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Nov. 22, 2009
Evansville, In..

l-r--Karen Jenkins, Peggy Gilkey, Jackie Payne, Kathleen Worley

David Jenkins, Ken Gilkey, Ernie Payne

Front row-Peggy Gilkey, Karen Jenkins, Jackie Payne,
Kathleen Worley, Ruth Hall

Back row- (hidden) David Jenkins, Ernie Payne,
J. D. Strouth, Bob Hall





Waiting to move on down the Street.



The Ladies Aux. made us many friends with their friendly waves.

Ken Gilkey, David Jenkins, Bob Hall

Ernie Payne, J. D. Strouth

The highlight of the day was dinner at the Cracker Barrell
clockwise from left--Ernie Payne, Jackie Payne, Ruth Hall,
Robert "Bob" Hall, Ken Gilkey, Peggy Gilkey,
Karen Jenkins, David Jenkins

Photos 5 thru 15 by Compatriot Dr. Mark Browning

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