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Ohio Valley Chapter
Evansville, In.
Awards Banquet 2008

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l-r--INSSAR President Robert "Bob" Howell, OVC Awards Chairman T. Rex Legler II, OVC President Don Counts, NSSAR Meritorious Service Medal Recipient Kenneth E. Gilkey

At the 2007 Awards Banq. John G. West presented INSSAR President Bob Howell a pair of socks (but only giving him one of the pair) for appearing in a 2006 parade with OVC. President Howell also marched in the Freedom Festival Parade in 2007 with OVC, so he received the second sock this year .He was so excited to finally have a pair.

Looks as though T. Rex Legler II, left John G. West "holding the bag" at this point in the ceremony.

Capt. Of The Guard Ken Gilkey presented all Compatriots and Ladies Auxiliary Members with handkercheifs to wipe the sweat from their brows in their upcoming summertime parades

John G. West appears to be happy with his new "sweat rags"

Gloria Strouth & Ruth Hall received from INSSAR President Bob Howell, a NSSAR Certificate Of Appreciation for their work in the kitchen during the June 2007 State Mtg. in Evansville.

Peggy Gilkey (holding up rubber gloves) and Betty Counts (holding up SOS pads) from their "Presidental Gift Bags"also received a NSSAR Certificate of Appreciation for their kitchen work

John G. West, with his "Beacon Of Light"

Ken Gilkey gave John G. West on his 61st B'Day a Beacon of Light cause at his age his light kinda gets dim at times.
Not to be outdone, it was Ken Gilkey's 70th B'day, so John G. West presented Ken with a bottle of Geritol

This 10 X 15? silk 46 star U. S. flag which was presented to Kenneth E. Gilkey by Mrs Sue Wallace on Feb. 29, 2008 at Solarbron Retirement Home to be conserved by the Ohio Valley Chapter, INSSAR. It was carried by her grandfather McCann along with a Bible in the early 1900's as he traveled.

The Flag is on loan to John G, West to be used in his "Flags Over America" Program.

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