Winter Chapter Meeting

Feb. 5, 2011

The SAR Pledge followed the Pledge Of Allegiance to the Flag

Ready for business, back to camera, Ken Gilkey, John Van Zandt, David Jenkins, John G. West, Bob Hall

John Van Zandt, blue shirt, Don Counts, red shirt

Reading the minutes Ernie Payne, chapter sect, in black shirt.

At left is SAR Ladies Aux. member Jacqueline Payne, checking her map as Robert "Bob" Hall presents his program.

Compatriot Tom Payne and wife Caroline Payne

J. D. Strouth, in leather jacket, listens as Bob Hall continues his program "The Battle Of Saratoga". Is Ken Gilkey looking around for the ghost "The Grey Lady Of Willard?"

SAR Ladies Aux members Peggy Gilkey and Karen Jenkins

Photos by Peggy Gilkey

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