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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: T

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Tabberer George E. 4/22/1902 11/02/1880 22 Michigan Valparaiso     Henry Tabberer   Fannie Hollis   Kingsley
Taber Julia A. 3/30/1922 10/03/1835 87 New York Valparaiso                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tabor James 3/30/1915 09/30/1841 74 Indiana Valparaiso Clara   George W. Tabor Ohio Clara Hollister New York Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tabor Mary 11/16/1922 08/13/1842 80 New York Valparaiso     Thomas Hollett New York Debra Bengmann New York Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tagels William 7/26/1903 04/12/1849 54 Germany Porter County                 Chesterton
Taggart Mary Ann 4/4/1924 05/13/1863 60 Indiana Chesterton Lafayette Taggart John Johnson Virginia Mary A. Feward Virginia Chesterton
Talbott Asa W. 9/10/1909   88 Virginia Valparaiso                 Luther Cemetery
Talbott Sarah Rebecca 9/19/1917 02/05/1841 76 Indiana Porter County W. J. Talbott Joel Martin Virginia Elizabeth Anglin Virginia Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Talcott Marie 04/05/1899   81 USA Valparaiso                  
Talcott William Cole 12/30/1902 12/25/1815 87 Masachusetts Valparaiso Alice   Joseph Talcott         City Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tannehill Lottie M. 4/1/1921 05/15/1876 44 Indiana Hebron Charles Tannehill Samuel Douglas Ireland Sarah McCulock Scotland Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Tannehill Nancy A. 6/26/1924 05/04/1830 94 Ohio Hebron     John Burwell Ohio Mary Airs Ohio Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Tanner Frederick 12/8/1913 12/26/1836 76 Switzerland Hebron Pauline   John Tanner Switzerland Elizabeth Stuckey Switzerland Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Tanner G. D. (male) 5/26/1926 10/28/1858 67 Indiana 1153 West St, Valparaiso Mary Jane   Norman B. Tanner Indiana Sophie Drapier Indiana Kimball Cemetery
Tanner Mahla 2/11/1923 01/07/1868 55 Indiana Liberty Township Schyler Tanner Truman Skinner New York Sarah Johnson Virginia Kimball Cemetery
Tanner Sophrona P. 9/10/1910 02/13/1825 85 New York Liberty Township N. B. Tanner J. Droper Vermont       Kimball Cemetery
Tanniski Boleslaf 10/6/1908 1/1/1905 3 Indiana Pine Township     Steve Tanniski Russia-Poland Mary Grabofsky Russia-Poland Michigan City, Indiana
Tappert Louise 4/29/1917 12/20/1854 62 Germany Porter Paul Tappert -- Foss         Chesterton
Tarnow Harry 1/11/1921   Stillborn Union Township Union Township     Herman Tarnow Indiana Anna Anderson Indiana Crown Hill Cemetery, Hobart, Indiana
Tarpey (female) 02/01/1898   74 USA Valparaiso                  
Tatlock Alma 1/3/1921 04/06/1844 76 Indiana Porter County     John Nixon         Janes Cemetery, Wheeler
Tatlock Maggie Mae 10/17/1920 01/10/1878 42 Indiana Porter County Orris Tatlock Steven P. Hodsden Ohio Margaret P. Hardesty Ohio Blachleys Corners
Tatzloff Stella 11/26/1919 10/09/1875 44 Indiana Porter County     William McCuen Ohio Nauiser McCuen Ohio Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tavilsch John 9/13/1909 7/3/1909 2 mos. Indiana Jackson Township   Vincent Tavilsch Germany Agnes Fredgl Indiana Otis, Indiana
Taylor Andrew 3/19/1917 12/17/1860 56 Iowa Porter County Mary               Hobart, Indiana
Taylor Annie 4/19/1903   66 years, 8 mos, 24 dys Pennsylvania Hebron     David Turner         Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Taylor Beatrice Blockall 1/29/1917   approx. 79 Ireland Porter County     George Blackall Ireland Mary Carroll Ireland St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Taylor Canna 08/10/1855   4 mos. USA Wheeler     Lue Taylor   Olive Taylor    
Taylor Delbert R. 7/2/1914 4/4/1914 2 mos. Indiana Wheeler     Louis Taylor Michigan Maggie Gundrum Indiana James Cemetery, Portage
Taylor Harriott Julia 1/17/1919 12/08/1896 23 Indiana Wheeler     John W. Barnes Indiana Ada P. Taylor Ohio Wheeler
Taylor Isabelle Elliott 9/24/1911 02/08/1846 65 Pennsylvania Jackson Township J. J. Taylor George Nicholson Pennsylvania Catherine Pettit   Ross, Indiana
Taylor Josephine 7/24/1924 03/09/1859 65 Indiana Jackson Township Seler Taylor Franz Wiesemann Germany Regena Herr Germany St. Patricks Cemetery, Valparaiso
Taylor Kathern 5/18/1919 08/17/1864 55 Tennessee Porter County Thomas Taylor Z. Blachall Ireland       St. Pauls Cemetery, Valparaiso
Taylor Margaret 6/13/1910 01/16/1837 73 England Morgan Township Samuel C. Taylor             Chicago, Illinois
Taylor Olive 08/22/1885   26 USA Wheeler     R. Kimball          
Taylor Ross Lewis 3/9/1927 05/08/1891 35 Indiana Portage Township Edna   Lewis Taylor Michigan Margaret Gundrum Indiana McCool Cemetery, McCool
Taylor Stephen T. 8/31/1917 03/03/1833 84 Vermont Porter County                 Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Taylor William 11/28/1887   78 Wales, England Chesterton     Jon Taylor   Lucy Thomas    
Tayne Homar 9/11/1920 7/22/1909 11 Indiana Porter County     Carl Toyne Indiana Daisy Stump Indiana White Post Cemetery, LaCrosse, Indiana
Teale Oliver 1/13/1927 11/18/1865 61 England Furnessville Clara   Jeftha Teale England Ellen Haigh England Furnessville
Teason Jake 10/22/1896   67 Germany Valparaiso                  
Teason Mary O. 1/22/1900   53 Germany Jackson Township               Chesterton Cemetery
Teats William D. 12/21/1893   15 Kansas Valparaiso     J. W. Teats     Hepaling    
Teda Eveline 9/5/1915   54 Germany Chesterton     Martin Rhoda Germany Eveline Rhoda Germany St. Patricks Cemetery, Chesterton
Teda John 9/15/1915   35 Illinois Chesterton     Lawrence Teda Germany Eveline Rhoda Germany St. Patricks Cemetery, Chesterton
Teda Lawrence 5/22/1906 08/10/1851 54 Germany Porter County     Gatlef Teada (Teda)     Aynus   Otis, Indiana
Teets Elizabeth 11/21/1912 12/04/1832 79 Pennsylvania Hebron     Henry Stroman Pennsylvania       Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Teets Philip 4/22/1911 07/12/1834 76 Pennsylvania Hebron Elizabeth Teets Henry Teets         Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Telcampe Lena 01/29/1890   51 Germany Porter County                  
Temple H. A. (female) 3/5/1905   80 New York Eagle Creek     Thomas Temple Vermont   Wallace   South East Grove Cemetery
Templeton Howard 1/19/1905 10/27/1860 45 Vermont Valparaiso                 Canton, Ohio
Tennis Fred 4/12/1901   23 years, 4 mos, 1 day Indiana Jackson Township   John Tennis   Sarah Bader   Westville, Indiana
Tennis Lettie Adele 5/22/1901   17 years, 11 mos, 17 dys Indiana Jackson Township   George Thomas Keen   Mary Hodge   Westville, Indiana
Tent Ernestina D. 12/31/1907 06/11/1826 79 Germany Kouts Fred Tent Fred Nelkie         Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tent Fredrick 11/7/1917 09/24/1824 94 Germany Porter County Christina Tent John Tent Germany       Potter Cemetery, Porter County
Terry Joseph Carside 9/27/1925 12/05/1863 61 England Valparaiso     Joseph C. Terry England       Chicago, Illinois
Terry Louisa 02/02/1890   51 USA Porter County     James Antene          
Tesmer Barbara 4/8/1925 11/05/1850 73 Germany Porter County Jacob Tesmer Frank Felski Germany Frances     Otis, Indiana
Tess Henry 5/22/1909 04/03/1859 50 Germany Chesterton Lena   Charles Tess Germany Rieka Kettle Germany Chesterton
Tess Lena 11/25/1905   10 days Indiana Chesterton       Tess   Lena Tess   Chesterton
Tetrault Margaret Chambers 11/27/1914 08/28/1862 52 New Brunswick Valparaiso     Isaih Chambers England Mary McIntyre New Brunswick DeMotte, Indiana
Tetzloff (male) 7/11/1907   Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso     Herman Tetzloff Germany Stella M. Emma Germany Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tetzloff Carl William 2/3/1909 03/22/1832 76 Germany Jackson Township Wilhelmina Wedke John M. Tetzloff Germany   Hohenhaus Germany Westville, Indiana
Tetzloff Kenneth 9/22/1906   1 yr, 6 mo Indiana Valparaiso     Herman Tetzloff   Ella McCums   Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tetzloff Ludtwig 10/2/1908 10/23/1834 73 Germany Pine Township Dora   Michael Tetzloff Germany       Chesterton
Tetzloff William Henry 1/9/1900   2 years, 7 mos, 10 dys Indiana Valparaiso     Herman Tetzloff   Stella McEwan   Stoner Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tews Frederick William 6/19/1923 12/23/1858 64 Germany Porter Marie               Michigan City, Indiana
Tharp Alice 7/11/1905 02/11/1884 21 Indiana Porter Fred   Sylvester Coslet   Sarah Berry   Carters Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tharp Alice 7/22/1905   14 dys Indiana Porter     Fred Tharp   Alice Coslet   Carters Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thatcher Ada Bernice 2/11/1920 2/19/1919 11 mos Indiana Porter County     Clarence Thatcher Indiana Alyra Maieiel Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thatcher Addie 3/19/1915 08/04/1863 51 Indiana 6 Willow St, Valparaiso Carleton Thatcher Hazzard Sheffield Rhode Island       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thatcher Charity 12/7/1927 02/07/1835 91 Ohio Hebron     William Albright Pennsylvania Elizabeth Snodderly Pennsylvania Cornell Cemetery, Hebron
Thatcher Daniel 7/22/1901   69 years, 10 dys Ohio Center Township     William Thatcher         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thatcher Josie 01/17/1898   17 Indiana Valparaiso     DeWitt Thatcher          
Thatcher Lane 02/10/1897   4 Indiana Valparaiso     John Thatcher     Frakes    
Thatcher Margaret R. 3/24/1924 12/18/1890 28 Indiana Porter Township Myron Thatcher M. F. Antrim   Charlotte O’Conner   Medaryville, Indiana
Thatcher Martha J. 7/2/1901 03/02/1836 75 Indiana Valparaiso Daniel Thatcher Samuel Young New Jersey Deborah Heocland New Jersey Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thatcher Mattie 03/06/1887   3 Indiana Valparaiso     Joseph Thatcher   Catherine Fishburg    
Thatcher William 07/06/1885   85 USA Valparaiso     John Thatcher   Sarah Thatcher    
Thather Roy Charles 7/17/1900   18 years, 4 mos, 5 dys Indiana Valparaiso     John Thather   Mabel Fraker   Fleming Cemetery, Boone Grove
Thaysen Nicholas 5/31/1924 07/05/1854 69 Germany Valparaiso Catherine   Johb Thaysen Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Theay Margaret Louise 7/3/1919 07/03/1844 75   Chesterton     Patrick Winters Ireland Catherine Callanan Ireland St. Patricks Cemetery, Chesterton
Thedens Annie C. 03/25/1897   63 Germany Valparaiso                  
Thedens Jurgen 1/26/1924 09/30/1841 82 Germany Valparaiso     This. Thedens Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thedens William A. 1/30/1919 04/12/1885 33 Indiana Porter County     John R. Thedens Germany Catherine Glocke Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Theekan Hannah 4/12/1919   75 Ireland Porter County     Timothy Donohue Ireland Margaret Roache Ireland Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Theil Elsba 6/16/1907 03/04/1826 81 Germany Porter County Theo. Theil   Tofte         Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Theilen Angusta 6/9/1907 11/09/1829 77 Germany Kouts Anton Theilen             Lutheran Cemetery, Porter County
Theilen Caroline 7/30/1922 10/25/1838 83 Germany Kouts Antone Theilen   Steinkey Germany       Lutheran Cemetery, Kouts
Theoming Theodore B. 3/1/1911 11/19/1868 42 Indiana Valparaiso Mary Theoming Ludolph Theoming Germany Mary Schrank Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Theorell Fritz M. 7/30/1907 07/02/1891 15 Indiana Porter     John J. Theorell   Olivia Ohlson   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Theorell John J. 2/20/1920 08/26/1848 71 Sweden Porter     Paul Johnson Sweden Connie Paulson Sweden Chesterton
Theosen (male) 04/??/1886   Stillborn Jackson Township Jackson Township   Jacob Theosen   M. Kittle    
Theosen William 4/12/1901   30 years, 1 mo, 5 dys Indiana Center Township     Claus H. Theosen   Mary Lohse   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thersen (male) 03/??/1886   Stillborn Jackson Township Jackson Township   Jacob Thersen   M. Kittle    
Thiede Sophia 10/19/1904 04/06/1824 80 Germany Porter County Henry Thiede   Proper Germany       Hobart, Indiana
Thiel Ernest 5/12/1901   80 Germany Porter                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thiel Theodora 10/06/1897   73 Germany Porter County     John Thiel          
Thielen Antone 4/28/1924 12/01/1838 86 Germany Kouts                 Lutheran Cemetery, Kouts
Thiesen Claus 12/24/1903   72 Germany Porter County     John Thiesen         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thimm Latjerome 12/26/1899   95 years, 11 mos, 5 dys Germany Valparaiso     H. Rimmers         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thineman Florence E. 7/13/1917 07/17/1891 25 Indiana Porter County Julius   Henry Folsom Indiana Alice Allenbrand Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thoesen Constance Jean 8/28/1925 7/14/1925 1 mo Indiana Chesterton     Fred Thoesen Indiana Lottie Martin Illinois Chesterton
Thoesen Francis 2/28/1904 02/04/1877 27 Indiana Pine Township     Jacob Thoesen   Mary O’Kitel   Chesterton
Thoesen Michael 7/24/1918 12/29/1828 89 Germany Valparaiso                 St. Patricks Cemetery, Chesterton
Thoesen Nicholaus 1/11/1911 01/14/1836 74 Prussia Jackson Township Veronica Thoesen Mathias Thoesen Prussia Anna Mary Jacobs Prussia Chesterton
Thoesen Veronika 4/13/1913 02/22/1848 65 Germany Jackson Township Nicholas               Chesterton
Thoesen Wilhelmine 1/11/1905 11/01/1854 50 Germany Porter County Michael Thoesen Dedrick Schwear         Chesterton
Thomanson Earl 11/18/1918 02/14/1899 19 Illinois Porter County     Axes Thomanson Sweden Hulda Thompson Norway Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thomas (male) 6/14/1900   1 mo, 6 dys Indiana Valparaiso     Orff Thomas   Grace Fleming   Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thomas Annie L. 1/27/1902 01/09/1856 46 Ohio Valparaiso     Robert Beer         Crown Point, Indiana
Thomas Ceretia 09/14/1890   60 New York Valparaiso     David Oakes          
Thomas Elias N. 3/4/1927 07/01/1849 77 Indiana Chesterton     William Thomas Ohio Ann Morgan Ohio Chesterton
Thomas Eugene 4/2/1917   Approx. 39   Porter County     L. D. Thomas         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thomas Hattie J. 1/26/1901   32 years, 6 mos, 8 dys Iowa Valparaiso     John Snyder   Sarah Lee   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thomas Jane S. 3/31/1903 11/03/1834 68 Michigan Porter County     S. Scott   Sallie Danforth   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Thomas Martin 07/12/1893   68 New York Valparaiso       Thomas          
Thomas Robert 06/15/1896   10 Indiana Valparaiso     E. M. Thomas          
Thompson Austin C. 5/28/1918 12/29/1870 27 Indiana Hebron     Wallace Thompson Indiana Mary J. Mayburn Pennsylvania Salem Cemetery, Hebron
Thompson Esther Hellen 2/26/1916 2/7/1916 19 dys Indiana Porter Township     Charlie Thompson Indiana Ivay Miller Indiana Salem Cemetery
Thompson Frank P. 3/10/1917 08/14/1841 76 New York Porter County Nancy J.   Ranelun Thompson New York Sarah Hunt Vermont Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thompson George 01/15/1895   42   Porter County                  
Thompson Grace Bernice 1/21/1925 9/18/1916 8 Indiana Kouts     John Thompson Indiana Josie Guthrie Missouri Bass Lake Cemetery, Bass Lake, Indiana
Thompson Ila Ruth 3/21/1919 3/12/1919 12 days Hebron Hebron     Carley A. Thompson Indiana May Miller Indiana Salem Cemetery
Thompson James P. 10/24/1919 12/18/1844 74 Ohio Hebron     Hugh G. Thompson Pennsylvania Matha Nevers Pennsylvania Salem Cemetery, Hebron
Thompson Linwood Paul 8/20/1914 7/24/1912 2 Indiana 755 Cyris St, Valparaiso   Frank Thompson Indiana Rose Jackmeare Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thompson Mabel 8/12/1914 09/16/1895 18 Indiana Hebron Harley Thompson Jacob Davis Ohio Luella Douglas Indiana Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Thompson Nimrod 01/14/1897   11 Ohio Valparaiso     John Thompson          
Thompson Nina B. 3/9/1900   19 Michigan Chesterton     J. F. Thompson   Clara Rowley   Clayton, Michigan
Thompson Ruby Elizabette 9/7/1914 8/5/1914 1 mo Indiana Porter Township     Frank Thompson Indiana Bertha Schroeder   Blatchleys Corners
Thompson Sarah A. 03/23/1885   68 USA Valparaiso     A. Hunt          
Thompson Walter J. 5/4/1920 4/3/1902 18 Indiana Hebron     Frank H. Thompson Indiana Bertha Schroeder Illinois Salem Cemetery
Thomptson Mathew Milton 5/5/1927 10/30/1852 74 Indiana 360 S. Locust St, Valparaiso Sarah   George D. Thomptson Ohio Elizabeth B. Beal Ohio Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thornberry Jeanette 9/4/1921 10/31/1833 87 Ohio Valparaiso       Deputy         Richmond, Indiana
Thornquist Carl Albert 3/16/1925 06/26/1864 60 Sweden Liberty Township Ida   Nels Thornquist Sweden       Gordon, Nebraska
Thornton William 4/1/1908   83   Valparaiso     Thomas Thornton         Albany, New York
Thorp (female) 4/4/1922   Stillborn Indiana Chesterton     Fred M. Thorp Indiana Effie J. Wixon Indiana Chesterton
Thorsen Oline Gundine 4/7/1911 06/20/1857 53 Norway Porter Soren Andreas Ole Michaelson Norway Greta Thorbjornsen Norway Chesterton
Thulin John P. 4/29/1901   67 Sweden Center Township     John Thulin         Mt. Greenwood Cemetery, Cook County, Illinois
Thum (Thune) (female) 03/03/1898   82 Germany Wheeler                  
Thun Amelia 03/10/1887   51 Germany Valparaiso       Lippert          
Thune (male) 1/26/1903   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     George Thune   Mary Wiscam    
Thune Anna 1/15/1922 01/13/1848 74 Germany Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thune Carson J. 04/09/1886   39 Germany Valparaiso     Carson Thune          
Thune Henry 8/19/1912 06/21/1843 69 Germany Valparaiso     Jacob Thune Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thune John Jacob 2/9/1905 07/03/1866 38 Indiana Valparaiso     Henry Thune   Anna Thune   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thune William 4/27/1918 11/03/1869 48 Indiana Porter County     Henry Thune Germany Anna Jordan Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Thune William F. 8/26/1905 5/7/1904 1 Indiana Wheeler     Hans Thune   Margaret Kuhrts   Janes Cemetery, Wheeler, Indiana
Thurman Jennie 12/15/1922 01/05/1871 51 Iowa Valparaiso George Thurman Samuel Williams         Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tidholm Dorotha May 4/20/1920 4/17/1920 4 dys Indiana Porter County     F. E. Tidholm Illinois Phoebe Hess Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tietze Peter 6/18/1913   61 Germany Valparaiso                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tiffany Warren 1/6/1923   52 years, 7 mos, 16 dys Michigan Center Township                 Luther Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tillapaugh Lena E. 1/24/1917 06/06/1878 38 Indiana Chesterton Alfred Tillapaugh John Stemper Germany Margaret Stemper Germany Chesterton
Tillman John 10/21/1904 07/23/1850 53 Sweden Porter County       Tillman Sweden       Porter
Tillopangh Judith 2/13/1908 06/06/1828 79 Ireland Chesterton     Patrick Minogue Ireland       Chesterton
Tilloston Edgar 03/19/1892   18 Indiana Chesterton     Homer Tilloston   Helen Schillinger    
Tilloston Homer 03/20/1892   64 Canada Chesterton     Ira B. Tilloston   Marrietta Tuttle    
Tilloston John Stuart 12/20/1910 12/17/1864 46 Indiana Chesterton Maud   Henry H. Tillotson Pennsylvania Helen Skellenger   Chesterton
Tillotson Frank 1/8/1913 01/06/1861 52 Indiana Westchester Township Anna   Homer Tillotson Pennsylvania   Skellinger   Chesterton
Tillotson Helen M. 9/27/1907 02/02/1840 67 Pennsylvania Chesterton Henry H. Tillotson         Dorlinski   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Tillotson Ira B. 11/26/1907 03/03/1859 48 Indiana Dune Park     Henry Tillotson   Helen Schellinger   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Tillotson Pearlie Dale 9/29/1908 12/03/1886 22 Illinois Morgan Township Stella   Samuel B. Tillotson Indiana Mary Gilman Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tilson Alice Dorcas 1/29/1920 09/17/1892 27 Indiana Porter County     Joseph Griffin   Virginia Covert Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tilton (male) 2/4/1909   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     I. C. Tilton Illinois Ester R. Eichenberger Illinois Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tilton Mary A. 2/27/1923 11/06/1845 77 New Jersey Chesterton     Jacob Garrison New Jersey Catherine Clayton New Jersey Kouts
Timing (Theoming) Raymond A. 11/01/1899   3 mos, 7 dys Indiana Valparaiso     Theodore Timing (Theoming)   Mary Rooks   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Timm (male) 4/1/1911   Stillborn Indiana Jackson Township   Herman L. Timm Indiana Laura E. J. Dodd Indiana On farm
Timm Johana Katherine 2/23/1916 03/30/1856 59 Germany Center Township Hans Timm Paul Nuffner Germany Ida Claress Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Timm John F. 11/8/1903 06/16/1888 15 Indiana Porter County     Peter H. Timm   Leney Slicker   Luther Cemetery, Valparaiso
Timm Sophia 11/4/1911 11/04/1834 77 Germany Jackson Township   John Siefert Germany       Westville Cemetery
Timm Wilkie 12/10/1899   93 Ireland Porter County                  
Timmerman Amelia Minnie Caroline 11/26/1911 11/12/1892 19 Indiana Westchester Township   Henry Timmerman Germany Fredericka Lorenz Germany Chesterton
Timmerman F. (female) 4/11/1907 09/06/1847 60 Germany Porter Henry Timmerman Christ Lorzens   Mary Gronzeyk   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Timmerman Henry 1/19/1918 06/06/1847 70 Germany Porter County Fredericka               Chesterton
Timmons Mariah 06/19/1892   44 Indiana Valparaiso           Maria Massey    
Titslof Violet M. 4/12/1904   3 days Indiana Chesterton     Mermon Titslof         Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Titus ?? 06/27/1889   Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso                  
Titus Emma 5/16/1927 09/07/1861 65 Indiana 205 Napoleon, Valparaiso John Titus George Pearce England Eliza E. Long New York Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Titus Sarah Pauline 1/18/1925 07/02/1838 86 New York Kouts     Paul M. Meddaugh Holland Sarah M. Wood   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Titzlaff Mary 11/27/1903 04/02/1881 22 Indiana Porter County     Lodvick Titzlaff   Dorothy Litfien   Chesterton
Tobin Frances 11/22/1921 8/31/1907 14 Wisconsin Chesterton     Thomas Tobins Wisconsin Bessie Boweser Indiana Valparaiso
Tobin Irene 8/29/1924 1/27/1900 24 Indiana Valparaiso Bert Tobin Frank Thompson Indiana Rose Jackmore Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tobin Nellie 4/11/1918 10/20/1881 35 Illinois Porter County John Tobin Patrick O’Conor Illinois Mary Ocula Illinois Mt. Olive Cemetery
Tofte Anna 5/13/1908   74 Germany Valparaiso     John Rathgens Germany       City Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tofte John 4/13/1907   42 Indiana Liberty Township Julia Tofte John Tofte   Anna Batchgans   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tofte John J. 4/9/1904 12/17/1830 74 Germany Valparaiso Annie   George Tofte   Annie Peters   Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tofte Paul Robert 11/14/1915 9/7/1900 15 Indiana Christian Hospital, Valparaiso   George Tofte Indiana Margret Thune Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Tomitia George 2/19/1915 2/14/1905 42 Romania Portage Township Elisavel   John Tomitia Romania       Chesterton
Tomptson Alfred 11/2/1913 10/10/1823 80 Michigan Valparaiso     Martin Tomptson New Jersey Fiola Potter New Jersey Kimball Cemetery
Toneland Herbert 10/20/1923 11/11/1865 57 England Chesterton Mary               Chesterton
Toothill George Niller 9/12/1915 01/29/1834 81 Delaware 15 Morgan St, Valparaiso               Robbins Cemetery, Valparaiso
Torell John 1/23/1923 12/20/1853 69 Sweden Chesterton Anna   Andrew Torell Sweden Birtha Jacobson Sweden Chicago, Illinois
Torrie Matilda 8/30/1900   45 years, 6 mos, 3 dys Indiana Valparaiso     George LaCount   Pheba Pennock   Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Torry Rate 04/01/1896   32 Texas Valparaiso     William Torry