(including present day members awards, medals & offices)

The Posey/Vanderburgh Chapter of the Indiana Society Sons of the American Revolution
conducted its organizational meeting in Evansville, IN on 6 May 1969. Alfred A. Kiltz was elected
the first President and Gordon S. "Bish" Thompson was elected the first Secretary.

On 21 June 2003, the Chapter amended the Constitution including changing its name to the
Ohio Valley Chapter & including awards after 2003 under the name change to Ohio Valley Chapter.

Some of these awards retrieved from Posey-Vanderburgh and
Ohio Valley Chapter minutes by OVC Sect. Chris Myers in Feb. 2009

Gold Good Citizenship Medal
November 23, 1974 Charles E. Nunn (given on day after his 100th birthday)
Bronze Good Citizenship Medal
September 14, 1983 James Leonard Carson
(at the time, 102 years old, oldest active Chapter & State SAR Member)
February 11, 1987 Joseph Mattingly for long service as Chapter Treasurer

Past President Medal, Pin & Neck Ribbon
September 1982 George Ashworth
December 1982 Hal Kasper
June 10, 1987 Ed Macer
June 20, 1991 Charles Snyder
March 26, 1992 Garrett Gardner
December 16, 1993 Kenneth Alexander

SAR Eagle Scout Medal
March 8, 1990 Eagle Scout David Filbert

Outdoors Flag Display -- Certificates of Appreciation Awards

2003 Thorton Oil Corp, Store # 81, First Ave. Evansville, In.
2006 Aug. 25, Brake Supply, Inc., Lloyd Expressway, Evansville, In.
2007 Sept. 27, Gateway Deaconess Hospital, Lloyd Expressway, Newburgh, In.
2008 March 1, University Of Evansville, Evansville, In.
2011 March 5, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, Circle Front Dr., Evansviille, In.
2012 June 14, Newburgh Oral Surgery, Dr. Steven Rodgers DDS, Hwy 261, Newburgh, In.
2013 ....None Presented
2014 July 14, Sam & Cheri Baumberger, Pollack Ave., Evansville, In.

Silver ROTC Awards

1970 unknown recipient at UE
1976 unknown recipient at UE
1977 UE Air Force ROTC Richard J. Rovinski
1978 unknown recipient at UE
1979--2009 ??
2010 University of Southern Indiana -- Army ROTC Michael Phillips
2011 University of Southern Indiana -- Army ROTC Kyle S. Stone
2012 University of Southern Indiana -- Army ROTC Andrew T. Nalin
2013 University of Southern Indiana -- Army ROTC Lucas K. Matte

Bronze JROTC Awards -- High Schools, Evansville Indiana

2001 David Bauldry, Central High School JROTC
2001 Charles Taherimorovat, Harrison High School JROTC
2002 Kevin Buickel, Central High School JROTC
2002 Joseph Egan, Harrison High School JROTC
2003 Brian McDaniel, Central High School JROTC
2003 Mason Rick, Harrison High School JROTC
2004 Amber Conley, Central High School JROTC
2004 Ryan Conaway, Harrison High School JROTC
2005 Jessica Smith, Central High School JROTC
2005 Joshua Meyer, Harrison High School JROTC
2006 Christopher Hancock, Central High School JROTC
2006 Michael Williams, Harrison High School JROTC
2007 Damon M. Collins, Central High School JROTC
2007 Clint R. Rhodes, Harrison High School JROTC
2008 Joseph L Bartley, Central High School JROTC
2008 Jeremy Meredith, Harrison High School JROTC
2009 Joshua A. Blank, Central High School JROTC
2009 Ryan Young, Harrison High School, JROTC
2010 Jared A. Reed, Central High School, JROTC
2010 Brandon Tran, Harrison High School, JROTC
2011 Matthew R. Simmons, Central High School, JROTC
2011 Stephen Hunt, Harrison High School, JROTC
2012 Tyler J. Mills, Central High School, JROTC
2012 Destiny M. Sparacino Central High School, JROTC
2012 Cory M. Staats Harrison High School, JROTC
*** Central H.S. JROTC Program was terminated at the end of 2012 School Year ***
2013 Mateo D. Boyd Harrison High School, JROTC
2014**** None Presented .. mixed up communications
2015 Reishon Young--Harrison-Central Bn..

Winners of the INSSAR Lapel Pin Outstanding Citizenship Award for 4-H Youth
Presented by Ohio Valley Chapter, INSSAR

2006 Vanderburgh County - Jerry Weber (1st. to be awarded in State)
2006 Dubois County - Samantha DeKemper
2006 Warrick County - Sarrrah Brown
2007 Vanderburgh County - Andrea Bittner
2007 Warrick County -Abigal Clark
2008 Posey County - Jacob McGennis
2008 Warrick County -Jean Ann Scarafia
2008 Vanderburgh County - Kelsey Salmon
2009 Warrick County - Ellen Gore
2009 Vanderburgh County - Ella Kachanuk.
2009 Posey County - Laura McGennis
2010 Warrick County - Katelyn Mehling
2010 Vanderburgh County - Alyssa Slater
2010 Posey County - Wade Ripple
2011 Warrick County - (Feb. 2012)
2011 Posey County - Carley Redman
2011 Vanderburgh County - Lindsay Moreland

Law Enforcement Award
September 13, 1990 EPD Officer Ronald Coleman Pike
June 18, 1992 Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff Deputy Tim Eli
December 16, 1993 Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff Ray Hamner
December 6, 1995 EPD Lt. John Robert Haller
December 11, 1996 Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff Chief Deputy Brad Ellsworth


Meritorious Service Medal
March 4, 2006 Nikki Ervin


2007 Fire Safety Commendation Award awarded May 17, 2008
Evansville Fire Lt. Gregg Russell
2007 Heroism Awards awarded March 1, 2008 for fire rescues
Warrick Co., In. Sheriff Marvin Heilman
Warrick Co., In. Sheriff Det. Byran Flowers
Warrick Co., In. Sheriff Det. Paul Kruse
Warrick Co., In. Sheriff Det. Jason A. Vandiver
2007 Bronze Good Citizenship Award awarded Mar. 1, 2008 for weather radios
& CJ's Bus Kathryn Martin
2007 Cert. of Appreciation (& Betsy Ross Flag) awarded Mar. 1, for weather radio
& CJ's Bus- John V. Martin


2008 Good Citizenship Award awarded March 14 2009 --teacher Steffanie Motz
2008 Good Citizenship Award awarded March 14, 2009 wood art for deceased veterans Dan Krupp
2008 Good Citizenship Award awarded May 16, 2009 for deer meat donations
Evansville Police Detective Scott Hurt
2008 Law Commendation Medal awarded March 14, 2009 traffic stop (of diabetic coma) Chandler, In. Policeman Timothy Schuble
2008 Law Commendation Honorable Mention (Betsy Ross Flag) awarded Mar. 14, 2009 Chandler Police Chief Marlin Weisheit


2009 Bronze Good Citizenship Awards Awarded Feb. 27, 2010
Billy R. Bolin--Evansville Police Dept
Paul J. Kirby--Evansville Police Dept
Patrick R. Phernetton--Evansville Police Dept.
2009 Fire Safety Commendation Medal Awarded Feb. 27, 2010
Michael E. Doran-- Evansville Fire Dept.
SAR Bronze Medal of Appreciation-DAR
2009-- Awarded Feb. 27, 2010--Cheryl Ann Baumberger
2009-- Awarded Feb. 27, 2010 --Delores DeWitt Browning
2009-- Awarded Feb. 27, 2010--Rebecca Anne Shelton


SAR Bronze Medal of Appreciation-DAR
2010-- Awarded March 5, 2011--Mardell Puckett
2010-- Awarded March 5, 2011--Edna Kasper
2010-- Flag Certificate -- Awarded March 5, 2011 Jacob Pendleton, Mgr.,
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
2010--Awarded March 5, 2011-- SAR Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal
Brielle McKinney, RN, Deaconess Gateway Hospital
2010--Awarded March 5, 2011--SAR Fire Safety Commendation Medal
Dept. Chief Chris Neaveill -- Poseyville, In., Volunteer Fire Dept.
Firefighter John Werry--Poseyville, In., Volunteer Fire Dept.


Certificate of Appreciation--Awarded March 5, 2011--Keith Freudenberg--"Accent On Flowers"
Certificate of Appreciation--Awarded March 5, 2011-Suzanne Larner Dennis-"Mad Anne Bailey"
Cert. of Appreciation-- Awarded Nov. 11, 2011-Don Sisco of American Hose & Hydraulics of Newburgh.
2011 SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Award-- Awarded March 3, 2012--Thomas Scheller
2011 SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Award-- Awarded March 3, 2012--Jeanette Scheller
2011--SAR Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal- Awarded March 3, 2012--
Capt. Tamara Carr--German Twnsp. Vanderburgh Co., In., Volunteer Fire Dept
2011 SAR Law Commendation Medal Awarded March 3, 2012 - for work at FOP PAL Camp
Sgt. Brian Hildebrandt, Evansville Police Dept.
2011 INSSAR GOLD Service Medal From INSSAR President David Betzner
To Mary Alice Springer Awarded March 3, 2012


2012 SAR to DAR Medal of Appreciation Molly Hall-March 2, 2013
2012 SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal & Cert. to Mary Lou Winsett, March 2, 2013
2012 SAR War Service Medal w/ Afghanistan Bar to Wesley Adam Criss--March 2, 2012

2013.. Awards March 1, 2014

2013 --Jacqueline Payne SAR to DAR Bronze Medal of Appreciation-
2012--Oak Leaf Cluster (Martha Washington Medal) to Peggy Gilkey
2013 -- Bobby John Bollinger --Military Medal w/Certificate
2013 SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal & Cert. to Natalie Jones, Teacher EVSC
2013 SAR War Service Medal w/Vietnam Bar to Rickey Lee Winters
2013 SAR --Vietnam Service Bar -- Donald Counts
2013 SAR Law Commendation Medal Sgt Todd Neff, Deputy Sheriff, Warrick Co., In.
Sgt. Neff, July, 2013, Heimlich Manuver saved a child
2013 SAR EMT Award Terry Gaddish, paramedic saved a life.

2014 Awards March 14, 2015

2014 --Bronze Good Citizenship Medal Darrel Heisler -drowning rescue-Ohio River
2014--Maj. Eric Mitchell-Newburgh Police-SAR Law Enforcement Medal-drowning rescue-Ohio River
2014--Paul Campbell --Fire Chief Newburgh, In. SAR Fire Safety Medal--drowning rescue-Ohio River
2014 --Joshua Robbin --high school student--Bronze SAR Heroism Medal--drowning rescue-Ohio River
2014--Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Kristalyn Schafveland for Chapter Program
2014--Certificate of Appreciation to Robert Cunningham for Chapter Program
2014--Certificate of Appreciation to Prof. Robin Sager for Chapter Program

2015 Awards March 5, 2016

2015--Dave Wedding-Sheriff Vanderburgh Co., IN-SAR Law Enforcement Medal--31 years service
2015--Shane Gray --Fireman Evansville, In. SAR Fire Safety Medal--civilian service
2015 -Certificate of Appreciation to Dee Doane--Assisting in Grave Marking at Poseyville, IN
2015 -Certificate of Appreciation to Ed Hitchcock--Assisting in Grave Marking at Poseyville, IN
2015 -Certificate of Appreciation to Maurice Worthington--Assisting in Grave Marking at Poseyville, IN
2015 -Certificate of Appreciation to Gary Tunget--Assisting in Grave Marking at Poseyville, IN
2015 -Certificate of Appreciation to Robert Brooks--Assisting in Grave Marking at Poseyville, IN
2015 -Certificate of Appreciation to Frank Jones--Assisting in Grave Marking at Poseyville, IN
2015 -Certificate of Appreciation to Am. Legion Post 370-Assisting in Grave Marking at Poseyville, IN

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