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Opening Ceremonies
Evansville Freeedom Festival
June 18, 2009

Veterans called to the front representing various veterans groups and organizations.
Ohio Valley Chapter V-President Don Counts is second from right in Rev. War uniform.

Success, this is the first year that the SAR was approved to participate with the Commanders
of the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council. The requirement for us to participate was that the
representative had to be a veteran. The Mayor presented greetings, the Navy Mothers did an
outstanding program on the history of the flag despite the winds, the Summer School play students
did a couple songs and dances then it was time for the Veterans Recognition. The Commander or
their representative was called by name to the front of the crowd and after we were in line all
veterans in the audience were called to line up behind us.

The media were there in force and took a lot of pictures, but broadcast was minimal
and the newspaper only had one picture of a lady with a patriotic sign.

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