Alfred Howard Bauer, Sr.
Luncheon & Induction
Sirloin Stockade, Evansville, In.
October 8, 2011

Color Guard
Ken Gilkey, John G. West, Ernie Payne, Don Counts

Presenting The Colors

John G. West Inducts Alfred Bauer, Sr.

Ken Gilkey Pins Alfred Bauer, Sr.

Ken Gilkey Presents Alfred Bauer, Sr.
His SAR Certificate Of Membership

Ken Gilkey Presented Lanelle Bauer With A WOSAR Pin
Becky West Presented
Edna Kasper & Lanelle Bauer With Angel Pins

Lanelle Bauer & Edna Kasper

Lanelle Bauer & Alfred Howard Bauer, Sr. age 91

Cheri Baumberger, Jacqueline Payne, Ernie Payne

Betty Counts, Don Counts

John G. West, Becky West

Peggy Gilkey, Ken Gilkey

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