Caldwell County, Ky.
Fifth Grades
Pennyrile Forest State Park
October 6, 2011

This Historical Living-Learning Program, based on the history of Caldwell County, Ky.
is held annually at Pennyrile Forest State Park near Dawson Springs, Ky. Along with day
long hands-on activities, ie: corn grinding, corn bread making, churning buttermilk, etc. After
dark these activities give way to skits portraying the early inhabitants of Caldwell County, Ky.
Below are photos of some of the people involved bringing living history to these students.

William & Elizabeth Prince
aka Ken & Peggy Gilkey

British Soldier (French Indian War)
aka Miles Ward

John Caldwell & wife
aka Spencer & Linda Brewer

Confederate Soldier
aka Robert Ward

Confederate Soldier
Richard Byard

Nannie Catlett
aka Cecelia Hutchinson

U. S. Marine & Merriwether Lewis
aka Lt Colonel Roger Mitchell & Jay Parrent

George Rogers Clark & Confederate Soldier
aka Bill Perry & Robert Ward

Jacob Moris and dau.-- Early Caldwell Co. Settlers
aka Joel Goodaker & dau. Lesley Goodaker

Daniel & Rebecca Boone
aka Mr & Mrs Richard Grainger

Julia Tinsley
aka Lisa Moore

Native American Girl
aka Maranda Peek


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