter County     Ben J. Kaufmann Illinois Elenore Egli Illinois Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kaustein (female) 6/19/1915   7 hrs. Indiana 459 College Avenue, Valparaiso   Herman Kaustein Germany Melane Guggenbeim Germany Chicago, Illinois
Kavas Stefen 8/14/1921   8 days Chesterton Chesterton     John Kavas Hungary Rosie Krampocs Hungary Chesterton
Kavas Terenz 8/12/1921   6 days Chesterton Chesterton     John Havas Hungary Rosie Krampocs Hungary Chesterton
Kays John 11/6/1903 7/18/1818 85 Ireland Lacross                 San Pierre, Indiana
Kczmarek Walter 8/29/1913 4/24/1900 13 Indiana Pine Township     Andrew Kczmarek Germany Mary Matuzak Germany Otis, Indiana
Keach Alice J. 2/4/1909   63 West Virginia Valparaiso     Edwin Keach West Virginia       Maplewood Cemetery
Kechel William 2/26/1902 8/19/1858 43 Germany Pleasant Township   Henry Kechel         Lutheran Cemetery, Kouts
Keding Ernest 3/6/1911 2/23/1842 69 Germany Morgan Township Emma Keding Julius Keding Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Porter County
Kee William 5/12/1890   49 Ohio Kouts     John Kee   Sarah Morehead    
Keehan Matthew June 1884   30                      
Keehan Robert John 6/25/1917 12/3/1907 9 Indiana Porter County     J. D. Keehan Indiana Mamie McNutt West Virginia Graceland Cemetery, Porter County
Keehn Caroline 3/23/1919 5/5/1853 65 Ohio Porter County     Alfred Kisen Ohio Elizabeth Rowe   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Keeler David Westley 5/29/1913 10/20/1851 62 Indiana Valparaiso     Ira B. Keeler Ohio Mary J. Hughart VA Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Keeler Ellan 11/9/1917 2/2/1836 81 Indiana Porter County     James Bunday Ohio       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Keeler Mary Jane 5/3/1905 9/17/1827 76 VA Porter County Ira B.   David Heyhart         Kimball Cemetery
Keen (male) 3/15/1886   Stillborn Jackson Township     Jacob Keen   Francis Zaliereski    
Keen Carolina 8/30/1902 12/10/1842 59 Germany Porter County     Charles Klemp   Sarah King   Furnessville, Indiana
Keen Clyde Whitfield 7/15/1907   3 Illinois Union Township     Thomas Keen   Sarah E. Baker   Blatchly Corner Cemetery, Porter County
Keen Frances 9/14/1911 8/21/1911 24 days Indiana Jackson Township   John Keen Poland Mary Keen Poland Chesterton, Indiana
Keen Mable A. 6/10/1904   38 Indiana Porter Elmer   William Davison   H. Crow   Kimball Cemetery
Keen Mary 6/4/1904   1 day Indiana Porter County     John Keen   Mary Cogosinski   Chesterton
Keen Timothy 12/29/1907   82 New York Center Township     Spria Keen   Clay Higgins   Kimball Cemetery
Keen Victoria 2/27/1902 12/13/1813 87 Germany Porter County       Daminoski         Chesterton Cemetery
Keen Victoria 5/5/1909   1 hr. Jackson Township Jackson Township   John Keen Prussia-Poland Mary Kokosinski Prussia-Poland Chesterton
Keenan John P. 6/29/1911   30 approx.   Portage                 New Castle, Pennsylvania
Keene (female) 10/23/1927   3 hrs. Indiana Jackson Township   Carrol Keene Indiana Phillis Thompson Michigan Kimball Cemetery
Keene Ada Harriet 12/22/1912 8/29/1908 4 Indiana Union Township     Thomas Keene Indiana Lizzie Baker Indiana Blachleys Cemetery
Keene Etta Jane 3/8/1927 4/5/1867 59 Indiana Center Township Eddie   James Fulton Indiana Martha Hughart Indiana Kimball Cemetery
Keene Hannah 2/13/1889   72 New York Valparaiso     S. Webster     Tucker    
Keene Hattie M. 12/26/1897   39 Indiana Porter County     Ira R. Keeler          
Keene Herman Henry 2/3/1924 9/14/1866 57 Pennsylvania Westchester Township Grace   Peter M. Keene Pennsylvania Susan Swartz Pennsylvania Elkhart, Indiana
Keene Irene 12/17/1912 8/29/1908 4 Indiana Union Township     Thomas Keene Indiana Lizzie Baker Indiana Blachleys Cemetery
Keene Paul Carrol 5/15/1914 3/20/1913 5 mos. Indiana Center Township     Paul Keene Indiana Leta Ruth Lendburg Indiana Kimball Cemetery
Keene Susan Alice 12/27/1912 7/10/1911 1 Indiana Union Township     Thomas Keene Indiana Lizzie Baker Indiana Blachleys Cemetery
Keeney William H. 4/26/1904 6/21/1884 19   Valparaiso     William Keeney         Summerset, KY
Keesler William 11/27/1885   63                      
Keesling Lloyd 5/22/1922 7/8/1903 19 Indiana Crocker     Gary Kessling Indiana Mary Etta Dudley Indiana New Castle, Indiana
Kehliher Cornelius 6/10/1924 4/20/1863 57 England Liberty Township Dora   James Mehliher Ireland       St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Keigibne (male) 2/12/1884   71 Germany                    
Keisier Otis M. 6/12/1897   26 Indiana Flint Lake     Jacob Keisier          
Keizer Johannes 3/16/1913 5/23/1885 27 Holland Morgan Township     Fred Keizer Holland Jennie Stransa Holland Adams Cemetery
Keliher William 10/26/1927 8/21/1927 2 mos. Indiana Liberty Township     James L. Keliher Indiana Rose Delworth Missouri St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kellar David 2/8/1903 6/8/1838 64 Ohio Porter County     John Keller   Magdalena Dorr   Hebron Cemetery
Keller Mary E. 7/29/1920 1/23/1844 76 Indiana Porter County     Gabriel Hildreth KY Elizabeth   Indiana Hebron Cemetery
Keller Morris 3/28/1909 5/2/1905 10 mos. Indiana Boone Township     Lewis Keller Indiana Martha Behrens IA Hebron Cemetery
Kelley John 10/27/1905   20y 10m 21d New York Porter Township     John M. Kelley   Louisa Kester   Rochester, New York
Kelley Martin 10/12/1923 11/22/1840 82 Illinois Valparaiso     James Kelley Ireland Katherine Deber Ireland Ottawa, Illinois
Kellogg (female) 3/10/1888   64 Pennsylvania Valparaiso                  
Kellogg Alfred W. 2/4/1886   63 Pennsylvania       Azor Kellogg     Stephens    
Kellogg Isadore 9/6/1900   75y 11m MA Valparaiso     Cyrus Chase   Sophrona     Old City Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kellogg John W. 12/24/1903 4/13/1825 78 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Azans Kellogg   Nancy Stephens   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kellogg Lucilia N. 7/29/1918 6/12/1831 87 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Elijah N. Norton   Sarah White   Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kellogg Lucille 6/25/1886   2 Valparaiso       A. L. Kellogg     Skinner    
Kellogg Maggie 10/26/1888   30 Indiana Valparaiso     George Babcock     Lewis    
Kellogg Nettie 3/3/1889   33 Indiana Valparaiso     John Kellogg          
Kelly Addie 8/17/1895   7 Indiana Valparaiso     George Kelly   Ostaria Wheeler    
Kelly Eileen 8/31/1905   4 Indiana Valparaiso     D. E. Kelly         St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kelly Ellen 12/17/1916 12/24/1838 77 Ireland Washington Township Martain   Michel Meghan Ireland Althran Peters Ireland Ottaway, Illinois
Kelly Helen Joyce 4/5/1924 3/27/1924 9 days Indiana Valparaiso     John J. Kelly Illinois Helen L. Billings Illinois St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kelly Mary Angela 4/10/1914 8/7/1897 16 Indiana 354 Haas St., Valparaiso   D. E. Kelly IA Angela Marie Donley Indiana St. Paul Cemetery
Kelly Mary J. 1/4/1925 11/10/1854 70 West Virginia Chesterton     Bartholomew Payne Ireland Cecelia Dirr Ireland Chesterton
Kelly Octavia 3/7/1897     Indiana Valparaiso     Jerome Wheeler          
Kelsey A. J. 1/18/1891   20 USA Valparaiso                  
Kelstrom Anna L. C. 2/12/1905 6/30/1885 19 Indiana Porter County     Gustave Kelstrom   Clara Bark   Blakes Cemetery
Kemp Augusta 7/3/1926 5/1/1856 70 Germany Porter     Christ Lorenz Germany       Chesterton
Kemp Clara Johanna 9/7/1920 11/30/1886 33 Indiana Porter Henry   Gustaf Dzrio Germany Amelia Markie Germany Chesterton
Kemp Clarence 1/16/1921   Stillborn Chesterton Chesterton     Charles Kemp Indiana Minnie Kemp Germany Chesterton
Kemp Clarence August Frank 8/8/1913 5/2/1913 3 mos. Indiana Porter     Henry Kemp Indiana Elizabeth Schrader Illinois Chesterton
Kemp Elizabeth Sofia Johanna 5/19/1913 7/6/1888 24 Indiana Porter     Albert Schroeder   Wilhelmina Novak   Chesterton
Kemp Etta Jane 9/16/1922 1/8/1921 1 FL Center Township     Ben Kemp Indiana Martha Keene Indiana Kimball Cemetery
Kemp Fred Charles 10/30/1909   Stillborn Chesterton Chesterton     Charles Kemp   Minnie Werder   Chesterton
Kemp Henry Clarence 9/2/1920   5 days Porter Porter     Henry Kemp Indiana Clara Zhur Illinois Chesterton
Kemp Minnie 6/10/1897   19 Indiana Porter County     Gus Kemp     Lawrence    
Kenan David 1/25/1891   63   Hebron                  
Kenner Carolina 7/9/1902   77 VA Westchester Township               Burstom Cemetery
Kenney Henry B. 3/7/1918 7/10/1867 50 Indiana Porter County Flora   S. B. Kenney VT Margaret McGill Pennsylvania Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kenney Margaret 4/3/1910   84 Pennsylvania Valparaiso                 Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, Indiana
Kenny Leslie Maurice 5/26/1917 6/12/1903 13 Indiana Hebron     Robert Kenny Indiana Christina Hagerdam Indiana Hebron Cemetery
Kenny Robert Frederick 5/14/1918   Stillborn Hebron Hebron     Robert S. Kenny Indiana Christine Hogedorn Indiana Hebron Cemetery
Kent Marrian F. 6/13/1902 7/22/1901 10m 21d Michigan Crocker     James Kent   Lottie Prentice   Dundee, Michigan
Kenworthy Archie C. 4/13/1911 5/10/1873 39 Indiana Porter Township Ada Kenworthy James Kenworthy New York Sarah E. Campbell Indiana Salem Cemetery, Porter County
Kenworthy Elizabeth 5/22/1919 6/3/1842 76 Indiana Porter County     Samuel Campbell Ohio Elizabeth Frame KY Salem Cemetery, Hebron
Kenworthy James A. ???   8 Indiana Porter County     James Kenworthy   Elizabeth Campbell    
Kenworthy James H. 5/7/1909   38 New York Porter Township     Josephus Kenworthy England Mary Taylor England Salem Cemetery
Kenworthy Martha 1/5/1890   5 Indiana Porter County     James Kenworthy   Elizabeth Campbell    
Kenyon Travette 2/2/1923 1/8/1903 20 Indiana Valparaiso Knode   Allen Masson Indiana Dora Cornell Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kenyon William 6/16/1918 5/1/1899 19               Effie Lee   Athens, Illinois
Kepple Isabella 6/18/1892   34 Scotland Valparaiso     William Farnie   Elizabeth Farnie    
Kepplin Mamie 10/8/1902 3/13/1878   Indiana McCool     John Hensell   Elizabeth Peterson   Winshell Cemetery
Kerbey Mary 9/7/1923 4/10/1841 82 England Center Township     Jobe Greenland England       Coldwater, Michigan
Kerchell or Ketchell Lillian G. 8/24/1904 10/16/1875 27 Indiana Valparaiso     Stephen Kerchell or Ketchell   Jane Peoples   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kerchhoff Josephine 6/17/1909   54 Indiana Valparaiso Fredrick   Michel Hinderlong Germany Mary Zarndt Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kerlinska Michael 9/25/1926 9/29/1840 86 Germany Kouts Henrietta               Kouts
Kern (male) 4/13/1908   minutes Valparaiso Valparaiso       Kern   Edrea M. Lawrence Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kern Clem J. 12/26/1911 11/10/1850 61 Pennsylvania N. Lafayette St., Valparaiso Sydney Kern John Kern Pennsylvania Matilda Tuttle Pennsylvania Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kern Daniel 4/5/1896   48   Valparaiso                  
Kern Donald 8/25/1898   1 Indiana Valparaiso     Henry Kern   Ella Higgins    
Kern James 10/31/1888   69   Porter County                  
Kern Margaretha 3/14/1905 2/20/1850 55 Germany Porter County John     Edinger         Hebron Cemetery
Kerschofske Frank 2/10/1912 10/3/1911 4 mos. Indiana Boone Township     Frank Kerschofske Indiana Margaret Miller Bohemia Chesterton Catholic Cemetery
Kersten Sophia B. 5/27/1924 5/5/1852 72 Wisconsin Valparaiso     Henry Bullerdieck Wisconsin Anna Fisher Germany Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Ketchum (male) 11/16/1900   3 hrs. Indiana Valparaiso     F. G. Ketchum   Ella Finney   Valparaiso
Ketchum (male) 10/10/1901   3 hrs. Indiana Valparaiso     F. G. Ketchum   Ella Finney   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Ketchum Ella 1/30/1904   30 Indiana Valparaiso     George Finney   Nettie Maxwell   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Ketchum Rebecca J. 12/4/1901   77y 4m 5d NJ Valparaiso     William Harris   Martha Cook   City Cemetery, Valparaiso
Ketring John A. 7/23/1911 4/21/1854 57 Indiana Chesterton Sallie   Adam Ketring Germany Rebeccah Kline Ohio Chesterton, Indiana
Kettle John Carl 10/14/1910 11/24/1823 76 Germany Westchester Township Dora Kettle John Kettle Germany       Chesterton, Indiana
Keuhl Alfred 3/5/1889   8 mos. Indiana Washington Township   Fred Keuhl     Reason    
Keuhl Lori 2/21/1900   10y 8d Indiana Washington Township   Frederick Keuhl   Mary Reason   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Keyes Elizabeth 1/25/1909   74 MD Valparaiso     Christian Adkins New York       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kidd Phecia A. 5/8/1913 8/24/1835 78 VT Valparaiso     John Arnold New York Adeline Cummings New York Toronto, IA
Kigley Stanley 8/24/1923   46 KY Westchester Mary   Mike Kigley KY       Mantino, Illinois
Kilday Elizabeth N. 9/14/1926 4/22/1841 85 New York 403 College Avenue, Valparaiso James   Gerdner Herrington New York Liday Senles New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kilday Mrs. 8/22/1891   72 Ireland Porter County                  
Killeen John 3/2/1888   20 IA Valparaiso     Timothy Killeen   B. Oleary    
Kilpatrick James Harrington 8/16/1924 12/6/1832 91 New York Washington Township   E. Kilpatrick New York       Green Valley, Illinois
Kimball (female) 2/18/1917 10/4/1887 29 Indiana Hebron George   Charles Walker Illinois Elizabeth Davis Illinois Blachleys Cemetery, Jasper County
Kimball Mary A. 5/13/1901   73y 1m 18d New York Boone Township     Peter Schrier         New Berlin, New York
Kimbell Harriet 12/3/1901   84 Ohio Valparaiso     Henry Billingham   Amanda Page   Kimbell Cemetery
Kimerer (female) 3/19/1885   12 days Indiana       Jack Kimerer     Snyder    
Kimerer Joseph 7/5/1891   67 USA Porter County                  
Kimerer Mary J. 8/5/1920 11/23/1839 80 Ohio Porter County     Sameul Lisle Ohio Jane Vasbinder Ohio Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kimler Bud 11/13/1898   19 Missouri Porter County     Clarence Kimler          
Kimmel (female) 2/24/1917   Stillborn Indiana Porter County     Charles Kimmel New York Henrietta Lulse Germany McCool
Kimmel C. (female) 1/10/1906 2/23/1863 42 Germany Suman     C. Kimmel          
Kimmel Charles 8/7/1897   34 Germany Porter County                  
Kimmel Gertrude M. 8/28/1904 6/9/1904 2 mos. Indiana Porter County     Fred Kimmel   Ruby Rands   Carters Cemetery
Kimmel Otto 1/19/1900   7y 5m Indiana Jackson Township   Carl Kimmel     Katonna   Chesterton Cemetery
Kimmel Rudolph 2/21/1907   6y 6m 13d Indiana Porter County     Christian Kimmel   Amelia Klein   McCool Cemetery, McCool, Indiana
Kimrer Mary 1/1/1884     Indiana         Anderson          
Kinder Theresa 1/7/1922 10/27/1886 30 Indiana Valparaiso Gustave   Fred Schaffer Germany Mary Fraism Germany Catholic Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kindt George C. 12/11/1921 11/24/1884 37 Illinois Washington Township Minnie   Louis Kindt Germany Caroline Gates Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kindt Louis C. 9/22/1921 1/11/1849 72 Germany Washington Township Caroline               Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
King (female) 2/20/1917   Stillborn Indiana Porter County     L. O. King Indiana Clara Freer Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
King (male) 9/19/1919   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     Loren O. King Indiana Clara Freer Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
King (male) 1/2/1921   Stillborn Mortan Township Mortan Township     Loren King Indiana Clara Freer Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
King Arthur J. 5/28/1915 12/29/1879 35 Missouri Valparaiso Cora   Duncan H. King KY Eliza E. Botham KY Round Lake, Indiana
King Edith 8/14/1915   Stillborn Indiana Center Township     Charles G. King New York Frances L. Curtis Illinois Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
King Elizabeth Adelaid 4/3/1924 6/11/1854 70 New York Chesterton     James Brown Scotland Elizabeth Aston England LaPorte
King Ella 10/10/1927 6/10/1884 43 Indiana Valparaiso John   E. Cain Indiana Alberta   Canada Adams Cemetery, Porter Co,
King Helen Virginia 11/5/1915 5/5/1909 6 Illinois Chesterton     Paul D. King TN Helen King Greer Indiana Chesterton, Indiana
King Hyram 2/20/1891   52 Ohio Kouts     William King          
King J. W. (male) 7/12/1906   30 Pennsylvania Valparaiso                 Dawson, Pennsylvania
King John William 7/14/1924 10/5/1854 69 Indiana Morgan Township Sarah Ellen   S. King Indiana Jane Shephard Indiana Weston Cemetery, Rensealear, Indiana
King Laura 6/16/1926 1/17/1869 57 Indiana 155 Lincolnway, Valparaiso William   Perer Mohler Germany Doris Anderson Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
King Nancy 11/29/1923 8/5/1843 80 Indiana Kouts     George Reed Pennsylvania Margaret Wagenson Indiana Kouts
King Nellie May 7/11/1909   21 Indiana Boone Township     Lawrence King Ohio Ceclia Blanchard Illinois Hebron Cemetery
King Walter H. 6/29/1909 2/16/1883 26 Indiana Hebron     Lawrence King Ohio Celia Blanchard Illinois Hebron Cemetery
King William 6/1/1908 12/8/1857 50 Indiana Hebron Juilla   James King Ohio Mary L. Sprague Ohio Hebron Cemetery
King William 5/11/1915 12/1/1832 82 Pennsylvania Wheeler     Henry King Pennsylvania Elizabette Grobman Pennsylvania Jannes Cemetery, Union Township
Kingberg Carl 7/30/1899   4 Indiana Porter County     Charles Kingberg     Swanson    
Kingsbury George W. 5/12/1917 8/25/1857 79 New York Porter County Marrila   Sotomon Kingsbury         Union Center Cemetery
Kinner Hester 11/22/1906   80 Ohio Porter County Truner   Andrew Hoball         Robins Cemetery
Kinney Amanda 8/16/1885   35 USA       Scott Bryerly          
Kinney Ann 9/16/1906   90 Ireland Valparaiso                 Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kinney Charles 2/14/1901   72y 10m New York Pine Township     Sirins Kinney         Chesterton, Indiana
Kinney Hattie 8/14/1905 3/14/1870 35 Indiana Chesterton Silas   George Forbes   Laura Comstock   Chesterton, Indiana
Kinney John 3/8/1900   60 Ireland Center Township                  
Kinney John 7/14/1906 11/2/1876 29 Indiana Porter County     Charles Kinney   Lottie Tharp   Chesterton, Indiana
Kinney Mary M. 12/26/1915   50 Illinois Christian Hos- pital, Valparaiso               Plainfield, Illinois
Kinney Siles O. 11/20/1905 8/30/1903 2 Indiana Chesterton     Siles Kinney     Forbes   Chesterton
Kinney William 3/12/1890   36 Indiana Center Township                  
Kinnie Fanney 2/18/1921 1/15/1858 68 Indiana Porter County     James Curry Ohio       Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kinsey Aaron 7/19/1892   66   Valparaiso                  
Kinsey Elizabeth 10/18/1910 10/24/1829 80 Ohio Valparaiso     Jo. Blymer Pennsylvania       Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kinsley Norman 3/2/1911   40 Indiana Christian Hos- pital, Valparaiso   Peter Kinsley Indiana Barbara Kinsley Indiana Bourbon, Indiana
Kinslow Rose 1/18/1897   39 USA Valparaiso                  
Kint Oliver 5/26/1888   17 USA Valparaiso     Thomas O. Kint     Stephens    
Kintz Theodore 11/22/1921 7/28/1843 78 Pennsylvania Portage Township Ella   Jacob Kintz Pennsylvania Anna Ford MD Baileytown, Indiana
Kirchner George 4/1/1902 10/26/1856 45 Germany Chesterton                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kirchoff Fred 11/26/1918 12/2/1850 68 Germany Porter County     Fredrick Kirchoff Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kirk (female) 5/31/1892   72 USA Valparaiso                  
Kirk Lewis 8/17/1899   36 USA Valparaiso     James A. Kirk     Hayne    
Kirkhuff (male) 6/2/1919   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     C. J. Kirkhuff Illinois Sue B. Maxwell Illinois Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Kirkpatrick Andrew 10/30/1887     Canada       A. Kirkpatrick          
Kirkpatrick Clara Ellen 8/29/1909   45 Indiana Valparaiso