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Page Two
Living & Learning Program
Caldwell Co., Ky. 5th Grade Students

Pennyrile Forest State Park, Dawson Springs, Ky.
Oct. 12, 2006

Richard P'Pool discusses the script and how to approach the 5th Graders Camp
with "Gen. John Caldwell and his wife" and "George Tinsley"

This photo shows Richard talking more with the reenactors

Sitting around the campfire the children watch the Living Learning Program

Another view of the 5th Grade Classes in their coats and hats watching the program

Barely visable through the smoke "Meriwether Lewis"
reads a letter to the 5th Graders he has
received from President Thomas Jefferson

Other reenactors not pictured were:

Messenger from Pres. Jefferson portrayed by Miles Ward, Princeton, Ky.

Civil War Soldiers portrayed by
Robert Ward, Miles Ward, Zack Cummins, Princeton, Ky.

Jesse James Gang (on horseback) portrayed by
Jimmie Russell, Leslie Russell, Shane Ginn, Jennie Ginn,
Jim Tandy, Janet Tandy, Caldwell County, Ky.

Night Riders (on horseback) portrayed by
Frankie Brown, Dwight Meeks, Charlie Stevenson,
and some of the James gang, Caldwell County, Ky.

Miss Nannie Catlett portrayed by Linda Ward, Princeton, Ky.

Narrator-Judge Bill Cunningham

Later Gordon Sanders told stories as William Clark.

It was a wonderful night enjoyed by all.....