Veterans Day Parade
Owensboro, Ky.
Nov. 5, 2011

Lt. Robert Moseley Chapter, KYSSAR, Owensboro, Ky And Ohio Valley Chapter, INSSAR, Evansville, In.
Ohio Valley, INSSAR David Jenkins, Karen Jenkins, John G. West, Ken Gilkey, Robert Hall, Ernest Payne,
Lt. Robert Moseley, KYSSAR, Robert Brooks, Gary Tunget, Maurice Worthington, Dean Worthington
and 4 members of the Long Rifles Assn.

Before The Parade

After The Parade At Old Hickory Pit Bar-B-Q
ft.- Ken Gilkey, young lady tourist from Bowling
Green Ky., Maurice Worthington, Ernest Payne,
bk.-Robert Brooks, Gary Tunget,
John G. West, Robert Hall

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