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June 30, 2007


Reporter from the Evansville Courier & Press
interviews some OVC members

Lets see whose flag is the tallest.

Ed Hitchcock, finds him-self some shade

Ladies ready to go, parade number on banner

Still waiting, Ed Hitchcock still in the shade !!

Banner unfurled , Unit number attached ..

Looking Good

Stopped Again

Start Again, Then we get our participation certificate

Unit Commander Bob Howell with sword

Banner Carriers, SAR Ladies Auxiliary Members, Peggy Gilkey & Becky West
Unit Commander, Bob Howell
John G. West, musket--Ed Hitchcock, Betsy Ross flag --T. Rex Legler II, musket --
Don Counts, Gasden flag -- Bobby Douglas Jr., Fort Moultrie flag -- J. D. Strouth, (hidden) Grand Union flag --
Ken Gilkey, Guilford Courthouse flag--Chris Myers, Bennington 76 flag.

NOTE: All photos by OVC Compatriot Bill Cook